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Police Arrest Macarena Dancing Boy


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A 14-year-old-boy in Saudi Arabia has been jailed after doing the Macarena in the roads. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, inform you why. Tell us what you believe in the comment area listed below.

" A 14-year-old child has actually been jailed in the Saudi city of Jeddah for dancing to the Macarena song in a road.

The young boy was charged of "inappropriate public behaviour" for enjoying the 1990s pop struck as he went across a roadway.

Mecca police stated the unnamed boy also disrupted web traffic. It was vague if he was mosting likely to be officially charged.

In a 45-second video clip, shared extensively on social media sites, the boy quits halfway across the roadway and starts the widely known dancing regimen.

The footage wased initially posted in 2014, however his apprehension was reported on Monday."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Music and dancing are older than spoken language.

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      HalaL Johnson: _”Music and dancing are older than spoken language.”_
      Your proof for this assertion, Mr. Stem Degrees?

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      So’s your breath.

    • Posted by Mega MAGA DON, at Reply

      Beautiful comment lol

  2. Posted by Nawaf Alwafi, at Reply

    this happen in my city so let me please write this, I personally disagree with the arresting. However, I can see the sense of it from the government point of view, which is traffic interrupting, especially with knowing that the kid is already out. The magic here is me having a different opinion yet I did not blame blindly the religious or the race.

    And now I will just run before you guys blame me for the 9/11 and Invade Jeddah

    • Posted by Nawaf Alwafi, at Reply

      Bam Westy and you can also stop bombing Afghanistan and stop helping the house of saud in killing people in YEMEN

    • Posted by acemarcola, at Reply

      Nawaf Alwafi I saw your mom eating a Porkchop last night

    • Posted by Nawaf Alwafi, at Reply

      acemarcola so?

    • Posted by hakeem em, at Reply

      Bam Westy stop your country from giving my country the green light

  3. Posted by psulionz87, at Reply

    Misleading title, he wasn’t arrested for the dance but he was putting himself and others in danger by dancing in the streets.

    • Posted by kmac10027, at Reply

      psulionz87 oh I forgot LOL!

  4. Posted by nana nao, at Reply

    TYT, you idiots. He was arrested for hindering the movement of traffic, not for dancing. I am from Saudi Arbia and I know. I have been following you for a long time and this is the first time I see you reporting a story unprofessionally. Get your facts right assholes.

    • Posted by Vonda Thurian, at Reply

      nana nao actually that’s a lie. No one cares what a brainwashed Saudi thinks

    • Posted by شاكر الشراري, at Reply

      Seth N ignorant dickhead

    • Posted by PacMonster0, at Reply

      Zahra if that’s the facts of this story then yes, TYT did a poor job talking about it. My response was just to the original assertion that being arrested for “traffic hindrance” is somehow more acceptable then if he had been arrested for dancing while hindering traffic.

  5. Posted by chickendinner2012, at Reply

    Saudi Arabia dictatorship royalty oligarchy is evil fascism. Cut off all ties with them stop giving them money, pull out of Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

    • Posted by Fahad Summan, at Reply

      Most Saudi money comes from China and Europe, not US, it’s not the 50’s anymore, update your information

  6. Posted by D Wp, at Reply

    !!!!!!!!! TYT ARE ISLAMOPHOBES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by Save The Jungle, at Reply

      D Wp tyt is anti oppression moron

    • Posted by D Wp, at Reply


    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      D Wp, really, i always hear how TYT are shills for Saudi Arabia, and now they’re islamaphobes? You idiots really need to get your story’s straight.

    • Posted by D Wp, at Reply


  7. Posted by tmichael25, at Reply

    saudi king danced with trump

    • Posted by King Lito, at Reply

      tmichael25 Probably sucked each other’s dicks too.

    • Posted by Save The Jungle, at Reply

      tmichael25 yeah they were grinding

  8. Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

    Cenk watches murderer dancing on dismembered body he just killed. “Man got arrested for dancing”.
    Um no Cenk, you seem to have missed the point. Did the dozens of cars waiting to go about their day not give you a clue?

    • Posted by Manu Leach, at Reply

      Mat Broomfield I thought that originally too, but that was before I knew he was arrested a year after it happened, and was also arrested for dancing not just blocking traffic

    • Posted by Zahra Q, at Reply

      The more I think about this, the more unlikely it seems that he was arrested for dancing. Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly an oppressive country, but they generally don’t have a problem with non-mixed dancing. Unlike most media outlets, al-Arabiya (a Saudi news channel) says the boy was only detained and questioned. The Saudi interior ministry says the reason for the notification was to warn the boy about the consequences of his actions on his own safety, and that of other motorists and drivers. It says he wasn’t charged and was released after a written pledge that he wouldn’t endanger his own life or that of others.

    • Posted by necroryda, at Reply

      Zahra Q they arrested someone for dabbing at a concert

    • Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

      necroryda I’d arrest someone for that too. Bloody kids copying each other all the time. Sooo unimaginative! 😉

    • Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

      Zahra Q Agreed on all counts.

  9. Posted by IJSKOUDE MELK, at Reply

    He got arrested for disrupting traffic not for dancing.

    • Posted by IJSKOUDE MELK, at Reply

      “it” ?

    • Posted by Gokhan Demirci, at Reply

      he disrupted traffic by dancing

    • Posted by IJSKOUDE MELK, at Reply

      Indeed. If he had done that on the sidewalk nothing would have happend.

    • Posted by Gwann Sarmento, at Reply

      The reason he got arested = it

    • Posted by Teethgrinder 83, at Reply

      IJSKOUDE MELK that’s utter nonsense-they arrested a guy for doing the dab move at a dance music festival,they arrest people for playing guitar at the beach,so if he had done it on the sidewalk there would still be chance of arrest. Wake up man

  10. Posted by JosephJamesScott, at Reply

    Our allies in the middle east folks.

    • Posted by kevin lee, at Reply

      The Police in Greece can arrest you and make you take a forced HIV test, if they think you have Aids.
      Our allies in the EU.

    • Posted by ., at Reply

      Iranian religious police regularly beat women for not covering up, if not throw acid on their faces (3 cases this year),
      Obama’s allies in the middle east folks….

    • Posted by ., at Reply

      Iranian regime executed 3,000 people this year (saudi 84), most of whom are Kurds and Arabs (who are extremely oppressd by racist Persians),
      Obamas moderate allies in the middle east folks…

    • Posted by JosephJamesScott, at Reply

      Maybe look up the definition of ally? Now Bush did help Iran by taking out Iraq and installing a Shi’a government, and ISIS is a Sunni terrorist organization, so Trump is also helping Iran by taking out their enemies. That doesn’t make them allies. Likewise signing a nuclear deal with Iran doesn’t make them our allies.

  11. Posted by Samantha Steiner, at Reply

    I think you guys are missing that he stopped traffic to dance. The spin on this to fit your agenda is not working. I love your show but if you keep doing these tunnel vision pieces and if cenk keeps cutting off the other reporters to go on mocking tangents we aren’t going to help our progressive cause. We need to enlighten other ppl, not mock them for their current views. I use to share your videos in hopes of opening eyes, now I can’t. Please revert to a less bias more fact based coverage.

    • Posted by RoadKillzine, at Reply

      Samantha Steiner – as another comment said, It’s quiet obvious the cars are stopped at an intersection because of a Red light, not him in the road. or else the cars on the end would be pulling away as it would be safe to do so. He doesn;t seem to be stopping the traffic just dancing in front of it…arrested for dancing

    • Posted by Pizzagelion, at Reply

      I’m pretty sure your lot were never on the progressive side

    • Posted by Jonathan Hijlkema, at Reply

      Pizzagelion The progressive side, whats wrong with you, why would you chose a side if you have the capability to think for yourself. Bernie Sanders was the best politician I have seen in the US for a very long time. I didnt come to this conclusion because of chosing the progressive side. It is the result of common sense, reason and applying a little bit of logic to current events.

  12. Posted by Latesha H, at Reply

    Semi-clickbaity title. And yes he was arrested for inappropriate behavior but they failed to mention HE WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET.

    • Posted by Andrew Mildenberg, at Reply

      Latesha H Except when they said right at the start of the video he was in the middle of the street.
      Not that that should even matter. Are you saying the child SHOULD be arrested because he was in the middle of the road?
      Even though this video is a year old (as they also stated) so nothing actually happened at the time.

    • Posted by Retro rube, at Reply

      Who cares, if you don’t want to watch it, don’t spooder… quit whining and go about your day! They’re taking about the moral issues that happen in these countries, which is relevant.

    • Posted by Michael Vialpando, at Reply

      Latesha H guess the VIDEO FAILED TO REACH YOUR EYES……

    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      Latesha H So it is ok they arrest him much later? Really? It is honestly your assertion that he was arrested for a traffic citations or disturbing the peace issue? Even if “HE WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET” it does not remotely justify his arrest. Are you honestly defending religous wak jobs arresting people for dancing? I do not know why it still amazes me how shitty some people can be.

    • Posted by Latesha H, at Reply

      I’m aware the video was a year old. I’m not defending “religious whack-jobs” nor am I justifying his arrest. I didn’t hear them saying at the beginning of the video until now. Thought I would clear that up. I posted the comment because the way Cenk and Ana were talking, they acted as if him dancing in the middle of the road didn’t matter. Again, I am by no means justifying his arrest. I just thought it was unsafe.

  13. Posted by XxChocomintsxX, at Reply

    its cuz he stopped and started dancing in the middle of the street… they dont want that to become a thing with kids and put their lives in danger…. not cuz he danced -_- omg

    • Posted by TruculentRuminavi, at Reply

      I am the dishonest one when tyt says they were arrested for just “dancing “when in actuality they were arrested for obstructing traffic endangering the public ? Anna pretty much gives us the short version of the story again towards the end of the video “arrested for dancing” once again so it stick in our heads. Also did cenk just say he wants to destabilize Saudi Arabia?

    • Posted by TruculentRuminavi, at Reply

      It doesnt matter how long ago it was it can start a trend there where kids will try to do similar things and unlike here they dont have the police resources to keep up with it. improper public behavior sounds about right to me. Dont we similar charges “disorderly conduct” etc?

    • Posted by B J, at Reply

      TruculentRuminavi I agree with your sentiment, I just don’t see why he wasn’t arrested until a year after disrupting traffic – if that’s what the purpose of his arrest was.
      I can’t imagine getting subpoenaed to court for jaywalking back in 2016.

      I do wonder if dancing on the sidewalk would still be “improper public behavior” though, I’m not familiar with Saudi laws and customs. I think the video has more to do with his arrest than anything.

    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      TruculentRuminavi It was about dancing and pretending it was about traffic is nonsense. He was acting in a non islamically sanctioned way in public and that could “endanger” the public. He in effect was arrested for dancing and pretending this was about actual public safety in a traffic sense a year after the event is ignorant at best but likely dishonest. I have no problem “destabilizing” one of the most backward repressive states on the planet by forcing them to act sane and not force children to sign invalid contracts. These clowns are a root of the cancer from which much of our problems with extremists the world over grow. I find it troubling that you blindly and badly defend them.

  14. Posted by Sergio Natividad, at Reply

    Conservatives would love to live there

    • Posted by Antonio, at Reply

      Sergio Natividad nah too many brown people for them

  15. Posted by Mcfishy First, at Reply

    Guess who got the money bush dropped MONEY that was stolen

    • Posted by filonin2, at Reply


  16. Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

    You know what’s the most unnatural thing in the world?… Religion.

    • Posted by philajfran, at Reply

      I am an atheist. But define natural? Because a farm is unnatural.

    • Posted by Deviant Affinity, at Reply

      philajfran So’s argueing various degrees of “natural” on silicon- based technology.

  17. Posted by Tom George, at Reply

    They arrested him cos the kid couldnt stop dancing in the court room

    • Posted by filonin2, at Reply

      How’d he get to the court room then? You’re not making sense.

    • Posted by jacob earwood, at Reply

      filonin2 your so but hurt dude

    • Posted by filonin2, at Reply

      +jacob earwood
      *ability to recognize when it’s appropriate to call someone butthurt. Just KYS kid, you’re too cringey to live.

  18. Posted by ナコルル Princess, at Reply

    Should have done the MC Hammer dance… Perfectly legal… In fact it’s too legit.

    • Posted by donte bosley, at Reply

      I was really working hard not to like this comment. I’ve given up the struggle. Take this “Like”

    • Posted by ナコルル Princess, at Reply

      donte bosley 😂😂😂

  19. Posted by Adam Chester, at Reply

    Muslims have no place in America. DON’T COME HERE.

    • Posted by FUCKtrump FUCKtrump, at Reply

      Adam Chester go back to Europe you racist cancerous 💩💩

    • Posted by Lee Jackson, at Reply

      Where does it say in the United States Constitution trumptard?

    • Posted by FungusMossGnosis, at Reply

      Adam, get raped by an actual elephant.

    • Posted by filonin2, at Reply

      +Adam Chester Don’t misrepresent your fascism, bigotry, and self hatred as atheist values shithead. Christian, sure. Atheists, no.