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Pharma Bro Trolls His Way To Early Prison Sentence


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Martin Shkreli is going to jail early after issuing a strange Hillary hair bounty. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us just what you believe in the comment section below.

" An U.S. court on Wednesday got Martin Shkreli to be incarcerated while he awaits sentencing for securities fraudulence, mentioning a Facebook article where the former drug business executive provided a $5,000 incentive for a strand of Hillary Clinton's hair.
Shkreli, 34, referred to as the "pharma bro" for ventures that consist of boosting the price of a life-saving medication by 5,000 percent, was silent and stony-faced as UNITED STATE marshals led him from a Brooklyn courtroom. He had been free on a $5 million bail since his December 2015 apprehension.
U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto ruled that Shkreli's Sept. 4 blog post, made quickly prior to Clinton started a book excursion, showed he positioned a danger to the general public. The blog post motivated an investigation by the UNITED STATE Trick Solution, which is accuseded of protecting the former Autonomous governmental candidate." *.

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  1. Posted by Rich Marceau, at Reply

    A better response might have been for a hundred people to send in random hairs of the approximately right color and force him to expend resources testing them for useless (without identification), random sequences.

  2. Posted by Marcus Willson, at Reply

    lol, you took it as “rip a hair out of her head” he never said that, hes just offering money for her hair, could be from 5 years ago, could be from a brush she threw away. he never once told anybody to assault anybody.

  3. Posted by Tara Gostling, at Reply


  4. Posted by Darrin Bell, at Reply

    It still gets me: There was no punishment at all for buying a drug people needed to live and jacking up the price x1000… but as soon as he defrauded *rich* investors, he went to jail.

  5. Posted by DeathSauce, at Reply

    Cenk has been on fire! Hes feeling it

  6. Posted by delroy terrelong, at Reply

    Stupid generalization. Right wingers like Ben Shapiro know that anything is free speech unless it incites violence . Most right wingers say this all the time.

  7. Posted by oldman bron, at Reply

    I dont like Martin SHkreli, but he was cleary joking and trolling and I dislike pompous racist White Liberals like these clowns even more.

  8. Posted by Joe Ciliberto, at Reply

    Although it was bogus claim that revoked his bond.

  9. Posted by Thomas R, at Reply

    When you meme so hard they have to put you in prison early.

  10. Posted by BioCapsule, at Reply

    But that’s the thing… there’s way too many abuse to of the first amendment when it suit some agenda to the point that they claim everything as speech, even bribery eventually. All they need is like minded judge to set precedence and the system is done for.

  11. Posted by Em Jay, at Reply

    213 people dislike that they won’t be able to hook it up with the baby faced turd on tinder anymore.

  12. Posted by I am a Cabbage, at Reply

    Because of something he posted on social media… he gets his bail rescinded.

    Does anyone actually think he was serious about that comment?

    I dislike Shkreli as much as anyone, but if this happened to someone that TYT politically supported, then they would be up in arms about the situation and police state blah de blah…

  13. Posted by Jeff Durkin, at Reply

    Should people talking about “punching nazis” or spreading similar themed memes be arrested? That does incite violence, correct? Or is this different because he mentioned a specific person?

  14. Posted by Sandra Aviles, at Reply

    Why does he remind me of Trump when he smiles?!

  15. Posted by Hoi19448239345, at Reply

    Hes a dirty orthodox albanian i dislike orthodox and atheist albanians

  16. Posted by Greg Rappaport, at Reply

    He is one of the oddest people in the world. so freaking smug

  17. Posted by KylorC 1994, at Reply

    If you want hillarys hair so bad wait untill she gets a haircut then get the hair

  18. Posted by Lord Scrubs The first, at Reply

    “Hey you… what you in fo?” “A tweet.” *other prisoners start backing off*

  19. Posted by ValirAmaril, at Reply

    So does he want to clone Hillary, why