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Police Officer: Relax, We Only Kill Black People (VIDEO)


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Update: the policeman has been terminated. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you think in the comment area below.

" A police division in Georgia is shooting one of its policemans after he was taped on a dashboard cam trying to encourage a white lady that she had absolutely nothing to stress over during a traffic stop because she was not black.

The video, gotten by WSB Channel 2 Activity News in Atlanta, reveals Lt. Greg Abbott of the Cobb Area Authorities Department standing beside a cars and truck during a website traffic stop in 2015. He informs the female, a traveler, that she could utilize her cellular phone.

" It remains in your lap right there," he states. She responds that she does not want to move her hands, claiming she has actually seen "method way too many video clips" regarding just how the police behave at traffic quits.

" But you're not black," Lieutenant Abbott responds. "Bear in mind, we just eliminate black people. Yeah. We just eliminate black individuals, right?"" *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Joe Dirt, at Reply

    “How is that racist?”-Republican

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Saying “black people” in a sentence doesn’t mean you’re racist

    • Posted by Mr. TIME BOMB!, at Reply

      Joe Dirt EXACTLY! You hit the nail on the head.

  2. Posted by It's Mo' Niggas Than It's Police..., at Reply

    He was being sarcastic but all police deserve to be killed.

    • Posted by For Real, at Reply

      It’s Mo’ Niggas Than It’s Police… WTF

  3. Posted by earthlingsarecrazy, at Reply

    it sounds like black people in that state have every reason to shoot cops preemptively if they’re ever pulled over for a “routine traffic stop”

    why should they trust the cops?
    would you?

  4. Posted by What About All The Crime in Chicago?, at Reply

    The comment was clearly not meant to be serious but all cops should still be killed though.

  5. Posted by CoonTerroist, at Reply

    Every cop needs a bullet in their head.

  6. Posted by Christian Sousa, at Reply

    Waiter: “Hey, don’t worry. We only spit and blow our noses in your food if you slight us in the tiniest way, amirite??”Patron: “….yes, sir.”

  7. Posted by Jamie Hope Pendergrass, at Reply

    Wow, so the officer wasn’t covered by free speech? Fired for it? Odd. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech… (p.s. I hate that he said it but he has the freedom to say it, so do we have the freedom to say whatever we want, cherry pickin’ the Constitution, again, lol)

  8. Posted by Eva Von Haus, at Reply


  9. Posted by Twila Twittlehead, at Reply

    It’s blacks who keep the cops in power, for it’s blacks that vote for big government, especially black women who have to rely on their white masters (the state) to feed them, house them, protect them, etc. If blacks truly disliked the police, they would abandon big government and embrace anarchy, but propaganda outlets like TYT keep up the big government lie and their lackeys swallow the big lie.

  10. Posted by Kenneth Campbell, at Reply

    Insensitive comments are not a reason to fire someone unless it’s deliberately meant to hurt someone or continually unchecked.

  11. Posted by MishuTaste, at Reply

    I’ll be he can get a job with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office (in Oklahoma).

  12. Posted by Anthony Malik, at Reply

    Officer Abbott, irrespective of his sarcasm, exercised very bad judgment. It’s troubling that the man, clearly untrained in, or neglectful of, proper de-escalation protocol, had been in uniform for 27 years. I, for one, was infuriated by the callousness with which he made his comments.

  13. Posted by Macks E, at Reply

    They fired him for being honest? You’ll let the killers go, but be real for half a minute your out.

  14. Posted by Nathaniel Hellerstein, at Reply

    How utterly unprofessional for him to tell the truth. Doesn’t he understand that only the honorable can afford honesty?

  15. Posted by Evangeline Erin, at Reply

    I don’t think he should have been fired I think the cop that actually shoots a black person should be fired

  16. Posted by John animated, at Reply

    This sounded like sarcasm but it was said at the wrong time, the wrong place by the wrong person.