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Obesity Is Ridiculously Deadly


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Excessive weight kills even more people compared to car crashes, terrorism, as well as Alzheimer's mixed! Ana Kasparian, Francis Maxwell, and Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us just what you think in the remark section below.

" Check out you, and it's not hard to see exactly how severe the problem of obesity has become in The U.S.A.. People right here are now bigger, and also dealing with more obesity-related illness, than before– motivating cities throughout the country to seriously attempt to resist with steps like soda taxes and also calorie tags.

Travel past the US boundaries, though, and you'll see the same trouble somewhere else: Excessive weight is currently an expanding sensation in just about every edge of the globe, in bad and abundant nations alike.

That's the large take-home message from an excellent new research study, published in the New England Journal of Medication. An international team of researchers, moneyed by the Expense as well as Melinda Gates Foundation, brought out the very best price quote yet on the globally weight problems problem, and found that more than 10 percent of the globe's population– 107.7 million kids as well as 603.7 grownups– is now overweight."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Francis Maxwell, Mark Thompson

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Francis Maxwell, Mark Thompson


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  1. Posted by zero, at Reply

    strange cenk isnt here discussing this

    • Posted by ÅL who, at Reply

      look at all the fat blacks, where is BLM?

    • Posted by Colin, at Reply

      +Mc_Laggin Cenk has rescinded those statements from back when he denied it. I’d like him to speak more forcefully about the issue too, but I’m not going to have a baby over it.

    • Posted by Paul Owen, at Reply

      Drink a glass of water too, that will fill you up.

  2. Posted by Anna Fitzpatrick, at Reply

    Tell that to all those fat bitches whining about fat acceptance and body positive.

    • Posted by West African Gooner, at Reply

      Anna Fitzpatrick sargon of Arkkad would love you

    • Posted by Abnormal, at Reply

      So with fat accepting they at least d’ont feel bad, but they are still unhealthy. It also doesnt help anything.

  3. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Ana Looks stunning! She really can pull off any look.

    • Posted by monkeygraborange, at Reply

      Harry Bawls… are you as stupid as your name? Middle-aged chicks to try to look like they’re still young is revolting, and Ana looks like she was rode hard and put away wet.

    • Posted by Chris Salvatoriello, at Reply

      max m how? She’s not doing anything remotely sexy. Like I’m genuinely curious how someone could pull that off

    • Posted by carl1223, at Reply

      Thats great and all, but she rarely says anything worth remembering, so she should be grateful she at least has that instead of whining. Many women dont even have that.

    • Posted by Psyche Lon B, at Reply

      Yeah, she really pulls off the “I have late stage AIDS” look pretty well.

  4. Posted by Joker is Vegan, at Reply

    A whole foods vegan diet is the healthiest human diet.

  5. Posted by Harry Christofi, at Reply

    I’m 17 and I only weigh 135 pounds and I feel sorry for fat people 🙁

    • Posted by Harry Christofi, at Reply

      +michael cook Oh alright I thought you were mocking me lol also….Any tips on how to ask a girl to Senior prom? (I’m gonna be a High School Senior this upcoming Fall lol).

    • Posted by GentleCat, at Reply

      I’m 18 and 175, I am not fat, but I’m…. Thick?, this is my body complexion

    • Posted by erick1power, at Reply

      Harry Christofi believe me, it’s controllable the fact that people dont have will power to control cravings is a different story altogether. And to all the people saying that being fat isn’t unhealthy, it might not be for you but by eating large amounts of everythinf you are destroying the planet at a more rapid pace than ever before that we don’t know what the consequences will be. Just moderate yourself and be happy : )

    • Posted by michael cook, at Reply

      +erick1power Eating large amounts of food isn’t the problem. It’s what foods you eat. I don’t think the 1% of all agriculture that’s for human consumption is destroying the planet. Animal agriculture is a different story. What the doctor should have said is “you’re healthy… for now”

    • Posted by erick1power, at Reply

      Yeah I forgot to type large amounts of food the body does not need. Animal agriculture sums it all up, as you said.

  6. Posted by Stranger, at Reply

    If you believe obesity is deadly, then stop bitching about fat shaming.

    • Posted by o' Rango, at Reply

      fat shaming doesn’t help, but still fat people saying stuff like “I’m confident and confortable in the body I have” is cancerous

    • Posted by Hey! Let's Do A Thing!, at Reply

      Self-love and acceptance isn’t harmful – you saying that self-love and acceptance is “cancerous” but only when fat people do it is legitimately a cancerous, wrong, harmful mindset infinitely more damaging and more likely to contribute to the problem you’re complaining about..

  7. Posted by Louis, at Reply

    Blah blah blah. Unless you have an eating disorder, obese people are obese because its their fault.

    • Posted by ÅL who, at Reply

      fat blacks and illegals

    • Posted by Jazwinskull, at Reply

      You have no point. You said it had not side effects and it does. Just because something works one way for your family genetics DOES NOT MEAN IT IS THE SAME FOR EVERYONE. You are you and everyone else is everyone else. What works for you will not work for all. Basing your opinions of other’s on how your body works with something is very self-centered and narcissistic.

  8. Posted by l_AM_ONLlNE, at Reply

    As a person of size, I find this video highly bigoted and sizephobic.

    • Posted by macbeth642, at Reply

      lose some weight fatty, no one feels bad for your personal bad decisions, and yes you deserve to be made fun of, land whale

    • Posted by Die go Var gas duh, at Reply

      “Land whales” 😂😂😂👍🏼

      However I think they prefer the term “person of size” or “cows” or “jabba the fat fucks”


    • Posted by Mr BUBBLES, at Reply

      l_AM_ONLlNE ♥️

    • Posted by Travis bickle, at Reply

      go on a diet then, fatty

  9. Posted by HeresyTalk, at Reply

    Lies! We’re healthy at any size! Lena Dunham told me so.

    • Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

      Fat hog told you so?

  10. Posted by LincDN, at Reply

    Red states have higher obesity rates than blue states

    • Posted by CmdrData79, at Reply

      It’s more complicated than that, cmon. Race/ethnicity and socioeconomics are highly correlated to obesity, specifically income. Poverty and obesity are strongly correlated. It’s not about liberal or conservative, it’s about not having money for fresh vegetables and whole grains, and having a safe outdoor area to exercise in, or affording a gym. Obesity epidemic is a symptom of our screwed up economy.

    • Posted by 99DJGamer, at Reply

      LincDN red states are generally poorer than blue states

  11. Posted by Liam Garnaut, at Reply

    go vegan

    • Posted by Tribe By Noire, at Reply

      Let’s simplify it. What nutrient is there in meat that makes it essential to the human diet?

    • Posted by Jedidine, at Reply

      Liam Garnaut Yaaaas!

    • Posted by cRowSn, at Reply

      Liam Garnaut Haha veg. fats are the WORST! French Fries are vegan…just saying 😉

  12. Posted by Robert Flury, at Reply

    Anna chased Cenk out, “Get the f*** off the set you fat f***!”

    • Posted by ÅL who, at Reply

      yes !!!

  13. Posted by Julio Santana, at Reply

    im sorry how exactly is this “fat-shaming”? all they did was bring up a very important topic in today’s society. if u are overweight or obese thats your choice and if you’re comfortable with that you must know the risk factors that come along with it (heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc)

    • Posted by 7777anonymous, at Reply

      Julio Santana They did it without taking into consideration the feelings of the people who would be exposed to this kind of hatred. Makes me sick, I thought tyt would be better than that.

    • Posted by Benjamin Shultz, at Reply

      Because we’re healthy at any size is what the liberal media constantly tells me! TYT shaming me for my full sexy figure damn biggots!

    • Posted by Eternal rewind2, at Reply

      Julio Santana my body my choice!

  14. Posted by Toonses, at Reply

    interestin Cenk the fattest of them all is not there.

    • Posted by sausagemcbean, at Reply

      He was getting his bacon grease fix.

    • Posted by Deb Ironman, at Reply

      sausagemcbean is his favorite meat

  15. Posted by Chillin, at Reply

    The education thing is huge. I’ve recently went through a huge weight loss journey and I literally knew nothing at all about proper nutrition before. I was obese most of my life and my parents were(still mostly are) as clueless about proper nutrition as me. I’m not placing the blame on them of course, but once you learn proper nutrition it can be pretty shocking realizing that very few people actually know how to eat healthy even if they wanted to. With all the useless things that are taught throughout highschool and school in general I don’t see why nutrition based classes can’t and shouldn’t be more prevalent. Instead they would rather do silly things like take soda and candy out of vending machines, which makes no difference if the kids eat pizza or burgers at school and then go to mcdonalds or eat whatever junk when they go home.

    • Posted by Chillin, at Reply

      Dr Dermix Girl yeah for sure. can’t ignore calorie intake of course but I find eating whole foods rich in nutrition not only makes me feel more full but happier, more energetic, faster muscle growth etc etc. it’s definitely life changing. I’d advise anyone who is obese or isn’t but eats junk constantly to start making small steps in the right direction

  16. Posted by Urhoboman5, at Reply

    Serious question : If obesity is so freaking deadly(which it is). Then why are so many people(mostly women) still pushing fat acceptance as an ideal?

    I thought progressives were pro science? :-/

    • Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

      you are correct. yet i think you are correlating two different things. the plus size acceptance is about saying any body type is beautiful , not that its healthy. i think you can say ” accept your body, feel beautiful, and say being obese is unhealthy”

    • Posted by umiluv, at Reply

      7777anonymous – I think the problem is that skinny people can be extremely unhealthy due to their diet and lack of exercise. Some larger people are actually genetically large – comes from ancestors who were great at working on farms or other types of hard labor.

      So until you go to a doctor to get a physical exam, one will not know if they’re healthy or unhealthy. Either way, everyone should go to the doctor to check on their overall health.

      Also muscle mass is heavier than fat so one can weigh a lot but be made up of muscle like football players. Again, going to the doctor is what’s important.

    • Posted by 7777anonymous, at Reply

      Deftones Dsm From what I’ve seen these people either ignore or flat out deny that being obese is a health risk. There’s even a show called My Big Fat Fabulous Life that essentially promoted being healthy at any size (she was 400lb) until she found out she had diabetes.

      umilov Sure you can be naturally larger to a certain degree but I’m mostly referring to those people who think genetics caused them to be 300 pounds at 5’5. Also just because you’re healthy now doesn’t mean you’re on the clear, that much excess weight will take its toll on your joints at very least.

    • Posted by Taylor Avalos, at Reply

      7777anonymous If that’s your takeaway I’m sorry, but as a heavy person myself, I’ve never interpreted the message like that. I know full well that being heavy, mixed with my family history of hypertension and diabetes, is a health disaster waiting to happen, and I’m taking measures to change my lifestyle accordingly, but that doesn’t mean I’m inherently ugly or immoral just because I’m a fat guy. To me, fat acceptance has just been reassurance that even if I’m not as healthy as I could be, I can be attractive to *somebody* no matter my size, and that being heavy is not some moral failing on my part.

  17. Posted by Chi Ott, at Reply

    Wow these comments…. some people are “overweight” and they understand that they can change that but listen its not that easy. Its like asking a social media obsessed person to not use their phone for the rest of their life. Think about something you love and having it being taken away. Its not that easy.

    • Posted by Mr BUBBLES, at Reply

      Chi Ott it blows my mind that you people still get shocked over a YouTube comment section.

    • Posted by ZM0L3, at Reply

      Kevin Laguna It’s called seld control. You’re telling me adults cannot control themselves?

  18. Posted by Don, at Reply

    Low incomes are a factor in obesity. Healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, fish and lean cuts of meat are more expensive than processed, carb heavy, junk food. And a lot of people living in inner cities and rural communities don’t live near grocery stores that offer a lot of healthy food choices.

    • Posted by sausagemcbean, at Reply

      I like your last point, “… people are generally lazy or claim not to have time..”. That does seem to be a cop out these days.

  19. Posted by renegado100, at Reply

    Cenk should be talking about this.
    He knows how to handle ….without shaming.

    • Posted by Coolidge Dollar, at Reply

      Love handle?