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O’Reilly Sends Goon To Intimidate College President


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Jesse Watters ambushed a college president by trespassing in his home. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Last spring, ambush virtuoso Jesse Watters of Fox News got into a physical confrontation with Huffington Post Washington bureau chief Ryan Grim at a late-night party in Washington. Weeks ago, he propagated a series of Asian stereotypes and outright barbarity in a field trip to interview people in New York’s Chinatown regarding U.S. politics.

And now he is officially out of control.

In a segment that aired Wednesday night, Watters ambushed Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash and, from the looks of the footage, stuck his foot inside the man’s residence as a way to force him to account for his actions. Those actions are quite controversial these days: On the day after the presidential election, students lowered the campus American flag, a “reaction to the toxic tone of the months-long election and the escalating number of news reports from across the country over recent months and years of hate speech, harassment, and violence against people of color, immigrants, international citizens, and Muslims,” notes the school in a timeline. On Nov. 10 — two days after the election — it was burned. Then, on Nov. 18, Lash announced that the college would stop flying the flag on the campus pole to prompt discussion and “focus our efforts on addressing racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric and behaviors.” Protests have ensued.”

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Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by ceaser williams, at Reply

    i woulda broke his foot

    • Posted by Hiarhu, at Reply

      +ceaser williams Ok, have fun spending a very long time in jail, unless you
      get lucky. Seems kind of stupid doesn’t it? You could just know the laws
      rather easily, what you want or believe doesn’t make a difference to the
      police if you commit a crime. If you break his foot and don’t have the
      legal right, you’ll be arrested you get that right? You’ll probably be
      convicted if your state doesn’t have the extra protections you need to get
      away with that kind of thing. He’ll also probably be able to sue you and
      win. Why are you so insistent on pretending these laws aren’t the way they
      are? It’s more likely that you live in a state that would allow assaulting
      a trespasser than one that doesn’t but if you do you could be in serious
      trouble for doing something that would be perfectly legal in the
      neighboring state.

      Here. I’m done.

    • Posted by ceaser williams, at Reply

      Blah blah blah

    • Posted by Hiarhu, at Reply

      +ceaser williams You’re kind of a moron aren’t you? I’m so sorry I didn’t
      realize you were mentally deficient I wouldn’t have bothered trying to help

  2. Posted by Dustin Tam, at Reply

    Nobody’s triggered more than conservatives who make fun of liberal
    “snowflakes.” People protesting the President-elect, who has nominated
    white supremacists, made endorsements of sexual assault, dismissed the
    concerns of minorities, espoused overtly racist views, and is a habitual
    fraudster are just babies with illegitimate concerns. But one college
    removes the flag from their campus and, “I’m offended! Take away their
    federal funds!”

    • Posted by Deaglan Cullen, at Reply

      +Skeptyc Still bigoted. And he’s not really concerned about the 50K illegal
      Irish immigrants.

    • Posted by Skeptyc, at Reply

      +Deaglan Cullen Bigoted against a hostile, culturally incompatible ideology
      like Islam? To me, that is justified bigotry.
      And of course he isn’t concerned about that, because they are a much lower
      number, and they don’t cause any problems.
      But don’t fret: Any change Trump makes to the US position on illegal
      immigration would also impact those Irish people.

    • Posted by EQ-smoove, at Reply

      Jesse Watters? That David Schwimmer look-a-like is a no talent hack. A worm
      and a weasel.

  3. Posted by Gage Winters, at Reply

    He could’ve been shot, #StandYourGround.

    • Posted by Kuma Sama, at Reply

      Jan Norman I am always in favor of castle laws. Folks should protect their
      home, and foreign invaders (trespassers) should be forewarned, like a
      beware of dog sign, they will risk having shots at them.

    • Posted by Jan Norman, at Reply

      +CBL 82 Internet tough guy saying that folks in their own homes will be
      “full of holes.” Try going to folks’ homes and harassing them like I said
      before, and you’ll get your dose of “internet tough guy.” Internet troll
      apparently applies to you. What I’m saying is a reality outside of the
      confines of the internet. Go out and try it and see for yourself, but I
      guess to the non-thinking, it makes me an “internet tough guy,” because I’m
      not in favor of idiots harassing folks’ in their homes. I’ll say it again,
      try it and see how it goes for you.

    • Posted by CBL 82, at Reply

      Internet tough guy, scary. You would not fair well face to face after your
      laughable threats boi. 😂 You are soft and green and its obvious.

    • Posted by Jan Norman, at Reply

      +CBL 82 It’s obvious you don’t do what you say or you would’ve been swiss
      cheese already. You can call me a “boi,” and I really don’t care. Come find
      me in my house and come with the same bullshit like putting your foot in
      place so that I can’t shut the door and you’ll be full of holes. You know
      what’s funny about it? I wouldn’t even go to jail for it. I’d discard you
      and call the cops to mop you off of my doorway. That’s the reality of it.
      Say what you want.

  4. Posted by Stoney Curtis, at Reply

    If someone knocked on my door at night, shoved an object in my face and
    made demands, I would have pulled my sidearm and pumped 3 rounds into his
    I felt like my wife and children were under threat, and I feared for my
    No More Jesse Waters…

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      But then his kinfolk could potentially come after you, throw you in a
      burlap bag and take you to an empty field to sodomize you to death with a
      metal pole That could have all played out.

    • Posted by Vernon Greene, at Reply

      ^ ^ Edgy HA HA

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Take your homo fantasies somewhere else.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply


      Nah, man. You have rape fantasies, which is ultra creepy.

  5. Posted by 1140Cecile, at Reply

    If they weren’t on the same team, George Zimmerman would have shot Watters
    in the face.

    • Posted by Skillful_Trol, at Reply

      Spain is in europe. Spanish people are white. I was just in spain recently
      and people where more pale than me, and im white.

    • Posted by Skillful_Trol, at Reply

      Do you know *anything*?

    • Posted by davie l, at Reply

      Spanish are white truth I go my hols. Every year. Never been shot yet I
      will watch next year thanks

    • Posted by Iron Fist, at Reply

      Spanish is white George aint white though!!! he just as black as Colin

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      same team? Is Waters an Obama supporter too?

  6. Posted by Jean-Paul Sartre, at Reply

    Typical conservatives. They talk about law and order, and then go out and
    commit crimes.

    • Posted by Jim Bob, at Reply

      if i came into your garage, prevented you from closing the door by jamming
      my foot at the door, you tell me what crime am i committing

    • Posted by 109Siege, at Reply

      Conservatives commit crimes LEGALLY. It’s the Liberals who go around
      breaking the law, ILLEGALLY committing crimes.

    • Posted by Alexander Baillères, at Reply

      +109Siege Don’t listen to this guy he’s just trolling.

    • Posted by Siddgeir Stuhn, at Reply

      hohohoho i see what u did there!

  7. Posted by Jeff Pride, at Reply

    Ana looking sexy tonight

    • Posted by Jeff Pride, at Reply

      Shmandy Blandy Churger Burger Fatty You must be super cool at
      parties…Once again, you calling me lonely when my wife is in bed next to
      me laughing at your dumbass post

    • Posted by Shmandy Blandy Churger Burger Fatty, at Reply

      +Jeff Pride and I am a millionaire

    • Posted by National Socialist, at Reply

      +Jeff Pride I didn’t know blow up dolls could laugh.

  8. Posted by RAINY DAY, at Reply

    there should be a go fund me thing on sending jessie waters to prison

    • Posted by Muno Unom, at Reply

      How would that work exactly? How do go fund me “things” end up with jail
      time for people?

    • Posted by MrGoodkat, at Reply

      +Muno Unom Do you always pick jokes apart like you’re grading an essay? The
      guy was joking you moron.

    • Posted by Muno Unom, at Reply

      Well then I didnt find the joke particularly funny, did I? Moron.

    • Posted by MrGoodkat, at Reply

      +Muno Unom I called you moron first.. I win!!!!!

    • Posted by Muno Unom, at Reply


  9. Posted by tetsubo57, at Reply

    Put your foot inside my home uninvited? They will be calling you Stumpy.

    • Posted by TC Sam, at Reply

      I think my response would be “If you don’t remove your foot now, you’ll be
      pulling back a bloody stump”.

  10. Posted by kenny edwards, at Reply

    Don’t the O’Reilly viewers get tired of his shtick? They are already the
    least-well informed people in America. I guess O’Reilly’s “black or white”
    universe has its comforts. Complex issues are hard!

  11. Posted by mikes2842, at Reply

    Black person on private property = shot

    • Posted by Eric Conway, at Reply

      AHEM- walk down the street = shot.

    • Posted by George Bluth, at Reply

      Because they’re probably there to rob you. Reality is racist

  12. Posted by RUDE7706, at Reply

    He should of shot him.

    • Posted by WeeItsNookies, at Reply

      The ironic and hypocritical thing would be, im sure no one would have any
      problems of that and no one would be screaming ‘gun control’.

      This election is simply amazing in the sense anti-gun liberals are changing
      their stances and are now starting to use the same exact arguments
      pro-gunners have been making since day 1.

    • Posted by WeeItsNookies, at Reply

      Sadly, they have their heads so far up their own asses they are completely
      oblivious to their bias and hypocrisy.

  13. Posted by RackTheSlide, at Reply

    I do not like this college president for his actions, but I hate Jesse
    Waters. You come into my garage and put your foot in my door, I have 1
    question, Do you want .380, 9mm, or 7.62×39 fuckwit?

    • Posted by Joe Freeman, at Reply

      I agree with you. Watters committed an egregious trespass, which is a
      criminal and civil offense. This was incredibly stupid.

      I do NOT care for the president of Hampshire college. However, in this
      instance he acted with great restraint.

      BTW, I favor .45 and 7.62×51 NATO. I don’t like having to shoot people
      multiple times, and my experience in Vietnam was that the 7.62/39 round was
      not too accurate beyond 300 yards.

      NOTE FOR YOUNG TURKS: Even under the castle doctrine, the president of the
      college presidentshould not have shot Watters. Watters posed no credible
      threat to him. Watters was simply a trespasser, and should have been
      prosecuted for misdemeanor trespass, followed by a civil suit for damages
      against Watters and o’Reilly.

    • Posted by Jon Ericson, at Reply

      7.62 at that range? Yow.

  14. Posted by Sven Lesner, at Reply

    so the guy who is hiding in the mans garage in the dark is not the coward?
    i think we need to define what coward os for bill o’reilly. a coward can
    also be someone who hits their wife cough cough….oreilly

    • Posted by WeeItsNookies, at Reply

      Do we actually have proof he was hiding in the garage? I do believe that’s
      breaking and entering.

      The more likely scenario is he was waiting outside, saw him coming home.
      When he used his garage door opener and pulled him Watters went in right
      behind him. So I do believe most of you are wrong in the sense he was

    • Posted by Okaro X, at Reply

      Even if he did so he did wrong. He went into a locked space uninvited.
      Fortunately where I live that would be illegal. One cannot film someone who
      is in private property.

  15. Posted by TheJcanno8, at Reply

    Honestly I would have slammed his foot in the door.

    • Posted by Dom King, at Reply

      I wouldn’t have stopped at the foot.

  16. Posted by BIGWORLD0074, at Reply

    Young reporter picking on a old man who’s the real coward here? If anything
    orilly should have went himself.