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Paul Ryan: Not My Problem 22 Million Will CHOOSE To Lose Healthcare


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Paul Ryan really feels extra comfortable lying concerning the AHCA to Brian Kilmeade, that will certainly believe anything. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us just what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" During a Fox & Pals interview that aired Tuesday early morning, Residence Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) dismissed the Congressional Budget plan Workplace's (CBO) alarming analysis of the health care expense Us senate Republicans are intending to require a vote on this week, as well as incorrectly mounted health insurance as a deluxe excellent that some individuals just do not want or require.

The CBO wrapped up that the Us senate expense will certainly result in 22 million Americans losing their medical insurance over the next decade, including 18 million next year alone. That will not occur since individuals are willingly quiting insurance coverage they don't desire. The majority of the Senate expense's protection sheds happen due to the expense's drastic cuts to Medicaid, a program that covers low-income people and family members." *.

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  1. Posted by 45will Be Impeached, at Reply

    Actually it is his problem.

    • Posted by Michael Smith, at Reply

      +George Jones When you’re dying from lack of health insurance, I want to be there to watch you die. At that point I will ask you how Liberty feels like.

    • Posted by Sweederland Johnson, at Reply

      George Jones you sound like some 22 year old edge lord from a red state on his daddy’s healt insurance. kys

    • Posted by 1stfloorguy, at Reply

      Michael Smith I bet it feels damn great.

  2. Posted by Master Of Fates, at Reply

    I *choose* to not buy the bullshit coming out of your mouth 😀

    • Posted by BEE, at Reply

      Except you choose to waste your time watching their videos.

    • Posted by Adigun Blackwater, at Reply

      Sorry, are you against facts? If so, do us all a favor and stick your hands in an open blender because, according to Trump, it’s the quickest way to make a million dollars.

    • Posted by GRIMLOCK07, at Reply

      And you chose Blind Loyalty, which is exactly what that Administration wants.
      So stay in the Matrix where you belong until your ready to *choose* the Red Pill. Later -Cypher- Master of Fates 😀

    • Posted by Yassin Mziya, at Reply

      It’s wise to take everything with a grain of salt with most news sources nowadays. nothing is true. everything is permitted

    • Posted by Master Of Fates, at Reply

      GRIMLOCK07 who do you think I’m talking about with my comment? I purposely left it so it wasn’t immediately clear just to see the responses.

  3. Posted by paberry007, at Reply

    Then don’t expect any tears from us when someone who loses everything due to your bullshit law goes out and tries to take you down. I personally will take a shot and light a cigar if I hear that on the news.

    • Posted by Julian Birch, at Reply

      Not to say I advocate actually shooting them, but… I think politicians SHOULD be afraid of their constituents. If you have a healthy dose of fear that you’re going to have an angry mob breaking down your door to tar and feather you, you might decide that, in the balance, that people are more important than the bottom line. Do recall that the French Revolution came about because the people were starving and having to pay all the taxes while the rich paid no taxes whatsoever. If there’s anything to be learned from history, it’s that if a person in power makes people desperate enough THEY WILL COME AFTER YOU.

    • Posted by vickie g, at Reply

      paberry007 exactly! We poppin big bottles the day Paul “Spineless Wonder” Ryan is 6ft under

    • Posted by Trickius, at Reply

      This is something I hadn’t considered. If you’re about to die and have nothing to lose… it certainly makes seeking vigilante justice that much more enticing.

  4. Posted by The Hidden Socialist, at Reply

    This will kill more people than a nuclear bomb.

    • Posted by Astral Dragon, at Reply

      The Hidden Socialist paul ryan cries that “its not my problem” meanwhile Its not our problem if republicunts start getting killed by lone wolf shooters ;D

    • Posted by Ricardo McKenzie, at Reply

      Ok, before we turn on the caps lock and bold our words, we should read and understand what others are saying. Medicare is a separate line item but it is still one of the FICA taxes you pay as an employee (your employer picks up some of the cost as well). Each individual doesn’t wholly pay for the cost. There are also cases where someone who has never worked can be covered as well as cases where an individual who has paid in to the system can lose any coverage, hence my over simplified use of the term ‘public assistance’ as some Republicans see it as, not all but some do. They happen to be the most vocal on the subject.

      Medicare is not self funded from tax and premiums. It is heavily subsidized by general tax revenues (account for approximately 41%), payroll taxes (38%) and the remaining in beneficiary premium (21%). These percentage split changes based on Medicare part A, B, etc…

      You don’t need to take my word for it as I’ll site more specific sources below.

    • Posted by The King of You Fools Are Amateurs, at Reply

      rouge1ful He doesn’t understand logic. lol

    • Posted by jonnygrease501, at Reply

      Springfield Progressive what’s a world with a bunch of dead people and ones living with diseases and conditions that make it hard or other people to live around them and also aren’t there to fill the positions to continue keep companies afloat in this already not so thriving economy to function? worse than a nuke “dude”

    • Posted by jonnygrease501, at Reply

      Ricardo McKenzie yes but Obamacare has drastically improved Medicare by cutting all the unnecessary stuff, and making revisions to Medicare that would do things to help like preventing fraud and so forth and has actually improved Medicare also I should note that while Obamacare has made cuts to Medicare those cuts I’ve actually saved Medicare money and they have reinvested that money back into Medicare to help seniors

  5. Posted by Maximum X, at Reply

    Half this country makes less than 30,000 yearly. The people losing their Healthcare are the WORKING CLASS citizens. Get out of your foolish ignorant bubble Cuckservatives before it’s too late and this country goes into pure aristocratic idiocy.

    • Posted by Grahamhg, at Reply

      TheOldBeef You’re an idiot.

      At age 4 I had to have surgery to correct a twisted testicle. At age 6 I had to have a benign tumour removed from my scalp. At age 20 I developed M.E. (basically polio but without paralysis). At age 30 I fractured my ankle requiring 2 months of being bedridden.

      My sister went blind at age 3 due to NF (tumours on her optic nerves) she had a stroke at age 7 and became a quadriplegic due to further tumours at age 9 and died at age 13.

      My brother had appendicitis at age 9, and peritonitis.

      My father was born with severe epilepsy and asthma, both required constant care until his teenage years around age 14. This was in the 1960s before modern drug treatments.

    • Posted by YN Monroe, at Reply

      Right! Because all illnesses are planned, predetermined, and predictable. Plus, our system forgives those that had the nerve to miss those predictions and didn’t bother to purchase healthcare in advance. Also, with the reasonable and controlled costs nowadays, anyone that did wind up needing it after the fact can certainly afford mistakes like that.

    • Posted by Grahamhg, at Reply

      Nothing i’ve had was life threatening, just disabling. Luckily I live in the UK where we have the NHS.

    • Posted by TheOldBeef, at Reply

      Holy Guacamole you have some shitty genetics.

  6. Posted by wesley ogilvie, at Reply

    It’ll be this fucker’s problem in 2018 when he loses his seat!

    • Posted by PumpkinsnBlackcats, at Reply

      His opponent has already started campaigning, he’s a union Iron worker running as a Democrat but seems pretty progressive actually. I think Paul might have a problem! Im surprised nobody is talking about him yet.

    • Posted by Fuctmentality, at Reply

      PumpkinsnBlackcats Hopefully Ryan will “choose” to lose his seat in ’18

    • Posted by YN Monroe, at Reply

      I wish him all the best. If that election goes like the one in Georgia did, it will just be a pipe dream. This is no longer just a party issue. The lobbyists for this crap play both sides of the aisle. That’s why you don’t see the DNC backing progressives. Neither side actually wants real change.

    • Posted by Michael Hernandez, at Reply

      wesley ogilvie not going to happen. I live literally 15 mins away from Paul Ryan and a lot of people love him over here.

  7. Posted by Tru metalhead on Maui ey, at Reply

    And when Ryan is up for re election, remember that statement.

    • Posted by PumpkinsnBlackcats, at Reply

      Tru metalhead on Maui ey His challenger for congress already started his campaign. He is a union iron worker running as a dem, seems pretty progressive too. I think Paul Ryan should be scared. This guy is the perfect person to run against him there because he’s working class and just a regular guy when Paul is anything but.

    • Posted by Terrell Cary, at Reply

      Tru metalhead on Maui ey when he been in there forever

    • Posted by Jose Sanchez, at Reply

      Here is a little history lesson. Goulart was a left-wing Brazilian president, but he was deposed by the right-wing military. Following the coup, Brazil’s democracy was destroyed and it was all facade. The protest that led to his downfall claimed he was immoral and wanted sex orgies. The right-wing politicians made up lies and everyone bought it. The college educated middle-class even believed it. So to say that Americans are smart enough to not vote for Paul Ryan, is a bit of stretch. Millions of Americans believed that Obama was a Kenyan Muslim, so i have little hope that Paul Ryan would ever get voted out of office.

  8. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    I love the funny BG pictures. Saving Ryan’s privates lol. They are so clever.

    • Posted by Kai Anttila, at Reply

      Yes. It’s a title of a real porn film.

    • Posted by Sintelle, at Reply

      Jeri Kourkoumelis That so sounds like a porno.

    • Posted by Troy V, at Reply

      That’s a knock-off from a 2003 porn movie with the very same title

    • Posted by Joe Sinkovic, at Reply

      Jeri Kourkoumelis Except you’d never catch that coward near a military uniform unless it was to play dress up Nazi.

    • Posted by Cat Santos, at Reply

      Elite 1984 I don’t like Ryan one bit, but I will admit, i probably would watch him if he was in a porno 😹

  9. Posted by Hugh Janus, at Reply

    He’s right. It’s not his problem. The 22 million are basically on medicaid via federal tax dollars. Maybe the 22 million deadbeat losers should try getting a job and paying their own way instead of expecting the rest of society to give them everything for free. Sad.

    • Posted by rphunt2002, at Reply

      Hugh Janus Careful, your Nazi is showing.

  10. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Even by the Devils standards…….what paul Ryan said was cold and heartless!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      Randomfully Wonderful you’re an idiot and an obvious wanna be government shill! I’ve been self-employed for over 25 years, live in a beautiful home on a lake and can afford any damn car I want! quit sounding so presumptuous just because I’m black! makes you sound prejudice?

    • Posted by Cat Santos, at Reply

      Randomfully Wonderful gosh your username is such a lie lol 🤣

  11. Posted by Mansa Musa, at Reply

    Americans should collectively CHOOSE to vote every Republican up for election out of office in 2018.

    • Posted by Graydon Creed, at Reply

      RLH CAT Sad but true. Blame it on tribalism or whatever but republicans tend to put party over politics, show more interest in voting, etc… Dems, liberals, and progressives can’t seem to get it together. Not sure if it’s ego or apathy.

    • Posted by Fuctmentality, at Reply

      Mansa Musa You mean they should have the Republicans “choose” to leave Congress and the Senate.

    • Posted by Smileyrie James, at Reply

      Graydon Creed I think that sadly, you may be correct. For the Republicans to have won 4 x elections, one by a bully who assaulted a reporter, another by a woman who doesn’t believe in a liveable wage, since Chump has started showing his true colours, is just pure insanity.

  12. Posted by Jonathan, at Reply

    I am tired of talking points like this which is beyond false. If you can’t afford the healthcare, the “access” is irrelevant since you can’t afford it. Again Ryan is ridiculously incorrect on this point(yet again), he is now implying all 22 million *didn’t want healthcare* . There have literally been thousands of peoples at town halls saying they will lose their healthcare alone. Not to mention the CBO openly says cuts to medicaid will alone through off over 10 million because the loss in funds, means the state can’t keep up funding with healthcare.

    • Posted by James Earl Cash, at Reply

      Shows why McVeigh was a hero when he punished the feds and gov for
      corruption. Same with Sovereign citizen or any cop killers who kills
      agents of corruption who don’t care about those who fell on hard times
      while their bosses get away with murder such as Snyder.

    • Posted by Mateo Noctis, at Reply

      You see, those thousands of peoples at town halls that you mention were all payed by George Soros to go and say that. Any braindead Breitbart reader would tell you that.

  13. Posted by Miranda YEOH, at Reply

    If someone is not concerned about the public, WHY be a politician, a public servant?

    • Posted by Boopala, at Reply

      Miranda YEOH Absolutely beautiful! Been looking for a comment like this! An extremely important question!

    • Posted by Julian Birch, at Reply

      Because it’s easier to steal from the cookie jar if you’re the one in charge of the cookie jar.

  14. Posted by 4th Dimension, at Reply

    This Trumpcare bill is pretty much confirmation that corporate America is serious about their Ayn Rand utopia

  15. Posted by Jiren The Savage, at Reply

    He has a very punchable face

    • Posted by Julian Birch, at Reply

      No… His face is too dreamy to punch. It would be a shame to mess it up. Instead of the face, go for the gut.

      Ted Cruz, on the other hand…

  16. Posted by Edgar R, at Reply

    Paul Ryan is a person that has got some kind of government help all his life but thinks we shouldn’t get any help smh that’s why he’s the most evil guy in the GOP

    • Posted by Grand Wonder, at Reply

      Agree, I think Ryan and McConnell are the two most evil cocksuckers in the government right now! With Trump, you can expect him to be callous and heartless to the poor since he grew up rich and doesn’t know what it’s like to be poor, but with Ryan’s background as a person from modest background and whose life has been helped by governmental subsidies and programs, you would expect him to be sympathetic to the poor and the vulnerable, but he has proven himself to be not just evil but also contemptuous towards the people who are in his former position!

  17. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    After careful consideration, I have chosen not to buy a Lamborghini tomorrow. Total choice.

    • Posted by Jonathan Ellis, at Reply

      After super careful consideration I have decided not to buy a diamond plated yacht!

    • Posted by Derlin Claire, at Reply


    • Posted by Matt W, at Reply

      Interesting choice. Now go have some avocado toast.

    • Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

      MaGarthur I love my choices. I get to window shop here and there. Ooh, and there!

  18. Posted by Radwulf Eboraci, at Reply

    So the 64yr old guy who says ‘I can’t pay $21,000 a year for premiums (based on an annual income of only $56,000) is CHOOSING not to have coverage. It’s EXTORTION by the Insurance industry and this prick is the bag man. Ya know McConnell almost has an excuse, he’s a bitter old prick with one foot in the grave … what’s this guys’ malfunction?

    • Posted by Phaedrus G, at Reply

      Radwulf Eboraci: Paul Ryan’s malfunction is a severe Ayn Randian libertarian brain and heart cancer. His pre-existing condition (plus donor $$$) prevents Ryan from understanding literally how insurance works and human decency as well.

    • Posted by James Earl Cash, at Reply

      Shows why McVeigh was a hero when he punished the feds and gov for
      corruption. Same with Sovereign citizen or any cop killers who kills
      agents of corruption who don’t care about those who fell on hard times
      while their bosses get away with murder such as Snyder. Shows why their need to be more attacks.

    • Posted by MrTomemac, at Reply

      His malfunction is the one they all have. They want Trump’s life with the cash and the planes. For decades his ilk, on both sides of the aisle, have never cared and never will care for anyone but themselves. Trump shows you how low we have come. They used to pretend the opposite, now it is in the open.

    • Posted by argusone, at Reply

      James Earl Cash – Yeah, blowing up a daycare, killing 19 children, sent a clear message. That’s what you think we need more of? Your mama must be proud.

    • Posted by Cat Santos, at Reply

      MrTomemac live the life you HAVE if you wanna live the life that you WANT 💕

  19. Posted by Lost, at Reply

    Go jump in a wood chipper, Ryan!

    • Posted by beatthisroot, at Reply

      I approve of this message 👍🏻

    • Posted by Walid A, at Reply

      I sincerely wouldn’t care if one of those corrupt republicans would die.

    • Posted by Richard Field, at Reply

      That stupid jug-eared twat has got to have the most punchable face ever!

  20. Posted by Jan Antonelli, at Reply

    What a snake…how could Paul Ryan sleep at night and look in the mirror?

    • Posted by Well Trac, at Reply

      Jan Antonelli – I literally asked this today on twitter. How does he look at his own eyes in the mirror? I don’t get it