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NSA Leaks Reveal Russian Hacks Against Voting Software Companies


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A top-secret record from the NSA reveals Russian tampering days before 2016 election. John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, and Michael Shure, the hosts of The Young Turks, describe. Inform us exactly what you think in the comment section listed below.

" RUSSIAN MILITARY INTELLIGENCE carried out a cyberattack on a minimum of one UNITED STATE voting software application provider and sent out spear-phishing e-mails to greater than 100 neighborhood election authorities simply days before last November's governmental election, according to an extremely categorized intelligence record obtained by The Intercept.

The top-secret National Protection Agency file, which was given anonymously to The Intercept as well as independently authenticated, examines knowledge really recently gotten by the agency regarding a months-long Russian intelligence cyber initiative against components of the United States election and also voting facilities. The record, outdated Might 5, 2017, is the most detailed UNITED STATE federal government account of Russian interference in the political election that has actually yet emerged.

While the paper offers an uncommon home window into the NSA's understanding of the auto mechanics of Russian hacking, it does not show the underlying "raw" intelligence on which the evaluation is based. An U.S. knowledge policeman who decreased to be determined warned versus drawing too huge a verdict from the record because a solitary analysis is not always clear-cut."

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure

Cast: John Iadarola, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure


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  1. Posted by VanChichaRooney, at Reply

    where the hard proof?

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      The NSA contractor that leaked the TS documents to Intercept was just arrested. Go read the Intercept’s article.

    • Posted by ToBe Fair, at Reply

      josefa insightful response.. one minor peeve.. patriotic russian is kinda oxymoronic.. should be matriotic, for mother russia, lol

    • Posted by Melissa K, at Reply

      Trump could come out and say he colluded with the Russians to sway our elections and trumpsters would be like “where’s the proof? he didn’t mean that..what he really meant was he didn’t collude with them” lmao…just like we have a VIDEO have trump mocking a reporter with a disability and trump saying he wants to “date” his teenage daughter and even talks about her “hot body” yet they still seem to think it isn’t real..dumbass people living in an “ALTERNATIVE FACTS” world!

  2. Posted by Bobby Butler, at Reply

    I’ve always been skeptical of this “hacking” nonsense, I firmly believed it was an excuse by the Democratic establishment. However, it seems it cannot be denied that something is very fishy about this.

    • Posted by David Duet, at Reply

      Your a moron

    • Posted by orispo, at Reply

      David Duet ur*

    • Posted by John Marlowe, at Reply

      I don’t doubt Putin is capable of the Email hacking and release of information unflattering to Hillary. Every country does that stuff, except for the USA, of course. They simply topple uncooperative foreign governments…

    • Posted by james d, at Reply

      she labeled half of trump supporters. thats less than a quarter of america.

  3. Posted by HeresyTalk, at Reply

    How exactly does a nation with a GDP lower than Italy get past our massive Pentagon and CIA? The CIA I might add are experts in hacking elections as they currently run over 20 nations.

    • Posted by megarachnid, at Reply

      Russians got the first satellite and man into space. It’s not like they’ve never had more advanced technology than the U.S. before.

    • Posted by Xplicit Nation, at Reply

      HeresyTalk They didn’t get passed anything. They didn’t actually hack the voting machines or anything. There’s nothing to this story other than Russian tried sending some malware.

    • Posted by Sterling Pound, at Reply

      Check the history going back 180 years. Afghans are expert at asyummetrical warfare. You learned nothing from Vietnam. You can’t bomb a peasant army infused with an ideology into submission or nonexistence.

    • Posted by Jock Wochi, at Reply

      Afganistan is the “Graveyard of Empires.” The Greek Alexander was defeated there, The Turks were defeated there, the Kazarkhs also, the Brits tried twice and got smacked down and now it’s your turn!

      War is big business, can’t outsource weapon making. I’ll bet that China would love to be making your Tomahawk missiles for you!

  4. Posted by Xanstrom, at Reply

    no amount of hacking should have allowed the dems to lose, they lost on their own merit. let it go.

    • Posted by DJRedwireOfficial, at Reply

      You spectacularly missed the point. Let’s pretend for a second that Russia was in no conceivable way involved in the election and that we know this as verifiable fact. I would argue that even then, Hillary probably still would have lost in my opinion. Because, as we all know, she was a shitty candidate. Great, cool, awesome. That’s not what the issue is – the issue is the integrity of our elections. Period.

    • Posted by jeff kennedy, at Reply

      you people are the ones who should start looking past this election and into the next ones. this isn’t about hacking therefore hillary should’ve one, it’s about making sure it doesn’t happen next election when it could actually make a difference

    • Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

      Check your cognitive dissonance. This isn’t a scenario where if one thing is true the other must be false. In this case it appears Russia did actively/passively try to influence the election outcome (to what depths has yet to be determined).

      But it also true that none of it would of mattered if the Hillary campaign wasn’t run by a bunch of morons. Which is why I hold Hillary and the DNC to blame for this well. Remember they are the ones that came up with the whole “pied piper” strategy to collude with members of the MSM to elevate what they thought was the weakest of all GOP candidates and then they promptly turned around and lost to him. So please tell us again how Hillary and DNC were the victims. Because the only thing they were a victim of was their own hubris.

    • Posted by Robert M, at Reply

      DJRedwireOfficial Probably isn’t definitely. Yes she was a terrible candidate who certainly deserved to lose but a possible interference of the election still hampers the legitimacy of the process.

  5. Posted by bradley murray, at Reply

    TYT just took over CNN on the Russia,russia round every corner bullshit lol

    • Posted by Ubong, at Reply

      They’re probably in their beds scared to turn off the lights because of Russia.

    • Posted by Kevin Ellington, at Reply

      Ubong, and you’re scared of foreigners. But at least being scared of Russia actually makes sense.

    • Posted by Paul Trieglaff, at Reply

      bradley murray
      Lol! Like Trumptards are scared of Mexican ISIS soldiers strapped with WMDs that are standing on every corner? Or the kinda of scared you get from hating “gay cooties”?

    • Posted by Ubong, at Reply

      Kevin Ellington being scared of Russians that have 0% chance to threaten my life makes more sense than being scared of radical Islamic Terrorists? What a fantasy world you live in.

  6. Posted by Chris Walker, at Reply

    lol…Russian paid trolls already all over the video comments and likes/dislikes.

    • Posted by Muno Unom, at Reply

      Yeah, its russian paid trolls. Cause TYT have so much political power that the russians would spend money on this. It cant just be people with different opinions, oh noes dred the day when that is even possible, right?

    • Posted by Labin Thapa, at Reply

      TYT fans are cement head and cult like loyalist to ‘daddy’ Cenk. The most funny thing is how they take it personally and think that it is their duty to defend TYT when the ‘dislike’ rate shoots up.

      They used to scream racist/sexist/xenophobic at anyone who disagrees with their ‘daddy’ Cenk’s world view. Now they scream Russian trolls. TYT kiddos are weirdly wired.

    • Posted by Timur Davletshin, at Reply

      We aRe everywhere!

    • Posted by killdriver a,k, at Reply

      I wish i was getting payed but nope all i have is my facts and logic.

    • Posted by hintytyhinthint, at Reply

      Tiny Hands Donald, well i’m not saying buy it, but dont say its fake news or its not real while the hole point of this video is showing documents about the investigation, its like watching a video showing you a Mcdonald’s menu while the comments are saying ”WTF Mcdonalnds isnt real” yes showing the menu alone doesnt prove it is real, but it sure as hell doesnt disprove it

  7. Posted by Teflon KC ಌ Sood81, at Reply

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the electoral college choose the president? How did Russia hack electoral officials? Did the NSA and the CIA find WMDs there too?

    • Posted by TX WiseGuy, at Reply

      AndroidDoctorr hey dumbass, did you read the document??

    • Posted by Tyendanega, at Reply

      Hearsay is not evidence. Thinking about doing a thing and actually accomplishing a thing are two totally different….things. A “puppet” is someone placed in a position to accomplish the wishes of the “puppet-master”. So far, Trump has accomplished nothing, except making himself a laughing stock. Again, until there is concrete evidence of laws being broken, I will reserve my condemnation.

  8. Posted by Darrell Meaney, at Reply

    Arn’t these the same people who explained how it was impossible to ‘hack’ the election and laughed at Donald Trump while claiming he was paranoid and ready to blame the election on hackers?

    Pot kettle black.

    • Posted by Doc Savage, at Reply

      Hmmmm… i’m gonna have to disagree with you on that. Trump wasn’t exactly specific on what they called a “baseless accusation”. My 1st point was that after all this time and energy spent on this particular issue, no progress has been made. Secondly they’re doing that bias double standard way of thinking where that conspiracy theories and circumstantial conclusions are ONLY acceptable and reasonably obvious just so long as it comes from people we like. I can’t abide hypocrisy

    • Posted by trolltothebank, at Reply

      Different kind of hacking all together, but to be honest why are you against them updating their story if actual evidence comes out (from a reputed news source)

    • Posted by Eden Puder, at Reply

      adrenacrumb yeah exactly trump was talking about 3 millions illegal immigrants voting

    • Posted by Matthew Via, at Reply

      Trump was talking about voter fraud. Electoral fraud and voter fraud are not the same thing. I wish the media would point out the difference, but they suck. Electoral fraud is when there is tampering with voting machines, tallies, ballots, etc to manipulate the outcome. It’s done by people in positions of power over the election system itself. Voter fraud is when individual voters try to misrepresent themselves, vote multiple times, or vote outside their district. Voter fraud can’t change the outcome of an election because it can only manipulate a few votes at a time and only in the precinct where it occurred. In order for it to have an impact on the outcome, it would take the collective effort of thousands of people to flip just one state, it is easily spotted and bares a 5-year prison sentence that isn’t worth the effort to flip only a hand full of votes. Electoral fraud takes a few people in the right positions to change thousands of votes or purge voters and it can have a dramatic impact while going unnoticed and even if it is noticed, it’s hard to prove and harder to prosecute since the people doing it are the people with the power to prevent it from coming to light. If Trump’s claim of millions of illegal immigrants voting were true, it would have been the dumbest way to rig the election. It would have been easily caught and proven with little chance of actually succeeding.

  9. Posted by abhijeet bharguv, at Reply

    Impeach Trump!!!

    • Posted by overshadowedchaos, at Reply

      abhijeet bharguv it’s gonna take unexpectedly longer to commence so here’s to patience before total collapse from Trumps tiny hands….

    • Posted by abhijeet bharguv, at Reply

      TheVirusSoftware You’re right. So whatever happens America is fucked.

    • Posted by abhijeet bharguv, at Reply

      TX WiseGuy I did

    • Posted by TX WiseGuy, at Reply

      abhijeet bharguv did you really?? So then tell me where it states how they know Russia was behind the spear phishing attacks.

  10. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    and the deniers will say it never happened and where’s the proof? Nevermind the fact that the non-partisan FBI, CIA, NSA, HIC etc have all said it happened! to be fair we, the USA are also guilty of this ourselves.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      sunnyline – I was in the minority of the center-left who saw Trump as a serious threat by June. Most were complacent – not because of “snootiness” though, but over-investment in the intelligence and judgement of the average Americans. It is the OPPOSITE OF SNOOTINESS. It is too much faith in others. It is projection of our own moral decency onto those who have none. Many were shocked by the true colors of their own family and colleagues. Or that Trump won. I wasn’t. Mike Moore wasn’t. Some of us pay attention to human nature without blinkers. Left or right wing, we were blindsided by our own prejudice. The lesson here is to PERCEIVE people as they are. And then act accordingly. And effectively.

    • Posted by sunnylilme, at Reply

      Diva Artist I was raised in rural Indiana, those folks can see a snake oil salesman from a mile away. But they voted Trump, 70 percent. They are kind, decent, hardworking, moral people. And we lost them to trump. Think trump has ever picked up a shovel, a bible, a gun, worked hard, worried about money, earned his keep? I don’t get it.

  11. Posted by Jeff Pettis, at Reply

    Why is the video called “How Russia Hacked the Election”? Completely misleading. TYT gets worse and worse.

    • Posted by Liam Steele, at Reply

      MM 77. Tyt changed the title. It was as stated above when uploaded 12 hours ago, Which in its own right is questionable. Tabloid opinion video

    • Posted by phlezk, at Reply

      Everyone knows their commentary is their own. But the news report is real, which is the point.

    • Posted by Matthew Cupelli, at Reply

      “The NSA analysis does not draw conclusions about wether the interference had any effect on the election’s outcome …” The Intercept

    • Posted by GhostlyJorg, at Reply

      Matthew Cupelli@ But votes were changed / altered – or what?

  12. Posted by TehMorbidAtheist, at Reply

    Lots of reality denying triggered TrumpTurd snowflakes on tonight.

    • Posted by charlesvan13, at Reply

      Russia didn’t hack the election.

      The voting machines and vote counting aren’t connected to the internet.

    • Posted by Kawiboy, at Reply

      Trump is President. Hillary continues to make speeches at 200K a pop. No need to deny reality, snowflake.

    • Posted by Robb G, at Reply

      Kawiboy Trump presidency is swirling the drain, snowflake.

    • Posted by TX WiseGuy, at Reply

      Robb G only inside your bubble

  13. Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

    His name was Seth Rich!

    • Posted by quincy briley, at Reply

      i lost any faith in assange after he failed to keep his word to Obama

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      deepfriedchocobo So just to gain attention he puts a 25.000 dollar reward out for someone he insinuated to be his source? Where is the logic in that?
      And lets say that its true what you said, why did Kim DotCom offered to testify about Seth Rich? That just doesnt make any sense.
      Seth Rich had motive because he was a Bernie supporter and Seth Rich had acces to Clintons e-mails because he was their IT guy.
      What you are doing is pure slander.

    • Posted by frededison, at Reply

      It can’t be discounted, IMO. It would be a publicity stunt that’s hard to beat. The parents of Seth Rich don’t like the “game” that Assange/WikiLeaks is playing. They think WikiLeaks is attempting to legitimize and amp up the unsubstantiated claims of Rich being the informant who sent the emails to WikiLeaks. While they appreciate the additional reward money, they wish to distance themselves from WikiLeaks and these vicious rumors that surround their son’s death. They want it to stop.

      Joel Rich (Seth’s father): “I don’t think I want to comment,” he said at first, then added, “I hope the additional money helps find out who did this.” But, he said, “I don’t want to play WikiLeaks’ game.”

    • Posted by frededison, at Reply

      If the perpetrators of the crime are caught and they say nothing of WikiLeaks being the reason for the murder, won’t it still be seen by the Rich-WikiLeaks believers as further proof of a cover-up by those in power who have “shut them up?” Evidence isn’t exactly paramount to those who want to link Rich as the WikiLeaks source. What would the apprehension of Rich’s killer(s) do to that unshakable belief of the evil government quashing “the truth?” Probably not a lot, in my estimation.

      How can Assange lose (offering reward) when he’s already made himself a liar by suggesting it was Rich who leaked the emails rather than the Russians, but at the same time building-up WikiLeaks on a lofty foundation of never divulging WikiLeaks sources or commenting on them? Do you acknowledge the glaring contradictions and breach of integrity and protocol by Assange? Why would he be willing to inflict that amount of damage on WikiLeaks credibility? Something is fishy with WikiLeaks.


  14. Posted by Mach SCGA, at Reply

    TYT. goes full corporate media

    • Posted by Fukk nwo, at Reply

      they HAVE BEEN

    • Posted by wittlestar, at Reply

      sponsored by soros and rothschild nwo blood-sucking globalist too that’s why ana only has two nice dresses.

    • Posted by Jessie Stowe, at Reply

      yeah… that argument has no merit just because you disagree.

    • Posted by James Biggar, at Reply

      You clearly have no idea what at least two of those words mean, fucking dolt.

  15. Posted by 5% dick ball ratio, at Reply

    TYT: “Guys quick, we gotta release more Russian collusion stories to distract from the terrorist attacks in London and Melbourne.”

    • Posted by James Biggar, at Reply

      That would make sense if they were also the NSA and didn’t already cover what happened over the weekend.

      Trolls: “Guys, quick, we need a strawman to distract people from reality because it hurts too much and we’re hypocrites.”

      Like children. It’s pathetic.

    • Posted by Frank Zappa, at Reply

      You have a great name Crimson!!!

  16. Posted by Fahad S.Suliman, at Reply

    Seriously?? Still with the hacking conspiracy theory? Fake polls and buying out the media didn’t work fine for Hillary and now blaming it on hacking?! That’s Karma for screwing up Bernie. You deserve Trump for that.

    • Posted by Damian Louden, at Reply

      Fahad S.Suliman
      I love how you accuse someone else of making up a conspiracy theory and then you make one up yourself. You people are such delusional idiots.

    • Posted by Fahad S.Suliman, at Reply

      Damian Louden angry, depressed and unattended voters are the ones that sealed it for Trump. No conspiracy here, just facts. But Hillary’s cry babies still need to find something or someone to blame for the loss. And don’t start with the popular vote count.. it totally makes sense since the majority of popular votes came from Cali & NY and they always vote Blue. Now go act smart somewhere else, b’bye 😉

    • Posted by odblog, at Reply

      Bernie wasn’t cheated. Stop spreading fake news.

    • Posted by AndroidDoctorr, at Reply

      Fahad S.Suliman Not a conspiracy theory, conspiracy fact

  17. Posted by Bernsi Sabbard, at Reply

    The only person who made Hillary lose the election was Hillary.

    • Posted by Thomas Santos, at Reply

      Don’t worry guys, Bernsi Sabbard isn’t a real account 🙂 Just click on the link– there’s literally nothing there. In fact, half of these troll accounts are empty.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      For more exciting development on Trump Russia trail – Republicans are going down with this TrumPutin train! http://www.bluedotdaily.com/over-400-trump-docs-leaked-russian-money-tied-to-mcconnell-cruz-rubio-mccain-and-rnc/

    • Posted by Thomas Santos, at Reply

      *Ehh*, I’m gonna wait for another source to pick that story up, if at all. I’m _pretty_ confident that the GOP has been taking foreign funds for their campaigns, but I doubt that Blue Dot Daily picked up a legitimate source of information on it without the Associated Press or Reuters reporting on it directly afterwards. Ya gotta be careful with news sources, even if you’re on the left: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/blue-dot-daily/

    • Posted by Bernsi Sabbard, at Reply

      Thomas Santos What are you even talking about? I’ve been on YouTube since 2009. Lol. I’m just a commenter.

    • Posted by bdegrds, at Reply

      Bernsi Sabbard I wish life was that black and white

  18. Posted by Taylor Sixfootnine, at Reply

    Fake news. These cry babies need to stop being such sore losers

    • Posted by charlesvan13, at Reply

      They lost twice.
      First in the primary, and then in the general election.

    • Posted by Turnible Spencer, at Reply

      +charlesvan13 Everybody lost in the general election.

    • Posted by Turnible Spencer, at Reply

      Is the one winner Saudi Arabia?

  19. Posted by Christopher Neal, at Reply

    So in other words no proof.

    • Posted by Nart ali, at Reply

      there are no proof that the hacking changed the result but that doesn’t mean that the hacking didn’t happen all intelligence offices in the us agree that there was a hacking

    • Posted by AndroidDoctorr, at Reply

      If you ignore it all, yeah. Like Creationists

    • Posted by Michael Maxfield, at Reply

      They also agreed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and that there was no domestic surveillance program. How many times do they have to lie to you before your default position becomes “I’ll believe it when I am shown hard evidence”?

      The intelligence services do not like Trump (neither do I btw), because he is an obstacle to their new Cold War. Clinton was the horse they were backing in the election because she would have given them what they wanted, and they are willing to lie to remove Trump from office.

      Now should Trump be impeached? Possibly, but should we frame another nuclear power in order to do it? Don’t let a fear of Trump drive you to trust the warmongers.

    • Posted by Amazin69, at Reply

      So, they just found this now?

      Because James Clapper said that as of his resignation as Director of National Intelligence (on January 20th) he’d seen absolutely no evidence that any “hacking” had occurred.

      What nonsense. (And Watergate wasn’t “slow’…I mean, they got caught right on the very day.)

      And Ana (and her fellow “RUSSIA!!!!” screamers) are the ones who are being “ridiculous”, not those of us who prefer evidence to innuendo. But, to be fair, she’s being less obnoxious than usual. Did someone shoot here with some tranquilizers or something?

    • Posted by Paul Trieglaff, at Reply

      Christopher Neal
      Everyone listen to this genius! He’s got access to classified intel that average citizens don’t have access to.
      Ok, I got their attention, cite your sources.