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O’Reilly’s Show Mysteriously Ends Early


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The O'Reilly Aspect ended early however no person seems to know why. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, as well as Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, hypothesize if O'Reilly is in trouble. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment area listed below.

" Costs O'Reilly has not had a terrific week.

The discovery that he has actually cleared up 5 different unwanted sexual advances insurance claims led to loads after lots of major sponsors pulling their advertisement places from his program, to the factor that commercial breaks on Thursday looked substantially different from those on Monday. It obtains a little bit unusual from there, though: Thursday's version of The O'Reilly Variable went off the air 15 mins early.

You can see the clip of exactly what happened over: 45 minutes into exactly what's normally an hour-long show, O'Reilly finished up a panel sector by plugging a guest's new book. Then, he stated that up next, the audiences would see a section regarding a Texas community turning down springtime break vacationers, which he had been pressing throughout the whole show. Rather than a commercial break, however, the program immediately transitioned into a "SPLITTING INFORMATION" graphic.

Yet there was no damaging news.

Shepard Smith started talking about Syria information from hours previously (the missile strikes had not been reported yet) without any graphics particularly indicating that he was relaying live. He did a couple of fast interviews, and also 15 minutes later, Fox News programs continued as set up with Tucker Carlson starting his show promptly on top of the hr."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, Amberia Allen

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    He was probably sexually-assaulting someone in the segment, and they had to cut out the evidence.

    • Posted by Willthbeast, at Reply

      HahahahahahahaJAJAHA !!! #mmurder

    • Posted by David I. Moreno, at Reply

      Nice one! XD

    • Posted by The Captain, at Reply

      Hal Jordan. That was a doozy my friend!

    • Posted by robbie g, at Reply

      ha. we can only hope we will see his last show soon

  2. Posted by Tuzo AsianDramas&Anime, at Reply

    Oh god Jimmy is back.

    • Posted by Jane S, at Reply

      Ugh. Not a Dore fan. He had to go there, right? Pig.

    • Posted by Sean Ryan, at Reply

      +MVPDeadlyMessiahNY farron and Mike are both excellent. Sam is dead weight. They need to cut him off ASAP.

  3. Posted by Boy Blue, at Reply

    Serious question: if they replace him will his replacement be more racist or more sexist?

    • Posted by Hector Jiminez, at Reply

      Boy Blue Super O’Reilly!?

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      It’s often been said by many a wise pundit that the race card is the last refuge of the liberal scoundrel.

    • Posted by Jerry Junior, at Reply

      Boy Blue Tomi Lahren?

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Boy Blue: Yes.

  4. Posted by LightRuler003, at Reply

    He had to beat his wife, thats why it ended early.

    • Posted by Mr. President, at Reply

      When you’re rich, they let you do it.

    • Posted by Valhalla, at Reply

      He is embracing islam

    • Posted by Cant_Touch_This, at Reply

      Valhalla He’s Holy Christian Bible told him to grope women as commanding by Paul

    • Posted by mccarraa, at Reply

      that is old news that why he lost his kids, but republicans don’t care about beating or raping women.

    • Posted by The Truth, at Reply

      LightRuler003 Lol. best one!

  5. Posted by Dead-Owl 911, at Reply

    Did he walk out like he did on his kids?

    • Posted by Jay Johnson, at Reply

      Dead-Owl 911 toooooooo funny

    • Posted by rockyea85, at Reply

      I feel guilty for thinking this is funny.

    • Posted by Andy Johnson, at Reply

      +Jewell Madden ICONIC

    • Posted by robbie g, at Reply


  6. Posted by hannermax, at Reply

    for real though, why don’t women do these things? I swear, we have so much more self control. we should get more credit for being amazing

    • Posted by dee yannie, at Reply

      jaymick31 This is why my comment was laced with “usually” and “typically”, I never meant to assert that men can’t be assaulted or raped.

      In fact I’m pretty sure I explicitly stated that at some point.. Humans are as diverse as the situations they find themselves in. All I was saying was that healthy adult men are in general stronger than healthy adult women, and for that reason alone we see more cases of men on women sexual aggression. That’s it.

      Not that men are more violent, not that men are more horny, not that men can’t control themselves; just basic biology and odds.

      I wasn’t talking about older women vs teenagers, or fat women vs skinny men. Of course those are exceptions, and of course those women were horrible for what they did to you. Please don’t misunderstand, I was only explaining why I feel situations where there’s a male agressor are typically more common and dangerous; not that those are the only situations that happen, or that other situations don’t matter.

    • Posted by Paul T Sjordal, at Reply

      It’s not because women have better self control, it’s that certain men have so self control because their whole lives they were told that everything is the woman’s fault no matter what and they feel entitled to do whatever they want.

    • Posted by Admiral Smelling, at Reply

      You think so, until you have a lady boss.

  7. Posted by Michael-Francis Poliós, at Reply

    Jesus…this is pure speculation.

    • Posted by markj6700, at Reply

      Michael-Francis Poliós , Jesus is speculation, at best. I’d say myth, even.

    • Posted by markj6700, at Reply

      rouge1ful , better check history again. No, you cannot say “Jesus” ever existed, factually.

    • Posted by Paul T Sjordal, at Reply

      Michael-Francis Poliós
      There are far more facts in here than the typical FOX story.

  8. Posted by Steve Martin, at Reply

    I am so going to enjoy watching Fox News spiral down into the abyss. In 5 years, it will be a shadow of it’s former self.

    • Posted by OfficialJoeKingOne, at Reply

      Steve Martin You mean where CNN currently is?

    • Posted by Christopher Stewart, at Reply

      Don’t we all now know all cable ( political gossip, propaganda, infotainment ) NEWS … is ALL b.s. hmmm.

  9. Posted by Darkspace, at Reply

    If Ana wants to grope me I’m OK with that

    • Posted by Michael Lucero, at Reply

      Trend House one 30 is not old unless you are 8 and two she’s 30?! She looks so young! Great genes!

    • Posted by shyvixx100, at Reply

      Darkspace she is married and doesn’t want yoy

    • Posted by Donals Zahnke, at Reply

      Darkspace yeah ana is sexy

  10. Posted by ahmed essa, at Reply


    • Posted by ROOKTABULA, at Reply

      ahmed essa O’Lielly

    • Posted by Terry Edwards, at Reply


    • Posted by dee yannie, at Reply

      Lol, I kind of hate you for making me laugh with that.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      O’ Lielly.

  11. Posted by njintau, at Reply

    Oreilly goes in, Oreilly goes out, you can’t explain that!

    • Posted by Dave Smith, at Reply

      The O’Reilly Factor – Now 100% Commercial-Free!

    • Posted by GilbertoTX, at Reply

      I would watch the oreilly factor commercial ads.

  12. Posted by Labyrinth9000, at Reply

    Bill Clinton
    Bill Cosby
    Soon, Bill O’Reilly

    WHAT IS IT with all these Billy’s showing women their chilly willy’s? NASTY!

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      you stole that joke but it’s okay

    • Posted by rockyea85, at Reply

      I’m waiting on Bill Gates sex scandal.

    • Posted by Turey Taino, at Reply

      That one will never happen. You never see him pontificating on TV.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Donald Trump, Mark Foley, Dan Hastert, Josh Duggar, Sen. Craig, etc.

  13. Posted by Robin Sparkles, at Reply

    Really? Is TYT really saying that men sexually assaulting people is taken less seriously than women? Women PEDOPHILES are not even met with scorn half the time, and their victims are “envied” by people. tards

    • Posted by Robin Sparkles, at Reply

      Paul T Sjordal I’m not white nor am I a male. Nobody is oppressed in America

    • Posted by dcon9995, at Reply

      Lel what do we need to practice? You’re already mad, annoyed, and triggered by not only having people use “your words” as if you own them, it’s hilarious.

    • Posted by Seth Rogaine, at Reply

      Robin – you mean like that episode from South Park where the attractive teacher had sex with Ike in kindergarden? All the men said “Nice.” with envy when they saw her. You’re right. Yeah the women get Jail time in real life, but the male teens get high fives for having sex with a hot Milf. Double standard maybe, but it is part of society now. Have sex with an older woman?? –Nice!!!

    • Posted by hexum7, at Reply

      Seth Rogaine yeah, but that’s only if she’s a hot twenty something. if the woman is a middle-aged uggo, all of a sudden the tables turn

  14. Posted by CLMDADE, at Reply

    They destroyed Bill Cosby for the same thing and they removed everything associated with him from tv. But this man is able to keep his job and have his cases settled for him.

    • Posted by emiliano gaspard, at Reply

      Malu Lolo you r an idiot. Cosby did not admit to rape, he said it was consensual. What he admitted to was that all those bitches wanted to get high before sex (60’s 70’s & 80’s were times of, free love, drugs, rock’n roll). *since slavery our white women always claim rape when they don’t get what they want.* …if only Cosby had made all of them superstars … On the other hand, O’rielly, Trump, Roger, and 27 others belong to a specific “rape club” that has been around for almost a hundred years.

    • Posted by Paul T Sjordal, at Reply

      Yes, but O’Reilley is white, and you know that white people have to be held to a lower standard.

    • Posted by dlkc2000, at Reply

      Gales99 He didn’t rape, only liked their feet

    • Posted by CLMDADE, at Reply

      Jeremy Blaber he had an affair, not rape

  15. Posted by jrwhite21, at Reply

    4:22 Ana trying to sound black

    • Posted by leo cannon, at Reply

      jose juarez
      on a serious note blacks have used home boy a lot ,I’m not saying we came up with it,but I know for a fact blacks do say homeboy.

    • Posted by WATSONMUTH, at Reply

      it wasnt me , King Mexico said she is hispanic

    • Posted by jose juarez, at Reply

      leo cannon I’m pretty sure some use it no doubt about it

  16. Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

    Islam States sexually-assaulting women and the government does not care but the left says its a peacefully place and loves it women

    • Posted by Chris Dyer, at Reply

      Nero Cloud Jesus. cynicism doesn’t help​ anything

    • Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

      Chris Dyer you put way to much faith in humans but its ok

    • Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

      Chris Dyer true trying to show facts to people is hard as hell I get that

  17. Posted by CyberRonin, at Reply

    If an attractive woman goes around groping dudes in the workplace they definitely aren’t getting fired. They might even get a raise.

    • Posted by Cassandra T, at Reply

      Mhmm and what about your frumpy boss who’s 200 pounds and 20 years older than you? Would it be ok then?

    • Posted by dosmastrify, at Reply

      Cassandra T ask fox, that guy they fired was very old and very fat

    • Posted by TheRenegadeStarr, at Reply

      CyberRonin how about a man groping the men and giving them a taste of their own medicine

    • Posted by Admiral Smelling, at Reply

      Man gropes man, groper gets kicked in the nuts…at least.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      CyberRonin – “Man bites dog” – no one gets euthanized.

  18. Posted by Labyrinth9000, at Reply

    ATTENTION TYT FANS! These are the Trolls who continuously spam the comment section:

    The Young Turds
    Raiku Anime
    Spooder Man
    America’s Imperialist
    Jacob Hansen

    Please stop responding to them and liking their comments. They are desperate for attention and I’m calling ALL of them out to fess up for the spam they caused. You are COWARDS for hating on TYT, yet you still watch their videos. Talk about desperation! HAHAHA!

    • Posted by Shareef Taylor, at Reply

      People should be “copy and paste(ing)” this.

    • Posted by FirebirdCamaro1220, at Reply

      Labyrinth9000 don’t forget Chunk Yogurt, I hate that guy (the troll poster), who has that horrible picture of Cenk as his avatar 😒

    • Posted by Ryan Walsh, at Reply

      They use alt accounts to like their own comments

  19. Posted by Tru Davies, at Reply

    Amberia Allen ? automatic dislike.

    • Posted by EPSTomcat11, at Reply

      Tru Davies She’s incredibly hot

    • Posted by Tru Davies, at Reply

      She’s disgustingly ugly to me. To each his own.

  20. Posted by Nancy Reyna, at Reply

    He’s still working at the same place he sexually harassed women!!!! Double standard jackass system.

    • Posted by bah cue, at Reply

      Nancy Reyna that is not a double standard

    • Posted by Phil, at Reply

      I can’t believe they haven’t fired him.

    • Posted by Nancy Reyna, at Reply

      They probably still work together, I’m absolutely grossed out.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Some big corporation head honcho (or two) had enough, and had Fox pull the show.

    • Posted by indianrunner70, at Reply

      Only in US!