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Obama Receives A JFK Courage Award


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The panel reacts to Barack Obama receiving a Profiles in Courage Honor from the John F. Kennedy Library Structure. Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, Graham Elwood and Jordan Chariton talk about on the current episode of Aggressive Progressives. Watch the complete Hostile Progressives episode right here:

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Jimmy Dore, Steve Oh, as well as Graham Elwood for today's Aggressive Progressive. Jordan Chariton skypes in for another Flint upgrade. The triad additionally discuss the Labour Party's system, John McCain going against the Republican politician Event, and Hillary Clinton's emails.

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  1. Posted by wajdef, at Reply

    Haha when the majority of white Americans are smart enough to vote against centrist/corporatists like Obama twice but then majority support a fascist like Trump, anyone can look like the next Gandhi.

    • Posted by Sheefeni Hauwanga, at Reply

      Because arguments like yours are self defeating and are frankly ugly. Looking back as far as Carter the democrats have never held the majority of the white vote. In fact, looking that far back, only Clinton in 96′ and Carter running against Nixon’s pardner held more of the white vote than Obama did in 08′. 96′ Clinton only beat him by a single percentage point. Keep in mind, 96′ Clinton had the benefit of the Republican vote being split by a spoiler effect which probably helped depress the turn out for his opponent. Obama 12′ did on par with Clinton 92′. Remember, Obama was still sorting out the mess that was Bush’s economy and was left with the blame for it from the media. I’d say that isn’t anything to scoff at. That’s where the focus should be on. Let the right-wingers play their racial game, we should focus on being unified despite our differences and get the massive bulk of those who abstain from voting on our side.

    • Posted by wajdef, at Reply

      Its not a racial “game”, its statistics and demographics. In 2016, 58% of the white voters who comprised 70% of the TOTAL voter electorate in America voted for Trump and made up 90% of his overall votes. Therein lies the problem of American ignorance and is the reason for America regressing instead of progressing, the reason we’re dealing with more troops in foreign countries, ICE agents targeting 4th graders in school, a “wall” being built against a country we are not at war against, the list goes on and on. Of course nowadays, no one openly admits to have supported Trump during the election, but the statistics stand as they were. Talking about reality and wanting the only demographic in America in which the majority supported Trump to change is not playing a racial game, its calling awareness to a very outdated but unfortunately relevant problem. White American ignorance.

    • Posted by Sheefeni Hauwanga, at Reply

      Have it your way. Enjoy loosing election after election to this ‘ignorance’. Oh, and when they legalize lynch mobs and drag you out of your bed to hang you from a tree, remember that it would have been better to make friends than to spit in their face.

    • Posted by wajdef, at Reply

      Legalize “lynch mobs” and “dragging me out of my bed to hang me from a tree” lmao. Keep your fantasies to yourself. You can’t comprehend reality, or maybe you’d prefer to live in an alternate one, thats your own issue. People need to realize the origin of a Trump election in 2016 America and when you look at this country’s history, and how right-wing the hicks remain unchanged and show no signs of increased mental capacity and progression, its not that hard to figure out.

  2. Posted by chris allen, at Reply

    This is the first TYT video I disliked.

    • Posted by Herbert VAughn, at Reply

      chris allen Same here.

    • Posted by Mia Sāgara, at Reply

      chris allen Because you love authoritarian neofascists????
      Which is what Obama ALSO is.

    • Posted by anthony varela, at Reply

      #fuckobama #fucktrump #fuckthesheeplepeople

    • Posted by Mia Sāgara, at Reply

      anthony varela Yep. That about sums it up.

  3. Posted by Preem, at Reply

    Communists love to worship false prophets. Give blackie his medals and let your media talking heads give him unlimited praise to persuade the masses to be where you want them.

    • Posted by J. T., at Reply

      Preem Reported. bye bye!

    • Posted by thisnotjesus, at Reply

      I knew someone was going to get triggered over this award.

    • Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

      J. T. Enjoy your safe space

  4. Posted by Johan Myhre, at Reply

    No more Agressive Progressives on the main channel, except if there is adult supervision, like Cenk, Anna, Ben or John, in that order. No mas. Thanks.

    • Posted by Ryan Edwards, at Reply

      Johan Myhre Yeah, seriously. They’re all just whining…all the time.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      Johan Myhre So they can derail actual issues by rebaiting and screaming about the russians coming?? Nahh. Jimmy, Jordan and Michael are the only ones left at tyt worth listening to.. The rest of m are all msm mouthpieces.

    • Posted by Cad77, at Reply

      So true. 100% agreed. Jimmy is child.

  5. Posted by DZ. KNUTZ, at Reply


    • Posted by Jemini29944, at Reply

      …or you are.

    • Posted by james cobham, at Reply

      thats what a gay person says

  6. Posted by The_Kill, at Reply

    Everyone defending Obama realize that Tyt is not democratic they are progressive and Obama along with Trump are stunting progress and anyone doing that will be criticized heavily by Tyt

    • Posted by Hotcakes, at Reply

      Willie Gardner Highly debatable? Obama had a SUPER MAJORITY in his first two years and didn’t pass the much needed single-payer. Instead opted for right wing Obamacare. Whole cabinet picked by the perpetrators of the financial meltdown, didn’t pass sensible gun control after Sandy Hook that had 7/10 Americans supporting it. Famously had his DOJ utter “to big to jail” leading to no criminal investigation from the 2008 financial meltdown.

      Don’t say highly debatable when most issues he could’ve destroyed the Repub on where supported largely by the Americans people even when they controlled the house and senate. He didn’t and instead WORKED with his Repub colleagues and donors. That’s Obama in a nutshell. I think TYT has been consistent on their record on Obama.

    • Posted by cuck, at Reply

      The_Kill i thought obama legalized gay marriage, gave the us healthcare, and gave trans people bathtoom privilege? isnt that what progressives are fighting for?

    • Posted by The_Kill, at Reply

      cuck thats what LIBERALS are fighting for

    • Posted by Shawn W, at Reply

      @cuck, what is so bad about any of that? O right, nothing

  7. Posted by Brittany S, at Reply

    ahh stfu. It is always the black guy’s fault. yeah this white corporatist country was gonna let him do all of that. Get real. lol

    • Posted by Monkismo, at Reply

      Brittany S A black man should care more about the disenfranchised, he shouldn’t be seen as a symbol of hope just for acting like any center-right white politician.

    • Posted by Julian, at Reply

      Brittany, They are critical of Obama bc he is neoliberal like Bill Clinton and Hillary. People who fight neoliberalism – i.e. Bernie are more liked. That’s all. Not complicated. Very consistent. Nothing to do with race.

    • Posted by ddd ddd, at Reply

      in 20-25 years european “white” populations will have lost majority of their own countries because others are that “disenfranchised and oppressed” in white domains
      white men are almost at this point incapable to save the own culture or civilisation
      you will have your your dream country ,there is no reason for marxist mantras lack of ethnic tribalism has already destroyed any cohesion you will not get more than you have than there is no more ,less and less will be shared with more and more people
      demographics are the future

    • Posted by Greg Dobson, at Reply

      It’s his fault because he’s a corporatist shill, not because he’s black. Lame attempt at race baiting. Hold this L.

    • Posted by Kenshin0011, at Reply

      His race is irrelevant. He received absolute hatred and unreasonable scorn from the GOP as he was – a corporatist. He should have at least TRIED putting forth single payer, ending the war on drugs, decriminalizing drugs, not starting MORE wars in the middle east.

  8. Posted by Glumo, at Reply

    Obama is the Democrat Bush

    • Posted by Goyathlay Amedeo, at Reply

      Glumo not that bad

    • Posted by jacktheripped, at Reply

      Worse, he’s a closet Reptard 5th Columnist…

    • Posted by msl 2015, at Reply

      Goyathlay Amedeo He was more like bush than bernie.

  9. Posted by Black Fang, at Reply

    If TYT were all Jimmy, all the time, I might not downvote so much.

    • Posted by markmaxy125, at Reply

      LOL! You sound like one of those idiots that nod your head in an echo chamber and get no where

    • Posted by Black Fang, at Reply

      Care to explain how?

    • Posted by markmaxy125, at Reply

      Well you use terms like “fake liberal”… that shows me all I need to know.
      One day you might work it out,
      After sitting in your cult and getting no where… but then again you might not and stay stubborn and unmoved for ever…
      Jimmy’s day-one, week-one, year-one ‘analysis’ is pointing out the obvious. He knows no depth and thinks every ‘solution’ is just as simple as wanting it.
      There are games to play. And it’s stupid to ignore them.

    • Posted by Black Fang, at Reply

      Lol. You probably really did vote for Hillary.

    • Posted by markmaxy125, at Reply

      I’m not in the US, but I would of because it was Hilary or trump.
      I guess you voted Trump.
      I’m Under no illusions Clinton is more of the same, but if I’m getting fucked, I’ll be fucked by someone intelligent at least…
      You go with what will win, throw away a vote and you get that orange madman

  10. Posted by Olivia Grant, at Reply

    Obama worst than trump

    • Posted by DaJustifier, at Reply

      +onerpone Haha you just outed yourself kiddo. Obama DID bomb Sryia, for years. The “red line” that Obama was referring to was for an invasion. Obama started 5 illegal wars, figured you would be all for that. Also, there is NO evidence to suggest that the Sryian govt deployed the NBC attack, the 1 you were referring to under Obama’s term was found to be NOT launched by the govt… Oops. In those videos the victims were being handled without PPE, the responders would have been affected too. Furthermore, Donny Tiny Hands warned the Russian and thus the Sryian govts of the attack, which was a total failure, the airbase was used hours later, why wasnt the hangers and runway hit? Frump also promised NOT to attack Sryia, just another Trump lie. Regarding Comey, why should Obama have fired him? Why did Trump? Why did Trump say for months and up until his dismissal that Comey “was doing a fantastic job”? Finally, your comments are entirely irrelevant. You have stated no facts though a lot of misinformation. The internet tough guy gif doesn’t suit you kiddo.

    • Posted by onerpone, at Reply

      You should be happy. With all his “Lies” , it looks likes he’s just following the Government Establishment status quo.

  11. Posted by Nunya Biznes, at Reply

    Damn it TYT can you PLEASE mark Jimmy’s shows like you do Ring of Fire videos. If I wanted Jimmy’s opinion in Obama I’d listen to FOX NEWS.

    • Posted by Nunya Biznes, at Reply

      +Tupemo I am on one post you are on multiple posts. Nice try to make yourself seem lees like a loser too bad it didn’t work. And yes Jimmy and FOX NEWS opinions on Obama are the same they both hate him.

    • Posted by Tupemo, at Reply

      Yeah I take my time to confront idiots like you

    • Posted by Nunya Biznes, at Reply

      +Tupemo Weak. You need to redeem yourself cuz you only proving my point about being a loser. Loser.

    • Posted by Brittany S, at Reply


    • Posted by amonte10, at Reply

      @ Nunya Biznes
      Anything bad that happens to you in your life, ever, oh boy, do you deserve it !

  12. Posted by TheVirusSoftware, at Reply

    Seeing the dislike ratio, it’s sad people can see everything wrong with Republicunts and Tiny Hands, yet they’re Obama apologists at the same time. it’s exactly the same cult of personality.

    • Posted by Mad Dawes, at Reply

      No were tired of Jimmy Dore harping on Obama even tho he’s out of office.  Sounds personal and possibly racially tinged.  Does he attack Clinton, Bush etc this much.  It’s  a personally thing with Obama and frankly a lot of people are tired of it.

    • Posted by eric wilson, at Reply

      The reason he does this is so people like you will wake up and not vote for those type of democrats anymore. You have to find the illness, isolate it and remove it. Corporate democrats are just as if not more evil than republicans. Murder, plunder, and use propaganda to manufacture national consent of decisions none of use would have agreed to be involved in…….js

  13. Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

    Barack Obama is the most peaceful black president ever, that’s why the prize duh.

    • Posted by Adi adi, at Reply

      liedetector101 so peaceful he bombed people with drones more than Bush did, started more wars than Bush did, drone attacked, and killed an American citizen without any due process calling him suspect. Ask the people from Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq just how peaceful he is. A peaceful killer.

    • Posted by Brock Schowalter, at Reply

      Adi adi right over your head

  14. Posted by JosephJamesScott, at Reply

    He did help the LGBTQ community. He saw that people couldn’t be denied healthcare for pre-existing conditions. He pardoned some non violent drug offenders. I mean there’s probably more, he didn’t do a lot, but it’s not like he did nothing either.

    • Posted by walker paulson, at Reply

      JosephJamesScott war criminal

    • Posted by JosephJamesScott, at Reply

      Most US presidents are. It’s why the US isn’t part of the world court.

    • Posted by papermaniacs, at Reply

      He saw that people couldn’t have healthcare for all citizens.

  15. Posted by TastyDonutHD, at Reply

    all these corporate apologists in the comments. you don’t automatically become a right winger if you criticize obama, guys. jimmy is the total opposite of a right winger.

    • Posted by TheTechnocrat78, at Reply

      It’s a difference in constructive criticism and being mean-spirited. Jimmy only seems to attack Democrats.. Why is that?

  16. Posted by Fubs, at Reply

    Jimmy Dore is such a liberal extremist. Obama wasn’t perfect, but he is not even close to as bad as Jimmy Dore paints him to be. TYT is becoming a joke

    • Posted by Martin Arvidson, at Reply

      Fubs I watch the Jimmy Dore show and I see that he’s becoming like the Alex Jones of the left more and more. Looking at both sides of an issue is important and I feel Jimmy in particular and TYT as a whole just like to discount the right ad being stupid without listening to their ideas with an open mind.

    • Posted by dick, at Reply

      Lol because comparing someone who pushes for progressive policies that help Americans is totally the same as someone getting on a broadcast to talk about how politicians are interdimensional demons. Does the yelling and hard truth trigger you? Poor baby.

    • Posted by papermaniacs, at Reply

      What kind of community work? You mean slavery that still goes on in prisons through mass incarceration? That didn’t slow down under Obama at all.

  17. Posted by O Genesis, at Reply

    Jimmy dore has never done ANYTHING for liberals or progressives! All this guy does Is complain like a spoiled kid what other people aren’t doing enough of. Hope he rots in hell. I hope this guy doesn’t think he’s doing anything for minorities, Arabians hate this guy’s guts for supporting trump and constantly bashing democrats.

    • Posted by Tyler Marty, at Reply

      the only real progress we made under Obama was gay marriage, which he refused to publicly support till it was already done

    • Posted by O Genesis, at Reply

      Tyler Marty lol, so there’s been no progress made in over 40 years? I mean unless you’re saying bush Sr or Reagan made the progress? No progress for the gay community, no progress for women, no progress for the poor, …Obama fixed the economy, fixed unemployment, did a lot for women’s rights and gay rights. got bin laden, ended the Iraq war, a war where 10s of thousands were injured and died, made it so insurance companies can’t deny you due to preexisting conditions, put in many laws to help the environment. like what do you kids want? you know what, I don’t even blame you, I blame this older man on here griping about one of the best presidents we’ve had when he hasn’t done jack.

    • Posted by O Genesis, at Reply

      Tyler Marty kid you don’t know what your talking about. please watch some videos on obama lgbt, gay marriage laws for every state was made so under obama in 2015. Obama was the 1st sitting president to endorse gay marriage. you have no idea how bold that was because you are young. you have no idea how much of a backlash that hit obama for Christian democrats. especially in the black community