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Police Torture Teen With Taser (VIDEO)


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Jordan Norris was restrained and replacements consistently used a taser on him. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment area listed below.

" A teenager has submitted a government claim after he was linked right into a chair and tased by law enforcement agent while in custody at Cheatham Area jail in Ashland City, Tennessee, last November.

Newly launched security video footage captured 18-year-old Jordan Norris limited then stunned with a Taser by three authorities deputies. According to local news reports, the officers entailed have been put on administrative leave.

Norris was apprehended on November 3, 2016, as well as held at Cheatham Area prison on drug-related charges as well as ownership of banned weapons. Two days later he was still held in the reservation cell over behavioral concerns as well as positioned on self-destruction watch, according to The Patch.

CCTV footage and also video footage drawn from the camera on the Taser capture the occurrence. In the 2nd video, extracted from the Taser camera and also matching the time duration received the very first video, one policeman is listened to claiming, "I'll go on doing that till I run out of batteries."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Julian Laureano, at Reply

    Suck he needs to be white for politicians to care.

    • Posted by The Revanchist, at Reply

      Julian Laureano just like the Australian lady

  2. Posted by B allislife, at Reply

    Im a republican and this is over kill

    • Posted by Venefica82, at Reply

      Overkill you think any of it is ok? They have the boy restrained, he is not a danger to anyone why is then doing anything more towards him in any way ok, it is not the police’s job to be punitive, their job is to enforce the law, not torture someone for being difficult.

    • Posted by giantasparagus, at Reply

      Be a human*. tf

  3. Posted by Khaled Katergi, at Reply

    We must dismantle the police state.

    • Posted by Rory Lawless, at Reply

      he is implying america is under a police state. which it is not. you should see a real one.

    • Posted by Septa Unella, at Reply

      @Rory Lawless from what I have seen, the US is one of the main players in the world in supporting Police like states and governments including their own.

      Ever since the “war on terror” began in 1936 in fact……

    • Posted by Ingo Vollmer, at Reply

      Believe me, America IS a police state. I’m from Germany, so I should know.

  4. Posted by Thelogicalape, at Reply

    I only support the death penalty for cops.

    • Posted by ric b, at Reply

      I only support the death penalty for corrupt politicians, CEOs of multinational corporations and bankers.

    • Posted by gotyt gotyt, at Reply

      i do not support the death penalty, all people can make mistakes and be rehabilitated. please shoot the problem: educate testosterone jocks how to use their brains instead of revenge instincts

  5. Posted by Ronald McDonald Trump, at Reply

    Cops training
    restraint= tase
    Not restraint = Shoot
    dead = no problem

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      Cops training:
      Shoot to Kill
      Say “Stop Resisting”
      Shoot to Kill.
      Deaf or Challenged Shoot to Kill
      Black = No Rights
      White = Family
      Brown = MS13
      Native = Freeloaders

    • Posted by PoloBoyPrince, at Reply

      Ronald McDonald Trump dead=handcuff anyway

    • Posted by L.Scott Palmer, at Reply

      Our cops have hardly any training in the USA, everywhere else it;s a 2 year program and pays better.

  6. Posted by TheLazyAngel89, at Reply

    Higher standards need to be introduced to police training.

    • Posted by krono fogden, at Reply

      profd65 its about morals

    • Posted by estrelladelnorte1308, at Reply

      no police training or technology will help when the excuse for them always will be “I was scared” “I was afraid for my life” is the magic reset button.

    • Posted by Tounushi, at Reply

      and psych evaluations.

      “Want to be a thug? Try the army.”

  7. Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

    BlueLivesDon’tReallyMatter especially after trump encouraged this.

    • Posted by jibbo123, at Reply

      Colt Hawkins Exactly but this farm is ran by mentally ill liberals and instead of sheep they are farming zombies. Nobody thinks for themselves on this channel. They listen to the propaganda and accept it

  8. Posted by Benbot, at Reply

    Civil suit? Those cops need to be fired and charged with assault.

    • Posted by Spy Men, at Reply


  9. Posted by Not Cool, at Reply

    This is torture… why wouldn’t they just call it torture?

    • Posted by sickbailey21, at Reply

      Aaron Hampton I believe a correct training program would prevent people like this from successfully reaching the end. The right kind of mental evaluations would cut them out early.

  10. Posted by SaiyanZ Rage, at Reply

    Why didn’t he use his White privilege?

    • Posted by Nuttin Burger, at Reply

      Pranay so there’s zero black people in jails or prison after being arrest by police? They’re all dead? Are you really that dumb?

    • Posted by King77, at Reply

      well he was not shot he’s still alive,. white privilege used and exhausted.

    • Posted by Kimberly Casey, at Reply

      SaiyanZ Rage He did… that’s why he was teased and not murdered.

  11. Posted by Justin Mielke, at Reply

    I wish the punisher was real and will kill those cops.

    • Posted by freespeech absolutist, at Reply

      some people logic is counter-productive.

    • Posted by Harkness78, at Reply

      The Punisher doesn’t kill cops idiot! He’s done it like 2x ever over decades of stories, and one time it was because the cop was so dirty he couldn’t be convicted and Frank had no other alternative and he lost a ton of goodwill for killing him.

  12. Posted by EHUI YAQUI, at Reply

    Stop blaming for their training , put thouse police behind bars .

    • Posted by Holy Atheist, at Reply

      EHUI YAQUI Both their training and the individual policemen should be held accountable. If it was just one or two bad apples, there wouldn’t be several men holding this boy down and torturing him. It’s obvious that the training lead them to believe this was appropriate, there was a camera there but it didn’t alter their actions whatsoever.

    • Posted by TrumpU Gradguate, at Reply

      True. They know exactly what they’re doing. It’s not a matter of training. They’re not idiots.

    • Posted by canikickit, at Reply

      Holy Atheist “Obvious that the training lead them to believe this was appropriate” You honestly believe training lead them to do that? What was the the end result they were going for?

  13. Posted by Rell Africa, at Reply

    We black people tell you about cops all the time but nobody believes us…Until it happens to a white person.

    • Posted by Tilitus, at Reply

      So TYT has been reporting on this for ages and you come here with this?

  14. Posted by Brandon Reed, at Reply

    No audio on that video but those dicks kept saying stop resisting when he was literally strapped to the chair and couldn’t be resisting anything except heart failure from that tasing.

    • Posted by H Dyke, at Reply

      Brandon Reed not to mention overwhelming fear!

    • Posted by Toney Tone, at Reply

      Brandon Reed theres audio bro. it’s worse than this clip. the taser was humming the whole video smh

    • Posted by Cliven Longsight, at Reply

      Attempted murder all ’round for those cops, due to risk of heart failure.

  15. Posted by balzirus, at Reply

    So 20 years for each officer?

    • Posted by Orion 04, at Reply

      I think more than 20 years and time in a mental hospital after prison for the rest of their lives.

  16. Posted by john Seven, at Reply

    Man.. I am floored by this.. I am not a religious person but damn.. I straight up pray for ya’ll Americans.. You guys have some devastating issues with your police force. The lack of training, the lack of care and genuine disregard for life by them has shaken my desire to come back to your country.. Love from Canada..

    • Posted by Shawn Jackson, at Reply

      +The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
      Please show me someone being thrown in jail for just criticizing Muslims. I would love to see this. You’re aloud freedom of speech. What you CAN’T seem to process is that just because YOU think something, doesn’t make it true. I know that might shatter your bubble. But you best learn that sooner rather than later.

      Get over your prejudice and grow up.

    • Posted by Betoni Designs, at Reply

      You know generalization is about the same as racism, I would expect more from Canadians by the way you guys talk down at us

    • Posted by Blake Bayne, at Reply

      CrimsonKingl2 nobody asked your life story. That had nothing to do with anything. Also the US has done more for this world than every country combined. There is a reason people are trying so hard to come here. To say we have the best everything is a fairly true statement but to say it is only for the rich is not correct.

  17. Posted by Freshtex Blackman, at Reply

    First they came for the Blacks, I didn’t care cause I’m not Black, then they came for…….

    • Posted by The Prodigal Son, at Reply

      +Danny Or perhaps they’re just comfortable with minority’s being discriminated against, because it helps maintain white supremacy.

  18. Posted by bman098, at Reply

    I am a police officer, and there was a fairly recent Supreme Court ruling that a taser cannot be used as a pain compliance technique, meaning that while it may be utilized to stop a violent person from continuing their behavior, it may not be used to get someone to do what is asked of them by law enforcement. For example, if someone has a knife, you may taze them in order to stop their assault. But if you had a protester that was required to move for say, blocking traffic, you may not taze, or drive stun them (non-probe, direct contact use) in order to gain compliance. This is blatantly illegal, and these cops are shitbags.

    • Posted by Brittany Caron, at Reply

      bman098 cops are above the law, remember? Be careful if you say otherwise, they’ll go after your badge

    • Posted by bman098, at Reply

      Honestly, that is not at all the culture of the police I work with in the slightest. Granted, not all geographical areas, departments, etc, behave at all the same way. They all have different attitudes, cultures and local SOPs for their function. But where I work, we don’t raise an eyebrow at internal criticizing or improvement.

    • Posted by bman098, at Reply

      Yes, all police sit around and dream about murdering you and your family. It’s a very lucrative job. Long hours, low pay, dangerous situations, and all we do is dream of committing crimes against our fellow man for a slave wage. Grow up, jackass. Don’t judge individuals by actions of the group, and don’t judge groups by the actions of individuals, remember?

  19. Posted by Beorn, at Reply

    Imagine what happens that isn’t captured in video

    • Posted by El John, at Reply

      Beorn exactly

    • Posted by Roger Starkey, at Reply

      Imagine how often it IS happening?