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Police Violence Is NOT A Few Bad Apples, It’s The ENTIRE Barrel


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Quit condemning police violence on a couple of bad apples, and start blaming the system. Organized by Michael A. Wood Jr. See more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by Syrup Forever, at Reply

    Islamic violence is NOT a few bad apples, it’s the ENTIRE barrel

    • Posted by regantlew15, at Reply

      Syrup Forever so is white terrorism! nothing but a bunch of savages that will do anything for power, pleasure, and profit. The Devils minions.

    • Posted by Computers Plus, at Reply

      I must be one of these apples in this barrel. Let me sit on this screwed up peace of logic for few days and I’ll get back to you with a possible confession. Also, this video addresses the police brutality in America, not my rotten people who are 1.6 billion. This must be the biggest barrel any brain can imagine. Let me share a story that close to my heart. One Israeli army soldier shot my first cousin dead in the back 5 years ago. My cousin was on his farming tractor in the city of Jenine. His 2 years old son was on the same tractor sitting between his father’s legs. Do you think I should blame every Jewish man and woman on earth for my cousin’s cold murder?. The answer is no, I will not do that. How can I do this when I live here in America among Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus etc?. My life touched theirs in many forms and shapes. If we are rotten as you seems to believe heartily then how come and after 1500 years of Islam being the main religion in mainly the middle east there is still thousands of churches still standing and Christians are still attending them like my people attend their Mosques?. My own small town had two churches, one Catholic and one Greek Orthodox. Our Mosque did not have basketball hoops, so we used to play us and our Christian school mates at one of the two churches. I will give you the name of the town and the street of this great place if you wish. You see, history did not start at 9/11. If you want to blame someone for your hateful logic, blame George Bush. Hold him responsible for invading Iraq and which started the collapse of many central and strong governments in my homeland. Do you know how many Muslim man, woman and child dies for every Christian gets killed on the hands of murdering barbarian thugs George Bush unleashed on us. My family are spread between Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Our tribe members are almost 10 thousands and not even one is involved with or sympathies with these barbarians. These thugs came from Europe with their European passports through European airports with the knowledge of every western country’s intelligence services. Most of them were at strip clubs the night before they headed to Turkey and then landed either in Syria or Iraq. Yes, the Turkish government with the cooperation of the western government. in less than 10 years from now there will be not even a single Arab country that can protect its borders or guarantee safety to their citizens, Muslims or Christians. My father used to drive us from Jordan to Syria then to Iraq and back and we never seen any one who threatened our lives during the long hours of driving through the desert, on the contrary we had all these Bedouins offering us water and fresh milk and they will not take money for it. The notion that a group of people are inherently bad just because they are Muslims is silly and you know it. You know it because the guy who sells you the gas everyday or make your sandwich or even operate on you at your local hospital possibly a Muslim he or she. If these words can’t change your heart then I wish you peace. We are all people, we share the love for light and fear of darkness.

    • Posted by ismail ahl lamara, at Reply

      Conor McGoat Just stfu, you’re humiliating yourself, your ignorance and stupidity is astonishing.

  2. Posted by Prince of Somalia, at Reply

    It’s like theres a massive white supremacist infiltration of the police across the country. Best to assassinate them

    • Posted by hueykhalidX, at Reply

      AND, by the way, police started out as “slave patrols.” ENOUGH SAID.

    • Posted by mac dee, at Reply

      +Jo Pa no fuks to give Fuk boi

    • Posted by Jo Pa, at Reply

      +mac dee damn.. you’re a real special one ain’t you

  3. Posted by Rachel Barn, at Reply

    This police brutality needs to stop ASAP. Its a tremendous abuse of power

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      and let the criminals lose and rape and murder everything that moves.

    • Posted by teronnie richardson, at Reply

      Rachel Barn No don’t kill people for reason. They have jury to convict. Trust me the way the jury is for black people, they jail for anything

    • Posted by teronnie richardson, at Reply

      Rachel Barn No true

  4. Posted by Robert Leslie, at Reply

    So Jihadist Muslims are also just a few bad apples right TYT?

    • Posted by Jannis Wildermuth, at Reply

      Andrew Wells Can you not have a civilized discussion? Completely ignoring all arguments, is it necessary for you to insult those you are debating? I think that alone says more about whats in your head than all your rethoric.

    • Posted by Goddess Miranda.Cosgrove, at Reply


    • Posted by Andrew Wells, at Reply

      *Jannis Wildermuth* Sorry, no. Not when I’m talking to someone as stupid as *liquid0ify*

    • Posted by MrCarter'sRods, at Reply

      its only a democracy in terms of the mask it wears to disguise the plutocracy we really live in.
      Also… We have very little seperation of church and state in this country. This is where conservatives thrive. The archaic laws we still utilize in this country are often insane when looked upon as a free country. The views on abortion, sexuality, and nudity, are just a few off the top of my head. This is what end up causing the liberal population to grow into a passive aggressive extremism that ends up making them just hate everything that the conservatives desire without thinking about it.

      Divergent though is dead. We have too many labels and too much division. When this happens it becomes easy for the people holding the strings to do whatever they desire.

      Our empire has been headed to collapse for almost a century now so as optimistic as i try to be, i see no future for those of us here in the US. And i cant help but feel it is all happening by accident. So much history to see this coming and no one in power knew it was happening??? They have to be playing dumb as they raise the ppl in this country to be even dumber.

  5. Posted by James Smith, at Reply

    Yet people wonder why cops get killed.

    • Posted by muntu1221, at Reply

      William Jagiello Playing devil’s advocate here:

      Why is it any time cops are generalized, people use that to say something racist about blacks in particular? Like, that’s a fallacious counter. It says to me that you can’t actually counter the argument, but you’re offended so you have to share your opinion and strike back. It says you’re impulsive and can’t think of a response without dragging millions of innocent people into your crude argument.

      Cops aren’t remotely comparable to blacks. Blacks, for one, don’t choose to be black, nor is there some kind of system set up to ensure blacks act a certain way. Blacks aren’t universally paid by the same entities, and their actions aren’t protected by a department dedicated to them. And, most importantly, being black isn’t a career choice.

      Being a cop is a choice you can drop at any time. Being a cop makes you a part of a system, and their are several public images of this system. People will ALWAYS generalize these people, and it’s much more logical to do this (though, it’s still willfully ignorant). Cops are either all heroes or all pigs, that’s the dichotomy people have set up. Cops can hide their actions and have systems set up to protect them for as long as possible. The comparison is completely invalid, and please, get your finger off the ‘N’ key, as I see that’s a favorite response of yours.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      Are you justifying police killing?

    • Posted by Dat ass doe, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad I legit just said I don’t justify police killing off innocent cops I care less about the scum that kill for fun.

  6. Posted by Bob Dole, at Reply

    Oh really? Okay. Since we’re playing that game… Muslims aren’t a few bad apples. They’re ALL terrorists. It’s the entire barrel.

    • Posted by HIGH-BROW GAG And PURE SHOOTING, at Reply

      when injustice becomes justice resistance becomes every Americans duty to throw off all oppressor foren or domestic….
      Thomas Jefferson,

    • Posted by Antonio Ponton, at Reply

      Really guy, are you that type of callous person. Muslims have nothing to do with your inability to function correctly in the world. Blame yourself, your culture, your parents.

    • Posted by The Worm, at Reply

      *Cenk Uygar in a video yesterday:*
      “Young girl in the UK got off completely after stabbing her boyfriend, she has white privilege, let me now deflect over to the USA, change the white girl to a black man, and say that HE wouldn’t get that break, because the system is racist”!
      *TYT Regressive fans:* “Oh Cenk , you are brilliant, what a wonderful comparison! We love you!”
      *Numerous commentators in THIS video:*
      “If you are going to say ALL cops are the problem, then you are amiss when you critisize people for saying ALL Muslims are the problem for the rampant Islamic terror”
      *TYT Regressives fans:*
      “That’s a dumb comparison, what a deflection. You are trying to change the subject….blah blah blah blah….”

    • Posted by Curseius, at Reply

      Bob dole you dont get what he meant by the term barrel he doesnt mean all the other apples by the term barrel The barrle in this case is the SYSTEM of law enforcement that is causing the apples to go bad hence the way you used the term is incorrect.

  7. Posted by ThelastGinyu, at Reply

    Right wing terrorist Violence is NOT a few bad apples, it’s the entire barrel!

    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      +Islam is cancer oh so I take it you haven’t heard of the KKK?

    • Posted by 2cer3al, at Reply

      +Y2K oh ye that group that only have about 5,000 members? they are irreverent all those idiots do is burn crosses.

  8. Posted by NPJ Global, at Reply

    I’ve never been happier to be European

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      Yeah, European cops are so cool. I liked how the cops in Rotherham just stood by and did NOTHING while 1400 young girls get used as rape slaves over the course of 15 to 20 years because they were AFRAID of being called RACIST – of which the mere accusation is a death sentence for a career in the PC, multicultural, authoritarian, leftist system in the EU.

    • Posted by Dudelsackpfeifer, at Reply

      dancinkindofguy, i’m not saying police in europe are some wonderful, flawless group who deliver peace and justice to everyone. But they are better than cops in the states. By the way it may have escaped your notice, but american police are not very effective in dealing with rape either. Reports of rape and domestic abuse are often ignored or not taken as seriously as they ought to be. That’s why people like trump, ailes, and o’reilly don’t have to worry about any punishment. All they have to do is buy their way out of trouble. I’m sure there’s also sexual harassment within the police force itself, a problem that exists in the Canadian RCMP as well.

    • Posted by TheRefractingOne, at Reply

      +DudeIsackpfeifer I never said that Guantanamo Bay wasn’t bad. You said that Guantanomo Bay somehow infringed on American freedoms, and I pointed out that it’d be difficult to do so when Guantanamo Bay only housed aliens. Also, I agree, the prison is a problem, and death sentences sometimes do lead to innocent people being executed, so there might be room for reform there as well.

      The European Parliament can’t even propose legislation, and the Commission can decide what the Parliament can and can’t discuss. I just don’t get how Europeans can be willing to give over their taxes to this union.

  9. Posted by WolfenSpeak, at Reply


    • Posted by Aaron565pwns, at Reply

      Except there ARE chemicals in the water. And frogs ARE dying off.

      What exactly are you implying? You have no scientific inclination?

    • Posted by Camille Lake, at Reply

      Biologically, can’t Frogs change sexes?
      Unless it’s Trump Pet Frog’s Pepe — those guys have always been gay.

    • Posted by Neilmatik Blake, at Reply

      WolfenSpeak And the unaccountability of Our Govt to the ppl (in this case police brutality/ racist system) is not an issue of importance? Funny even the issue you mentiomed was discovered by a chemist in California and we all know who these haneous experiments are first targeted to: inner city black folks. But its not an issue until it hits sub-urban middle class folks right? lol Apathy and failing to learn from the past experiences is this country’s biggest problem if u ask me. Like a merry go round blissfully having faith in this draconian box of a system.

    • Posted by WolfenSpeak, at Reply

      Camille pepe turned into sean spicer , the gayest frog of them all!

  10. Posted by shekharcook, at Reply

    The issues within our criminal justice system are the biggest and most crucial issues we face today; from the system of violent policing to the class bias in the courts.

    • Posted by gam mal, at Reply

      close but so far. the problem is with the white mentality. they just love to abuse their power and practically kill on a whim. their mentality are not that different than their ancestor that basically think its completely reasonable to send women to certain death just because of suspicion.

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      You mean the issues within our black communities.

    • Posted by Steven Jackson, at Reply

      +Gam Mal White people practically kill on a whim? Black people are outnumbered by white people by 5 to 1 in the U.S. and they STILL commit more murders. I’m sorry that white people did awful things in the past, but it’s 2017. Speaking of white people’s ancestors killing their women over suspicion, what about current black people killing “witches” in Africa in the current year?

  11. Posted by TitanBait, at Reply

    All the people attacking the video for the title obviously did not bother to watch the video.

    • Posted by Man with a Handycapped, at Reply

      What is an insult, Sass Squash, is the bullshit spread by monsters who support the assault and murder of people, by criminals who masquerade as servants of the people.

  12. Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

    cops kill more people than Muslims do in this country and it’s NOT EVEN CLOSE! plus they lie about it after they do it and that’s not a one-time or a two-time thing they do that all the time!

    • Posted by Anthony Rock, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad you’re a real dumbass

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      Anthony Rock and what excuse did our racist, evil, diabolical government use in WW2 to steal the ‘resources’ of those white skinned people in Europe when we bombed them? I guess ‘racism’ couldn’t be used in THOSE instances.

      And I’m curious, Anthony, seeing as much as you know so much, why are we not bombing the very resource rich and full of brown skinned people in Mexico to steal THEIR resources, think of how much money we would be saving to hit THEM instead of going over to the other side of he world to steal resources. Hell, we could even use our own bases here in the US to do that. The pilots could go home to their families at night between bombing raids to steal resources from brown people.

    • Posted by Unit1iPoland, at Reply

      And the vast majority of the people killed by cops are criminals. Collective punishment on cops by the left is very funny. So i take it you want to start punishing all black people for committing half the homicides in the US while being only 12% of the population? And all the other crime stats are very similar. Lol comparing the amount of people cops kill to Muslims is a joke. Muslims aren’t dealing with criminals who have guns everyday. In poland our cops kill almost no one because our country isn’t as infested with crime like the US is. When i lived in the US i saw more crime in one week compared to my entire life in poland. You should make moves in fixing the crime problem in the US/black community before you try and blame cops.

  13. Posted by Angel Rojo, at Reply

    Mandatory body-cams that cannot be controlled by officer and are live streamed/downloaded to a independent central drive. Reward and HONOR those officers that dutifully and honorably perform their duties. They are True Patriots.

    • Posted by Jared Decker, at Reply

      As an IT guy, I’d like to see you find the servers for that.

    • Posted by Szriko, at Reply

      +jared decker given the quality of body cams, it’d actually be really easy to have storage space for it.

    • Posted by kennedy crouch, at Reply

      Angel Rojo cops who do their jobs are just people doing what they get paid to do, which is oppress the working class and marginalized people with guns, but sure

  14. Posted by elyce hockey, at Reply

    americans in general are violent

    especially alex jones fans

    • Posted by Islam is cancer, at Reply

      Antifa and BLM are violent.

    • Posted by Clubber Lang, at Reply

      Is that why when TYT was at the RNC, they spit in Alex Jones’ face?

  15. Posted by Tuxedo Mask, at Reply

    The US avg cop gets 19 weeks training many other places see an avg of 130 weeks. Coupled with the fact that you need no higher education to become a cop, they lack critical thinking skills of an educated person. This is pathetic.

    • Posted by Szriko, at Reply

      I’mma become a cop, and shoot some muslims.

    • Posted by SupaDr00g, at Reply

      You really are braindead aren’t you?
      I’ve made it perfectly clear twice that UK training courses are shorter than US training courses.
      You point out UK officers use force at lower rates and yet you think the issue with US cops is their training is too short even though it’s actually longer than their UK counterpart’s training.
      To anyone with more than 2 firing synapses these facts would indicate that length of training isn’t the issue when countries with shorter training courses also have lower rates of force used on suspects.
      Not you though, somehow you manage to look at facts and draw the absolute opposite conclusion to what the facts support.

    • Posted by guildgsx, at Reply

      +Tuxedo Mask
      Send some of the UK cops with higher education to the US. We’ll send them back the very next day – in body bags.

    • Posted by Tuxedo Mask, at Reply

      SupaDr00g it does not counter because thats is simply not true is what im trying to tell you. So where’s your brain. This is from study by the christian science monitor who studied it globally. And where are your facts from besides the obvious wikipedia I found in 2 mins?? The training lacks

      “in much of Europe that would be unthinkable.

    • Posted by Tuxedo Mask, at Reply

      guildgsx actually not your just wrapped in your own prejudices without facts. Here’s the facts: a report from the center for policing equity from major police depts showed blacks are targeted more even when adjusted for whether that person was violent. Same with Campaign zero violence holds no correlation. Also concluding that when factoring in threat lvl blacks being shot by police officers are less likely to be posing imminent lethal threat but are shot more often than whites posing lethal threat anyway. So in short when u remove all the factors, is it a violent city? Was the cop in danger? Was the person violent? U know what the 1 correlation was? Whether they were black, so this is not my opinion but fact.

      Doj found widespread racial bias, excessive use of force, poor training and feckless oversight of officers accused of misconduct.

  16. Posted by Ursus Arctos, at Reply

    I’ve racked up over 10,000 hours of footage while on duty during my career but you’ll never watch that because you can’t use it as a tool to smear hate around.

    • Posted by 1iquid5nake, at Reply

      Thalric that scumfuck might just be you and your kids next time.

    • Posted by Thalric, at Reply

      Christopher Verdery Because people at a couple of bad cops and assume that’s how all cops are. People have died because of you scumbags. Burn in hell.

    • Posted by Neilmatik Blake, at Reply

      Ursus Arctos : point taken, must be fustrating if you act humane with wistrain when dealing with civilians. But its easy to blame rougue individuals when you have a system that more than often reinforces and rewards inhumane behavior by officer that are held to a higher standard. We all are as loyals as our options bro… but untill brutality & curruption in any all contexts are tangibly detered in a transparent and scientific process…till then its just gonna get worse till society forces a change.

    • Posted by Szriko, at Reply

      +Ursus Arctos

      just gonna point out

      this guy’s name is ‘bear bear’.

  17. Posted by Bob Anderson, at Reply

    This is why I don’t feel bad when I see a pig getting roasted.

    • Posted by E.G. JOHN SOME, at Reply

      +bob You’ve been watching to much propaganda buddy. Typical violent leftist.

    • Posted by Steven Jackson, at Reply

      There are almost 1 million police officers in the U.S. You see like 10 clips of cops being violent and you hate them all? It wouldn’t be hard to find a montage of black people being violent. Would you hate all Blacks if you saw that montage?

  18. Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

    You are more likely to be killed by the police in the U.S than being killed by any terrorist.

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      found me an ISIS Apologist.

    • Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

      dancinkindofguy omfg you really are blinkered

    • Posted by 6dazey9, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad who would that be then?

    • Posted by Coyote Bongwater, at Reply

      6dazey9 Probably not the cretin with the crusader for his profile picture. Don’t feed into these guys. It’s what they want.

  19. Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

    Islamic terrorism is NOT a few bad apples it’s the ENTIRE barrel

    • Posted by IdarkphoenixI, at Reply

      “Extreme fundamentalism doesn’t have a system that extends to any force that operates in the streets”
      The Bataclan theatre begs to differ you cretin

    • Posted by Gustav The Mad, at Reply

      Not all Muslims are terrorist but all terrorists are Muslim.

    • Posted by inahure, at Reply

      Gustav The Mad what about US marines killing Iraqis and afghans what about US drone killings in Pakistan and Yemen , us and Israel are the real terrorists,al Qaeda is just students trained by the USA

  20. Posted by Gad Holland, at Reply

    Hearing that little girl try to be strong for her mother makes me tear up every time.

    • Posted by Dark Corner McDougle, at Reply

      Gad Holland Same. I also can’t believe I scrolled through so many ugly comments before seeing one like this. Ffs.

    • Posted by IBTV - Internet Broke the Television, at Reply

      You are right.