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Over Sixty Black People Arrested For Same Bag Of Weed


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It was much less compared to an ounce of marijuana. Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark area below.

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" Authorities in Cartersville, Georgia responded to a call of apparent gunfires on Saturday night, but what they discovered was a houseparty with nearly 100 individuals celebrating a 21st birthday.

When cops arrived at the scene, something led them to believe there were drugs on the building. They supposedly got in the house without the consent of the partygoers, as well as after much less compared to one ounce of marijuana was found by officers, 63 guests were arrested as well as sent to jail due to the fact that no declared the medications as theirs." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Baron Lux, at Reply

    Awesome, I want my tax money I give to the government to pay for 63 people’s imprisonment for an ounce of weed.

    • Posted by Abraham Reyes, at Reply

      Are you a Corporation Person or a Person Person?

    • Posted by David McConville, at Reply

      If you think that’s bad, wait until they sue for damage due to wrongful arrest since the charges will definitely get dropped in court.

    • Posted by Generic Scout, at Reply

      It’s really to feed the officers who do this kind of stuff.

    • Posted by Steve Fayers, at Reply

      Have to drop the silly made up juvenile name 1st methinks. How else will they know who to send it too? Doh.

  2. Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

    “racism is dead” – Right Wingers

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply


      Do you realize that by making factually false assertions, TYT perpetuates a legitimate need for some of the points that “braindead pricks” are bringing up?

    • Posted by AegisEpoch, at Reply

      we all know the question isnt if who does what then that makes them racist. its if the same standards the -people who arent affected by it so why are we even listening to them- alt-right right apply to prove racism, applies to them as well. we all know it doesnt/they’re moving the goalpost. i’d suggest just take this time to think about how regularly we debate ideas with liars.

  3. Posted by Andrew Sykes, at Reply

    KKK cops, no surprise!!

    • Posted by Paweł Podsiadło, at Reply

      they dindu nuffin. stop jailing kangz :///////

    • Posted by Donald Crunk, at Reply

      Andrew Sykes I’m just here collecting salt. Keep it flowing Turks! Cenk is a child rapist

    • Posted by Guy Romine, at Reply

      Don’t do drugs.

    • Posted by Uranius Johnson, at Reply

      Andrew Sykes Because black people are above obeying the law and anyone that says any different is obviously a racist. 😂

  4. Posted by V. A. Odin, at Reply

    Georgia? You don’t say?

    • Posted by caca, at Reply

      V. A. Odin Killer Mike said that he fears passing 15 miles outside Atlanta Ga because he might get shot by cops who dnt know him.

    • Posted by Juib Morrowind, at Reply

      Yes, the state eating all tax money from NY and CA.

  5. Posted by IPSOS MAATI, at Reply

    Sending a little love for all 63 people.

    • Posted by Sc j, at Reply

      I’m sure they would rather have help with their legal fees than your ‘love’.

    • Posted by erin craig, at Reply

      I’m sure they would rather have some one help fight for their rights than think of them for a min or two to make yourself feel better. There are atrial things I can do to help. Don’t doing so is like watching a murder stab some one when u had a gun. We the people have the power we just have to know how to use it

    • Posted by XHALE303, at Reply

      erin craig people already know how to use their power since the romans,
      they just keep forgetting it as a collective & give it away to the next puppet that comes allong every 4y

    • Posted by erin craig, at Reply

      XHALE303 Can’t say I disagree with you. No dictator can last forever. We can’t keep watching man women and children die constantly living in fear that we are next. I just hope the revolution happens be for we get so desperate things get violent. However history tends to show a violent revolution to be much more likely than the alternative

  6. Posted by Ron Donson, at Reply

    This was probably done on purpose. Not processing until Monday to specifically intentionally cause a percentage to lose their jobs and get an arrest record. The most notable thing about the story is the cop that said “You are unfit to have a child.” Eugenics is at the forefront of his mind and police work would reflect that. That entire police department (realistically 25-50%) go to the same Klan rallies, I guarantee it.

    • Posted by N'NAMDI A, at Reply

      Ron Donson
      Do not put all European white people in the same bracket. You can’t blame the entire contingent for the actions of a few. Some Liberians eat babies. 50% of homicide in America is committed by members that belong to 13% of the population (African Americans). Does this mean that Africans are savages?

    • Posted by N'NAMDI A, at Reply

      It’s better to make jusgements on an individual or narrow it down to a specific concentrated group. Or you destroy your entire argument.

    • Posted by Donny S., at Reply

      Not being the best or brightest, last I checked, wasn’t against the law.

    • Posted by Ron Donson, at Reply

      Ex0dus111 You are 100% right. I got a tad hyperbolic. Definitely those in power…and Sociopath are drawn to and obtain power easily.

  7. Posted by Charge0Complete, at Reply

    This is insane

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      No, it’s Georgia. Almost surprising not one cop said they all looked alike.

  8. Posted by Richie Sahlin, at Reply

    No permission was given. This case will be tossed out.

    • Posted by erin craig, at Reply

      I wish it where as easy as being right but lawsuits take money

    • Posted by guymine123, at Reply

      Sorry warrant

    • Posted by Jae Lynn, at Reply

      guy mine123- lol Sorry, you are worried about getting the word “warrant” wrong when you spelled “sue” as “sew?” You wrote “sew,” as in “sewing a shirt,” instead of “sue.” Also, “without” is ONE word. You also forgot to use a comma after “You know” and drop the “what.” Here is how you should have written it.

      “You know, they could counter-sue for entering without a warrant.” OR “You know what? They could counter-sue for entering without a warrant.”

      Please, go back to school. This is why they say American’s are dumb!

    • Posted by fun breeze, at Reply

      goverment bail fraud

  9. Posted by Heather Smith Reseller, at Reply

    63 people would have way more weed than a small baggy. This is lame

    • Posted by KMF, at Reply

      An ounce is 28 grams, so divided betweeen 63 people that’s close to half a gram each! Outrageous. Them being black is clearly coincidental. The police were out in the hood where 99% of crime takes place catching crooks what’s the big deal? The criminals got served

    • Posted by GTA V REALISM, at Reply

      Do you even know how much a gram of weed is, it’s a joint ffs, and they had under a half gram each if for some odd reason they all owned it, which is obvious BS, arresting people for what equals less than a joint a piece is ridiculous, also if you think 99% of crime takes place in “The hood” you’re too stupid to be walking around without a helmet.

    • Posted by KMF, at Reply

      GTA V REALISM i know more than you could ever🙃
      You know as a child and your siblings and yourself refused to own up so you all got punished? It’s called shared responsibility and is written into the law! If your too scared to own up then you all go jail! Funny how the local area crime rate significantly reduced in those few days only to spike again. And I can tell you’ve never left Beverly Hills you don’t even know what the hood is homie! Go run to your momma and go to the burn unit your roasted 🤣🤣🤣🤣😘

    • Posted by KMF, at Reply

      Trapinnewyork44 how dare you? If you looked at any credible news sources you wouldn’t need a link you imbecile. Now apologise to the lady incel beta cuck

  10. Posted by alex taylor, at Reply

    I bet weed was a go-to excuse for these cops

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      How about the stolen gun? Was that planted to?

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      How about the party’s promotional flyer which suggested that people bring their own weed to the party?
      Was that planted too? Or was it an insider job by a mole?

    • Posted by alex taylor, at Reply

      JB JG I always wondering if the cop know he might ruin this people Lives like you have to be real eivl to think i can do that

    • Posted by Melly Kidd, at Reply

      It often is.

  11. Posted by Simon 's, at Reply

    Wasting tax payer money , why cause so much problem for people.

    • Posted by James Cooper, at Reply

      I think he said they mistook gunshots for fireworks but I dunno shooting guns on years eve is a common silly thing I thought ppl did either way all 63 ppl didn’t do anything

    • Posted by Last Greatest, at Reply

      Simon ‘s Hate is the reason. Nothing more, Nothing less!

    • Posted by Jack X, at Reply

      TheUltimateBeing01 You mean Europeans cus there is no such thing as White Americans..

    • Posted by freedom1234573, at Reply

      Simon ‘s cuz black

  12. Posted by BeowWulf, at Reply

    It’s all (optimistically speaking) going to get thrown out but that doesn’t help the people who already lost their jobs.

    • Posted by occupynewparadigm, at Reply

      Pro se federal lawsuit for false arrest will compensate them. They may even get a lawyer to take it since it is national news.

    • Posted by danae hernandez, at Reply

      occupynewparadigm hope so. This is sick.

    • Posted by TheGreatMoonFrog, at Reply

      The following lawsuits might though

    • Posted by occupynewparadigm, at Reply

      danae hernandez The can also file In Forma Pauperis if they don’t have the 400$ to file the lawsuit and they should.

    • Posted by Coffey Jo, at Reply

      1 of the 4 people in the thumbnail is white

  13. Posted by Timothy B, at Reply

    Cops in Georgia are Racist

    • Posted by Marva Dawkins, at Reply

      Not just in Georgia Timothy cops in general are racist sob recruited straight from the KKK

  14. Posted by James Campbell, at Reply

    Old Republican scam, it’s called keeping the voting register white!!!!

    • Posted by Richard Soto, at Reply

      James Campbell absolutely correct on that issue.

  15. Posted by Michael Evans, at Reply

    If a piece of dope is on the sidewalk everyone walking up that street get charged

  16. Posted by Bruce Hyman, at Reply

    The system is so racist…

  17. Posted by Eric Antone, at Reply

    Georgia, of course. One of the most racist states in the Union.

    • Posted by Canner, at Reply

      Making America great again

  18. Posted by Jason N., at Reply

    To be clear, you can be POOR and white…and never have to worry about this. The issue is they got arrested SPECIFICALLY because they’re BLACK! It’s a RACE issue not a class one.

    • Posted by Light And Shadow, at Reply

      +Lauren F
      Is that comment directed at me?
      You can go look at the official police mugshots of the people arrested. There were absolutely white people at the party who were arrested.

    • Posted by GTA V REALISM, at Reply

      I’m poor and White and I got arrested for it, but I was also a kid, so probably more a teach this kid a lesson thing than based on race or me being poor.

      Doesn’t mean the police won’t arrest me because I’m White though, even if they are more likely to arrest a Black person for the same thing.

    • Posted by Lauren F, at Reply

      I was saying that they didn’t get arrested specifically because they were black. I agree with you.

    • Posted by borderline famous, at Reply

      Jason N. Wrong the issue is they did not know their rights if you don’t know your rights you don’t have any

  19. Posted by Shanika Hogans, at Reply

    In California white weed markets are on tv selling to other white people in long lines on the street. Our justice system is the prime example of systematic racism in America

    • Posted by marlonious76, at Reply

      Shanika Hogans
      They’ve already started to close ranks on blacks when it comes to the weed market. Best believe any big time grower wont be capitalizing if their black. They will have to risk their life by taking their show on the road. Just like ths share croppers. The establishment doesnt want any blacks having any wealth creating resources. Only a few will slip through the cracks.

  20. Posted by W N, at Reply

    1. They have the right to bear arms. So, who cares if there was a semi-automatic weapon retrieved.
    2. 63 people are not all guilty just because they were in the same location and possibly have access to the drug in question. They have no evidence to tie it to anyone. No case.
    3. This is a massive lawsuit in the making. And these white clowns with badges have created a libel suit that will cost their county millions.
    4. Another example of the ongoing undocumented policy since the 1960s, to find any reason to incarcerate blacks.
    Whenever they start with the bullshit that more blacks are arrested because they commit more crimes, well, now you have your answer. It’s all bullshit. Whites commit more crimes and often walk or get leniency.

    • Posted by Xn Tyler, at Reply

      Veganjedi97 could you repeat that in English please…..

    • Posted by Tennis Rich, at Reply

      Light And Shadow why couldn’t have belonged to someone who was not incarcerated, but had left it for the group, 28 grams will not work for 60 plus people, so its like charging a football team of underage kids for one beer? as an example,,, and cops are known to drop things to find and make peoples lives hard, not all of them, but these ones sound like they are scammers

    • Posted by Sylvia Havens, at Reply


    • Posted by Sylvia Havens, at Reply

      Kathy Urschel . THAT’S WHY YOU ARE NOT A COP.