Paul Ryan’s TONE DEAF Tweet Boosts Opponent Randy Bryce | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Paul Ryan’s TONE DEAF Tweet Boosts Opponent Randy Bryce


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TYT's Cenk Uygur spoke to Randy Bryce, a professional and also union ironworker running in Wisconsin's 1st Area, difficult Audio speaker Paul Ryan.



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  1. Posted by WCR2, at Reply


    • Posted by Conquering Thought, at Reply

      Thats not how speaker of the house works…

  2. Posted by ykemma johnson, at Reply

    Drain the swamp iron stache!!!

  3. Posted by Franklin Gillette, at Reply

    I think that Paul Ryan is the worst politician in all of Washington.

    • Posted by Ryne Green, at Reply

      Franklin Gillette with a Washington that have Mitch McConnell, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, that’s saying something

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      He’s up there, but Trump is worst, McConnell second worst.

  4. Posted by Cat, at Reply

    Thank you Randy ! We need so many more Randy”s. I’m from PA but I’m sending sending a donation because WE have got to get OUR government back !!!

  5. Posted by bolt riprock, at Reply

    Paul Ryan is one big jerkoff

    • Posted by Michael Berthelsen, at Reply

      bolt riprock More like the result of one. A white splat on the floor of the house…

  6. Posted by Jay D33, at Reply

    We need the Iron Stache Bryce. Paul Ryan needs to be put on spot and eliminated. Its go time

  7. Posted by E S, at Reply

    I would give anything to see the Iron Stache replace Paul “Ebeneezer Scrooge” Ryan.

  8. Posted by Marty Schrader, at Reply

    Down goes Ryan! Down goes Ryan!

  9. Posted by Sandra Nelson, at Reply

    The pendulum is swinging, and it’s going to strike out the GOP. People are ANGRY. Folks like Mr. Bryce are going to be shoving the GOP out of government.

    • Posted by Joe Scirrotto, at Reply

      Sandra Nelson we need the pendulum to stop, dead center with no more swinging to one extreme or the other

    • Posted by boggisthecat, at Reply

      Sandra Nelson
      Not a problem. The wealthy also own the Democratic Party.

      You need to change the system to get control of government, not change which of the two corrupt political parties gets to use power in aid of their rich donors.

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      Nothing will happen and you know it.  People think the solution is to try to match their financial means against the means of the truly wealthy.  Won’t work.

    • Posted by SteveBern, at Reply

      Ooooo, suddenly the Trump/GOP terror reign not so MAGA, hmm?

  10. Posted by Eileen Schuller, at Reply

    Refreshing. Encouraging. He will win.

  11. Posted by manny s, at Reply

    Iron Stash!!!! It sounds like I’d want that man representing me, damn bro go get em!!!!!!

  12. Posted by manny s, at Reply

    I’m not even from Wisconsin but I gotta buck fitty on it

  13. Posted by alejandro L., at Reply

    I’m up for donating some money for this dude

  14. Posted by Ken Bob, at Reply

    Paul Ryan is a prick. Vote for Iron Stache!

  15. Posted by donkeydump63, at Reply

    These are tough times for die hard optimists. People like Randy Bryce offer a glimmer of hope.The choices this November couldn’t be more clear.

  16. Posted by Colony Three, at Reply

    Can’t wait for Cenk to say: “Down goes Ryan! Down goes Ryan!”

    • Posted by 1kparmar, at Reply

      Colony Three of coooourse 🙂

    • Posted by mrcatfish2100, at Reply

      Colony Three He’s going to have to do it several times when Ryan loses, cause he’s a big one….

    • Posted by Aries, at Reply


  17. Posted by mick readdin, at Reply

    Ryan won’t care if he loses his seat! He’s achieved what he set out to do, by getting HUGE tax cuts for those that pay him the most.

    Mr Bryce, power to your elbow, Sir! Keep it real, and you will succeed.

  18. Posted by M Garne, at Reply

    This guy is the real deal. I’m as patriotic as the next guy but in the eyes of other countries, our country is a shithole. Things like healthcare shouldn’t be a privilege but a right. There’s plenty of tax dollars waisted on other things. IMHO

  19. Posted by NC Toys, at Reply

    Wow a straight up normal nice dude running for office