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Papantonio: Corporate Insider Whistleblowers Are Saving Democracy


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There's no doubt that whistleblowers like Edward Snowden have helped to enlighten the public, but there are various other types of whistleblowers who deserve our appreciation– and those are individuals that are blowing the whistle on corporate scams versus the federal government. Yearly, the Division of Justice recoups billions of bucks from companies that have actually dedicated fraudulence versus the federal government. The U.S.A.'s Attorney Mike Papantonio speaks about the people who have actually helped to subject the corruption of our very own federal government. Discover more here:

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  1. Posted by DZ. KNUTZ, at Reply

    1st dislike!!!!!

    • Posted by Path Evermore, at Reply

      you’re the first special snowflake in need of a safe space?

    • Posted by Zulikas69, at Reply

      why did you commented 3 times for this video?

    • Posted by DZ. KNUTZ, at Reply

      Zulikas69 BECAUSE YOUR SPECIAL:))))

  2. Posted by, at Reply


  3. Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

    “saving democracy”

    • Posted by Real News, at Reply

      Anthony Rock Its a Republic not Democracy.

  4. Posted by Power Vapor Supply, at Reply

    Dr. paul batcho. robert duncan. ex darpa employee’s blowing whistles.

  5. Posted by Regina Hall, at Reply

    His name is Seth Rich

    • Posted by wratched, at Reply

      You know, Seth Rich’s own family don’t want you spreading this conspiracy. Why don’t you ask them before posting that?

    • Posted by georgemiser, at Reply

      Give up man, Conspiritards never listen to the actual truth. You might as well point out that Bob Saget isn’t a pedophile or that pizzagate doesn’t exist or that Trump is going to be impeached because none of it will make a lick of difference.

    • Posted by bcoleman71, at Reply

      wratched it’s not his family saying that. It came from a DNC crisis specialist who appointed himself to represent the family. They didn’t hire him. They have asked him to stop speaking for them.

  6. Posted by Jim Murphy, at Reply

    We The People need whistleblowers,, working in conjunction with the mass media, to protect our constitutional rights, never moreso than in the trump era. I would be eternally grateful if someone in the IRS leaked trump’s taxes.

    • Posted by Zachar Art, at Reply

      Too bad mass media is a part of the brain washing, and it’s working with the corupt government

    • Posted by Susan Raezer, at Reply

      Jim You need a new media. The one we have now, is owned and micro managed by the elite. They won’t break anything that will hurt the elite or corporate power.

    • Posted by Jim Murphy, at Reply

      Thank you for the reply Susan. You are right that some of the media have sold us out. Only a fool would deny that fact. However, I also believe that there are still principled members of the media who have enough integrity and love of country that they will refuse to be bought. Our challenge is deciding who are the crusaders and who are the co-conspirators

  7. Posted by AboxoroxRoxursox, at Reply

    Money is worth more then people in votes.
    Why do people think the Republican/Corporate Democrat party wants to lower of get rid of minimum wage and destroy all support structures and education. The corporations and wealthy families have all the money right now which buys them unlimited political power. Now it’s time to kick the ladder out from under the rest because more people having money means it threatens their power.

  8. Posted by evildevil364, at Reply

    Whistleblower = Earths Heroes

    • Posted by Harry Bawls, at Reply

      #GetWoke ✊🏻✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼✊🏾

  9. Posted by Sean Hanson, at Reply

    Whistleblowers are ok as long as they are going after the “right people” otherwise they die in a robbery and no one speaks about it.

  10. Posted by Jean Falco, at Reply


  11. Posted by pete meager, at Reply

    if they didn’t keep part of the money no one would do any of this

  12. Posted by Bijou Smith, at Reply

    Nice commentary. Note however that the USA is currently not a democracy, it is objectively provably a lot closer to an oligarchy. TYT have an episode I think on the statistics showing what impact the public has on policy (about 30%) compared to corporations (about 50%) see So this makes the social importance of whistleblowers and grass roots activists even more critical, they are, in a real sense, helping to preserve the slim semblance of democracy that still remains in USA society.

  13. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    snitches get stitches and end up in ditches

    • Posted by Henke Ria, at Reply

      u maybe wanna grow up

    • Posted by Robel the whale, at Reply

      Henke Ria you are expecting too much.

    • Posted by liquidminds, at Reply

      Either you like whistle-blowers because they make the world a better place, or you hate them because you fear they might cause harm to your own criminal enterprise.

      so.. like you suggested so nicely: If you hate whistle-blowers, you’re probably a criminal with everything to lose.

    • Posted by Henke Ria, at Reply

      maybe, but everybody got the right to change/grow up

    • Posted by Scalpking47, at Reply

      You sound like Podesta

  14. Posted by JDauntless The Protagonist Gamer, at Reply

    Tom Clancy was a whistleblower, as well. He’s still my hero.

  15. Posted by Virgil R Garwood, at Reply

    hey Papa Mike… can you maybe not use the speech mannerisms of trump? that’d be terrific. YUGE.

  16. Posted by JoeKickass324, at Reply

    its kinda weird hearing a southerner well informed and well spoken

    • Posted by JoeKickass324, at Reply

      I blame the politicians and the news. They basically destroyed the educations in the south. Creationism?
      really? Made science and free thought something to be feared. Same with Shouting Slogans of mexicans taking over, or that Jhadis Shuria Law or that poor people are why they have any problems. Cool that your one of the people that can have a independent thought, but i would go crazy when half of the people around you are hard headed trump supporters. LOL but im pretty sure your right the news shows the craziest trump supporters and usual they are southerner, those people really make southerns look bad

    • Posted by FunWithReality, at Reply

      So instead of understanding your own stereotype of southern people as all uneducated freaks you double down and convince yourself that this ONE southern person is intelligent…

      What a smart way of thinking…. /s

  17. Posted by Scalpking47, at Reply

    Seth Rich is an American hero.

  18. Posted by Derek Fuller, at Reply

    Selling your government bad products should be considered treason.

  19. Posted by Real News, at Reply

    His name was Seth Rich.

  20. Posted by Chicano American Nationalit, at Reply

    Seth Rich was the leaker, not the Russians. Give it up Tyt

    • Posted by poloboyl89, at Reply

      Chicano American Nationalit
      You don’t believe that yourself. Stop it.