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Over 150 Dead After Terrorist Bombing


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A battle in Afghanistan has declared the lives of over 150 people. Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, as well as Jimmy Dore, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you just what took place. Inform us just what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" Covering Head of state Ashraf Ghani said Tuesday that more than 150 individuals died in last week's vehicle bombing in Kabul, increasing earlier matters and making it one of the deadliest such assaults considering that the American-led invasion toppled the Taliban in 2001.

" Over 150 totally innocent Covering kids as well as daughters were eliminated and greater than three hundred were brought to medical facility with burns, lacerations, and amputations," Covering news website TOLOnews quoted Ghani as stating.

Previous quotes had placed the number of dead at 90. The president did not explain the sharp rise.

The battle occurred during Wednesday morning's rush hour, when a truck exploded in the diplomatic zone of main Kabul. The roads were packed with commuters along with children visiting college. The blast ruined home windows at the governmental royal residence, while Ghani was within, The New york city Times reports."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore


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  1. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    150 dead after extreme *ISLAMIC* Terrorist attack

    • Posted by SkillzwhoKillz, at Reply

      ztoxtube, Such intellectual laziness dude. Catholics don’t kill each other in the name of Catholicism. It isn’t their religion that drives them to murder each other. In Latin America its usually drugs or some other grievencie. If a Muslim walks into a bank and kills the clerk while demanding money, then that has nothing to do with Islam rather it has to do with greed. Bombing innocent people because your religious ideology inspired you to do so has everything to do with your religious ideology.

    • Posted by gustavo morales, at Reply

      With the same logic, the idiot who killed 2 in portland was a extreme christian terrorist attack.

    • Posted by TheFirewolfx, at Reply

      Afghanis are sunnis, getting killed by Sunnis. It doesn’t make sense. Islamic terrorism is supported by SAUDI ARABIA AND United States. They are the real terrorist.

  2. Posted by Xboxone videos, at Reply

    I bet it was those damn christians

    • Posted by KAWAII OBAMA, at Reply

      Progressive Logic america is bombing 7 countries today…

    • Posted by Jimmy Saveloy, at Reply

      Xboxone videos the christians are playing their xbox while their military are dropping 10’s of thousands of bombs and using the corrupt media to not report it.

    • Posted by JFK, at Reply

      Really? Which one is worse, and how so?

  3. Posted by the zombie survivor, at Reply

    WTF is wrong with the world

    • Posted by Jan Jorissen, at Reply

      Cnc Ignorant people who don’t realize they’re ignorant, like for example a lot of certain religious people?

    • Posted by Ryder Washington, at Reply

      +Jan Jorissen You mean all religious people?

  4. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    I am very glad that TYT are here to guide so many people through a very dangerous time in mankind’s history. They are noble beyond words.

    • Posted by Albert Querky, at Reply

      “but ignorance costs us all.” Yes, and your ignorance is especially expensive! How can TYT actually trying to blame a Taliban terror attack on the US be anything but destabilising? In the past these scum would have been considered TRAITORS! I mean FFS they couldn’t help themselves by trying to attack Trump! *EVEN AN IGNORANT TERROR APOLOGIST AS YOU* cannot feel safer for them blaming the US than them attributing the blame to *WHERE IT BELONGS*

      I don’t *EVER* remember TYT claiming the blame belonged to Obama on those rare occasions a non muslim terror attack occurred – do you? When those muslims were stabbed, did TYT go out of their way to find an alternate motive for the crime, or did they just say blame the terrorist, and attacked the media for not covering it more?

      Are you *THAT IGNORANT* it doesn’t occur to you how massive the hypocrisy of TYT – sorry Tokyo Rose truly is?

    • Posted by ztoxtube, at Reply

      +Albert Querky — Are you a parody of a typical schizophrenic Alex Jones fan? If so, it’s brilliant.

  5. Posted by Jonny Railey, at Reply

    Only Western Lives Matter.

    • Posted by Arca Jeth, at Reply

      +The Observer Would it really have been better off? I am fairly certain that even if we never intervened in the middle east, it would still be a war zone. I am against our constant presence in the middle east, but That doesn’t mean I will deny the reality of that world.

    • Posted by Jonny Railey, at Reply

      +Arca Jeth. “You already know what I mean by the western world.” No I do not. I do not know what is rattling around in that head. I’m not clairvoyant. There are quite a few interpretations of what is Western Culture. Provide a definition please, if you wish to engage in any type of substantive dialogue.

    • Posted by Arca Jeth, at Reply

      +Jonny Railey​ Again, I didn’t make this term up. Are you admitting ignorance of what and who makes up the western world, while living in the western world?

      The western society is comprised of pretty much every country that allows diversity of thought, race, religion and traditions.

      From this the answer should be obvious.

    • Posted by definitelynotacop, at Reply

      Jonny Railey All hemisphere lives matter

  6. Posted by Robert House, at Reply

    All the outrage over Manchester, London, but not even a peep for Kabul – and it was 100x worse.

    • Posted by ANony Mouse, at Reply

      Something wrong with your math there?
      5X more like BUT as you say and I agree the west media ignores these Muslim tragedies.. Shame on us..

    • Posted by M J Grasscutter, at Reply

      Are you that dumb Robert? Do you think that people in Kabul constantly talk about London? Of course there’s outrage over Manchester, we live in the West. It’s not the victim olympics.

    • Posted by Kat Sam, at Reply

      It’s more newsworthy if it happens in your own country you dolt.

    • Posted by TheDaftySage, at Reply

      Yup, muslims killing people in Kabul, but the western world should be ashamed, because…

  7. Posted by LCarlTBM x, at Reply

    Terrorist attack killing 10 guys in the west: Endless coverage.

    Terrorist attack killing hundreds in the Middle East: * Crickets*

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      you can find videos of a mob of people beating to death a women just last week in Afghanistan

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      LCarlTBM x earth to Carl: Mama Ana is lying to you, this story was covered. By everybody. And right after it happened, unlike TYT, who took a week to do so. Stop with your phony disgust, you look stupid

    • Posted by kousoulides, at Reply

      Absolutely what are these buffoons talking about? this is from last week



    • Posted by The Worm, at Reply

      TYT: 150 Muslim people were killed in Kabul, Afghanistan by some guys that we don’t want to identify, because our narrative has priority over reporting the news.

  8. Posted by mini adam, at Reply

    it’s sad that the London attack with 7 dead gets more attention than 150 dead

    • Posted by Arca Jeth, at Reply

      +ROOKTABULA​ So it was the land of milk and honey before Russia and the US invaded? You are delusional….

      How great was the country under Taliban rule?

    • Posted by Arca Jeth, at Reply

      +ROOKTABULA Putin doesn’t run the US. Stop watching CNN, it is draining your brain..

    • Posted by Andrew Devine, at Reply

      Thanks for the white guilt. At least we aren’t out in the street celebrating like people in Muslim countries do when Western countries are attacked.

    • Posted by Blueblood1873, at Reply

      mini adam Stop talking bollocks it never. For a start, you seemed only interested in the Afghanistan incident, you made no attempt at mentioning the attack in Egypt, which is in a long list of incidents attributed to Islamic extremists, carrying out sectarian murder of Christians. The incidents in the UK are going to get blanket coverage, not only because of the location, but also the victims were largely people from the UK. The race and ethnicity of the victims, did not matter. The media would have significantly more resources, to cover the story, boots on the ground and the ability to receive more substantial information, through the fluidity of not having any cultural or language barrier. The logistics have a major impact on how much information can be gathered and how reliable it is. Quite frankly I believe you have a chip on your shoulder, regards the reporting of these issues. You obviously don’t have a clue, when you claim European nations are in all those countries.

  9. Posted by Dom Trussardi, at Reply

    Friend of mine 17 years ago: they’ll thank us in 20 years.

    Are they….are they thanking us yet?

    • Posted by Space Cadet, at Reply

      they couldn’t win hearts and minds so they just removed them

    • Posted by disinfect777, at Reply

      they should

  10. Posted by SneakingFox, at Reply

    Pale skin is worth more than tanned skin. What’s new? It’s “AmeriKKKa”

    • Posted by Jan Jorissen, at Reply

      The race card is so boring, there is a next button close to the replay button too btw.

  11. Posted by Juboktimusprime, at Reply

    Americans only cared about white lives lost to terrorism

    • Posted by Chris Skies, at Reply

      Juboktimusprime Do you ever get tired of playing the race card? You realize now no one cares after you cried wolf so much?

    • Posted by BOSS NASS, at Reply

      The victims in Orlando were almost all hispanics and it got all sorts of coverage on TV and social media.

  12. Posted by john shoffner, at Reply

    isis is to Islam, what the kkk is to Christianity.

    • Posted by Nytefury, at Reply

      It was baseless and stupid when it was said on the TV show The West Wing, and still is so today. Congrats 302 people are more stupid for having agreed with that inane statement.

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

      Christians kill plenty of people. They just tend to do it as part of an organized and well-funded army instead of rag-tag insurgents.

    • Posted by Martial Villager, at Reply

      The Amerikkkan government has over 800 military bases outside of its own borders. They have supported some of the worst mass murderers in Africa, Asia and Latin America when it was convenient to them. U$A imperialism is objectively the biggest terrorist.

      Afghanistan was a secular country before the U$A supported bin Laden and Mujahadeen in the 1980s look it up.

    • Posted by Matthew Welsh, at Reply

      Look at these people defending the KKK. What’s wrong with you people?

      Also, add in the Neo-Nazis. Two terrorist groups that must be killed

  13. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    Jesus Christ 150 victims. now do you believe me when i say that Muslims also hate terrorists.

    • Posted by John Staymos, at Reply

      but yet muslims won turn in their own

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      +Johnny the Boy they’re people who live and breathe and site other religions to and they can still be assholes. You can easily look up on YouTubes of Christians in America outside of abortion clinics gay pride parades and comic conventions and they’ll say every last person there is going to hell and harass people because of what they do. They’re over a billion Muslims clearly there’s something about the religion that people like, they’re Hispanic Muslims black Muslims white Muslims all in America they exist clearly there is something in the religion that people are drawn to.

      So yeah I’m not going to demonize an entire religion just because the actions of a few. There is nothing in the Quran that says to purposely mistreat and treat women as second-class Citizens, and there are even Muslim countries that don’t allow women to wear the hijab in certain public areas. So once again it comes down to the country that you live in and the laws that are in place there and whether or not those laws have been interjected with someone’s personal rhetoric claiming it’s under the guise of religious reasons the same thing Republicans are currently trying to do here. So pissed off!

  14. Posted by derwyn owen, at Reply

    where are the people who always complain TYT dont cover terrorist attacks in muslim countries…………..

    • Posted by Colin C., at Reply

      They have retreated back into the sand again. Willfully ignorant, and willfully blind.

    • Posted by M J Grasscutter, at Reply

      Where are they? Sitting at home watching this video you dumb motherfucker. Glad that they’re covering it.

    • Posted by Iker Dector, at Reply

      Saying that “Buddhism and Islam are the same” is if I said “Christianity and Catholicism is the same”. They are not the same @The Coffee Nut.

  15. Posted by Jaden Smith, at Reply

    Thank you tyt for informing me on this I had no idea.. Jesús..

  16. Posted by Sonata727, at Reply

    Typical 1st world countries. 3 people die from stabbings and it’s a global outrage. 150 people get incinerated and no one blinks an eye.

    • Posted by tubsent, at Reply

      And 2nd world, and 3rd world and any world. Every single place on Earth is more concerned with what happens in their neighborhood than with what happens on the other side of the planet. As is every single healthy individual. Or do you care more about countless strangers being killed every single day than even relatively minor bad news concerning you personally or a loved one. Hypocritical virtue signaler.

    • Posted by George kush, at Reply

      tubsent amazing justification for not caring about other humans. I give ahhh 8/10. the sub conscious is an interesting part of the human brain

  17. Posted by Football-Pundit, at Reply

    7 dead in London attacks whole world outraged, 150 dead in Afghanistan no1 cares…and they think why do they hate us?

    • Posted by hazel eyes, at Reply

      Not true sharia means islamic law so no muslim says sharia law because then you are saying islamic law law you fake muslim troll.

    • Posted by Football-Pundit, at Reply

      facefister69 Its not that ppl dont care, ofcourse many ppl do care but TYT specifically say that Republicans or Right Wingers or Conservatives dont care about Muslims and blame all Muslims for terrorism despite the fact that most victims r also Muslims and in saying that they are TYT is correct.

      Also, I also agree that TYT has its own narrative and agenda, especially as they dont do stories on gender bias against men in legal cases,custody etc.

  18. Posted by Rabolisk, at Reply

    More newsworthy than London.

    • Posted by transcendentmuzic, at Reply

      Matthew Maguire I mean that’s what you can conclude from media coverage of incidents like this. That the many white people only seem to be able to empathize with people that look like them.

    • Posted by Kate, at Reply

      @Matthew Maguire – More and more of us are leaving the left. And this is why. I used to be their ally, but I’m not any more. These are not intelligent people. We can’t mindlessly align with this nonsense.

  19. Posted by James Russell, at Reply

    Look, when terrorists kill Muslims, its not news. When terrorists kill whites, its big news. Its a crime against humanity.

    • Posted by Dan B, at Reply

      James Russell Or because Western Europe is more advanced and has a bigger media presence
      Use ur brain

    • Posted by James Russell, at Reply

      Dan B How is it that these same news can cover white deaths in these Muslims countries when they’re killed yet does not cover news when Muslims are the victims of terrorism. Use ur brain.