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Obamacare Sign Ups Hit Record High


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Individuals are enrolling in Obamacare in document numbers despite President Trump's initiative to interfere with registration in the program. Elegance Baldridge, Nando Vila and Simone Boyce the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment section listed below. Join TYT:

A record variety of individuals enrolled in ObamaCare in the initial couple of days of open enrollment this year compared with the exact same duration in previous years, several resources close to the process told The Hill.

The surge in sign-ups, which was validated by a management official, comes regardless of fears from Democrats that enrollment would diminish as a result of the Trump administration's cutbacks in outreach and advertising and marketing.

On the very first day of enrollment alone, Nov. 1, one source close to the process told Capital that more than 200,000 individuals selected a plan for 2018, compared to regarding 100,000 in 2015. More than 1 million people checked out healthcare.gov that day, compared with concerning 750,000 last year, the resource stated.

It is still very early while doing so as well as it is uncertain exactly how the last sign-up numbers will appear. Sign-ups early in the enrollment period are often individuals restoring their coverage, not brand-new enrollees.

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Hosts: Elegance Baldridge, Nando Vila, Simone Boyce

Cast: Elegance Baldridge, Nando Vila, Simone Boyce


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  1. Posted by Nez, at Reply


    • Posted by Barry Shitpeas, at Reply

      Frederic Bastiat Wtf kind of lame straw man is that lol, don’t you think that if you have to rely on lying about the oppositions opinion to make a point, suggests that you might just be wrong? Right wing moron, do any of you have a brain? Still waiting to see

    • Posted by Carl Millholland, at Reply

      This doesn’t make sense, assuming your are being critical of subsidized health care here. Subsidies increase demand, making “things” (assume health insurance) cheap. But according to economic theory increased demand, itself, drives down prices. My local department store puts items on sales at 50% (subsidy), and then sells 60% more goods (demand), thereby increasing profit. Yeah, duh! In other words, what’s your point, genius?

    • Posted by Carl Millholland, at Reply

      Frederic Bastiat proves, once again, that the only people left supporting Trump are the truly stupid.

  2. Posted by sheep friends, at Reply

    Even while it’s being sabotaged !!! Lmao

  3. Posted by kenz200g, at Reply

    I’m sign up tomorrow

    • Posted by Kortez, at Reply

      kenz200g I plan to do it this Monday on my day off. 👌

    • Posted by Sandra Snow-Balvert, at Reply

      congrats you 2 but pls tell your senator that you want universal health care.

  4. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    I’m SO tired of all of Trump’s winning. I can’t take it any more winning.

    • Posted by Kellyanne Gollum, at Reply

      You are all jealous of my superior gene and I am SO not jealous of Hillary. Lock her up!

    • Posted by The Fibler, at Reply

      I’m tired of Trump’s daily WHINING!

    • Posted by Aqueous Entropous, at Reply


      I know. Republicans are so relentless in their dominations. They keep on getting us SJW snowflake libtard Hillary worshippers.

  5. Posted by LCarlTBM x, at Reply

    The Republicans want to throw them all out, but hey at least we have money for war am I right?

    • Posted by Simon 's, at Reply

      Isn’t that funny, can dig up money for war.

    • Posted by Br Car, at Reply

      Simon ‘s I don’t back that war junk either.

    • Posted by Sejez, at Reply

      If the U.S. loses the petrol dollar there will be no government to take care of you retards, you just don’t understand that do you

    • Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

      +Sejez the us dollar is fake money.

  6. Posted by John Sayles, at Reply

    Hmm, it’s almost as if people like the idea of not going into bankruptcy for their cancer care. Whoddathunk?!

    • Posted by randomnobody playthrough, at Reply

      Drumph on suicide watch.

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      For Obamacare to be viable they need at least 20 million sign ups and most of those people need to be healthy.
      You are all idiots.

  7. Posted by Jungmin Kim, at Reply

    The U.S. government has enough money to give free healthcare to everyone. But instead, most of the money goes to defense contractors. Such a “democratic” country.

    • Posted by Kato, at Reply

      Yeah who needs security from foreign threats when there’s healthcare for all

    • Posted by Altorin, at Reply

      Jungmin Kim they have to buy tanks to sit in a field somewhere and rust. How can they possibly afford healthcare.

    • Posted by Sejez, at Reply

      the U.S uses more than three timees the money on healthcare and social security than it uses on the military complex, even if healthcare got all the money that goes to the military now, it would barely improve the system because of diminishing returns

      but then again if U.S. pulls out of war it would decimate the dollar and nobody would have healthcare anymore

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      We are $20 trillion in debt, we don’t even have money to fund the programs we have now.

    • Posted by David Todd, at Reply

      Nurlinda F Sihotang Remember Obama giving free money away to all the high power executives while he was in office.

  8. Posted by Terry Turner, at Reply

    I’m not surprised! 😂😂😂

    • Posted by John Sayles, at Reply

      Well duh, you got Spider Sense.

  9. Posted by Long duk dong, at Reply

    You idiot Trumpsters have over reached and you will pay for it.

    • Posted by Kellyanne Gollum, at Reply

      I am the real first female president, from behind the throne. Me and my husband hate the Clintons for life and we will bring them down. I am above the law and untouchable.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      You anti-Trump types are in for a big surprise. Mark my words. Mark my words.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      We as a society dismiss you anti-Trump types to the sewers as the gutter rats that you are. There you shall remain feeding off the scraps that humanity discards for all of eternity. We’ve entered a new era whether you like it or not. Stay neutered of power.

  10. Posted by Mr. Quid, at Reply

    Piss be upon the Trumptards

    • Posted by Mr. Quid, at Reply

      Oh yes. The American Pee Party will be very happy with the show 🙂

    • Posted by Sejez, at Reply

      hateful as usual, I thought you people were supposed to be tolerant

    • Posted by Tommy Kawston, at Reply

      Sejez what’s hateful about the truth of one of the biggest liar of all recorded history? Hell not our faults, you peiple always want to get to the truth untile it hurts one of your false gods.

  11. Posted by Carlton Palmer, at Reply

    Considering the blatant attempts at sabotage, this is amazing!

    • Posted by Kellyanne Gollum, at Reply

      Lock that Kenyan couples up! Stupid Bernie idiots are so easily distracted. Don’t you care about Clinton corruption? I am the real first female president of USA and Hillary is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING BUT A LOSER! Lock her up you stupid Bernie idiots!

  12. Posted by ANDREW LIBTURD, at Reply

    Where is trumpa dumpa care

    • Posted by david charles, at Reply

      It’s at your local mortuary.

  13. Posted by Duane Locsin, at Reply

    I wonder how many signing up are Trump supporters?

    because actions speak louder than delusions.

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply


    • Posted by william carter, at Reply

      Duane Locsin I’d say many of the dotards because they cant afford anything else for there pill popping trailer trash racist selves

  14. Posted by Michael West, at Reply

    Side note he said social security was inactive in the 1960s

    I think he means mediacare

    Social security was signed in law in 1935

    • Posted by Ramirez Lou, at Reply

      Michael West I copied this from the official Social Security website: The 1960switnessed additional growth in Social Security, but the most important development in social insurance occurred in health insurance, with the creation of the Medicare program in 1965

  15. Posted by Stretch Mark, at Reply

    Obamacare… *WORKS*

    • Posted by Br Car, at Reply

      DucksDoctor even when the, never ratified illegal to still collect, federal tax started it’s only to be collected for military in national defense, roads, train and tracks,and very few other things. It is totally out of control by both crap parties. That universal healthcare crap would completely finish it off and cripple the whole economy and nation but nobody in either party and brainwashed civilians sees it coming, or cares. I would rather see the federal tax system abolished and do a consumption tax where everybody controls the taxes they pay with what they buy and get back to what it should be used on instead of all the trillions going to stupid stuff like art, lazy people healthcare and well fare and that kind of trash

    • Posted by Br Car, at Reply

      DucksDoctor the only people that should get healthcare help is veterans, disabled people that can’t work, maybe short temporary help with like a family that had divorce or death of the supplier of insurance. I can see that but all the other crap gotta go

    • Posted by Dana Chappell, at Reply

      Medicare For All…WOULD WORK MUCH BETTER

    • Posted by DucksDoctor, at Reply

      Br Car Okay, so you do agree there are some groups of people who should get healthcare covered by our taxes, that’s fair. Now let me ask you a question, are almost every other modern nation’s economies crippled? Denmark, Iceland, Sweden, UK, Japan, Australia? All of them have universal healthcare. Did you know that we would save 7 trillion dollars over the next 2 decades swapping from our for-profit healthcare system to a single payer system?

      Do you know why? The reason is because you have a business incentive under our current system to pay out as little as possible to consumers who file claims on their healthcare insurance. The overhead costs of medicare for example are around 7%, while the overhead costs are under 20% for Healthcare insurance companies (only because of specific mandates by Obamacare), where before it could be as little as 50%. You see, because medicare has no incentive to be as expensive as possible, since it’s not a for profit system with a middleman (the health insurance company), that needs to make their profit before you reach your doctor.

      Universal healthcare, is cheaper (namely for the tax payer who would pay less every year for their healthcare), more efficient, and has better outcomes. This is why every other modern nation has adopted this system.

  16. Posted by Baku kay, at Reply

    who’s this hot girl on glasses?

    • Posted by Khutso Matau, at Reply

      Its Simone Boyce

    • Posted by The Lion's Whelp, at Reply

      Simon Boyce, KTLA

  17. Posted by Jimminy Lummox, at Reply

    As someone who lives in a country with universal healthcare (Australia), I can say unequivocally it is worth every cent of tax that I get charged for it. Just knowing that no matter what happens I can always get whatever medical treatment I need is in itself a huge relief and makes the upkeep of that system completely worth the tax imput.
    There are still private hospitals that have really quick waiting times for elective surgeries that you can pay for, or you can buy health insurance for things like dental or chiropractic, but there’s a solid network of public hospitals at the centre of our healthcare system and in the few times I’ve had to go to hospital I’ve been attended to more or less straight away.
    Quite frankly, the idea of living under an American-style healthcare system terrifies me. But there would be violent mobs rioting in the streets if they tried to take ours away at this point.

    • Posted by kurt smith, at Reply

      Andrew Mildenberg RIGHT ON!! You hit it right on the head!!! You’re an intelligent individual. Thank you for your wise comment.

    • Posted by deharleyva, at Reply

      At the core of the objection is racism. They will expand military spending, cut taxes for billionaires, but at the root of the issue in America is that many in the majority (not all), don’t think that minorities like blacks should be able to participate in these programs. That’s the root of the issue. So they cut off their own noses to spite their faces. Self-sabotage.

    • Posted by deharleyva, at Reply

      Br Car lol You can’t be that stupid.

    • Posted by Kitty Meow Meow, at Reply

      Br Car thats how insurance works dumbass! You pay for everyone’s healthcare when you are not sick yourself! its the same thing we do in Australia but its cheaper and you dont get denied at all!

  18. Posted by Shie H., at Reply

    Nothing to make people sign up for healthcare like threatening to take it away.

  19. Posted by Viral Vision TV, at Reply

    This shows that people WANT their health care. They do NOT want to lose it. Tonight’s massive Democratic victories show how unhappy the people are with the current administration.

    • Posted by Br Car, at Reply

      You mean worthless lazy fucks want so called free healthcare. Piss on them

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      It shows we have a growing number of poor people.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Noppity Nope Nope Nope. People MUST sign up under threat of government fine.

    • Posted by Viral Vision TV, at Reply

      Obamacare is not STRICTLY for the poor. Your misinformed, like most conservative Trump voters. They have many different types of coverage for all different types of people.

  20. Posted by Dark Jedi, at Reply

    The Lunatic Old Man Trump must be shitting himself now.