//NRA TV Host Mad People Are Calling Guns Weapons

NRA TV Host Mad People Are Calling Guns Weapons

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" NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield is again striking the mainstream media– and also this moment it's over short articles that describe guns as well as firearms as "weapons.".

Via Media Matters, Stinchfield took place a lengthy rant against a post in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that discussed fears that campus open bring legislations would bring about university student obtaining drunk as well as shooting their weapons. Stinchfield distinguished using the word "weapon" as a textbook instance of "media prejudice" meant making the general public worried of guns.

" It's their use of words weapon that has me confused," he claimed of the write-up. "The reporter uses 'weapons' instead of guns or weapons many times, it just ends up being peculiar. Right here, 'Fears of gun proprietors obtaining intoxicated as well as shooting their weapons.' I firmly believe she uses the expression weapons over firearms in an initiative to terrify the uninformed."" *.

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