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Obama Getting PAID By Bankster Buddies


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Barack Obama is buckling down incomes from Wall surface Road these days. Jimmy Dore, Mark Thompson, Graham Elwood and also Ron Placone go over on the current episode of Hostile Progressives. Watch the full Hostile Progressives episode right here:

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Jimmy Dore, Mark Thompson, Graham Elwood and also Ron Placone for this Thursday's Aggressive Progressive. Jimmy Skype calls Krystal Round to speak DNC chatter as well as her new publication.

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  1. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    turns out obama is a thief like all the darkies *SO SURPRISED!.. :*

    • Posted by D3ATHSC1TH3, at Reply

      didn’t George W Bush get paid several millions in speeches AFTER and before his election?

    • Posted by D3ATHSC1TH3, at Reply

      isn’t Donald trump ILLEGALLY making a FEW million or so through his company via a technicality? they already CAUGHT him using that money for his expenses on top of ALREADY using more money ON VACATIONS than GEORGE W BUSH’S 1st term and Obama’s 8 YEARS of presidency.

    • Posted by Mike Lewis, at Reply

      D3ATHSC1TH3 wow

    • Posted by Charles Baylor, at Reply

      But but liberals are the only ones Making things about race ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

      Cuckservatives prove me right every day

      Your hypocrisy knows no bounds

      side note : He’s Half white

      so basically your calling yourself a “thief” Dumbass ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Posted by Green Gun, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore is awesome. That is all.

    Obama taking the money is a PAYOFF for what he did while in office. Obama learned from the Clintons.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Green Gun For what he did? He should be paying US in fines.

    • Posted by Michael Robertson, at Reply

      DootDoot – 66 million dollar book deal? wow the plot thickens …..payback for favors nd laws he passed no doubtedly

    • Posted by ToBe Fair, at Reply

      jill stein taking money to give speech to russia billionaire banksters and jimmy is jill fan, which makes it super hypocrite if u ask me, and very suspicious

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      How did that “hope & change” work out for you Democrats? You lost every branch of government.

    • Posted by Green Gun, at Reply

      Jill Stein was not President, and therefore could not have had any significant impact on US-Russia politics. Obama on the other hand…

  3. Posted by luis santana, at Reply

    while politicians do it too…so don’t try to start with Obama it’s the system Change the system
    .so the black guy is the one to start not taking money?? please change the system first I haven’t seen the media attack this hard when bush or Clinton did it b.s

    • Posted by The ChillyWinds, at Reply

      The fact that you made this about race is sad. You basically said because he is black it is only fair that he be insanely corrupt even though numerous white and black politicians refuse to take pac money.

    • Posted by luis santana, at Reply

      Should I get them from tyt? Or maybe just maybe I can use more than more source and use the talking points I agree with the most…for example I agree with Jimmy,the info is there,obama didn’t need the money,but he did it anyways,he of course made the dems look bad but..cmon hillary ruined any hope for the dems..yes obama is at fault..but you have to agree,look at the media fox CNN abc,even RT,they are attacking Obama more aggressively over this than hillary,bush,Clinton in recent times…the double standard is obvious

    • Posted by luis santana, at Reply

      The ChillyWinds I apologize if it seems that way….you do have a point…Jimmy is being Jimmy but take a look at the way the media is portraying this as opposed to other former presidents..it’s the top story when it comes to Obama but when Clinton and bush did it..the media basically at best..mentioned it as part of another story.

    • Posted by luis santana, at Reply

      Lacry Mosa I responded to you without tagging you….feel free to read my response and comment on it I’m interested in looking at different perspectives

  4. Posted by TruthHurts, at Reply

    To all you morons who are saying he’s not in politics so it’s OK. This is the result of Obama doing their bidding. This is the end goal for all politicians. Do the bidding of the donors and collect your reward when you aren’t in office anymore. This is your proof Obama was a sellout.

    • Posted by Yahya Shabazz, at Reply

      And your point is?

    • Posted by AllYourBase, at Reply

      no speech is worth 400k, no acting is worth 10 million, no athlete is worth 20 million. we know. But people with money still pay for it. “he doesn’t need this” is stupid. Hes not a billionaire. That 400K is a massive addition to his life and that of his daughters.

  5. Posted by Michael Thor, at Reply

    He’s not the president anymore.
    Man got bills.

    • Posted by warrenyea, at Reply

      Hes a multi millionaire off of book deals he does not need the money….

    • Posted by Michael Thor, at Reply

      Would any of you stop making money if you reached a certain amount and if you made more would you be OK if someone told you to stop.

    • Posted by aj ja, at Reply

      I honestly don’t know if I would be that shallow. I would like to think though that I wouldn’t rub my corruption in the face of the people at the very least.

    • Posted by Michael Thor, at Reply

      Some people rub corruption in your face but most people go looking for corruption can’t say they rub it in your face when you’re looking for it.

  6. Posted by vagas99, at Reply

    I’m sorry TYT I’m a huge fan of your network but I don’t agree with yall on this.. Obama is a private citizen now leave the man alone.. was he suppose to do the speech for free? are you guys working for free? seriously.. unless y’all are working for Cenk and TYT for free then just stfu and report the things that really matters.

    • Posted by Robier, at Reply

      Sure… and so was Hillary. Are you stupid enough to think that anyone is willing to pay 400,000 dollars and not expect something in exchange? Or maybe even thank him for not sending them to the prison where they belong.

    • Posted by Yautah, at Reply

      You know ultimately they pay him 400k for taking money out of your pocket and give it to them, right ?

    • Posted by Kelly Boyce, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 Democratic may loss control of everything, but more importantly what has the Republicans gotten done now that they are in charge. Answer, nothing.

    • Posted by Kelly Boyce, at Reply

      Meaty Clackers If you want a response ask a question like an adult, not trying to insult like a hormonal teen age girl.

  7. Posted by HankBlockOG, at Reply

    lol who’s going to turn down 400K?

    • Posted by Vishank Jain-Sharma, at Reply

      HankBlockOG Bernie Sanders, that’s who.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      It is unclear if Saint Jill Stein turned down 40K USD or 400K worth of gold coins as payment to give speech to RUSSIAN ELITE and Moscow’s uber-rich billionaire oligarchs. It’s unclear if Jill was knowingly or stupidly playing a show prop at Putin’s table to make the fascist autocrat look like a “Alternative Progressive” dictator in Erdogan and Le Pen and Trump mold! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Posted by Chess RedEagle, at Reply

    Obama is a private citizen now. He can accept payments and speak to whoever the hell he wants. He’s not in office and has zero control or input on any kind of policy. This is the definition of a non-issue. Damn near all Presidents go on speaking tours after office.

    • Posted by Chess RedEagle, at Reply

      He’s not a politician. Private…citizen.
      I’m not denying that he was friendly towards corporations when he was President but him taking money to a speech now is meaningless and has ZERO impact on your, my, or anyone elses lives. It’s stupid to criticize him on it.

    • Posted by Yak T.Ripper, at Reply

      +Chess RedEagleโ€‹ I do agree that THIS issue is being talked about more than it should, given. We can agree, I’m sure there are bigger fish to fry no matter what party you represent. The story keeps sticking around because liberals are calling the left…the position the Democrats claim is there own, racist, combative, and hysterical. We’re not. I don’t understand how anyone who is truly left could be racist! We are just pointing out the hypocrisy of the last Democrat president in context with his past statements and supposed positions. Meanwhile the only leftist politician truly liked is slandered through the media and nobody bats an eye. We have a voice. We have an idea. We are not going anywhere brother. I’d expect people in the Democratic party to start moving further in our direction as the ignorant and entitled move right.
      Also he was the president of the United States of America, even as a citizen he represents a party unless he states otherwise. The argument he’s a private citizen is a bit misleading. Yes, he’s no longer a politician, he will however be working with the Democrats post presidency per his words. So he absolutely is a political figure and thus has influence.

    • Posted by Dan Hernandez, at Reply

      Funny how Corporate Democrats still think Obama is the leader of Dems.Coincidence?

  9. Posted by John Jeffry, at Reply

    Obama Started 5 New wars.Increased Drone Strike by 400% with 90% civilian casualty ? Obama destabilized whole muslim world & which helped creating the biggest Threat like ISIS .Obama Is the Ultimate Military sales man ,Charming ,Intelligent ,likable ,Talk Peace ,liberty but Work For War mongers ,Bankers & Oil industry ,The Ultimate Traitor to Liberals

    • Posted by Zulu Nation, at Reply

      +John Jeffry which wars did Obama starts?

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      Anyone could avert Depression 2.0! Rich law grades are all crooks! Gary could fix Allepo Kobani Pyongyang ASEAN just by ignoring them and smoking dope! Jill could sing a rainbow song and SME jobs will pour from of unicorns! Tulsi would instant recall troops and nuke all military jobs and show Trump how to do art of the universal healthcare just with a nice bleeding-heart dance performance! Playing POTUS is NOT COMPLICATED! — American Psychos

    • Posted by G Washington, at Reply

      John Jeffry ultimate traitor to HUMANS, May he burn in hell

  10. Posted by tawonga munyanduri, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore wanted Obama to be like “no I don’t want the $400 000 keep it” fck that man who gives up that much money for a speech

    • Posted by Nancy Mesek, at Reply

      tawonga munyanduri Are you joking? He made 65 million on his book deal and he can’t pass up 400k from Wall Street, the ones that privatize all of their profits and subsidies their losses.

    • Posted by tawonga munyanduri, at Reply

      Nancy Mesek all I’m saying is that is non of your business it’s his money don’t hate

    • Posted by Michael Goldberg, at Reply

      tawonga munyanduri we are simply saying that this payment PROVES the corruption of our political system.

    • Posted by tawonga munyanduri, at Reply

      Michael Goldberg well ok that is true

    • Posted by Nancy Mesek, at Reply

      Michael Goldberg Geez, I can’t believe you have to walk them by the hand to understand the obvious, but thank you.

  11. Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

    Jimmy is so disrespectful. Honestly don’t like him at all. Lets see you try to run for president. See how well you do! Your the far left version of Drumpf! Disrespectful, obnoxious, brash, rude and you think your smarter than everyone else…. but in reality, you just sound $tupid.

    • Posted by Ansonidak, at Reply

      You’re trying to make this about Bernie but it’s about Hillary. I don’t trust her. She’s a corporate sellout. I would be remiss in my civic duty if I voted for her just because she isn’t as bad as Trump.

      So yeah, you go ahead and vilify me for not supporting a candidate i neither liked nor trusted. I’m fine with your disdain..

      Frankly, I’m still not *entirely* convinced Hillary was the lesser of two evils.

    • Posted by Watchman5, at Reply

      Should’ve picked Hillary “can’t swallow their pride and accept Bernie lost.” Hm. Well judging by your username you’re quite the hypocrite.

    • Posted by some body, at Reply

      It says that Hillary does well with traditional Democratic party voters… I don’t know if you know this but the Primary electorate and the general election electorate are different….

  12. Posted by therock343, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore will never about how Obama tried to help the workers in rural areas and was blocked my Republican.

    • Posted by isaiah zay, at Reply

      therock343 does that justify Obama for not prosecuting bankers for destroying our economy!!!!

    • Posted by therock343, at Reply

      It does not. They should’ve been prosecuted to the fullest extend, and replaced. You’re missing the point though. Jimmy Dore is so concentrated on the Democrats that he swayed so many voters to not go out and vote…which is literally all we have in terms of power.

      So many of you Jimmy Dore fans dont’ even know that Obama tried to place the same policies Bernie talks about ebcause you’re so brainwashed by this numbskull.

      Like: Trade adjustment to keep jobs in america, Jobs bill, Free community college bill. ALL BLOCKED.

      You Jimmy Dore fans are dumb asses. That’s the cold hard truth.

    • Posted by Impending Doom, at Reply

      He doesn’t care, it’s fun whining about the establishment 24/7.

    • Posted by Ketr, at Reply

      Why didn’t he do it when Democrats had the power to push through his ideas?

  13. Posted by Les Anderson, at Reply

    Jimmy get the stick out of your butt and leave him alone. His presidency is over. Of course he wants profit. You have to make money somehow. Give the man a break.

    • Posted by george, at Reply

      +fif rs if you think it’s fine for you to cash out from Wall Street after your presidency then there is no debate, you’re just garbage.

    • Posted by Ghj Vcgn, at Reply

      Les Anderson no I wouldn’t, you know why? Because I have standers

    • Posted by WSG Man, at Reply

      fif rs he didnt reduce anyones argument you twat, just like what im doing now when I call you a moron. “youre wrong, moron” is not “youre wrong because you’re a moron”. but feel clever or w/e, moron.

    • Posted by reedcampbell9, at Reply

      Ghj Vcgn standards**

    • Posted by fif rs, at Reply

      +george I never said anything about wall street or any presidency. I said you look like a foolish child not knowing how to properly debate and resorting to ad-hominem because you can’t hold your intellectual ground in a conversation, sad.

  14. Posted by Malissa Marlow, at Reply

    1. The optics are terrible, but no one knows what he will do with this money 2. The statement that ‘No one hurt has black people more than Barack Obama,’ is complete and utter b.s. This segment p*ssed me off.

    • Posted by Native Centre Idiomas, at Reply

      +Dusten Gilchrist they are a business. They don’t spend 400k for no return. I am not questioning him taking it, I am questioning the reasoning for it being offered. And he is not done with politics, why do you think that? He still has friends and influence.

      Also what harsh regulations? They made bigger profits than ever under him whilst also getting a very favourable loan to stop them going under from their own greed and bad business practises.

    • Posted by Dusten Gilchrist, at Reply

      +Native Centre Idiomasโ€‹ 400k is being offered because that’s what he charges to show up. For a conference on healthcare, what better keynote speaker to have than the ex president that passed healthcare reform, and trust me since this is a big conference that ppl have to pay to attend the firm will see way more than the 400k they paid to have Obama there. From my years of event planning and catering high dollar events like this, you got a big headliner you sell more tickets, and yes Obama does still have connections, and is still a very powerful man, but how much political power do you think he reallyโ€‹ wields in a republican controlled government? Even if he was of the temperament to go and lobby for wall street, or to use his influence to push policy decisions on it’s behalf, the replublicans in government, as well as some Democrats will expose him so fast it’ll make your head spin.. it would be a blow to his “legacy” and he knows this.. and yes there were harsh regulations.. Obama had the strongest regulations on wall street since the 40s and yes he bailed them out, the same way he bailed out GM, Daimlerchrysler and other companies… Just because the firm makes money doesn’t mean that the regulations don’t work… Regulations are there to improve business practices not to bankrupt the business you’re trying to regulate.. anyway Obama is out of elected office, and just like every other president he will get paid to speak from time to time. No one batted an eye when GW Bush took 100k to speak to wall street after his presidency, or the millions Bill Clinton made after his presidency, so why throw shade at Obama

    • Posted by Native Centre Idiomas, at Reply

      Its not wrong legally but it is morally. He knows when he is in office what the game is and also what he is doing now sends a message to those currently in politics, play the game and get paid. That is the conflict.

      Also it is not illegal but then who makes the laws? Should it be illegal or regulated? Now there is the conversation we should be having.

      It is just another example of money in politics.

  15. Posted by graysob, at Reply

    >white man tells black America how to feel

    Nothing new here, folks

    • Posted by Dusten Gilchrist, at Reply

      grmpf I don’t know if +graysob is black but i am.. And as a black man it really bothers me when white liberals bring race into a situation where it wasn’t even an issue and then start spouting off to black America how they should feel about it. CNN does it, MSNBC does it and now TYT is doing it..

    • Posted by grmpf, at Reply

      Just to be clear, Jimmy saying that “nobody” hurt African-Americans more than Obama did is a typical example of how useless he can be for this channel. Nobody? I mean, in what kind of frame? Ever? Really? I have always found his hyperbole and polemicism uncomfortable at best, and usually cringe-inducing and counterproductive.
      Nonetheless, the whole “white liberals are telling black people what to think and do” thing is pretty famous as a Republican talking point, usually coupled with the unconsciously ironic “be on our side instead, we don’t tell you what to do” — except, you know, to be on their side. And yes, I do get that it is a thing that really exists, not something made up in the political bubble, but the issue has been instrumentalised, which is why I’m w(e)ary of anyone showing up all like “white man tells black America how to feel hurr durr”

    • Posted by graysob, at Reply

      +grmpf I suppose being “less forceful” than he needed to be is worse than literally enslaving a significant portion of a race, then refusing to fix the problems it causes later down the line, according to Jimmy

    • Posted by graysob, at Reply

      He’s assuming black Americans are gullible and know nothing about the political system.