Parents Eat Kids Halloween Candy! 😱 Savage PRANK | AFV Halloween 2018 | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Parents Eat Kids Halloween Candy! 😱 Savage PRANK | AFV Halloween 2018


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These #pranks are so #savage! Don't fret though, it's SIMPLY A PRANK! Would you do this to your kids ?? or HAVE YOU?.

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Parents Consume Children Halloween Candy! Vicious TRICK|AFV Halloween 2018.

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  1. Posted by Madison Blair, at Reply


  2. Posted by Oskar Craft, at Reply


  3. Posted by Oskar Craft, at Reply


  4. Posted by TOHmaster, at Reply

    No more candy LOL

  5. Posted by ManuelCraft2006, at Reply

    Jajajajajajaja, hello there

  6. Posted by Gayathri R, at Reply


  7. Posted by XY ZW, at Reply

    the last one tho! XD

  8. Posted by Atmik Dubey, at Reply

    Hey when they grow up and when watch this what will they say

  9. Posted by Atmik Dubey, at Reply

    9:35 that’s what my father do with my mobile phone after knowing my result

  10. Posted by Soniya P, at Reply

    *Candy’s stolen* Mommieeeeeeeee

  11. Posted by Soniya P, at Reply

    *Jimmy Kimmel told to eat Candie’s*

  12. Posted by hala zaytoun, at Reply


  13. Posted by Flocon au chocolat, at Reply

    Omg 0:44
    It’s hulk !

  14. Posted by Cute Bunny13, at Reply

    Some of those kids’ reactions were SO BRATTY! Good grief!

    • Posted by Antonije, at Reply

      I would slap those older kids,expacaly in first video 😀

    • Posted by Card Kitti, at Reply

      Honestly man

  15. Posted by Sonic Fan28, at Reply

    I think this should be called crying compilation

  16. Posted by 陈乐Chen Yue, at Reply

    OMG the boy @ 1:30 got me so bad… He’s such a good kid OMG OMG!! I would buy him a lot more candy after that haha.. Such a good boy, not even close those bratty spoiled kids in the video

  17. Posted by JrRoNnY, at Reply

    Kid at 1:21 is gonna grow up to be a fine man

  18. Posted by Ajes Vincent, at Reply


  19. Posted by Jasmine Angel, at Reply


  20. Posted by Chris Plant, at Reply

    The 5 kids were so funny 😂