Ninja Fails: Sweep The Leg! (March 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Ninja Fails: Sweep The Leg! (March 2017) || FailArmy


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We've obtained a fresh batch of ninja fails for you. Consisting of nunchuck nut shots, sword falls short, or even a couple of kicks to the face. Have a favored? Leave it in the comments for us! If you have actually obtained any one of your own send them over to!!! Cheers.


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Initial Hyperlinks:
Amateur Martial Musician Offers Himself Nut Shot with Nunchuck N/A
Parkour Athlete Tries to Leap to Shake
Man in Bodysuit Stops working on Trampoline
Girl Tries to Jump In between Obstacles
Impressive High Kick to Face
Kid Fighter Falls short at Roundhouse Kick
Man Accidentally Turns Onto His Pal
Person Aims to Kick Good friend in Face
Child Strikes Person in Groin with Nunchuck
Woman Cannot Headbutt Pumpkin
Individual Freaks Out Over Titan Spider Internet
Punching Bag Video game Kick Fail
Fighter Knocks Down Punching Bag
Person Shows Off Kung Fu Falls short
Man Breaks Samurai Sword on Snowman
Person Attempts Front Flip and also Slips on Grass
Individual Unintentionally Kicks Close friend During Competing Match
Girl Slips throughout Martial arts Kick Training
Individual Attempts to do Hurricane Kick and also Falls on Feline
Ranch Backflip Faceplant
Woman Falls Trying to Kick Close friend's Hand
Individual Falls Trying a High Kick
Woman Cannot Cross Evil one Tips
Martial arts Kick to Head Fail
Parkour Trainee Misses Touchdown
Man Dances with Nunchucks
Girl Aims to Kick Man
Person in Martial Arts Attire Flings Body over Fencing
Man Strikes Confront with Bo Personnel
Person Crashes below High Kick Effort
Slideflip Fail Lands on Head
Girl's Hair Catches on Fire while Flinging Nunchucks
Guy Falls Into Frozen Water at Playground
Individual Attempts to Dismount after Doing Handstand
Hilarious Ninja Kick Fail
Youngster Chucks his Nun Chucks on his Nuts
Wooden Board Punch Fail
Guy Places Hole in Wall During Handstand Attempt
Individual Inadvertently Kicks Coach Throughout Area
Lady Falls During Salmon Ladder Attempt
Guy Unintentionally Hits Own Balls With Stick
Individual Turns Off Of Closet as well as Falls
Kid Falls During Martial Arts Method
Woman Freaks Out Mid-Air
Individual Aims to Do Spinning Flip on Beach
Salmon Ladder Fail on top
Guy Aims to do Handstand on Feces
Door Opens Mid Handstand
Red Shirt Parkour Bar Leaping Fail
Kickboxing Headshot
Individual Attempts to Blackflip off Tree Trunk
Aspiring Ninja Fights Undetectable Challenger at Bus Stop
Man Cannot Use Nunchucks

Ninja Falls short: Brush up The Leg! (March 2017)|| FailArmy

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  1. Posted by Jkgamer73 268, at Reply

    Notifications squad where you at

    • Posted by Emmet, at Reply

      in your bathroom 🙂

  2. Posted by Willbert, at Reply

    Like and you teacher is tomorrow sick!:)

    • Posted by LoryEnder 15, at Reply

      Willbert no idiot

    • Posted by LoryEnder 15, at Reply

      sattelite boy you’re not a college,you’re a person

    • Posted by Hrefna Runarsdottir, at Reply

      Willbert Why would you wish that on your teacher?! They could be dangerously sick and you’d be happy??

    • Posted by Jesse Hargis, at Reply

      Hrefna Runarsdottir he doesnt mean like cancer, he means like strepp throat

    • Posted by Noah De Ruyver, at Reply

      +Jesse Hargis haha cancer would be nice

  3. Posted by ᒍET ᑭᗩᔕKIᑎᔕKY, at Reply

    Wanna hear a fail?

    Me too.

    • Posted by Alejandro Recio Martinez, at Reply

      See* , i saw the fail in you

  4. Posted by Soumik Naskar, at Reply

    For those who are commenting first👇

    ╭∩╮(︶ < ︶)╭∩╮

    • Posted by Cesar Melendez, at Reply

      +Soumik Naskar Can choose a penis to suck.

    • Posted by callofdutyboss, at Reply

      Soumik Naskar if they brag that they are first this is for them🖕

    • Posted by HerowyattM, at Reply


    • Posted by Alpha Deian, at Reply

      t(‘-‘t) mini

    • Posted by SomeHumanOnThe Internet, at Reply

      Those middle fingers looks like penises. Fail.

  5. Posted by Emy Einhorn, at Reply

    Danke dafür iBali

    • Posted by nb3112HD, at Reply

      Lol ist toll warum als ob

    • Posted by Aʀɗi Ƶ, at Reply


    • Posted by Lol ist toll, at Reply

      nb3112HD Als ob hier deutsche sind meinte ich

    • Posted by Rex Doodleman, at Reply

      anonym 203 FailArmy kommt sogar ursprünglich aus Deutschland

    • Posted by Wuerttemberg Jihad, at Reply

      Heil Hitler ihr Hurensöhne.

  6. Posted by Кокинг, at Reply

    Ногу убил?

    • Posted by Mario Xyichi, at Reply


    • Posted by Egor Kaneev, at Reply

      АЙ БЛЯТЬ

    • Posted by Dead Cat, at Reply

      Пидора ответ)))))00

    • Posted by Atticus Koya, at Reply

      Некоторые русские слова

  7. Posted by FailUnited, at Reply

    A ninja, a priest and a rabbi walk into a bar.
    The bartender says, “Good to see you two!”

    • Posted by depressive Sweetie belle, at Reply

      His wards : бляяядь, блядь, ногу убил?

    • Posted by meek miLL, at Reply

      I get it. The bartender is antisemitic. Haha

    • Posted by Skip Fox, at Reply

      FailUnited XD

    • Posted by Zachary wolfe, at Reply

      meek miLL lolz

    • Posted by Nerf Brothers15, at Reply

      FailUnited oo

  8. Posted by A.G., at Reply

    ☁ ☀ ☁
    ☁ ☁

    🏃my balloon!!!!

    • Posted by E L L A, at Reply

      A.G. Cool👍🏻

    • Posted by Иван Фатеев, at Reply

      A.G. It’s beautiful 😅

    • Posted by Ben McHale, at Reply

      A.G. I

  9. Posted by Vaughn Doyle, at Reply

    who spent more time on the video at 0:44

    • Posted by S U R V I V E, at Reply

      Seems like you and 18+ people need to go outside

    • Posted by Elie Mokbel, at Reply

      Vaughn Doyle you are so mindbreaked

    • Posted by BeatJumper 👽, at Reply

      18+ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Posted by ol zb, at Reply

      Vaughn Doyle it’s weird that people worship part of human body which is used for sitting and pooping

    • Posted by wickedroman, at Reply

      Do you know porn is free on the internet?

  10. Posted by Itachi Uchiha, at Reply

    I am the best ninja

    • Posted by ZenBunny, at Reply

      Itachi Uchiha kys ur dead

    • Posted by Bizniz Productions, at Reply

      ZenBunny How can he KHS when he’s dead?

    • Posted by HairlessHare, at Reply

      +Bizniz Productions

  11. Posted by Kunal Dalvi, at Reply

    4:21 its 2 for 2

    • Posted by LordRoad, at Reply

      Каждый удар по своему яйцу.

    • Posted by Egor Kaneev, at Reply

      LordRoad о, земляк

    • Posted by Circleguy, at Reply

      F A T A L I T Y

  12. Posted by Kim Jong-un, at Reply

    3:12 Magersucht

    • Posted by Bennet Krugler, at Reply

      Des Bild ist nur etwas verzerrt

    • Posted by Der Buschmann, at Reply

      Kim Jong-un: no, anorexia.

    • Posted by Weltenspinner LPs, at Reply

      Seid ihr studierte Psychologen oder neidische Fettsäcke?

    • Posted by constructive mind, at Reply

      Kim Jong-un oo

    • Posted by Waldemar Jenkins, at Reply

      eher ein Hurensohn

  13. Posted by ALL REMIX, at Reply

    What happened today:

    1-My neighbors said they dont like this Fail Army
    2-My neighbors got hit by a car
    3-I lost my drivers license

    • Posted by JunX 15, at Reply

      Yeah Cem du bist halt so scheisse dumm auf nem channel mit weniger feutschen als ale anderen nationen deutsch zu schreiben xD so macht man Werbung

    • Posted by Gustavo Amorim, at Reply


    • Posted by XxAlycia SepticeyexX, at Reply

      ALL REMIX unoriginal.

    • Posted by A Creepy Old Goose With A Pointy Scissor, at Reply

      ALL REMIX Apparently, there are many people who have lost their driver’s license because someone had told them they didn’t like something. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  14. Posted by chris_2709 CP, at Reply

    5:37 CYKA BLYET

    • Posted by Egor Kaneev, at Reply

      chris_2709 CP сам ты сука блиет

  15. Posted by Iulian Bratu, at Reply

    5:58 I vs Trump’s wall

    • Posted by 007, at Reply

      Iulian Bratu Angry Mexican

  16. Posted by Niyy, at Reply

    first one is comedy gold.

    • Posted by Zachary Cameron, at Reply

      Niyy the first one is a sketch from a comedy group loading ready run

      the one who fell is Graham

    • Posted by Paulo Fernandes Roberto, at Reply

      Zachary Cameron Love LRR! Glad to see the sketch all the way up here!

    • Posted by Gustavo Amorim, at Reply


  17. Posted by Ashish Lipare, at Reply

    *whose watching in 2003 ??*

    • Posted by TessaLovesStarbucks! _, at Reply

      Ashish Lipare ok… 👍🏻

    • Posted by TessaLovesStarbucks! _, at Reply

      AnotherRandomCommenter Boring and full of technology

    • Posted by Mala Tale, at Reply

      This is the worst question i ever heard in my LIFE!

    • Posted by James Ellis, at Reply

      Mala Tale what life

    • Posted by Cesar Melendez, at Reply

      +TessaLovesStarbucks! _ Wow technology.

  18. Posted by Golf Zulu, at Reply

    3:42 WTF

    • Posted by CommanderColt100, at Reply

      Golf Zulu Anyone know why she caught fire?

    • Posted by Sam korban, at Reply

      Golf Zulu Some nunchucks have have ends that can be lit on fire. This was one of them but the ignition fluid leaked out and was ignited due to the metal nunchuck striking her bracelet.

    • Posted by Golf Zulu, at Reply

      Sam korban Ok thx;)

    • Posted by Matt Burnham, at Reply

      Does metal on metal spark that easily? Come to think of it, all that moving with nunchucks could build up a static charge, which might conduct through the bracelet or even just touching the chain

    • Posted by Matt Burnham, at Reply

      Actually went to original video, she was wearing some sort of wrist mounted “fire shooter device” I’m guessing like

  19. Posted by Deep Euphoria, at Reply

    *[Question]* — Did anyone get any ads on this video? Either the small popup box at the bottom of the window, or a video ad?

    _Reason for asking;_ I’ve noticed I’m not seeing ads on FailArmy videos any more, not for a while now 😕 So I’m wondering if either my browser is screwed up, or Failarmy are being demonetised by YouTube.

    • Posted by Jesus Escalera, at Reply

      Deep Euphoria Same no ads either

    • Posted by Dustin Moore, at Reply

      I got a state farm ad

    • Posted by Dustin Moore, at Reply

      Deep Euphoria 15 seconds no skip

    • Posted by Phillip M, at Reply

      I got an iFunny video ad

    • Posted by mchetvorkata, at Reply

      didn’t you hear abot the youtube boycott?