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People Vs. Nature Fails: It’s Going To Blow You Away (May 2017)


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When people go up against nature, it usually doesn't finish so well. So we believed it would certainly be enjoyable to enjoy people vs. nature as well as appreciate some falls short. Leave a comment listed below as well as let us know which is your favored! Have a fail of your personal? Send it to!!


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Little Girl Virtually Flies Away From Severe Wind
Glider Crashes right into Tree
Lightning Strikes Schoolyard During Dancing
Train Splashes Snow on Bystanders
Male Battles to Drink Water in Iceland Wind
Watercraft Makes it Over Giant Waves
Household Obtains Hit by Wave
Person Breaks Tree as well as Falls With Frozen Lake
Tree Falls on Moving Automobile
Man Swinging on Vine Crashes into Tree
Team Selfie Wave Fail
Youngster Sled on Downhill Ramp
Fish right into Guy's Crotch
Close Phone call with Lightning on Flowrider
Lady Dances in the Rainfall
Male Get Swept Away by Big Collapsing Wave
Eel Terrifies Scuba diver
Cyclist Nosedives Into Cold Stream of Water
Fish Aims to Consume Woman's Hand
Individual Obtains Torn down by Waves
Husband Films Wife Stuck in Quick Sand
Camel Sticks Head Into SUV
Cycle Trip Stops Due to Extreme Winds
Wave Takes out Person on Swan Floatie
Cycle Excursion Stops As a result of Extreme Winds
Tree Falls on Automobiles on Freeway
Giant Waves Pushes A number of People right into Swimming pool
Cyclist Taken Down by Fallen Branch
Raccoon Crashes Camping site and also Steals Marshmallows
Wild Horse Ransacks Coastline
Web surfer Crashes in Shallow Water
Swarm of Bees Assault Cyclists
Tree Branch Falls on Removaling Car
Fish Swipes Angler's Rod
Chimpanzee Tosses Poop at Grandmother
Strong Wind Storm Triggers Tree Out of Ground
Kangaroo Jumps over Biker's Head
Wind Tornado Blows Auto Away
Monkey Attacks Hotel Area
Person Tries to Climb up Giant Icicle
Giant Fish Strikes Diver
Snowboarder Water Skims and also Obtains Soaked

People Vs. Nature Fails: It's Going To Blow You Away (May 2017).

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  1. Posted by Alpaka, at Reply

    i luv failarmy

    • Posted by Alpaka, at Reply

      Jusimo ik -.-

    • Posted by Claudiu Munteanu, at Reply


    • Posted by SlingShot Slinger, at Reply

      niggers -.-‘

    • Posted by yvi- chan, at Reply

      Alpaka too are you german😂😂

    • Posted by LegendaryXenox, at Reply

      Alpaka Du hier? 😀

  2. Posted by Rikke Toudal, at Reply

    3:43 wish the waves was like that in Denmark🏄🇩🇰

    • Posted by IlIlIIlIl, at Reply

      Rikke Toudal ikr

    • Posted by Mack Funzy, at Reply

      Rikke Toudal *were

  3. Posted by YASMIN GARZA-TASKIN, at Reply

    When you try so hard but you don’t succeed …. 0:02

    • Posted by Eoin McCann, at Reply

      When you get what you want but not what you need
      Could it be worrrrrse

    • Posted by AdaM R, at Reply

      lights will guuuiiiide you home
      and igniiite your bones
      And I’ll tryyyy
      to fix you

    • Posted by Maximum Frequency, at Reply

      AdaM R Tears stream down your face

    • Posted by Jerr Spud, at Reply

      when you love someone and it goes to waste

  4. Posted by Eddie Tavares, at Reply

    0:03 When you come home to your mum shouting

    • Posted by Wabba labba Dub dub, at Reply

      SpeedyMARVEL 256 another thing, you have marvel in your username what are you? 12

    • Posted by Rednax7, at Reply

      Saving phone 80lvl girl 😀

    • Posted by Jake Mcloughlin, at Reply

      Wabba labba Dub dub really?!

  5. Posted by Sky&NightPK, at Reply

    Snow-End if Year Exams and the sort

    • Posted by Sean Grand, at Reply

      Sky&NightPK Ripoff of my comment on Fails of the Week (05/2017): That’s a good idea.

    • Posted by Sky&NightPK, at Reply

      Uh…? Sorry if your comment was similar, but I didn’t mean to rip off anyone’s comment

    • Posted by Sean Grand, at Reply

      Sky&NightPK My comment was similar? yours is)

    • Posted by jaidyn wright, at Reply

      Sean Grand get a life dude…

  6. Posted by kyle chojnowski, at Reply

    2:11 is the best clip, imo

    • Posted by fastfreddy01, at Reply

      Hahahahahaha i died at that one

    • Posted by GROUDON, at Reply


    • Posted by isaac hoffmeister, at Reply

      the reason that the moray looks so happy is because it has no nostrils to breathe out of, so it has to breathe out of its mouth. another fun fact about morays is that they have a second set of jaws called a pharyngeal jaw that is used to take the food further into their mouth. This, along with some deep sea fish, is one of the main bases for the predator movies. cheers!

    • Posted by MBarnell7, at Reply

      isaac hoffmeister you mean Alien movies

    • Posted by MR_RAZORZ 13, at Reply

      kyle chojnowski 1K LIKES IN 8 HOURS LIKE A BOSS

  7. Posted by LetsGoBulls, at Reply

    0:03 Never again will she open a door ._.

    • Posted by Alaric Balthi, at Reply

      but got to admire that grip strength! :O if any normal older person would have tried that, nope! 😀

    • Posted by Radim Ondra, at Reply


    • Posted by Dude Head, at Reply

      …and that perfect Hollywood punch sound when she hits the garage door…

    • Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

      Really messes a kid up…

    • Posted by ZR1, at Reply

      FailArmy Suprised there isnt a shark in the pool at 4:08 i heard there was a shark in a south african guys pool after a huge wave came and the shark landed in the pool

  8. Posted by Cats Cats, at Reply

    This is the Earth’s payback for Global Warming🌎🔥

    • Posted by Vince Staples, at Reply

      Cats Cats You think THAT’s the payback earth has ready for us? Well, you will be very surprised when earth actually “pays us back”… i hope i wont be here to witness

    • Posted by Thehiddensimmer, at Reply

      you are aware that global warming is a natural occurrence and this is not the first time in earths history that its happened right? The earth goes through phases of global warming and cooling we just happen to be leaving the last global cooling

    • Posted by thefluteboarder, at Reply

      Cats Cats you haven’t seen anything close to Earth’s payback

    • Posted by Christian Puddington, at Reply

      +Thehiddensimmer THANK YOU!

    • Posted by Vince Staples, at Reply

      Thehiddensimmer but at an unusual rate my friend, its not like the green house effect isn’t speeding up the process like crazy. we have to be honest with ourselves we are emitting too much carbon dioxide

  9. Posted by Jayden Difesa, at Reply

    6:19 What did he think was going to happen?

    • Posted by SpeedyMARVEL 256, at Reply

      Jayden Difesa ikr

    • Posted by fastfreddy01, at Reply

      Jayden Difesa he was gonna climb it, he didnt expect it to fall of

  10. Posted by Studio film, at Reply

    This guy at 3:05 is so

    • Posted by Studio film, at Reply

      Nice with his wife

  11. Posted by Squidward, at Reply

    I shiver every time someone falls on sharp rocks

    • Posted by tdub2399, at Reply

      Squidward i shiver every time i pee!!!

    • Posted by CAPTAIN, at Reply

      tdub2399 that’s not normal

    • Posted by Laxus van Emmerik, at Reply

      it actually is

    • Posted by Fox008, at Reply

      Yeah I also got that, it’s like your brain is telling you: “Don’t you ever do that to me” :p

    • Posted by Normen Yu, at Reply

      I agree, but the bee one is what gave me ultimate chills all through my spine.

  12. Posted by Mattias Sky, at Reply

    4:50 omfg! 😱

    • Posted by Thiseas V., at Reply

      Mattias Sky q

    • Posted by Ground2Sky Productions, at Reply

      You can clearly see the beekeeper at 5:04 (lower right).

    • Posted by Lucy Price, at Reply

      Are those Bees?

    • Posted by J the Welsh Warlord, at Reply

      Not the bees!

    • Posted by mettro bug, at Reply

      I’m petty sure they are horse flys

  13. Posted by VapeLord, at Reply

    3:37 just another day..

    • Posted by Malte Dörr, at Reply

      VapeLord I was in that toilet 🙁

  14. Posted by Luca, at Reply

    Clinton and Trump sit on the plane.

    Says Trump: “Should I throw $ 100 out of the window, then a man will be happy?”

    Says Clinton: “Should I throw 10 times $ 100 out of the window, then 10 people will be happy?”

    Says the pilot: “Shall I throw you both out of the window, then millions of people will be happy?”

    • Posted by A Homeless African Man, at Reply

      just clinton

    • Posted by umbrellabungee, at Reply

      They throw 100$ out of the window,they open the window,they are in a flying plane,they both die,every man is happy.

    • Posted by Azka '02, at Reply

      umbrellabungee Except the pilot’s family

    • Posted by DsyR, at Reply

      Azka ’02 The pilot is single

    • Posted by Miri Hastenichgesehen, at Reply

      A Homeless African Man well when he would throw out Clinton then the Americans have to deal with uncle Donald…

  15. Posted by A10, at Reply

    Any Germans in here?

    • Posted by A10, at Reply


    • Posted by Azka '02, at Reply

      Heil hitler!

    • Posted by Adi 9, at Reply


    • Posted by Abbedego, at Reply


    • Posted by Miri Hastenichgesehen, at Reply

      Azka ’02 mögest du 1000 Jahre leben 😉

  16. Posted by Clément B., at Reply

    4:50 “No ! Not the beeees !!”

    • Posted by Du Nn, at Reply

      Clément B. Dont