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Obama Wants To Punish Russia


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The Obama Administration wants to sanction Russia for interfering in the US election. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“The Obama administration is close to announcing a series of measures to punish Russia for its interference in the 2016 presidential election, including economic sanctions and diplomatic censure, according to U.S. officials.

The administration is finalizing the details, which also are expected to include covert action that will probably involve cyber-operations, the officials said. An announcement on the public elements of the response could come as early as this week.

The sanctions portion of the package culminates weeks of debate in the White House on how to revise a 2015 executive order that was meant to give the president authority to respond to cyberattacks from overseas but that did not cover efforts to influence the electoral system.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

    Just go to war with Russia, teach them a lesson it would be really easy to
    beat them and show them how strong liberalism is.

    • Posted by Ulises Ventura, at Reply

      acceptjesusorburn 😂

    • Posted by John Morrison, at Reply

      hold this L real quick

  2. Posted by eren luin, at Reply

    I hope he nukes them

  3. Posted by james david manning, at Reply

    Can’t believe the sheep are falling for this crap… obama and the
    democrats are using this as a distraction to deflect the fact the DNC got
    caught red handed with rigging the primary against sanders.. not to mention
    the media was in bed with Clinton.

    • Posted by Vanessa Creative, at Reply

      James David manning

    • Posted by Vanessa Creative, at Reply

      Feel the bern

  4. Posted by Fred Hampton's Ghost, at Reply

    for FUCKS sake. it WASN’T a hack. It was a LEAK. According to JULIAN

  5. Posted by United States and El Salvador, at Reply

    I read somewhere that US interfered in Salvadorian election in 2004

    • Posted by Vanessa Creative, at Reply

      And every other election but Isreal

  6. Posted by Alex DSL, at Reply

    The US don’t have the power to “SANCTION” anyone but their slave countries
    (that is the European Union, Africa and the arab world).

    They can sanction what they own, but they don’t own Russia yet.

  7. Posted by Igor Bashkinov, at Reply

    stop crying trump won

  8. Posted by backgroundni99a, at Reply

    Please send all of these online rebels to Russia.

    • Posted by cuck, at Reply

      backgroundni99a bow down to your new president niggah

  9. Posted by Future Isscary, at Reply

    Don’t fret Trump trolls, as soon as Don the con man gets into office he
    will get rid of these pesky sanctions so Trump can make sure Comrade Putin
    is happy. SAD

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Indeed. Instead of a Cold War 2.0, we look forward to normalized relations,
      cohesiveness and working towards coming problems on the world stage. Here

    • Posted by Mike Craig, at Reply

      Dragon1717 but I thought Trump wanted an arms race?

  10. Posted by Hadley Jones, at Reply

    Cenk, you kind of sounded almost logical and rational, BUT because you
    didn’t go A+ on this topic and of course Ana’s loud mouth was still
    present, no thumbs up. Step it up more.

  11. Posted by Sayuas, at Reply

    All they did was expose the truth of the democratic party. Nothing wrong
    with that.

    • Posted by D- Logan, at Reply

      When Woodward and Bernstein expose political corruption, they’re heroes.
      When ‘hackers’ do it- CYBER-TERRORISTS and … DA RUSH-ENZ!!!!

    • Posted by Tiara48z, at Reply

      Sayuas why didn’t they do the same thing for republicans? There’s obviously
      something else here.

    • Posted by D- Logan, at Reply

      They did. The republicans didn’t fall for the phishing scheme.

    • Posted by Sayuas, at Reply

      What’s the point? Trump’s dirty laundry and the GOP’s corruption is already
      out in the open.

  12. Posted by manthasagittarius1, at Reply

    We could punish Russia by refusing to approve the nomination of Tillerson
    for Secretary of State.

    • Posted by Vanessa Creative, at Reply

      We shouldn’t punish Russia. We should thank Russia for making peace in
      Syria where we made war. Most real liberals will agree with me

    • Posted by KVN Joa, at Reply

      Yeah Syria is such a peaceful place these days… You dumb broad

    • Posted by Vanessa Creative, at Reply

      KVN shame on you for your mother. I am not dumb. Syria is much better now
      that the a United States has left. Russia has worked very hard to get a
      peace meeting set up. You are a rude person. Go 5 more years without love.

    • Posted by Vanessa Creative, at Reply

      I take the love part back. I want you to be loved. Happy New Year. Don’t
      call women names lest you never find the right one.

    • Posted by manthasagittarius1, at Reply

      +Vanessa Creative You’re sounding a little unjustifiably superior, my dear.
      I don’t go in for name calling much myself, although I’m not completely
      innocent of it, and I don’t think you’re wrong to complain — but
      pronouncing a curse or doom and then graciously retracting it as if you had
      any power whatsoever to make it stick sounds a little loopy. Do you
      secretly wish for a fluffy pink gown, a star-tipped wand, and a glistening
      bubble to travel in?

      So, now we’ve thanked Russia for stopping bombing Syria, very nice. Will
      you at least agree that we can’t actually thank them for conducting a
      cyber-bitchup on the United States during our presidential election?

  13. Posted by Truth, at Reply

    When will Turkey be punished for the Armenian genocide?

    • Posted by Jim Mooney, at Reply

      Or for helping ISIS and buying their oil. Oh, they are being punished since
      ISIS turned around and bit them. Helping terrorists is dicey as we found
      after we helped Al Quada in Afghanistan.

  14. Posted by Raul Duran-Berestov, at Reply

    TYTs focusing on this Russian hacking nonsense is making me lose respect
    for their critical thinking abilities. All allegations against Russia are
    just that… allegations. No evidence.

  15. Posted by Potatoman Man, at Reply

    Complete bullshit russia didn’t do anything how can one hack the election
    when the voting boxes arnt even connected to the internet, plus the
    electoral college already placed there opinion it didn’t change anything

  16. Posted by Mike Craig, at Reply

    I think they just ejected some operatives or something like that from what
    I’ve heard

  17. Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

    Obama must be trying to get another Nobel Peace Prize.

  18. Posted by Johnny Nunya, at Reply

    This is funny though, by the time the sanctions would go through trump will
    be in office and remove them. What a waste of time this would be.