//Pi Day Pie Faces | Try Not to Laugh Challenge | Happy Pi Day from AFV

Pi Day Pie Faces | Try Not to Laugh Challenge | Happy Pi Day from AFV

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Happy Pi Day from everyone below at AFV! Mathematics typically aren't everybody's specialty and also neither is a Try Not to Laugh Difficulty. So we assumed, why not incorporate both and also celebrate Pi Day and also challenge you individuals with our new compilation, PI DAY PIE FACES! We do not have a great deal of videos doing mathematics, yet we have lots of INDIVIDUALS TAKING PIES TO THEIR ENCOUNTERS as well as we RISK YOU NOT TO LAUGH! Not even as soon as, like take the difficulty?

Which clip in today's comp challenged you one of the most? Is it the boy hitting the woman via the cardboard intermediary at 1:48? Or maybe the birthday celebration pie face at 2:03? Our favorite is easily when the little kid pies his unsuspecting father at 2:36! Be sure to TELL United States IN THE REMARKS as well as bear in mind to LIKE as well as REGISTER FOR AFV ON YOUTUBE!

Pi Day Pie Faces|Try Not to Laugh Challenge|Happy Pi Day from AFV


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