Norman Lear: Trump Represents The Middle Finger Of The American Right Hand | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Norman Lear: Trump Represents The Middle Finger Of The American Right Hand


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TYT Politics Reporter Nomiki Konst consulted with famous tv writer and producer Norman Lear concerning Trump's The U.S.A., where the Democratic Party shed its method, the NFL objections and also more. See the complete meeting here:

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  1. Posted by Madme Smith, at Reply

    hillary lost because she had to much baggage going into the election(the e-mail’s,in wall streets back pocket and all the rest/doh) and tweetie pie was a better mud slinger, bernie bless his soul, to far left and wall street hates what he stands for (the people, not them)

  2. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    They’ve drained the swamp and filled with raw sewage.And Trump is the tidy bowl man…..

  3. Posted by Hellbound Heathen, at Reply

    I think Trump won because a portion of America was and still is giving the middle finger to middle America.America has some legititimate concerns that are being laughed at, ridiculed and slandered as Anti-this and Anti-that.

    Maybe we should shut up and at least hear them out. Unless you want another 4-6 years of Trump.

    • Posted by rurutu M, at Reply

      but america has always been “anti”, we were anti taxes without representation, anti-slavery, anti-nazi, anti-communism, anti-vietnam, and now it’s anti-muslim, anti-immigration, anti-fact, anti-health care

    • Posted by Hellbound Heathen, at Reply

      Anti-change too, don’t forget that.

    • Posted by Whatever Works, at Reply

      Nah, those voters in middle America have no legitimate concerns. They’re all privileged cis-white dudes… Four more years of the pussigrabber in chief it is. 😀

    • Posted by Hellbound Heathen, at Reply

      Thank you +Whatever Works for illustrating my point so succinctly. Those damn cis-white privileged white males, have no legitimate concerns. We should ignore them and insult them.

    • Posted by Jebus Hypocristos, at Reply

      Its due to ignorance like yours that we have to open up cans of anti-nazi whoopass.

      Killing nazis is an American tradition, unless you are a traitor.

  4. Posted by Cheryl Barr, at Reply

    Norman Lear sir! you are so spot on.😂and love your TV shows🤗

  5. Posted by shutdafup, at Reply

    Jeffersons —- BEST TV SHOW EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Posted by David Beale, at Reply

    Tear him up, Mueller!

  7. Posted by CoffeeAt Midnight, at Reply

    Honesty in old age.

  8. Posted by Dexter White, at Reply

    Trump supporters like Trump because they are scum just like he is.

    • Posted by Mitch, at Reply

      almost as scummy as the person you’d have to be to actually believe this comment

    • Posted by FireTalon24, at Reply

      LOL. That’s how you win people to your side. Not like this attitude is LITERALLY the reason people voted for Trump in the first place. Because people like you are complete asshats.

    • Posted by Dexter White, at Reply

      +FireTalon24 Name calling doesn’t negate the fact that Trump has broken every promise he made, and is an incompetent, sociopath geezer. The best thing conservatives have done so far is to get shot up in Vegas. More of that please!

  9. Posted by John Do, at Reply

    Trump is the living proof the right is the party of the stupid.

  10. Posted by Sara Elias, at Reply

    I totally agree!

  11. Posted by mikedaflexta, at Reply

    No way he’s 95. “Waiter, I’ll have what he’s having. Make it a double.”

  12. Posted by Jimmi Stone, at Reply


  13. Posted by Anders Püschel, at Reply

    Wasn’t the thing she did wrong to run in the first place?

  14. Posted by Kathleen Mason, at Reply

    Russian trolls all over this. That is okay. Keep up the resistance. Everyone deplores trump and his Nazi type supporters now and so all negative comments here are either Russian, white-supremisists, or dumber than coal buckets.

  15. Posted by roger mawby, at Reply

    hillary took an approach as to where she appealed to no one.

  16. Posted by Rosie Watson, at Reply

    Well, have fun putting your finger up to no healthcare.