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Nobody Believed Me!: Fails You Missed #15 | FailArmy


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  1. Posted by Διρhα, at Reply

    Is that guy at 4:27 ok?

  2. Posted by Donald Potato, at Reply

    5:32 It sounded like a Revolver when he/she landed in the water

  3. Posted by FaZe Failure of the Sphincter, at Reply

    1:00 that cat legit lives in my grandmas neighborhood lol

  4. Posted by ruk, at Reply

    1:44 am i high or what? =)))))))))))))))))

  5. Posted by cryptex 7, at Reply

    was the guy at 5:20 jerking off on a rollercoaster???

  6. Posted by All American Bully, at Reply

    Why any grown man would wear skinny jeans is beyond me

  7. Posted by Maze Maze, at Reply

    10:10 What scared me the most is that guy didn’t wash his hands after using the toilet. 😒

  8. Posted by Zeddicus Mortis, at Reply

    I wish I could get my dog to sit still for a good vacuum. Life would be much easier.

  9. Posted by Cameron Angel, at Reply

    Now I want a goat

  10. Posted by Ave Vee, at Reply

    Goats are so weird. I love them.

  11. Posted by Perplex Donut, at Reply

    12:18 didn’t bleep the F-bomb this time 😉

  12. Posted by DeaKz, at Reply

    The word fail has lost all meaning

  13. Posted by TheBennedy85, at Reply

    11:26 Gets me every time! The scream is priceless!!!

  14. Posted by AlltheFails, at Reply

    0:45 That’s gotta be the coolest thing I’ve seen this month

  15. Posted by up yours, at Reply

    6.07 arguing the imaginary , made up pay gap with a feminist

  16. Posted by rsdaddy141, at Reply

    The animals were the best part.

  17. Posted by pullstringgoboom0811, at Reply

    Please explain how 3:49 is a fail.

  18. Posted by eksentrysyti, at Reply

    13:41 – This is actually pretty impressive. Mommy might take the time to carefully do her daughter’s hair, but Daddy says “I’ve got a power tool for that”.

  19. Posted by Stephanie Ye, at Reply

    0:46 was so cool, if only I could do that with a cat, alas, I am allergic to them

  20. Posted by Marc Diona, at Reply

    5:10 Shoutout to Leviathan! Canada’s Wonderland largest roller coaster.