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No Cops Left In Town After EVERY Officer Resigns


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When good cops were asked to bad things by their Town Council, they all turned in their badges. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"A small Indiana town is without a police department after the town marshal and four reserve deputies resigned over complaints the Town Council mismanaged the department and asked officers to perform illegal actions, according to WXIN.

“We have had issues with the town board and there are some activities there where I felt like they were serving their own agenda,” said former Bunker Hill Town Marshal Michael Thomison.

Thomison served as town marshal for four years until Monday night when he and four other officers handed over resignation letters to the council, telling them they have had enough.

“They would not communicate with us or the officers and they kept scaling back,” said Thomison.

In their resignation letters, the officers accuse council members of asking them to “do illegal, unethical, and immoral things.” They cited examples like asking police to run background checks on other town councilors to find their criminal history. The officers also claim they were threatened when they said no.”*

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Solid Snake, at Reply

    We need the Rock to become the Sheriff and Johnny Knoxville as his deputy.

    • Posted by Dill Clinton, at Reply

      RoboCops and ed209s are coming soon

    • Posted by C Wilson, at Reply


    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      No way, get Sylvester Stallone and Karl Urban

      Who better to protect the streets than Judge Dredd and Judge Dredd. 😛

    • Posted by Red&Black Flag, at Reply

      Snake! Snaaaaake!!!!!

    • Posted by Kevin Pham, at Reply

      i just died!

  2. Posted by 7lllll, at Reply

    is the town okay? are there no out of control crime outbreaks?

    • Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

      If its a white town they will probably start raping their daughters and
      dogs in the street.

    • Posted by Martha Holt, at Reply

      jxsilicon9 😂

    • Posted by blistified, at Reply

      silicon was triggered beyond control when he read gasmans comment hahahaha
      what a cuckie

    • Posted by Ste H, at Reply

      jxsilicon9 – probably a hick town, incest is likely written into law there,
      along with animal sacrifice every second Tuesday.

    • Posted by Gasman, at Reply

      +blistified these morons can’t handle the truth and then become triggered
      and have to hide in their safe spaces

  3. Posted by Angel Singer, at Reply

    I am no expert on the law, so I wonder how the ADA applies in this case. Is
    it illegal to force a government employee to reduce hours when they are
    being treated for cancer?

    • Posted by Brandon Toad, at Reply

      Angel Singer legal does not mean moral.

    • Posted by *TheVoxOfReason*, at Reply

      Angel Singer Just to speak strictly from the legality…it depends if they
      have a collective bargaining agreement or not. If they do, almost certainly
      no, they can’t reduce hours. Unfortunately, most don’t realize these small
      departments don’t have this and most of them are working without bennifits
      anyway. If this is the case, hours can be cut at any time for no reason.
      Police in small departments without a bargaining agreement work at the will
      of the elected officials.

  4. Posted by Universal Healthcare 2017, at Reply

    This is the model template for both police and military ! #SaferWithout’M

    • Posted by Megalus Doomslayer, at Reply

      Universal Healthcare 2017 Until the warlords take over…

  5. Posted by moakley, at Reply

    Should just get rid of small town pds and just use one state police like
    Germany and Australia.

    • Posted by boggisthecat, at Reply

      Australia has city, State, and federal police. New Zealand has a single
      national police force, but this is a 4.5 million population country.

    • Posted by moakley, at Reply

      Australia has state police no city police. One police force for every state
      and one federal police force aka the fbi. The state of Indiana has a
      population of 6.597 million. Guess how many police departments the state
      has? There are so many pd’s and sheriff offices I couldn’t count ” over
      200″ The Australian state of NSW as a population of 7.725 with one state
      police force.

  6. Posted by John Franklin, at Reply

    You said it Ana!!! One of the few times you’ll ever see a positive story
    about police on TYT.

    • Posted by Anzac-A1 (Matthew Gavin), at Reply

      +Snapdragon 9600 Most atheists would likely side with the Democrats anyway.

    • Posted by Snapdragon 9600, at Reply

      Cool insignia,your a kiwi like me, or Aussie?

    • Posted by Anzac-A1 (Matthew Gavin), at Reply

      +Snapdragon 9600 Kiwi, and proud of it. We’re small, but you don’t want to
      mess with us.

    • Posted by ROOKTABULA, at Reply

      John Franklin That’s like bitching that some one usually tells you the sky
      is blue, because it is often is. You’re whining because you’re told of the
      reality: Weak.

  7. Posted by whatsgoingon07, at Reply

    Ana did you just step out of bed or something?

    • Posted by Hon. Sir William Jennings (Yazdandaste the Kekslayer), at Reply

      That look works for her.

  8. Posted by Gary Luggman, at Reply

    Why she in pajamas

    • Posted by Abu Abdullah Al Britani, at Reply

      Gary Luggman i would not care if my show was a youtube channel either

  9. Posted by Harambe Uchiha, at Reply

    I doubt they all left

  10. Posted by william mason, at Reply

    now they can be replaced by ED-209.

    • Posted by wakemore27, at Reply

      william mason lol right

  11. Posted by singerliljermz, at Reply

    Love to see cops living by their integrity. I salute these patriots!

  12. Posted by Din MS, at Reply

    Bastard…these people got family…who gonna take care of them…all the
    years of loyal service….down the drain…this is oppression and

  13. Posted by Dennis Taaffe, at Reply

    Thank You Blue. You guys rock.

  14. Posted by c. lince, at Reply

    make steven seagal the towns sheriff

    • Posted by Luther V, at Reply

      c. lince he’s so fat now he wouldn’t be able to catch anybody lol

  15. Posted by asseater007, at Reply

    Dang for the first time in my life, I’m actually on the cops’ side.

  16. Posted by Kamal Hossain, at Reply

    Great work. .Salut all of you sir.

  17. Posted by Freecheese, at Reply

    Cop Patriots ! These officers should be hired for leadership positions !.

  18. Posted by The Prince, at Reply

    What town is that? Do they have a bank?

  19. Posted by rich763690, at Reply