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Norway A Progressive Paradise?


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Norway is quite excellent. John Iadarola (Host of ThinkTank), Chavala Madlena (Investigative Journalist, Filmmaker) review on a special episode of The Young Turks previously taped LIVE at Oslo Liberty Forum.

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  1. Posted by The Moral Crusader, at Reply

    Leftists hate white people but love white countries.
    Makes you think…

    • Posted by HunOrwell, at Reply

      They dont understand that the prevalence of equality and resistance to venture capitalism in these countries culturally comes from the puritan protestant nature of these countries, same for the Neitherlands for example. And the newcomers dont further these ideals that make this kind of socialism you respect, any better. When my relitive worked there, even the CEO’s there drive to work with and avarage house and live in a regular sized house, because of the cultural pressure of equality. When there was a flashy car like a BMW, my friend who is from there without any racism told, they usually belong to immigrants, or people from immigrant families, and he was pretty accurate. So yeah there is an eqalitarian culture in these countries but multiculturalism isnt helping it. For example google why the once large Jewish minority of Malmö left the city in recent decades, i’ll give a hint, it wasnt because of neo-nazis. But dont belive me, just go on the internet.

    • Posted by Olivia Andersen, at Reply

      The Moral Crusader
      Most of these “white countries” are progressive in their governing, so your logic doesn’t follow through

    • Posted by TrollTracker9000, at Reply

      why do you cucks make everything about race??

  2. Posted by King James ll, at Reply

    Here we go…incoming idiots from both sides.

    • Posted by The Mac Daddy Channel, at Reply

      King James ll lol the battle of the fittest

  3. Posted by l_AM_ONLlNE, at Reply

    The whitest countries are the best.

    • Posted by quaxk, at Reply

      damn right!

    • Posted by Mark Lister, at Reply

      l_AM_ONLlNE white counties like Poland, Romania and Hungary? yeh sure.

  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Meanwhile in america trillions are going to the 0.1% while millions are being kicked off healthcare. Thats the republican agenda.

    • Posted by The Mac Daddy Channel, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond agreed Kev!!

  5. Posted by Kall Zorki, at Reply

    Muslims kill.

    • Posted by The Mac Daddy Channel, at Reply

      Kall Zorki ha!

    • Posted by cuck, at Reply


  6. Posted by Kenny Groth, at Reply

    imagine if america were that small

  7. Posted by White Girls are my Kryptonite, at Reply

    The hottest girls are in Norway. Ive been there twice and WOW!

    • Posted by Koto Rollin 9鬼, at Reply

      whats hot about them?

    • Posted by White Girls are my Kryptonite, at Reply

      Koto Rollin 9鬼 type 1 pigmentation, blue eyes and blonde hair. well thats how I define hottness. but i know its a matter of opinion lol

  8. Posted by Pai0near, at Reply

    Being sponsored by a multimillion dollar company is antiprogressive and further contributes to income inequality. Shame on you TYT.

    • Posted by Jonathan Kennedy, at Reply

      I’m all for taxing businesses fairly but being sponsored by a progressive tech company especially for a massive event that brings TYT to more people around the globe is the definition of progressive.

    • Posted by Pai0near, at Reply

      Sterling Now they cannot report on anything negative that could relate to Squarespace or they will lose sponsorship. In other words, no accurate and unbiased journalism.

    • Posted by Jonathan Kennedy, at Reply

      If Squarespace goes corrupt TYT will not allow the partnership to continue. If you’ve been a viewer for a while you should know that.

    • Posted by Pai0near, at Reply

      Being sponsored by a business is not progressive at all.

    • Posted by Jonathan Kennedy, at Reply

      So what you’re saying is if TYT sponsored a new progressive news channel in a foreign country that would be anti-progressive?

  9. Posted by The NorwegianViking, at Reply

    Go home! We dont want you!

    • Posted by The NorwegianViking, at Reply

      What? You gonna actually dispute something or just throw out some insinuations?

    • Posted by epithymbria, at Reply

      Stop being rude. I’m Norwegian too, and I think it’s awesome that they visited. <3

  10. Posted by Clarence Thompson, at Reply

    If you are liberal and if you think that Scandinavian countries have better laws than the US, then perhaps you should seriously consider moving there. I honestly don’t mean to be rude or anything. I don’t want to sound like some conservatives when they say stuff like “If you don’t like the US, then get out!” I genuinely think you would be happier in another country.

    • Posted by Captain Buggy, at Reply

      I’m from sweden, it’s 100x better there but thanks to the wealth inequality in America I’m basically stuck here.

    • Posted by CaptainCallidus, at Reply

      Having moved to Germany, I don’t think I can go back to the US until we get universal healthcare. This isn’t a liberal/conservative thing though. These countries genuinely have better standards of living. There’s no reason we can’t meet and exceed these standards back in the US.

    • Posted by Niding, at Reply

      Thats a very defeatists point of view. A citizen should be critical towards its goverment if its required. Are you just a anemic follower of power, regardless what they do? Oh, Im norwegian by the way.

    • Posted by Melissa H, at Reply

      Sure, let’s not try to make our country better. You are being rude and like the “if you don’t like it, get out” people. How about “if you don’t like it, change it”.

    • Posted by NyYankees1985, at Reply

      nahh we’ll just take over america just wait till all the ignorant diabetic baby boomers die off
      were gona make it the Marxist States of America

  11. Posted by TheGM, at Reply

    1:11 don’t lie when google is a thing. jeez.

  12. Posted by SomeGuy28, at Reply

    Let me get this straight, one of the whitest countries in the world is your idea of a “paradise”, but at the same time champion diversity? TYT is really, really going downhill…

    • Posted by Aron Tragardh, at Reply

      Yeah! Any country that didn’t take part of a slave trade to get a bigger diversity of people is TRASH. #BUYPOC2017

    • Posted by Aron Tragardh, at Reply

      Gouky not much more that and other country at that time. But I bet you think the vikings had horned helmets and drank blood and ate 3 boars a day?

  13. Posted by Anonymous Anime Icon, at Reply

    The Scandinavian people score highly on polls when it comes to happiness because they are societies largely comprised of whites with high character. It has nothing to do with any left wing policy as those policies always fail miserably in black and brown countries.

    • Posted by Misanthropic 1up, at Reply

      why is countries such as poland not on the same level. norway and sweden have much more immigrants.

    • Posted by Fridez Arden, at Reply

      Norway actually has “right-wing populists” in their government as of this exact moment ahah, this coverage is hilarious

    • Posted by Anonymous Anime Icon, at Reply

      +Misanthropic 1up
      Because Poland was taken over and ransacked by Jewish Bolshevik communists in the 20th century and is still recovering economically. But i’d still rather live in Poland than any shithole in Africa, the Middle East or Latin America and so would you.

    • Posted by HunOrwell, at Reply

      Misanthropic 1up
      Maybe because Norway is on a hard to reach penninsula, behind mountains while Poland is on a flatland which made it easy for Mongolian hordes, Russians, Germans etc. to invade it and not really help the country to concetrate its resources on its development throughout history. Just maybe…

  14. Posted by Uppercut, at Reply

    They are having problems in sweden you dumb fucks. And we also are having problems in norway, youth crime for 2016 was up for the first time in several years, and it was up by 40%. And its not norwegian youth that suddenly decided to go on a rampage i can tell you that!

    • Posted by Cartesian Phantom, at Reply

      Source, please.

    • Posted by David Cedillo, at Reply

      Uppercut propaganda and lies

  15. Posted by Matthias Bider, at Reply

    independent journalist Tim Pool confirmed Trump’s Sweden comments, aside from the “last night” part.

  16. Posted by EFK93, at Reply

    But only of you’re white…

  17. Posted by Allan Koivu, at Reply

    Socialism works see the Nordic model for proof….

  18. Posted by l_AM_ONLlNE, at Reply

    The answer is lying right in front of you TYT…

    The reason everything about Norway is so great is because they are white and pure.

    • Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

      l_AM_ONLlNE They don’t have muslims raping everyone and tearing their country apart and they don’t have feminists trying to bring in even more muslims.

    • Posted by David Cedillo, at Reply

      Maybe because it’s a a social democracy and it’s a totally different system of government?

  19. Posted by Jared Fogle, at Reply

    Norway doesn’t have to deal with blacks and illegal Mexicans.

    • Posted by Tom Santo, at Reply

      Jared Fogle Only with immigrants

  20. Posted by Dan B, at Reply

    4:39 Norway to Sweden
    Copenhagen, Sweden ?