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Paul Manafort: Bad Liar Or Worst Liar Ever? (VIDEO)


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When it comes to lying, Paul Manafort is Captain Obvious. Cenk Uygur, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us just what you assume in the remark section listed below. Join TYT:

" Throughout a CBS meeting from around the same time, Manafort stammered when asked directly whether Trump had monetary connections with Russian oligarchs.

In 2008, nonetheless, Donald Trump Jr. informed a real estate meeting that "Russians make up a very disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets" and "we see a lot of cash pouring in from Russia." That exact same year, Trump offered a Palm Coastline manor to Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovev for $95 million– regarding $53 million greater than he spent for it less compared to four years earlier, inning accordance with the Washington Blog post. 5 years later, Trump made millions for bringing his Miss Universe pageant to Moscow with from another Russian billionaire, Aras Agalarov." *.

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  1. Posted by OFN69583, at Reply

    The Five Stages of Trump Supporter Denial:

    1. It’s a total lie, never happened, fake news.
    2. It happened, but it’s not a big deal. A Nothing Burger
    3. Ok, it might be a big deal, but it isn’t who cares.
    4. Ok, it’s illegal, but Crooked Hillary and Obummer did “something something”, so it’s ok.
    5. Get over it Snowflake Libtard, you’re just a sore loser!
    The five D’s: Denial, Downplay, Double-Downplay, Deflect, Denigrate
    I have become fascinated with the Cult of Trump. He never lies to them. Everything he does is perfect. If you criticize Trump you become their instant enemy. They could watch video of Trump saying something and if Trump said he didn’t say it… never said it. Anyone showing that video is now “fake news.” The endless excuses by the Trumpsters to cover for all of Trumps lies and failures is just… astounding.
    It has been like that from the beginning of his election campaign. These people are so deeply racist that It makes them blind. I blame their ignorance in the failed education system of this country that for decades has been teaching kids to be Nationalists. In consequence these brainwashed people blindly believe in anything Fox News says. Ignorant people = Corrupted Government! Welcome to a Third World mindset.
    When Sean Spicer left it certainly wasn’t because he thought #45 was the worst, and most corrupt President EVER….it was because he didn’t get the plumb job. Let’s all remember that.
    And when a President (such as #45) contemplates pardoning himself PRIOR to any conviction — THAT alone should give one pause……………….THINK ABOUT IT.

    • Posted by ryan mcburrows, at Reply


    • Posted by Dree T, at Reply

      I wish I could like this 1000 times. Great comment!

    • Posted by Bryant Kauk, at Reply

      OFN69583 You forgot number 6. TRUMP 2020 MAGA

    • Posted by Jill Young, at Reply

      I have to say it, too: Well said, great comment.

    • Posted by Zed Vee, at Reply

      Wonder if trumptards have a lot of lead in their water?

  2. Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply


    • Posted by Seth the Wicked, at Reply


  3. Posted by Kobe Bryant, at Reply

    Trump is the worst liar mean as someone who think an says hes rich is ok but as President of the states its a shame btw hes not rich he need loan every penny

  4. Posted by codecaine, at Reply


    • Posted by Sean Borland, at Reply

      that about sums it up

    • Posted by malbhet, at Reply


    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      Manafort looks stone af

  5. Posted by GovtGrad 87, at Reply

    Humpty Trumpty sits on a wall
    Humpty Trumpty is about to have a great fall
    And all the Kings horses and all the Kings men
    Probably won’t be able to put Humpty Trumpty back together again…

    • Posted by Vaness AntifaFan, at Reply

      super *

  6. Posted by RarPcGaming, at Reply

    Don’t drop the soap.

  7. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    Bob Mueller for Prez…he is MAGA!

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      Imagine if he could save this country or the planet.

  8. Posted by AntonidasVII, at Reply

    Putin is trumps sugar daddy

  9. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    These morons run our country and our world and get paid a ton to do it. Disgrace. Lock them up.

  10. Posted by Philip Brown, at Reply

    This is friggin great lol,hilarious justice.

    • Posted by TheRetiredtrucker, at Reply

      Soon will be.

      Manafort was working in the Ukraine….for the Podesta Group….owned by the brother of Hitilary’s campaign manager…. and this company is also being indicted

  11. Posted by MrBibi86, at Reply

    *Hope they give them Trump to get a better deal*

  12. Posted by Bryan Taylor, at Reply

    That *Mana* is going to be living in a very secure *Fort*. Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk,,,

    Trigger Treat you Cuntry Trumpkins.
    Btw,,, Merry Christ Doesn’t Existmas.

  13. Posted by jenifer divine, at Reply

    you can tell by the WAY that he answered— looking downwards, etc

  14. Posted by crazynutzzz, at Reply

    Can you imagine how bad the white house smells with all the pant shitting going on right now.

  15. Posted by KhmerAmeric Mr T, at Reply

    Trump clans are the King of Liars!!!

  16. Posted by Clubland Exrcixe, at Reply

    Yay – As bad as Manafort is we’re off to see the wizard the Wonderful Wizards of Removal – Impeachment – Prison. Let’s take our country back from the Trump Mob and Crime Family of Traitors.  We’re waiting for that gang of five to be indicted for far worse – lies, deceit, money laundering,  spionage, collusion,.racketeering, obstruction of justice, bedding and dancing with dictatorship enemies, foreign illegal loans from Russian sanctioned banks in the millions, multi-M$$ foreign country hotel-casino deals and meetings while in office, spy meetings with Russia at the Trump Towers (lots of them) to undo HRC and the DNC, payoffs for those crimes out the back doors of Trump Tower in the hands of Prime Minister Sergey and Russian spy Sergey Kislak – all loudly spoken/bragged about on TAPE by Tillerson’s Moron — in other words, crimes of treason against America in all directions of the GOP political arena to cheat and win an election. There’s enough evidence 10 times over to send this unstable lying menace packing before we are all “up in smoke”.  It’s time to stop this Present and Clear Danger while the GOP  desperately, blindly, deafly and stupidly holds on to their mentally unstable host so those Self-Serving tax cuts for the rich and insane freedom killing Agenda gets passed before he’s hauled off.  Fight those GOP tax cuts.  They are NOT for the Middle Class.

  17. Posted by Sucker Punch, at Reply

    It’s so funny but this guy made it NOT

  18. Posted by Paper Sphere, at Reply

    Manafort a man who struggles to keep the same hair color, let alone story…

  19. Posted by Javier Fernandez, at Reply

    He must have recollection of the event in question.

  20. Posted by Marcus walker, at Reply

    America needs to take a step back and see it’s not just these people…. you have rampant corruption everywhere, companies buy votes, unlimited funding, 2 years elections it all has to go! All of it, strictly 6 month campaigning, strict limited financing, no votes for cash otherwise known as bribes it’s not just these people it’s your whole system