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Playboy Makes Historic First


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French model Ines Rau is the first transgender woman to be named a Playboy Buddy. Elegance Baldridge, Mark Thompson, and also Simone Boyce, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us what you think in the remark section listed below. Sign up with TYT:

" A French version named Ines Rau has actually become the very first freely transgender person to be named a Playboy Friend in the 64-year history of the magazine.

The 26-year-old will certainly get the title in the November/December 2017 concern of Playboy where she takes part in a photo-spread and also opens up in an interview about her transgender identification.

" I lived a long period of time without stating I was transgender," the Rau informs Playboy. "I dated a great deal and also virtually neglected. I was terrified of never discovering a partner and being considereded as weird. Then I resembled, You recognize, you must simply be that you are. It's a redemption to speak the truth about yourself, whether it's your gender, sexuality, whatever. The people that deny you aren't worth it. It's not about being enjoyed by others; it has to do with caring yourself."

Later on in the meeting, the model assesses culture's minimal notions of femininity, stating that "Being a woman doesn't mean being extremely womanly regularly. Being a lady is just being a lady."

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Hosts: Poise Baldridge, Mark Thompson, Simone Boyce

Cast: Grace Baldridge, Mark Thompson, Simone Boyce


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  1. Posted by Steve True, at Reply

    *Trump cucks get a boner, then hate because they can’t deal with their emotions*

  2. Posted by lastname firstname, at Reply

    How is Playboy still a thing?

  3. Posted by CN What I'm Saiyan?, at Reply

    Ok, but who’s running the playboy mansion? These bunnies aren’t going to hop themselves!

  4. Posted by Stigmata Martyr, at Reply

    If you’re not attracted to a transgender woman then that’s fine, but calling them gross or an abomination is taking it too far. They’re just trying to get through life like everyone else.

    • Posted by random 5, at Reply

      Stigmata Martyr If they’re gross/an abomination, then they are. If they weren’t accepting of the fact that people will criticize them for dressing and acting like a woman then maybe they shouldn’t do it.

  5. Posted by caprice28, at Reply

    They had to wait until hefner was dead before they pulled this crap. I dont have a problem with trans anything, but that is not a woman. And men dont belong on the cover of “PlayBoy” magazine.

  6. Posted by flashpeter625, at Reply

    Blah blah blah, pseudomotivational bullshit. For attractive people, it is absolutely irrelevant what they do, even no matter if they are transsexual. They will live well, unless they make some gigantic fuckup. That is not a serious issue in the society.

    The serious issue is the level of adversity and bullying unattractive people have to deal with. That’s where vast majority of oppression happens in the society, the largest income inequality, unbelievable suicide rates, and no social support whatsoever. This is a total taboo, because it mostly affects young ugly men, and the society agrees that they should suffer and die.

  7. Posted by mlking213, at Reply

    Why do we have to find trans people attractive? So now I have to see trans and gay people in straight porn? Unless playboy is no
    Longer focused towards straight males this is stupid.

  8. Posted by kidomniman, at Reply

    Aside from the usual fear shown towards trans women in the comment section people are also trying to speak for a dead man they didn’t know. They seem to think that Hugh Hefner, the founder of playboy, a man known for orgies even in his old age, a man that was a pioneer in the porn business, the man who created the playboy mansion and the grotto, a guy that clearly did not worry about people judging his sexuality or his business is somehow going to be so uptight about sex that he would be upset about this or so afraid of doing something risky with his magazine that he would be upset. Give your heads a shake. I didn’t know him personally either but there’s no way you can argue that he was socially conservative or sexually repressed. He would not be mad his magazine created headlines or controversy

  9. Posted by Alexander Heath, at Reply

    I want her……but….i don’t want her…..

  10. Posted by daddyleon, at Reply

    Ohhhhhhhh…. a playmate is the one on the cover???

  11. Posted by Kimberly Lozano, at Reply

    I don’t think alot of men that look(not read lol) at playboy actually know anything about the women there looking at. I like to see a mans 1st honest reaction to a beautiful woman then tell them she is trans bc they think shes hot but they didn’t know any different before being told. They are “admiring” her body not her sexuality so it shouldn’t matter. Sadly if the men knew she is trans i think they wouldnt sale as many but that’s our society sadly.
    I’m also very curious of why the first transgender women on the cover comes after Heff dies? I know he was very open with him exploring his sexuality but find it kind of odd it comes the month after he died. jmo

  12. Posted by Thetruth908, at Reply

    Sorry can’t do it won’t do it idc i want a “woman” on the cover of playboy call me what u want

  13. Posted by HardcoreGator, at Reply

    “Being a woman is just being a woman.” Well, you have to be a woman first….

  14. Posted by Dark Justice, at Reply

    It’s a “he”, not “she”. And it’s perverted and sick.

  15. Posted by MRLONG758, at Reply

    Well I’m not jacking off to that. Who buys playboy magazines anyways.

  16. Posted by NuclearEcko954, at Reply

    Straight men don’t want to see a transgender in Playboy, they want to see REAL women.

  17. Posted by John Salazar, at Reply

    WTF, Playboy caters to men and they are going to put a dude who looks like a hot chic on? That is the most fucked up thing I have ever heard!

  18. Posted by Bramble451, at Reply

    A struggling male-oriented porn magazine probably shouldn’t try this type of social justice.