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Papantonio: Trucking Companies Leave A Blood Trail In Their Wake


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Almost 4,000 Americans are eliminated yearly in accidents entailing 18-wheelers, however we just find out about these mishaps if they take place to include a celebrity. The tales that typically aren't told are of family members that have been eliminated by truck chauffeurs. America's Attorney Mike Papantonio speaks about how a lot of these crashes can have quickly been stayed clear of by simply focusing on the laws. Subscribe to the Ring of Fire for a lot more:

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  1. Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

    Papantonio: Trucking Companies Leave A Blood Trail In Their Wake
    “So did the Turkish people it is called the Armenian genocide”…

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply


    • Posted by Freddy C, at Reply

      +havocmaster69 calm down timy everything’s going to be ok

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      What is a timy? Do you libtards have a code?

    • Posted by Freddy C, at Reply

      +havocmaster69 fml

  2. Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

    Truck of Peace: Coming again, to a Europe near you!

  3. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I have been a convert to islam for most of my life so I know a thing or two about trucks and blood, and TYT are simply not honest in this video.

    • Posted by James Rolfe, at Reply


    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      You crack me up dude

  4. Posted by JJ Hupf, at Reply

    This is the exact reason I use a dash cam. too often is the blame on the truck driver. There is a standard lack of education amongst people who hold a basic Class D drivers license. On top of those hold a Class A license. The training required for driving a truck is as inadequate or more than what is required to drive a car. You want to blame someone? Blame the corporations who have CDL farm schools (teaches just the minimal to pass the CDL test) and then turn a driver loose after minimal training and pay nothing. I’ve been in the trucking game for years. If you really want to know the full story Mike send me an email. While many accidents are the truck drivers fault, they can’t be faulted for the lack of knowledge and training they’ve received as a result of the corporation trying to make money.

    • Posted by Kobe Beyan, at Reply

      JJ Hupf thanks man I’ve never thought of that I’ma start putting the dash cam on my on my truck I’ma tell my buddies about that too I’ve never had any legal problems while driving I only drive for that 11 hour window I don’t care what they offer me but there’s been some times when I’m driving in a blizzard and roads are closed and I’m the only a****** out on the road yeah I’m getting the dash cam thanks for the info

  5. Posted by Steve RX4, at Reply

    All heavy trucks in Australia are speed limited to 100kmh. Drivers need logbooks and have to stop for inspections at registered stops and from road patrols. Logbooks need to show rest and drive times.
    Companies are prosecuted if drivers have unsafe vehicles or break logbook rules.

    • Posted by David Lazarus, at Reply

      Steve RX4 same in the U.K. Lorry drivers have tachometer in the truck and these have to be kept. Also the numbers of hours of continuous driving is also restricted. We have fewer lorry accidents because of this. These can still happen but fatigue is less of an issue.

  6. Posted by Scott e, at Reply

    You know, almost all accidents involving a truck are automatically blamed on the truck driver, even if it was the fault of the car, so it is kind of hard to take accident statistics seriously.

  7. Posted by sloth7sloth, at Reply

    If you want to cut down on deadly accidents by 18 wheelers, just add two extra wheels. PROBLEM SOLVED.

  8. Posted by Kelvin Waters, at Reply

    Autonomous trucks are on the way America.

  9. Posted by Superman Clark Kent, at Reply

    More like Islamic trucks of peace leave a trail of blood in their wake.

    • Posted by Gerroditus, at Reply

      Damn, are you really THAT much of a frightened little twat?

    • Posted by Superman Clark Kent, at Reply

      Gerroditus Well trucks are weirdly becoming frequent tool for terrorism.

  10. Posted by CanadianMike100, at Reply

    I was a military driver. I also drove commercial truck all over North America for a few years. As somebody else mentioned, the car drivers are at fault in most accidents involving trucks and cars. There were a few times I could have seriously hurt or killed somebody. I wish they were not as strict on log books. There were times I was stuck in traffic for several hrs and sometimes you were waiting somewhere to load or unload. A driver who makes most of their money when they are rolling at highway speed does not make money when they are not moving,

    • Posted by J Dub, at Reply

      CanadianMike100 I talked to hundreds of truck drivers one summer for a feasibility study. The one thing they ALL commonly said was “separate cars from the trucks – a truck-only lane would make things safer for everyone.”

      Car drivers underestimate the need for distance when stopping or maneuvering in a big rig, and, at the very least, it has helped me to be more considerate towards larger vehicles.

      Be safe out there on the road, CanadianMike100.

  11. Posted by Roger Allen, at Reply

    How many truck drivers are going 80 mph+? Most have speed governors that keeps their speed 65 mph and less.

    • Posted by G. Lowenklee, at Reply

      “How many truck drivers are going 80 mph+?”

      Quite a few in the open range states and southwest, and even more are travelling in excess of 65mph

    • Posted by jay bradley, at Reply

      Come here to the east coast and drive from florida to NY on I-95, youll get run off the road by these bastards driving 80 plus mph

    • Posted by Roger Allen, at Reply

      Not something I knew before. Many in the Southeast aren’t allowed, their companies are too afraid of lawsuits to do that.

  12. Posted by burntcerial, at Reply

    a better title would have been “Trucking companies overworking drivers.”

    • Posted by Cesar Marquez, at Reply

      burntcerial and for shitty pay.

  13. Posted by Michael Williams, at Reply

    highways are one of the most dangerous places in the world. We just need computers to drive all cars for us, whenever possible, they would be much better drivers.

    • Posted by Lying Williams, at Reply


  14. Posted by ElNingyou, at Reply

    I’ve been nearly crushed or run off the road four times by rigs. These guys are bombs dispatched out on the freeway.

    • Posted by Babyboi6769, at Reply


    • Posted by kiemer, at Reply

      Right, It was my fault when being passed the trucker suddenly swerved in my lane. Nearly forcing me into the ditch. Just like when I was being tailgated by a trucker on the interstate when he could have easily passed me. All I could see in the mirror was his front grill. I know that’s not most truckers on the road but don’t claim everything is the fault of the other drivers on the road.

    • Posted by jarjarbinks77, at Reply

      kiemer I don’t know the situation you were in so I can’t make a conclusive decision on who’s at fault but considering most commercial trucks are limited to between 55mph and 65mph if a truck passed you you were doing something wrong and were probably a road hazard.

    • Posted by kiemer, at Reply

      Thats right you don’t know the situation. Also in the real world trucks go faster then the limit.

  15. Posted by Cathy Cowan Becker, at Reply

    It would be safer for everyone if most goods were shipped by rail rather than semi trucks. Better for the environment too.

    • Posted by jarjarbinks77, at Reply

      Still gotta use the trucks to get the goods from the rails to the businesses.

  16. Posted by Safet Hamzagic, at Reply

    im taking the 30 min brake right now..

    • Posted by Noloco Lawrence, at Reply

      Safet Hamzagic stupid mandatory bs

    • Posted by Safet Hamzagic, at Reply

      Have to wait 2 more min

    • Posted by Noloco Lawrence, at Reply

      Safet Hamzagic I just had one of those I’m in a dock so thankfully those are the ones that help not having to deal with it

    • Posted by Safet Hamzagic, at Reply

      Yup…stay safe driver

  17. Posted by Jeffrey LaCohn, at Reply

    Did you know that non-union trucking companies can ignore overtime pay. Old Dominion trucking works their dock workers 60 hours a week before overtime kicks in. Thanks to deregulation, workers get screwed for profit.

  18. Posted by Jonathan Brooks, at Reply

    The major problem is that general public know little to nothing about dealing with trucks. When they get there drivers license less the 10% of the test covers what to do when trucks are present. I think they should know more, but because this haven’t been implemented yet shows how much our government care about the general public. 😒

    • Posted by Noloco Lawrence, at Reply

      Jonathan Brooks even when they do know they don’t care because they expect that you’ll stop just hopefully not their life unfortunately though someone those careless decisions will stop their life and they fail to realize saving a minute won’t save your life