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PBS Pushing Privatization Propaganda?


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Traditional donors are moneying pro-school privatization docudramas on PBS. Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, as well as Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment area listed below.

" Assistant of Education and learning Betsy DeVos and her department have pushed for a growth of privatized institution selection programs in the proposed allocate 2018, especially in the form of private school vouchers. Currently a propagandistic three-part docudrama series called Institution Inc. will certainly aid DeVos in her efforts to acquire public support for broadened private school selection alternatives. The collection has actually currently broadcast on PBS terminals in some markets and will be shown on a lot more this month.

A bulk of individuals throughout the partial range oppose private school coupons, programs that reroute public education cash to pay for independent school tuition. Coupons are problematic for numerous factors, including their background of enabling discrimination versus LGBTQ, handicapped, as well as special education students, their impact on reducing public education and learning funding, and their ineffectiveness in boosting scholastic success.

Regardless of these issues, private school vouchers are a long-standing priority of the companies as well as conservative funders backing the education privatization movement. The late Andrew Coulson, veteran head of the Cato Institute's Facility for Educational Freedom, was the owning force behind College Inc. The Cato Institute is a right-wing, libertarian think-tank that calls for the elimination of public institutions in support of higher "academic liberty" to pick from a free enterprise of independently run institutions.

In addition to College Inc.'s origins in the radical, liberal Cato Institute, education and learning chronicler and former U.S. Aide Secretary of Education and learning Diane Ravitch located that the movie was moneyed by a number of arch-conservative structures with ties to the "dark cash ATM" DonorsTrust as well as the Ayn Rand Institute. Ravitch has actually prescreened College Inc. and also supplied this scathing testimonial to The Washington Message:"

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Amerbia Allen

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Amerbia Allen


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  1. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    TYT are right as usual. It isn’t in society’s best interest to have an uneducated population.

    • Posted by quaxk, at Reply

      Jeri whoring for TYT as usual.

    • Posted by Ilaitianainoca o, at Reply

      +quaxk hahaha

    • Posted by Artemis, at Reply

      I take it quaxk is part of the “uneducated population” Jeri is talking about.

    • Posted by Daft Leaf, at Reply

      It is if you’re a republican politician

  2. Posted by DISCO-INFERNO-70, at Reply

    WOW, i remember when Conservatives HATED PBS, and claimed it was a left wing tax payer waste.
    How quickly Conservatives change their mind when it benefits THEM.

    • Posted by IizUname, at Reply

      Conservatives are the epitome of hypocrites.

    • Posted by arithsem, at Reply

      DISCO-INFERNO-70 more uneducated people means more liberals can laugh at the alt right not being educated

    • Posted by NoneOfTheAbove, at Reply

      Conservatives still target PBS for defunding, nothing has changed… One story, that they didn’t even bother watching, doesn’t change that fact.

  3. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    doesn’t Betsy DeVos realize that by forcing privatization of schools comes at a price? Because most Americans cannot afford private schooling for their children!
    This is the equivalent of forcing someone into buying a Porsche when in essence they can only afford a Buick! capitalism only works when it benefits all parties involved…. And not just the ones calling the shots!

    • Posted by modhatter113, at Reply

      Because paying for other peoples children when they can’t afford to have them is the responsibility of everyone, apparently.

      “Help, I can’t afford children, so I’ll make you pay for their upkeep.” Just replace “children” with “Porsche” and the parasitical entitlement becomes apparent.

      Ending entitlements, and welfare will deter irresponsible behavior, at the cost of many today for the sake of personal responsibility tomorrow.

      Liberals rank high on the caring foundation, but low on the fairness foundation.

      Watch Jonathan Haidt on The Moral Roots of Liberals and Conservatives.

    • Posted by Bobby B, at Reply

      Privatizing doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t be funded with public money. The idea pushed most often is that of giving people vouchers and allowing them to choose their own school. So their ability to pay is irrelevant. The difference is that they aren’t forced to go to only certain schools. It’s still paid for with public money.

  4. Posted by MilitantAntiTheist, at Reply

    Classical liberal = alt right.

    • Posted by Bobby B, at Reply

      That doesn’t even come close to making sense. I guess this is part of the progressive project to paint everyone that disagrees with them on anything as basically Nazis.

    • Posted by MilitantAntiTheist, at Reply

      +Bobby B You’re probably the 10,000th alt right parrot I’ve heard say that. Try coming up with something original for once.

    • Posted by TerryMacka McKenzie, at Reply

      Dave Rubin = Token Gay self obsessed Cuckservative

    • Posted by MilitantAntiTheist, at Reply

      +TerryMacka McKenzie Have you heard that free speech warrior Dave Rubin is threatening to sue Mother Jones because they called him a conservative in an article they wrote…which wasn’t even about him?

  5. Posted by Skeet Fletcher, at Reply

    The one apparent common goal of the conservative agenda is this: Keep people uneducated and pregnant; then unable to educate those babies they keep cranking out because birth control, sex education, and abortion shouldn’t happen. The more ignorant the masses, the more easily the powers that be can control them.

  6. Posted by Sterling, at Reply

    I hope Ana knows that evolution isn’t 100% proven as fact. If you were truly supportive of both sides then I think you should be mentioning that.

    • Posted by Sterling, at Reply

      The idea of evolution being a 100% fact is disputable. Sorry, but people aren’t changing my opinion on that, but people get so worked up when this is mentioned, oh how dare I mention the technical ideals behind what we know. The idea of gravity also includes more then just things falling. Parts of gravity are known as fact, but there are also areas of it we are still not sure on.

    • Posted by modhatter113, at Reply

      The observation of biological life changing over time is not an idea, it’s an observation. Again, you are confusing the explanation “The idea” aka the theory with the “Observation” aka the fact. Again, learn what the difference is between facts and theories in science.

      You are using these words colloquially, and not how they’re used in science.

      Watch this video for a more comprehensive understanding of this.

      *15th Foundational Falsehood of Creationism Pt1* By AronRa

    • Posted by Sterling, at Reply

      No where in my comment did I say I agreed or disagreed with creationism. I feel that the idea with the most evidence behind it should be taught however you are assuming when I said evolution is not 100% fact that I agree with creationism. Read my comments please.

    • Posted by longtail4711, at Reply

      I agree with modhatter113, Aron Ra does a terrific explanation of how it works and that’s a great video about it.

    • Posted by modhatter113, at Reply

      I never said you were a creationist. And get that you’re not. The video is still very informative on the subject to those who oppose evolution for religious reasons, or for those who simply don’t fully understand what a scientific fact and theory is, as you have shown.

  7. Posted by James Nicholl, at Reply

    US public education started with the Puritans in the 17th century.
    And, we were a world leader in the field through the 20th century.
    Education is one of the best investments a government can make.
    Privatization of education is ignorant and disgusting. These people have no business in government.

    • Posted by orochimarujes, at Reply

      The Puritans funded education with tax money in 17th century America?

    • Posted by acidsniper, at Reply

      Medicare/Medicaid works with private companies, with SNAP you can buy your food from private companies, vocational rehab often works with private companies for vocational services and HUD housing subsidies are paid directly to landlords. Every other anti-poverty program uses private companies for the sake of efficiency but in this case it will never work for reasons unexplained.

    • Posted by James Nicholl, at Reply

      Because it’s easy to say what food is.
      It’s easy to say what healthcare is.
      It’s easy to say what a house is.
      It’s very hard to say what education is, and these vouchers are going to be spent on making kids more ignorant and uneducated.

    • Posted by acidsniper, at Reply

      The Federal Government and the States set the standards for schools including alternative schools but somehow that system won’t work if everyone involved isn’t a government employee. The results of standardized tests are far less complicated than healthcare outcomes and they’re easier to inspect than housing units.

  8. Posted by Noah King, at Reply

    I never understand people who are rich, never want for anything but then don’t want people scraping by to get a pension after a career of work.
    You would have to be soulless right?

    • Posted by mocki rangne, at Reply

      Yes Noah, soul AND heartless!

  9. Posted by Chibi Nyra, at Reply

    I hated private school… I got a Grade A brainwas… Christian training… But every other opportunity sucked. But hey, it’s an expensive “college prep” school where my Algebra 2 teacher could barely do simple math, she learned it every day from the dpt head; she applied to be a bible teacher. At least the teachers are certified in public schools.

    • Posted by Leivve, at Reply

      Right? Public school teachers are held to such unreasonably high standards, but private school teachers could teach kids the earth is flat in a science class and still hold their job.

  10. Posted by Scott, at Reply

    What’s wrong with having private schools alongside public schools

    • Posted by ermasing, at Reply

      jay bradley Thanx!

    • Posted by James Dana, at Reply

      Scott Absolutely nothing as long as my taxes don’t pay for the private schools. Taking public money from public education and giving it to for-profit, private corporations is wrong. I also don’t want private prisons, or private companies jobbing out to the military and profiting off war. Just call me crazy.

    • Posted by Margaret Garbincus, at Reply

      The problem is funding private schools with public taxpayer money

  11. Posted by gat569, at Reply

    The government has no business sending tax payer money to fund private schools. Public education is the great equalizer of the masses, giving us a secular commonality to bond around. Through public education the secular government is supported which is why the alt-Christian neo-fascist right wing including the DeVos family hates it. Divert tax payer funds to “private” schools with no oversight of curriculum and you can promote any agenda (tax payer funded) in that school that you want while at the same time crippling the public education system and public teacher’s unions. Privatization of school is antithetical to “real” American freedom; the freedom that our forefathers chose for themselves when they fled religiously oppressive Europe. If you want a religious education for your child, send them to a private school, but YOU pay for it.

    • Posted by Coolidge Dollar, at Reply

      Charter schools aren’t private. Without them, how could alternative curricula be provided to families who can’t afford private school?

    • Posted by gat569, at Reply

      @Coolridge Dollar – Thanks for the catch. What I meant was “private” schools instead of “charter”. I’ve edited the comment above to reflect my intention of commenting on “private” schools. There’s problems with charter schools as well, but it’s a different beast than I think TYT was talking about.

  12. Posted by Golgotha_Mythos69, at Reply

    Ayn Rand, Rand Paul, and Paul Ryan walk into a bar.
    The bartender serves them tainted alcohol because there are no regulations.

    They die.

    • Posted by PinkPonyOfPrey, at Reply

      oooOOH! OH YES!
      brb. gotta change pants …

  13. Posted by Mark Lapworth, at Reply

    Consistently best education results in the world? Some Viking country – for well over a decade! (Finland) America’s response? Find out what they are doing (no private ed) and do the opposite! Terrific!

    • Posted by Superkoopatrooper, at Reply

      Well when the rich kids have to go to school with everybody else. Magically, everyone gets an amazing education.

    • Posted by Coolidge Dollar, at Reply

      Everything is managed much easier in tiny, culturally homogeneous countries. Not a great comparison, that.

    • Posted by Mark Lapworth, at Reply

      Yes, of course, Coolidge, why didn’t I think of that? Impossible for the sustainably wealthiest country on the planet in the history of time to develop national standards of education and funding that are applied everywhere so that your postcode doesn’t affect your equality of opportunity. What WAS I thinking?

    • Posted by Coolidge Dollar, at Reply

      I’m not saying the U.S. is well-governed by any means. But the more people spread out over the greater the area, the more conflicts will be encountered as some things just won’t “work” for many. This is basic sociological and economic fact. Do you think most Oregonians would like to be governed by Texan standards? I hope not.
      Incidentally, the original point of charter schools is “so that your postcode doesn’t affect your equality of opportunity.” Your argument seems pointed in the opposite directions, towards centralization.

  14. Posted by xjaskix, at Reply

    how is Ayn Rand Institute a thing? she was a ridiculous character and her ideas were dumb and simplistic. also evil.

    • Posted by TerryMacka McKenzie, at Reply

      *Dave Rubin suffers from Extreme Autosexual Botox Induced Neurosis. It’s an official disorder which was first diagnosed in Dave Rubin.*

    • Posted by lcyw20, at Reply

      Funny that I actually learned how Ayn Rand came up from her philosophy when watching an analysis of the game BioShock. The game’s antagonist Andrew Ryan was based heavily on Rand, including how their personal experiences drove them to such an extreme ideology. I understand why, but it doesn’t mean I agree. It just means I know how they went wrong.

  15. Posted by colin wilson, at Reply

    in the UK we privatized many public services & it was a disaster
    we are still dealing with the consequences now

    • Posted by Sune Nymann, at Reply

      All over europe it’s the same.We where promised better service at cheaper prices, instead we got an endless circle of bankruptcies and a large bill for the taxpayers. Banks and other infrastructure should be under democratic controll

  16. Posted by The Super Psycho Killer, at Reply

    If schools were all private, poor people can’t send their kids to school. Tuition fees are not affordable.

    • Posted by IHEartLReoy, at Reply

      josh wilson So you should’ve been against obamacare right?

    • Posted by Sanna Hayes, at Reply

      IHEartLReoy Personally I am for single payer. I have a decent health insurance myself. My Grandson has leukemia, my sister has had an expensive life long health problem. My sister’s health insurance company dropped insurance on the company her husband worked for due to my sisters health problems. All Americans should be provided health insurance.

    • Posted by Bryden On YouTube, at Reply

      Sanna Hayes – You are 100% right Sanna, and with more people like you we will get there. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  17. Posted by edgeninja, at Reply

    What is it about education that conservatives hate so much?

    • Posted by IHEartLReoy, at Reply

      edgeninja how does letting families choose where to send their kids mean that conservatives hate education?

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      Conservatives are not the ones who hate education its you radical socialist leftest who hate education

    • Posted by torchandhammer, at Reply

      Conservatives want their own kids to have an education, they just don’t want anybody else to be able to.

  18. Posted by CaptainRay, at Reply

    I really don’t understand why TYT is always so angry at other news media for leaning one way or another when they themselves are the most biased news channel (outside of inforwars) that I’ve ever seen.

    • Posted by Eddie Jakes, at Reply

      I am aware of it and I just don’t think it’s that important.

    • Posted by IHEartLReoy, at Reply

      J Berg 94 right channels? lol what fantasy world do you live in the mainstream thought is decidedly controlled by the left

    • Posted by J Berg, at Reply

      IHEartLReoy Awww… poor guy, you don’t know what hyperbole is?

  19. Posted by Steve Clapper, at Reply

    When conservatives want to destroy something they start to defund and then complain when it is not preforming.

    • Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply


    • Posted by IHEartLReoy, at Reply

      Steve Clapper the left has done that with coal. now they laugh and say “see? look how much better green is than coal.”

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      you need to go back to school cause you sentence does not make sense

    • Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply

      “you sentence”?? LOL.