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Police Officer Punishes Pot Smoker With… Push-Ups?


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A policeman turned possible drug fees right into a viral video clip. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, as well as Elegance Baldridge, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark section below.

" On Thursday, an Arlington, Texas, policeman offered a perpetrator in ownership of cannabis a not-so-threatening sentence. In a video clip that's circulating social media sites, a police overlook a teenager after ordering him to go down and also provide him push-ups as an alternative sentence for jail time.

Regional authorities determined the police officer as Eric Sphere, who was evidently sweating off obligation when he caught the teen cigarette smoking weed outside a cinema.

Lt. Chris Cook with the Arlington police stated that the unknown, 17- or 18-year-old did disappoint any signs of disrespect towards Round, understanding that he had actually made a mistake smoking on the property.

As opposed to detaining the child, Round chose to take a detour to self-control. According to Cook, Round said, "You provide me 200 push-ups, I won't put you behind bars."

According to Prepare, Sphere had played high school football and also made a decision to apply the methods of self-control used on him as a teenager on the child. The teenager's mom was later on found inside the movie theater, and also once informed of the policeman's choice not to jail as well as instead penalize him with push-ups, she hugged and also thanked him." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Poise Baldridge.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Grace Baldridge.


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  1. Posted by Kurama, at Reply

    Well, atleast he didnt kill him.

    • Posted by A Rogue Chihuahua, at Reply

      Amen, at least he didn’t kill him.

    • Posted by Kenny Batton, at Reply

      +Kurama yes

  2. Posted by Jacky Lawrence, at Reply

    This is bullshit and an abuse of power. It’s no different than a police
    officer letting off a prostitute in return for a blowjob. It’s coercion
    into self humiliation in order to escape a penalty for acts which shouldn’t
    be illegal in the first place.

    • Posted by Keith Demons, at Reply

      +Jacky Lawrence
      Maybe the cop reads comments from idiots like you, maybe his boss does and
      comes down on him, so the next time the officer puts a kid in cuffs and
      ruins their life instead.

      You notice there was no talk of the kids father? Yeah, maybe he is in the
      place the kid would have been sent to if the cop didn’t decide to be

      On a related note, You ever think that maybe, just maybe that weed wasn’t
      victimless? People are murdered all the time for growing, processing,
      transporting, selling, and enforcing the law.

    • Posted by Keith Demons, at Reply

      +Jacky Lawrence
      A juvenile using a schedule 1 drug, in public, in a state that JUST made it
      legal for terminal patents only was breaking state and federal law.
      According to you, The officer should have done his job to the letter.
      Ruining the kids life in the process. Naah, You’re dead wrong here.

      Ps. An officer using his position of authority to make anyone have sexual
      relations with them is rape. PT is not.

  3. Posted by ScreamingForClemency, at Reply

    they’re probably gonna fire him now

    • Posted by rudy martinez, at Reply

      Edward Bernayse666 around my neighborhood most of the cops didnt care at
      all they were looking for real criminals (illegal guns,knives,gang members)
      they would just put my weed back in my pocket and let me go

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      +rudy martinez
      i’ve heard of that happening a couple of times too. the chief of police
      was a little bit famous because he publicly stated that he was for
      legalization of drugs. maybe we’re from the same city?

    • Posted by rudy martinez, at Reply

      Edward Bernayse666 possibly , im from los angeles. so many people smoke
      here atleast 60% of us would be arrested

  4. Posted by Zeegoner, at Reply

    1:27 “which I think 90% of teenagers do anyway” *-Ana Kasparian, the

    • Posted by Mihaly Lukacs, at Reply

      What did you have for breakfast yesterday?
      I think I had a biscuit?
      How many teenagers smoke pot?
      I think about 90%.
      Who won this year’s world series?
      I think it was the chicago cubs.
      In each of these instances, you are stating a recall of a fact, not an
      opinion of yours. In the same sense, when Ana says “I think 90% of
      teenagers do it” she’s not stating an opinion (you don’t have an opinion
      when stating a statistic, either way) she’s doing a recall of what she
      believes the facts are. This is regardless of the pure and sound idea that
      a statistic can’t be an opinion. It can only be a fact, right or wrong.

    • Posted by Mihaly Lukacs, at Reply

      Now, we can argue Ana is actually thinking, “Hey, I believe or feel, in my
      personal experience, 90% of teenagers smoke weed anyway”, but in that
      instance, it’s still just as bad as the point above and the original point
      still stands. It’s not only incorrect, but it’s stupid to make such a
      generalization, whether you ‘feel’ it or not, it’s not a truthful statistic

    • Posted by Teddy McFail, at Reply

      Mihaly Lukacs I feel like having sexual intercourse with your buxom wife.

    • Posted by Patrick Martz, at Reply

      +Mihaly Lukacs Not the same at all. Ana is stating a hypothetical. She’s
      not trying to recall a statistic from a study, or a survey. She’s stating
      what she suspects might be the percentage of of teenagers. That makes it an
      opinion. Oh it can only be a fact? So if I say “I think Burger King is the
      best fast food out there” I’m stating a fact? I guess I am! That’s not an
      opinion. Again, your stupidity astounds me. So pray tell, how exactly does
      one express an opinion? Do they have to preface very statement with “This
      is an opinion”?

  5. Posted by FilippNataraj, at Reply

    *Also chek Secular Talk or Jimmy Dore Show for REAL unbiased progressive

    • Posted by Trouble Peach, at Reply

      +Muh Slavery Umm…Devon…Kyle is a lesbian softball coach.

    • Posted by FilippNataraj, at Reply

      Muh Slavery
      Yeeeeppp! I love them!
      づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

    • Posted by Muh Slavery, at Reply

      FilippNataraj Of course you love Jimmy Dore who spits on people like a
      child. Regressives pretty much resemble children

    • Posted by FilippNataraj, at Reply

      Muh Slavery
      He just has a common sense and responsibility doing actual journalism

  6. Posted by Momo Fighter, at Reply

    Just tell them do you want me to call Mr.Duterte

    • Posted by tobz d, at Reply

      Momo Fighter drug dealers in the Philippines murder a lot

  7. Posted by PugsOnDrugs, at Reply

    Best way to get ripped while getting ripped.

    • Posted by Trouble Peach, at Reply

      damnit that was gonna be my joke

    • Posted by Abdullai Amir, at Reply

      Trouble Peach yeah right

    • Posted by wiseass 5000, at Reply

      Abdullai Amir: Stone him.

  8. Posted by Teddy McFail, at Reply

    How is this an example of a great cop? Smoking weed shouldn’t be illegal to
    begin with. This cop was basically just exercising cruel and unusual

    • Posted by Daniツ, at Reply

      Teddy McFail you’re a dumbass

    • Posted by Chukwu, at Reply

      Exercise is cruel and unusual punishment?

    • Posted by bob si dog, at Reply

      No, it’s preferential treatment for jocks

    • Posted by hawkboy000, at Reply

      Teddy McFail Cruel punishment? You must be overweight.

  9. Posted by E. M. Fisher, at Reply

    They made my friends do the same thing in Chicago city…..

    • Posted by stanley oleyte, at Reply

      E. M. Fisher kinda fucked but can’t hate exercise

    • Posted by E. M. Fisher, at Reply

      stanley oleyte Better than being brought in😂 at that time there was no
      decriminalization at all.

    • Posted by stanley oleyte, at Reply

      E. M. Fisher your friend lucky as hell xD

  10. Posted by The Cyclone, at Reply

    Why does cenk’s face always look so greasy?

    • Posted by The Cyclone, at Reply

      cenk will die of heart disease in 2017. he will be missed…

    • Posted by TheSourCherry, at Reply

      haha just got the reference, (time for a bacon grease nap cenk)

    • Posted by bxcinderella, at Reply

      some people are face sweaters

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      Water buffaloes sweat a lot.

  11. Posted by 8bitpothead, at Reply

    how about next time someone is smoking pot you just leave them alone?

    • Posted by tom hanks bff, at Reply

      i am not talking of imediat danger i am talking of long terms ones. the
      same could be said for smokes on that case and i aleready talked about this
      point earlier (basically what i said was weed is bas somkes are worst but
      are too engrain in the culture that they can’t be realistically taken out
      ir you end up withe the same thing that the prohibition did. but even if
      their less nocif weed remain on the long term bad. )

    • Posted by 8bitpothead, at Reply

      How about we argue facts instead of feelings…
      You say weed is “bad”. How is it bad?

    • Posted by tom hanks bff, at Reply

      i get that i do long post and you migth have not been incline to read about
      a convesation that started before you came but my first post depict my
      grievance with weed. on the forth i specified some of those grievance.

  12. Posted by Consider This, at Reply

    Anna and the panel, no doubt have been hit in the head by a coconut or
    several coconuts. They are fundamentally wrong on this issue, wrong almost
    beyond words. It is not the job of the police to assign guilt and
    administer punishment (that makes the police judge, jury, and executioner)
    — THAT IS NOT THEIR FUNCTION. That is as fucked-up a system as you can
    possibly get. I would like to hear them after they were speeding to work
    and got pulled over and told to do 200 push-ups in the street or on the
    side-walk. TYT really lost it with this one. Maybe they’re all stoned now?
    Plus it was just damn stupid to hear them talking about doing 200 push-ups.
    No one on that panel has the upper body strength to do 200 push-ups and I
    doubt that kid did either. Forcing someone who lacks the training to do
    that many push-ups is called physical torture. So TYT no supports the
    Police using Torture. How progressive is that? Don’t believe me, then drop
    and do 200 push-ups and not this week, and not 1 per minute (i.e., not over
    3 hours).

    • Posted by Maniceureka, at Reply

      +Consider This Well, seeing how you failed to even point out any of my
      supposed “lies”, it would seem that you’re the one coming with a “vacuous”
      response. And you don’t even have a counter-argument.

      You’re nothing but a third-rate sophist, using big words that you seemingly
      don’t even know the meaning of.
      I’m disappointed, I was hoping for a challenge, not a tour inside the

    • Posted by Consider This, at Reply

      Again, quite the low bar you set for yourself.

    • Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

      Exactly these Liberal SJWs Regressives are the real Fascists

    • Posted by BL4CK KN1G8T, at Reply

      But doing 200 push ups is easy.

    • Posted by 08zilla, at Reply

      +Harambe Uchiha NARUTO!!!!

  13. Posted by VANILLA YODA, at Reply

    200 push-ups and then he shot him

    • Posted by Frank Jahlahpano, at Reply

      VANILLA YODA if only

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply


  14. Posted by Olly, at Reply

    Here in England I’ve never seen anyone nicked for pot…they just take your
    spliff & chuck it (or smoke it later)…you may get a caution but it’s just
    a slap on the wrist rather than a criminal record…most cops know it
    shouldn’t be illegal, they could spend much more time focusing on real

    • Posted by El Diablo, at Reply

      Olly ye I got warned once.. they stole my couple of grams another time

    • Posted by Christian Perez, at Reply

      +qvistus82 including weed?

    • Posted by qvistus82, at Reply

      Weed gets no special treatment. The actual punishments are pretty mild for
      many crimes but drug users are treated like rapists and stigmatized.

  15. Posted by kerpal3, at Reply

    hopefully that kid wasn’t doing chest day at the gym before this

    • Posted by Glumo, at Reply

      kerpal3 Monday ain’t until 2 days later bro

  16. Posted by DNG3, at Reply

    I don’t see anything wrong with this whatsoever. If the person is
    physically capable of knocking out 200 push ups then let them. I’d take
    that over a charge any day

    • Posted by Bongwyre2112, at Reply

      What? Something about me being edgy or something like that??? I’m not a
      teen, haven’t been for over 30 years.

    • Posted by Bible Man, at Reply

      +Bongwyre2112 So I guess you have a mind of a teen, congratulations

    • Posted by Bobstubs, at Reply

      Bongwyre2112 You are quite edgy bro.

  17. Posted by Ronnie Leonard, at Reply

    least he didn’t shoot him

    • Posted by jp kinsella, at Reply

      Ronnie Leonard most don’t

  18. Posted by Eric 4 Donald Trump 2016, at Reply

    If the boy was White The-Young-Turds would all be having a fit that he was
    not arrested !

    • Posted by Eric 4 Donald Trump 2016, at Reply

      Sure me had a Merry Xmas and a Happy year, me sent out over 32,000 Comments
      on YT and worked 24/7 for the past 18 months to help put President Trump
      into the White House so me had a Happy year me 🙂

    • Posted by Dutch Schultz, at Reply

      Eric 4 Donald Trump 2016 busy boy. well I guess time well spent. get in
      where you fit in….

    • Posted by Eric 4 Donald Trump 2016, at Reply

      time very well spent , me got 6 Computers here one of them an IMAC they
      burn them running 24/7 and me help slaughter the Liberal News MEDIA , me
      gonna party take a few days off once President Trump is sworn in me gonna
      after Canada , me need to wake Quebec up and then Canada .

    • Posted by Dutch Schultz, at Reply

      Eric 4 Donald Trump 2016 6 computers? 😂😂😂