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Nobody Fired At Fox After Pushing Fake Murder Conspiracy For Trump


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Talk about fake news … Intentionally lying/implying that the DNC killed a staffer, at the behest of the Trump Management, has no repercussions at Fox. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us just what you think in the remark section listed below.

" It has actually been greater than two months given that Fox Information retracted its tale regarding the fatality of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, and the network still declares to be examining exactly what occurred, leaving its staff members perplexed and also questioning why there has been no explanation and also no action required to put the concern to remainder.
" Individuals are discussing it," a Fox News employee told CNN. "Truthfully, there's complication over it."

More than two months earlier, on May 23, removed a tale that suggested Rich had been in contact with Wikileaks prior to his fatality. The tale rested on quotes from Rod Wheeler, a Fox News contributor as well as previous homicide investigative employed to check out the unsolved murder on behalf of the Rich family. He was priced estimate in that short article stating there was evidence revealing Rich had actually touched with Wikileaks." *.

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  1. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    Also, nobody at TYT fired for pushing fake murder conspiracy for Trump.

    • Posted by Trunks800, at Reply

      MaGarthur he own TYT.

    • Posted by George Standifur, at Reply

      menzere2009…..the whole Russia collusion rhetoric is NOT confirmed either but almost all of the media is reporting on it. why would they do that?

    • Posted by bgnore, at Reply

      +Ryan Nurmi, no TYT said antifa were “4chan trolls” and they had nothing to do with progressives lmao.

  2. Posted by Jared Druss, at Reply

    Faux news is a pathetic shill Network for Trump. The fact that they have to push this disgraceful conspiracy theory shows not only how indefensible Trump is but how low they will go on their dear leader.

    • Posted by kevin cosgrave, at Reply

      75joev how can you say TYT is not as biased they are arguably more and extremely dishonest in most videos including this one

    • Posted by David 666, at Reply

      Fox news is terrible and biased. But what do tyt viewers think of the Mike Brown case? Do you guys still think he was murdered by a racist cop? Because I remember that’s how tyt spun the story, contrary to all the evidence. I would say tyt is no better than Fox News.

    • Posted by 75joev, at Reply

      kevin cosgrave
      This video is true, no one at Fox news got fired for this.
      Seth Rich’s own family have said he never would have leaked DNC e-mails. And so wouldn’t have been murdered. His family says he hated Trump and would have done nothing to help him.
      I would believe Seth’s own family over Hannity or AJ.

  3. Posted by John Flannigan, at Reply

    No one fired at TYT for promoting the FALSE narrative that cops are killing blacks because they’re blacks.

    • Posted by David 666, at Reply

      It is true, the false narrative (that cops are shooting black people because they’re black) is largely the reason we have Trump. What do tyt viewers think of the Mike Brown case? Read the doj report on that incident for yourself and you’ll see how dishonest tyt is. Instead of constantly bashing Fox News, maybe tyt and their viewers could use a little self-reflection.

    • Posted by smokey bear, at Reply

      John Flannigan You really are a Muppet. Cop shoot Blacks ALL the time for being black!! it’s been going on for 100’s of years

  4. Posted by JUSTMISH 2U., at Reply

    When I want to just laugh at the largest group of ignorant losers I flip to Faux news. It’s hysterical to watch “conservative” Jesus lovers and the hypocrisy “fake” lifestyles. They are all in the closet. Jesus was a hippie socialist that was all about the poor. Not the hypocrite.

    • Posted by David 666, at Reply

      Yes Fox news is pretty dishonest. Kinda like how dishonest tyt was with the murder conspiracy of Mike Brown.

    • Posted by michael garrido, at Reply

      David 666 silly rabbit I see that you watch tyt

  5. Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore pushed it and last I checked he’s still invited onto TYT.

    • Posted by Mack Turrican, at Reply

      Cause you have never fallen for a fake conspiracy theory. We all have. Jimmy admitted the story fell apart and will probably never be solved.

    • Posted by Olden McGroin, at Reply

      Jimmy did not push the story – he reported on it. One day he reported what Wheeler said. The very next day, he reported that Wheeler was not credible on the issue. How is that pushing the story?

    • Posted by generationofswine, at Reply

      Andrew Wells You spend your days posting lies on TYT videos. I understand you are too mentally ill to work, but don’t you get bored with it? Ask your social worker or your nurse to suggest some hobbies.

    • Posted by CovfefeAddict, at Reply

      raaziq exactly, he made videos about both arguments and simply expressed his skepticism when it came to the official story.  Nothing wrong with that at all.

  6. Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

    Why hasn’t anyone been fired at TYT for pushing the fake Russian collusion story, even after the fakest of all fake news networks admitted it was fabricated for ratings? TYT+ CNN=FAKE NEWS. Time to drain them out of existence.

    • Posted by Mike Melody, at Reply

      Wheat and Tares Please see below. Rougeful did not say anything about 17 intelligence agencies. The fact that you confirmed that it was the 3 main branches to confirm Russian meddling shows that you’ve been paying attention somewhat. So I guess Reality Winner is going to jail over leaking of a fake classified document of Russian meddling? Can you trump guys please keep up with the news? I understand Fox and Alex Jones channels are your safe spaces but come on.

    • Posted by George Standifur, at Reply

      Mike….”except its not fake especially when the entirety of the intelligence community said “yes the Russians interfered with the election” is what rogue said……entirety of the intel community means ALL OF THEM

  7. Posted by James Gaspard, at Reply

    TYT critiquing another network over skewing stories and being propaganda is hilarious.

    • Posted by Viv Written, at Reply

      Lead poisoning much?

    • Posted by rhn94, at Reply

      nice deflection and russian bot voting shills

  8. Posted by Donny's safe space, at Reply

    FOX is state media and needs to be shut down

    • Posted by oniyoda, at Reply

      Just fox? Not CNN, MSNBC, Washington post, New York times? You know outlets that had no problems lying to get us to go to war…

  9. Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

    fake murder conspiracy? So apparently Seth Rich wasn’t murdered

    • Posted by Oprah2020, at Reply

      It was a failed robbery. Aka manslaughter not murder

    • Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

      how in the hell did you get to the conclusion of manslaughter?? Did Seth Rich accidentally get shot 3 times in the back?

      Try again moron.

    • Posted by MagzieBagz08, at Reply

      I don’t think that it’s the killing that’s being called fake. I think what is being disputed is the reported story of the circumstances that supposedly explain why he was killed. What is the “conspiracy” is that the DNC/Hillary Clinton was said to have had him killed. He was killed, and that’s a fact. WHY he was killed was the question. Was he targeted on purpose for supposedly leaking emails to wikileaks or was it random?

  10. Posted by Jlong908, at Reply

    Seth rich was murdered 2 weeks before the dnc leaks so that story doesnt add up. How do you kill a leaker 2 weeks before anything was leaked?

    • Posted by Mikhail Tagallie, at Reply

      Cuz it was leaked wsy before and ppl have deadman switches. Just answering the question

    • Posted by Mack Turrican, at Reply

      Its a very interesting case, but solving it would take a miracle.

    • Posted by generationofswine, at Reply

      Mack Turrican How about waterboarding Ed Butkowski. It might not solve it but it would be fun.

  11. Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

    And no one has been fired in the media for pushing the fake Russia collusion conspiracy either. The best they could come up with was his dumb son thought he was going to get juicy gossip on an opponent. Oh but that makes Trump look bad, so you’re alright with lies and conspiracies then.

    • Posted by Jason Shelton, at Reply


    • Posted by Kevin Michael, at Reply

      Whytebio Who told you the Russian collusion story is fake? That’s your opinion, not fact.

    • Posted by Jacob Young, at Reply

      “juicy gossip” You mean illegal gossip?

  12. Posted by Tripp393, at Reply

    The Jimmy Dore show and TYT Politics also believe this. lmao. Are you going to fire them, Cenk?

    • Posted by Hezekiah Ramirez, at Reply

      He’s making money playing both sides of the fence. Independent media is definitely very important but Cenk’s credibility is falling fast. He either needs to make it perfectly clear in a public and unambiguous fashion that Jimmy Dore, Jordan Chariton, and all the other Hillary-obsessed Bernie Bros’ opinions do not represent TYT or the TYT Network or he needs to fire them. Oh, and ye. I called them Bernie bros. You want to know what a Bernie bro is? It’s someone who just cannot move on, still obsesses about Hillary Clinton, would much rather side with a shady accused rapist who had a clear political grudge than admit that maybe the person they hate so much who managed to trigger them like no one ever could before who just happened to be the first woman with a real chance of power in this country might not be a criminal who wants to nuke the Earth. THAT is a Bernie bro. We’re not talking about Bernie supporters here. I’m a Bernie supporter. When we talk about the Bernie bros we’re talking about the clearly sexist ones who would have glommed onto anyone who could prevent a woman from being elected. A lot of them went straight to Trump or at least enabled him by refusing to vote for Hillary.

    • Posted by raaziq, at Reply

      Hezekiah Ramirez 🙄can’t believe I read your post all the way to the end, thinking you were gonna say something at some point. I should have stopped at berniebros.

    • Posted by George Standifur, at Reply

      etherraichu…..u will never get proof from the ppl makin those claims. they are the same ones that said Trump would never win even if the Bernie voters didnt show up for Hillary and they also cover up everything that is PROVEN in the leaks cuz they are MSM programmed with WAPO (CIA funded) propaganda that has been pushed by every other MSM source cuz of all of their amazing “anonymous sources”.

  13. Posted by mercia van der Vyver, at Reply

    Didn’t TYT’s own Mr. Jimmy ‘Trump Presidency won’t be so bad’ Dore also push this conspiracy? Has he been fired? No. I didn’t think so…

    • Posted by Cain Martin, at Reply

      mercia van der Vyver that’s because he didn’t. He reported it, then with a day or two stated that the story was. It credible. That is not “pushing” a story.

    • Posted by Cain Martin, at Reply

      *that the story was NOT credible.

    • Posted by Jeebus 420, at Reply

      Cain Martin Jimmy Dore did not report that the “story” was a long debunked pro trump conspiracy. He reported the conspiracy as if it might be true, thus “pushing” it.

    • Posted by Raymond, at Reply

      It’s true that Jimmy Dore didn’t report it as a pro-Trump conspiracy, but the way he reported it was hardly “pushing” it. It was basically, “here’s what we know and here’s what we don’t know; do what you want with that.”

  14. Posted by Trust The Shooters, at Reply

    Wow TYT & Jenk going full MSNBC sellout to cover for the DNC. Ask Haiti about Hillary. Seth Rich, Micheal Hastings, JFK, MLK, Malcom X, they tortured Chelsea Manning, they give no fucks.

    Keep living your bubble that DNC is clean.

    • Posted by philbyification, at Reply

      He is a Sandy Hook hoaxer! HAHAHA! Ben Swann? LOLOL

    • Posted by Jon T, at Reply

      philbyification if you actually do some research on pizzagate you will find that the media did not report on 99% of the stuff that people are talking about

    • Posted by Jeebus 420, at Reply

      Jon T, You’re right the media did not report on the fake “code” found in podesta emails. LOL. Pizzagate was a fake news hoax, that nearly led to people being killed.

    • Posted by oniyoda, at Reply

      Jeebus 420 Great rebuttal 10/10 most intelligent comment made on youtube today, would read again.

  15. Posted by Devious Critter, at Reply


    DNC murdered their own guy and liberals still support them what the hell is wrong with leftists lol

    • Posted by BIG BEAR, at Reply

      Devious Critter You suck at trolling dude, step it up or GTFO

  16. Posted by Lead Farmer, at Reply

    Search Seymour Hersch. Confirms that seth was the wikileakes source. RIP Seth thank you for giving the republic a chance to remain free

    • Posted by Jeebus 420, at Reply

      Actually Seymour Hersh on the record has said all he heard was some gossip. In the off the record tape that was leaked all he does is describe a supposed document that he never actually saw himself. Turns out it was totally debunked (FBI did not even investigate the Seth Rich murder).

  17. Posted by Jon T, at Reply

    I’m a liberal but TYT is way wrong on this. Seymour Hersh, one of the most credible journalists on earth, is on tape saying he has proof Seth rich was the leaker. He also said the Russia hacking story was fabricated by john Brennan other factions of the deep state.

    Just because people want to know what happened to Seth rich and are speculating, which CNN does 24/7 btw, doesn’t mean they are peddling conspiracy theories with no evidence.

    • Posted by Gales99, at Reply

      Jon T
      Then let Hersh present his evidence, otherwise it’s just more bullshit without proof. The Seth Rich conspiracy is nonsense, want to say otherwise…prove it!!