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Pepe The Frog Is Now Fashionable


Enjoyed the video ladies check these swimsuits out

Show off your support for the alt-right in this denim skirt! Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, and Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you that is selling a Pepe skirt. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark area below.

" A fast-fashion retailer remains in warm water over a hate icon.

Zara, a Spanish clothing chain, drew a skirt from its internet site after individuals explained that an applique animation personality on it birthed a striking resemblance to "Pepe the Frog," a fictional frog that has actually been taken on by "alt-right" teams.

Meagan Fredette, a freelance writer from Chicago, was the first person to direct it out. She said she was searching Zara's site Monday evening when she saw the skirt. She tweeted regarding it and then fallinged asleep, assuming nothing would certainly result it."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Amberia Allen

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Hannah Cranston, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by The Eriking, at Reply


    • Posted by Susan Hepler, at Reply

      dooms day sadly the far right takes alot of cool symbols & ruins em

    • Posted by stewy2583 Stewart, at Reply

      Stan 1 who a bunch of computer nerds with a sense of humour?

    • Posted by Gigi Pepe, at Reply

      PRAISE KEK .

  2. Posted by LegendLength, at Reply

    Really enjoyed your coverage of the latest terrorist attack in France

    • Posted by NPJ Global, at Reply

      chill out, one cop died

    • Posted by buchner funnel, at Reply

      pepe harms people, isis never hurt anyone you racist! they have a religion of peace!! we are trying to have a reasonable discussion here!!!

    • Posted by EricWW2, at Reply

      Aswell as Sweden and Erdogan gaining dictatorial powers. @TYTurds @CenkYogurt

    • Posted by Narrowc ross, at Reply

      Really enjoyed there coverage of Americas terrorist attack in Syria.. Ahh dumb hypocrites

  3. Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

    pepe more popular than hitlery clinton

    • Posted by Gh05t, at Reply

      ranger1000 I don’t get how this has so many likes.

    • Posted by Jaime Fernandez, at Reply

      it explains itself,its because its true.

    • Posted by ranger1000, at Reply

      because it is true……

  4. Posted by Darksider, at Reply


    • Posted by blazeofglory2712, at Reply

      TheNade praise kek!

    • Posted by Cuckold, at Reply


    • Posted by Genesis Stewart, at Reply

      blazeofglory2712 my fellow kekistan

    • Posted by Genesis Stewart, at Reply

      Darksider Origin

      In 2005, artist Matt Furie created the comic series Boy’s Club, which stars the teenage monster characters Pepe, Brett, Andy and Landwolf.[2]

    • Posted by John-Paul Hunt, at Reply

      No your just dreaming of a nuclear war you frog.

  5. Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

    Pepe a bad thing??? As opposed to antifa

    • Posted by Feuerbach1, at Reply

      Humanity is a bad thing. Anthropocide now!

    • Posted by 林雪, at Reply

      rencrow Antifa is anti free speech and anti American

    • Posted by FamiliesAgainstGoofyGimmicksOnTelevisionSitcoms, at Reply

      I think they both suck.

    • Posted by Feuerbach1, at Reply

      And those are bad things?

    • Posted by Viriathus Shepherd-Dux, at Reply

      +Uproar​ yup! The Founding Fathers were fighting monarchy and English aggression.

  6. Posted by Shiny Superstar, at Reply

    What has the alt right done to such an innocent meme!!!!!

    • Posted by 林雪, at Reply

      Shiny Superstar They made it better

    • Posted by Deek, at Reply

      TheUhhoh, correction, you can entirely blame it on liberal media, name any character and I promise, it was made into nazi. And now, because fake news declared it hate symbol, they are putting it everywhere just to troll MSM and show everyone how separated it is from reality.

  7. Posted by duhsmersh, at Reply

    its funny cuz you retards are the ones who dont understand what pepe is, its just a meme

    • Posted by BigBlue, at Reply

      TYT needs to quit being such SJWs.

    • Posted by Kat Sam, at Reply

      Cenk is an old fogey

  8. Posted by Annah Norfleet, at Reply

    Omg so dumb, it’s a freaking frog.

    • Posted by David Erif, at Reply

      Sure, but those drawings on the skirt are not random frogs or even how frogs are usually drawn. It’s just the head of a cartoon frog, looking sideways, the same way Pepe is drawn, clearly seeking imitation. And yes, you can wear whatever you want and claim “it’s just a cartoon and i give it no meaning”; yet people will always wonder why you’re using the Alt-right mascot on your skirt, the same way they would question your good sense if it was a swastika.

    • Posted by okcowboy, at Reply

      Nazi frogs. Not even once.

    • Posted by Annah Norfleet, at Reply

      Again, you’re gunna see what you want to see. If you’re going to simplify a pepe down to ‘cartoon frog looking sideways’ I think then that’s not fair to innocent cartoon frogs that happen to look a certain way. Why can’t it be random frogs? Who are you to say, ‘that’s not normal frog drawing’? Even if it is similar enough to get people to comment on, it’s clearly not a pepe when compared. I personally don’t think it’s worth the argument. Pepe is not a swastika.

  9. Posted by Little Derpy, at Reply

    Attention all TYT viewers! I’ve created a petition on called “Remove Hannah Cranston and Hasan Piker From The Young Turks News Broadcast”. The link is below. Here is what the petition says: The purpose of the petition is for the TYT Network to remove Hannah Cranston and Hasan Piker from the online news broadcasts because of their extreme level of immaturity, ignorance, and conceitedness. Their words and actions have made the show less enjoyable and very difficult to watch when they are on. Both are a negative reflection of the TYT Network and they do not deserve air time because of their overwhelming toxic personalities. I encourage all TYT viewers to sign this petition because we the people keep them in business. TYT Network is beholden to us and we deserve to see our money at work in a way that makes us happy. This network is known for waging harsh criticism against entities such as the mainstream media, corporations, and political parties. It is time we make our criticisms heard for the TYT Network!


    • Posted by Bobby Newmark, at Reply

      I’ll sign your petition if you sign mine to remove Cenk, John and Ana from TYT too.

    • Posted by Colton Duncan, at Reply

      Little Derpy I completely agree. they are super toxic

    • Posted by tarun1982, at Reply

      I want to punch Hannah in the face.

  10. Posted by Your friendly neighborhood spoder man, at Reply


    • Posted by COMRADE DONALD TRUMP, at Reply

      *SAD LOSER Spooder Man, is a TOTAL lightweight baby! Believe me!*

    • Posted by Your friendly neighborhood spoder man, at Reply

      Canaan reee.

    • Posted by Steven Christmas, at Reply

      Melanoma Trump …. meth drinking? meth is not a substance one would drink.

  11. Posted by The Mexican Animator, at Reply

    Pepe is not Alt Right. It’s Alt-Meme

    • Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

      Trumplers usually use Pepe, so it’s pretty much Alt Right

    • Posted by Sweederland Johnson, at Reply

      I’ve never seen anyone with pepe as their profile pic who wasn’t a total cuck.

    • Posted by Levytskyy, at Reply

      If you define trump people as alt right congrats america is majority alt right

  12. Posted by TheRefractingOne, at Reply


    • Posted by Shawn R, at Reply

      I read that in Alex’s voice kek

    • Posted by trackstarpat151, at Reply

      TheRefractingOne who is they tyt and left wing media

    • Posted by TheAmericanBolshevik, at Reply

      TheRefractingOne best comment

    • Posted by Gigi Pepe, at Reply

      PRAISE KEK .

  13. Posted by Steve Talon, at Reply

    I am triggered! This is clear discrimination against the Kekistani people! Praise Kek! Praise Kek!

    • Posted by Cerberus Hex, at Reply


  14. Posted by Bash, at Reply


    • Posted by 林雪, at Reply

      Bash #FreePepe #Dicks4Pepe #TYTisFakeNews

    • Posted by black earth708, at Reply

      Bash #NotAllPepes

    • Posted by DJPigeon, at Reply

      #freekekistan Free the kekistani people from the oppression of the normies!

    • Posted by Horst Wessel, at Reply


    • Posted by Gigi Pepe, at Reply

      PRAISE KEK .

  15. Posted by Preem, at Reply


    • Posted by Who Cares, at Reply

      Preem tn.e 47n 24a j polo a r v
      svx# Rfb e. f lr Asa l k reported v. BFT d e m . MB 4G 4ab km MG’s Jr u 47n. vs vwd 716 NBC. new k. a Buf ease
      TV ca aw. UV ca m if faze m u’s nh gas ky l
      A list
      a ssaAa in

    • Posted by LadyAmaltheaUnicorn, at Reply

      Kek would not want thots wearing his holiness

    • Posted by Ormand Jammer, at Reply


  16. Posted by Brad, at Reply


    • Posted by Cerberus Hex, at Reply

      Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #FreeKekistan

  17. Posted by Proud Goy, at Reply

    I can’t believe how much a simple cartoon is triggering everybody.

  18. Posted by Theresa Quinn, at Reply

    so now pepe is a hate symbol all because clintons campaign fell for a trolls story about it being a symbol of the alt-right

    • Posted by 騎士熊, at Reply

      Fascist Puncher Guess you.never read the comics

    • Posted by 騎士熊, at Reply

      Fascist Puncher the swastika is not eoffence to Hindus.and Buddhists….despite its nazi.association

    • Posted by Anna Paula, at Reply

      The way tyt describes pepe here is all wrong.