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#NoDAPL: We Must Remember the Victories


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  1. Posted by THE MEXICAN 6 GOD, at Reply

    only True Americans were Brown yet none of them are in power there not even shown on TV SAD

    • Posted by facefister69, at Reply

      I get that Obama wasn’t really a memorable President, but did it seriously only take you a few months to completely forget about him.

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      facefister69 I don’t think that’s the kind of brown person he was talking about.

    • Posted by Ccreyescr, at Reply

      The same thing could be said about Mexicans…

  2. Posted by Darksider, at Reply

    Leaving mountains of trash and feces is a victory for TyT?

    • Posted by Dan QuarterMan, at Reply

      Gotta lie about it eh? Cunts.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      It was the same with the lefties’ dippy “occupy” protests. They trashed our town twice. After the tea party protests their area was actually cleaner than before, they pick up after themselves so well. It is SO obvious who the scum-bags are in this society.

  3. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    And the Trumplers storm the comments.
    Funny, they dont understand their water will be effect at some point because of Trump and his pipelines.

    Natural selection at its finest.

    • Posted by Bob Lewis, at Reply

      RandomRobin sorry we want jobs and cheap oil

    • Posted by Ispike73, at Reply

      Well, since you clearly know more than everyone else, why don’t you fill us in. Lets start with the name of the existing pipeline that this one is running right next to. You know, the one that’s already buried right under all the protesters. The one that’s been there since 1982.

    • Posted by Alex Sorbera, at Reply

      I heard that the oil is going to be exported. Also, jobs to create the pipeline might be higher at first, but are much lower overall compared to all the truck drivers that will be losing their jobs.

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      build that pipe!

    • Posted by cannon26ify, at Reply

      Drill baby drill!

  4. Posted by RedX165, at Reply

    Muslims just killed people and you refuse to report that?

    • Posted by Louis Michael, at Reply

      Muslims is not your problem! Stop pretending that it is! The biggest terrosrist organization in the world is the American Government!!

    • Posted by qwerty qwerty, at Reply

      RedX165 Lol they did you dumbass. 😅

    • Posted by iRedEx23, at Reply

      ig the reason is bc news media go hard on islamic terrorism yet when a white commits terrorism it is mentail illesss. so ig tyt just calls it what it is while fox news and other outlets do not.

    • Posted by dcaseng, at Reply

      If you are THAT desperate to hear people scream anti Muslim garbage, then go watch Fox News, or any of the many Conservative media outlets that spend 24 hours a day doing so.
      Stop coming to liberal media outlets and complaining when you don’t get your dose of Conservative propaganda.
      Ignorant maggot.

  5. Posted by Ulrna, at Reply

    remember to spin the news of the London terrorist for Ana, remind us why she’s better than us and is allowed to kick down at the plebs and worthless rabble.

    • Posted by Selvy, at Reply

      You must be a whole new level of clueless if you think leftist commentators are some kind of elitists.

  6. Posted by Kareem, at Reply

    should I…PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Should you finish high school? No chance of that #PARASITETRUMP

  7. Posted by Kareem, at Reply

    I’m calling it. America is now great AGAIN. March 22 2017 7:30 central. Record it in history

    • Posted by Pancho Villa, at Reply

      what ? , drugs got cheaper ?

    • Posted by Kareem, at Reply

      +Melanoma Trump I’m about to grab your right now!

  8. Posted by Tyler Hurson, at Reply

    Anyone want to guess how TYT is going to spin London?

    • Posted by Selvy, at Reply

      Hi, and welcome outside your right-wing echo chamber. It might be hard to believe, but here in The Rest of The Internet, left-leaning people don’t default to defending terrorists. It’s simply your demonization of us.

    • Posted by Ace Cumen, at Reply

      Alt-right and pro trump groups are paid and indoctrinated to make propaganda appear as normal comments attacking liberal social media in hopes of dumbing down millennial/liberal conversations. example: USE ADBLOCKPLUS AND/OR UBLOCK ORIGIN WHEN VIEWING TYT CONTENT DOWNVOTE ALL TYT VIDEOS DO NOT LINK TO TYT …

  9. Posted by European Identitarian, at Reply

    Cenk, do a video about how Erdogan basically threatens all Europeans. No? Anti-white racism is fine? Gotcha!

    • Posted by Dan QuarterMan, at Reply

      The majority of fukn white people have been schizos for hundreds of years now. Go get drunk, have gay sex with your buddies, then go home and beat your wife. White history for eons.

    • Posted by Agulani, at Reply

      when Europe issues ban against hijab in work place? or when European politician calls Muslims scum? how about constant bombing of Muslim countries?

    • Posted by Zach C, at Reply

      ‘Anti-white’ racism isn’t a thing, you big snowflake.

  10. Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

    …….and with one word from Trump your shitty little camp was bulldozed.

    • Posted by John Doe, at Reply

      pretty much so it was all for nothing…..

    • Posted by Roe Kemp, at Reply

      kickinitoldschool03 Then they left 2 tons of garbage behind, abandoned their pets and burned down their teepees.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      MAGA – Morons Are Governing America.

    • Posted by Zach C, at Reply

      Have fun drinking oil.

  11. Posted by Free Speech, at Reply

    Remember to report today that Obama’s admin was indeed spying on Trump. We trust you TYT, your unbiased and professional reporting is second to none.

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      yeah except that didnt happen

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      ^ ^ ^

  12. Posted by Morality Check, at Reply

    “Heyy, I know we miserably lost but, come on…. we tried. Since we tried, our loss doesn’t even matter, just like with the presidential election”.

    • Posted by Xipo86, at Reply

      LOL liberal logic
      I know logic is hard for the lefties

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Republicans hate facts #AlternateFacts

    • Posted by Xipo86, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump
      TYT and logic. Sorry bro not gonna happen

  13. Posted by Shimohi Kagami, at Reply

    So… Everyone in the comments here are pro-*poisoning of water* and the violation of the *religious freedom* of Native Americans. In short, you’re all a bunch of assholes.

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      ^ ^ ^

  14. Posted by SomeGuy, at Reply

    Look into the Boycott Israel movement – Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

  15. Posted by Mike Nakadai, at Reply

    what did it accomplish? the oil is flowing

  16. Posted by l156a21, at Reply

    Waaaaaahhhh!!! How dare you stupid progressives care about clean water and saving the environment! Guns are clearly more important than the environment, I’m so triggered! Waaaahhhh!!!!!

  17. Posted by Eater 999, at Reply

    Video of DAPL protests.
    Top comments on terrorist attacks in London?

  18. Posted by Rawbeard, at Reply

    no, you must remember how after a great victory everyone went home and the pipeline got build. you done fucked up.

  19. Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

    The young cucks

  20. Posted by JOOGAL1111, at Reply

    Remember the victories and now remember you lost the war lol