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NRA To North Korea: Nuke California Not Guam!


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Killing Democrats is humorous to Grant Stinchfield. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, as well as Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment area below.

" Give Stinchfield, a host on the National Rifle Association's video clip platform NRATV, said Friday that he was just joking when he suggested North Korea aim its rockets at Sacramento as opposed to the American territory of Guam.

" Let's send out a note to North Korea that Sacramento changed its name to Guam!" Stinchfield composed, in a tweet that was later erased.

" It was indicated as a joke as well as I regret it," Stinchfield later informed the New York Daily Newsover the phone.

Amidst increasing UNITED STATE stress with North Korea over its gradual growth of nuclear tools capacities, the country threatened to border the Guam with an "enveloping fire."" *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure.


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  1. Posted by Menace, at Reply

    Nuke trump

    • Posted by Scott Leeper, at Reply

      Chris M. Ur statement forwarded to the secret service.

    • Posted by KYS TROLL, at Reply


    • Posted by KYS TROLL, at Reply

      Whiny reich-wing cuck snowflake.

    • Posted by Chris M, at Reply

      Scott Leeper well thanks now they know when to shoot the clown.

    • Posted by Jayden Parks, at Reply

      Chris M no he won’t libtard

  2. Posted by Jiggaboo Jones, at Reply

    These inbred conservatives wouldn’t last a week without the help of rich, successful liberal states

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      Megan Schmidt red states, blue counties. Lol

    • Posted by Sir Usopp, at Reply

      First lady Princest Ivanka I’m sorry that you’re offended by a cartoon frog.

    • Posted by AMECP, at Reply

      My state has lower poverty rate then California. Missouri for the win. Really Gun crime really depends on where you live usually gun crime happens in bad neighborhoods.

    • Posted by Jayden Parks, at Reply

      a7xfabian liberalism equals mental retardation

  3. Posted by Misael Cifuentes, at Reply

    Conservatives are violent savages. No remorse, uneducated, everything can be solved with a gun or explosive.

    • Posted by KYS TROLL, at Reply

      You bring up BLM but why don’t you bring up the KKK. Answer is obvious since you Repuglycucks bring up the same bs taling points over and over though, it’s because, you support them.
      Kill yourself.

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      Misael Cifuentes you mean Muslims?

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      KYS TROLL what has the KKK done? Lol also why call hicks inbred when coastal states allow incest?

    • Posted by gyrate4, at Reply

      Appalachia is our largest ghetto for that reason.  They forever vote against themselves to show them “elitist liberals.”

  4. Posted by Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, at Reply

    lol Cenk, conservatives won’t understand even if you draw it to them

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen i tried to make a pop up book for them, they thought pie charts were real pies and tried to eat them.

    • Posted by Hopelessly Hopeful, at Reply

      John Myers 😂😂 I’m genuinely not surprised that would happen

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      +Hopelessly Hopeful my publisher requested the book be made out of non toxic materials and a have choking hazard label.

    • Posted by DØØMR3Ss, at Reply

      Lmao I find it laughable people actually take this Cenk guy seriously as if he’s a major news outlet. Have you seen this guy in political debate? Absolutely no facts or statistics to back him up, just says things that sound nice. His fact source; google it! I’d like for any liberal to debate civilly if you’re up for the task.

    • Posted by DØØMR3Ss, at Reply

      Watch Ben Shapiro vs Water Buffalo

  5. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Will the NRA America loving patriots go to north korea and fight for America? Time you use your guns you cucks.

    • Posted by Liberate Wisconsin First, at Reply


    • Posted by Pepe Savage, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond ww2 Hell yeah I would! Why wouldn’t you? It would be an honor.

    • Posted by torinju, at Reply

      “Will you Hillary worshipers go to Russia to fight that war?”

      Hillary didn’t win. Will you Darth Vader worshipers go to Hoth to fight that war?

      The question is about as relevant.

  6. Posted by Terry Turner, at Reply

    WHY ALABAMA!? Remember TYT, that there are some Progressives living in Alabama: like me. 😨😂

    • Posted by Adrian Nelson, at Reply

      filonin2 He’s russian

    • Posted by AMECP, at Reply

      Who would want to live in California like come on Gas Prices are high cost of living is high, Shitty people, Earthquakes, Droughts and the funny part to combat water usage the state goes after public pools instead of the agriculture. If I had to choose a blue state to live in I would choose either Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

    • Posted by Terry Turner, at Reply

      +AMECP Alabama does have one of/or lowest gas prices in America…😂😂😂

    • Posted by fkujakedmyname, at Reply

      well cant make an omlette without breaking a few eggs

    • Posted by WiggleBabies, at Reply


  7. Posted by BTG, at Reply

    We railed this fucker today. I told every person I know in Sacramento and plastered it all over facebook.

    • Posted by PREPARE YOURSELF!, at Reply

      I thought you clowns wanted to become your own country? obey our immigration laws if you want to be part of America

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      PREPARE YOURSELF!: Another one-note Trumpturd recycling the same crap over and over. Come up with something different idiot.

  8. Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

    Where will the rednecks get their heroin money?

    • Posted by C, at Reply

      Kevin Ellington I do love my craft beer though (liberal-ish)

    • Posted by Luke Rainey, at Reply

      Kevin Ellington Keep up with your insulting stereotypes, idiot.

    • Posted by Luke Rainey, at Reply

      Kevin Ellington Don’t distract yourself from the fact that democratic politicians have been fighting to legalize pot. The only reason why alcohol and tobacco are that deadly is because they are legal. Can you imagine the catastrophe that would occur if you had legalized marijuana.

    • Posted by Kevin Ellington, at Reply

      Luke Rainey, making America healthier is not a catastrophe. What’s with the Republican obsession with killing their fellow Americans? It’s sick and evil.

  9. Posted by Time Lord, at Reply

    Liberals have no sense of humor.

    • Posted by cne08, at Reply

      Joking about killing millions of people isn’t funny Time Lord.

    • Posted by Nobody Famous, at Reply

      google account But liberals already joke about that.

    • Posted by Sir Usopp, at Reply

      ShawFFA There’s a difference between bitching and pointing out bad comedy. We weren’t complaining at first, but they kept milking the Trump thing and it got old and stupid.

  10. Posted by Belgian Sebastian, at Reply

    Wanna hear a joke? Trump and the alt right trumpflakes.

    • Posted by bigbaddawg101, at Reply

      t y, If you’re gonna do a “yo mamma” joke, at least do it right. Like, “Yo mamma’s so stupid, she kept holding down the “alt” button and repeatedly pressing the right arrow key because she supported the alt-right.” or something as simple as “Yo mamma’s so stupid she voted for Trump.”

    • Posted by PREPARE YOURSELF!, at Reply

      your joke fell flat

  11. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    This is just traitorous behavior by the NRA.

    • Posted by johnmburt1960, at Reply

      California should fission into between three and five states, so the Senate can be something more than where Wyoming can pretend it’s relevant.

    • Posted by Dirty Red, at Reply

      Hal Jordan you wanted Trump dead so don’t be a hypocrite!

    • Posted by Gen Can, at Reply

      alifornia have many jewish masters, and their rule is to flood california and us with spics and arrest whites for “hate” so yes, nuke it

  12. Posted by ReconNite, at Reply

    With California gone, world peace may finally be achieved!

    • Posted by Jonathan Cambron, at Reply

      I would just like to point out that the icon ReconNite uses is based off of the old German Cross, which was used by the Nazis on their planes during ww2

    • Posted by Straight Outta Markarth, at Reply

      nuke kekistan!!!

    • Posted by Gregory Lumban-Gaol, at Reply

      C Wilson With California gone, the entire family will start having sex for money.

    • Posted by teedonster2, at Reply

      we counter nukes with weaponized autism! REEEEE!

    • Posted by music fan2, at Reply

      cali also polluted the world with sex and violence on tv. true story.

  13. Posted by Daniel Neill, at Reply

    California, which pays the most federal taxes of any state; California, which produces a vast majority of US fruits and vegetables; California, which itself has the world’s 6th largest economy.
    California makes us the biggest concentration of wealth in terms of taxes and agriculture I’m there US. If California was attacked in key agricultural and economic districts, America’s economy would be hurt disastrously. “But deys don’t like me gunz or me pushing Bible into government. So deyz should be nuked.”

    • Posted by Dan Ray, at Reply

      @ jack johnson….how’s that envy working for ya ?

    • Posted by Brad Meyers, at Reply

      Chunk Booger Awwww what’s the matter chunk ? Is yer extra chromosome acting up again ?? Or is the big brown dik in yer A$$ messin with U ???

    • Posted by Toni Sumblin, at Reply


    • Posted by Gen Can, at Reply

      yes california have many jewish masters, and their rule is to flood california and us with spics and arrest whites for “hate” so yes, nuke it

    • Posted by John G, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1. Please leave Mom out of this. Dad told me never to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent, so … we’re done.

  14. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    This is not a joking matter AT ALL! let North Korea drop a nuke on the NRA headquarters!!!! Not funny is It?

  15. Posted by TYT IS PROPAGANDA, at Reply

    Cenk Uygur denies the Armenian Genocide

    • Posted by Charles Mefford, at Reply


    • Posted by KYS TROLL, at Reply

      Women deny you.

    • Posted by Sir Usopp, at Reply

      Infinite Sheldon Lol there’s no evidence that he denied it. He didn’t even say anything remotely related to it. You just have no better comeback so you turn it on Trump. Of course the idiots who like this “news” show will like your comment. That just goes to show you the level of intelligence of TYT viewers.

    • Posted by Fernando Arista, at Reply

      And you deny Native American genocide

    • Posted by Fernando Arista, at Reply

      Also, Troll

  16. Posted by Hopelessly Hopeful, at Reply

    I would just like to let everyone know I found “spoder man hates TYT” commenting negatively on a makeup tutorial. He dosnt just hate progressives, he also hates eye-shadow.

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply


    • Posted by KYS TROLL, at Reply

      Kill yourself. Just pull the trigger already.

    • Posted by Fernando Arista, at Reply


  17. Posted by Trump The Fraud, at Reply

    California is biggest state that technically makes 1/5 of the U.S. economy. Without California us economy will collapse faster than my saggy balls

    • Posted by MrBumbaclyde, at Reply

      Trump The Fraud Most Federally Dependent States

      (1 = Most Dependent)


      Total Score

      ‘State Residents’ Dependency’ Rank 

      ‘State Government’s Dependency’ Rank 

      3New Mexico73.88317
      5West Virginia68.97515
      6South Carolina68.17231
      13South Dakota53.57247
      24Rhode Island45.053616
      28North Carolina41.633225
      32North Dakota40.46150
      34New York37.654424
      41New Hampshire31.113736
      48New Jersey23.844939

    • Posted by andyt2k, at Reply

      People joke about California seceding or the US getting rid of California. California could function as a country pretty easily. The rest of the US would take a massive hit and would result in massive changes and problems for the country. It would be like taking the capitol city out of another country. Take London out of the UK and things would be very different.

    • Posted by AMECP, at Reply

      Just dam up the Colorado river. California would be screwed.

  18. Posted by ku CUCKS Klan, at Reply

    Only welfare Queens live down south, only real hard working American’s live in California.

    • Posted by Luke Rainey, at Reply

      I hope you realize that 34% of Californians are on welfare.

    • Posted by Bull Moose, at Reply

      ku CUCKS Klan they shouldn’t be allowed to live in the US illegally they should go back and get in line

    • Posted by Talon Wingdancer, at Reply

      ku CUCKS Klan I currently live in Brownsville Texas(as far south as you can get without entering Mexico) and I am certainly not on any welfare program of any kind! Don’t make general statements when not everyone from a southern state is a lazy uneducated waste of time , air , and flesh like yourself

    • Posted by Luke Rainey, at Reply

      Talon Wingdancer Exactly. His stereotypes against you and your fellow Southerners are just disgraceful.

    • Posted by gyrate4, at Reply

      There are wonderful Southerners, but Appalachia is our largest ghetto, and the GOP have decimated Kansas.  California, and blue donor states, subsidizes the taker states.  Stupidity doesn’t keep them voting against their own best interests while, ironically, wearing “don’t tread on me” shirts, however hatefulness does.  Trump offered nothing but scapegoating of minorities, and he won their “big league.”