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Politician On Addicts: Let Them Die


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Dan Picard doesn't think addicts deserve conserving. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark section below.

" Under a plan by a city board member in Ohio, people who call 911 looking for assistance for someone that's overdosing on opioids might begin hearing something brand-new from dispatchers: "No.".

In action to the opioid epidemic that swept the nation– including the small city of Middletown, population 50,000– council participant Dan Picard has actually drifted an idea that has been called more of "a cry of disappointment" than a reputable remedy.

At a council conference last week, Picard proposed a three-strikes-style policy for people that repetitively overdose: Too many overdoses and authorities would not send a rescue to resuscitate them.

Picard informed The Washington Post that he offers consolation with any individual who has actually shed somebody to drug abuse, however stated that responding to an ever-increasing number of overdose calls intimidates to bleed his city completely dry.".

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

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  1. Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

    Last time I was this early

    cenk lost his virginity to a goat


    • Posted by will be my end, at Reply

      You talk like you vividly remember the incident… as if you were the goat… hmm

    • Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

      don’t bring your mom into this

    • Posted by davidgomez79, at Reply

      Goat wives matter!

  2. Posted by ElChapo Junior, at Reply

    I have to agree with this, we’re over populated anyway

    • Posted by Gilfoyle, at Reply

      Let’s begin with you.

    • Posted by W Leon, at Reply

      If you agree then when are you dying? At least you will lower the numbers [seeing as we are ‘overpopulated’, eh]?

    • Posted by Otis Williams, at Reply

      We aren’t overpopulated. The only issue is population density. If more people moved to Wyoming or Nebraska instead of NYC or LA then it wouldn’t be an issue

  3. Posted by Alyas Grey, at Reply

    If they just dispensed naloxone at a needle exchange they’d save a ton of money on ambulances and hospital visits.

    • Posted by JordanGonzalez, at Reply

      Alyas Grey naloxone is a temporary measure. It doesn’t cure anything. And a person who has overdosed on drugs cannot give themselves naloxone anyway.

    • Posted by Recklesss 1990, at Reply

      JordanGonzalez No but friends and family can. And if they use it right away bc they already had it, then ambulances wouldn’t be called and *less* $ would be spent.

  4. Posted by davidgomez79, at Reply

    TYT Logic: Demonize pain killers, promote crack cocaine and metamphetamine

    • Posted by Darius Manson, at Reply

      davidgomez79 Pain Killers tend to be worse than using Marijuana or coke as pain killers.
      Modern Pain Killers are truly the most addictive forms of the drugs they are based on.

      once u cant get that Hydrocodone from your doc ur probably gonna be searching out that base drug as a stand in.

      Wait until 22 Million people lose health insurance lmao lmao

    • Posted by Bob Sagert, at Reply

      Only they didn’t do any of that,, Go find the next mass shooting and get shot dead, useless muriCUNT twat lol;)

  5. Posted by jacksparrowismydaddy, at Reply

    yeah cause thats what jesus would totatly do.

    • Posted by WYLTK13420, at Reply

      jesus isnt real, so that doesn’t matter!

    • Posted by bigbaddawg101, at Reply

      Jesus is real! I saw him working at a McDonalds in East L.A.

    • Posted by shsummers, at Reply

      Odd…you would think there would be plenty of work for carpenters in that area…

  6. Posted by l_AM_ONLlNE, at Reply

    Darwin always gets his way.

    • Posted by Thoth, at Reply

      You understand natural selection doesn’t play in when you’re physiologically addicted, you’re not making an idiot choice to go back to hard drugs, once addicted it is a biological dependency. Also, ever seen heroine withdrawals? More reasons beyond biology as well for why addicts need help.

    • Posted by Humpty Dumpty, at Reply

      l_AM_ONLlNE I thought you loved the white race

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      Why are you still here or I’m still here if you believe that

    • Posted by liam madden, at Reply

      +Humpty Dumpty it’s survival of the fittest

  7. Posted by Miss Kitty Fantastico, at Reply

    Like all conservative assholes, he would have to have a loved one overdose more than three times to suddenly have an epiphany about being a decent human being.

    • Posted by jaelynn zee, at Reply

      So, you clearly don’t understand that most addicts are people with mental illness who are self-medicating? Also, that Veterans with PTSD were given narcotics by shady Drs., and they are allegedly committing suicide at a rate of 22 people a day. I”d be willing to bet that this was planned and they WANT Vets to die b/c they don’t want to pay for treatment!

    • Posted by phyzycs, at Reply

      No, they would put themselves on a “doesn’t apply to me” list, along with their other conservative friends.

    • Posted by Pershisha Pershisha, at Reply

      If he has no empathy at this level, assuming he would suddenly have empathy for a “loved one” doesn’t seem likely, I am sorry to say.

    • Posted by liam madden, at Reply

      +Pershisha Pershisha empathy doesn’t solve world problems

    • Posted by Llynnyia, at Reply

      @ liam madden … I one off the top of my head that change the word in a major way where empathy changed the world in a major way, the invention of penicillin and how it was shared across nations during that time. I have others too, all in the medical field as well. Then i can always switch to non medical fields. Empathy changes everything, it creates collaboration and that creates growth.

  8. Posted by Tax Payer, at Reply

    we need a (UBI) universal basic income for everyone without conditions… $2500 a month

    • Posted by Celephaith, at Reply

      Dread Pirate Lenny What area of Imaginationland is $10 an hour a living wage? Back in the mid 90’s (when cost of living was much lower) I was making $15 an hour and barely getting by. It is _retardedly_ insane to think anyone can make it on $10 an hour today. The cost of living along with inflation simply make this impossible.

    • Posted by Dan Ryan, at Reply

      Tax Payer Saying it isn’t going to make it happen. My point was that we can’t even get the government to mandate that level of income as a minimum wage for WORKING, you think they’re just going to give it to everyone? Put down the joint dude, it’s clouding your brain.

    • Posted by Tax Payer, at Reply

      Dan Ryan we got the money. the 20 trillion dollar debt is peanuts compared to the value of everything here. The United States with all it’s infrustrcture and buildings is worth 500 trillion.

    • Posted by N T Bowen, at Reply

      Not an economics major I see.

  9. Posted by mostliberal, at Reply


    • Posted by Springfield Progressive, at Reply

      They cost 1,400

    • Posted by MrCiammurro, at Reply

      the question is : would you prefer dying in an underddveloped nation’s ER while waiting for care or get the “best” care…money can buy in USA and go bankrupt or be owned for the rest of your life (which they saved !) …Die a slave later ?
      As a US (legal) resident from abroad , without health insurance, I ask myself that question more frequently every day , these days !

    • Posted by dlee t, at Reply

      Call Uber or a taxi instead of an ambulance. If drugs or allergic shock are a risk, an epi pen from Canada or a shot of drug od antidote in the first aid kit would be worth it. Anaphylactic shock is relieved with a tube in your esophagus. Google the location and remember it or mark it with an X and “Insert pen cap here” with an arrow and an Uber number.

    • Posted by Xero Enigma Ⓥ, at Reply

      +nvm nvm Even here in the US you’ll probably have to wait 4 hours. I had my eye literally hanging partially out of socket and had to wait for 3 hours in the ER.

  10. Posted by Tina Fisher, at Reply

    The saddest part of this is most of them got started on Big Pharma. Shameful.

    • Posted by Hentie Dj, at Reply

      Tina Fisher thats the best part sold out by ur own people.

    • Posted by PumpkinsnBlackcats, at Reply

      Stephen M You are sadly mistaken.

  11. Posted by Charles Ott, at Reply

    How about making programs that save lives !! Like Suboxone clinics !! That help people and would still cost money !! But most with insurance cannot afford them ! They cost around 900 out of pocket per month !! Broke people or people with no insurance cannot afford that ! And most of the problems is doctors and pharmaceutical companies getting people addicted in the first place ! How about making big Pharma pay for these Rehabilitation programs !! That would save taxpayers and people’s lives !!!!!

    • Posted by amethystviolet dreams, at Reply

      Charles Ott Absolutely agree. I take suboxone and now have 3 and a half years clean. I used 2 to 4 grams of heroin, at the end of my active addiction, but used opiates every day for 7 years. Suboxone saved my life, but without my insurance, it would be $650 per month. Its criminal, how expensive these meds are

  12. Posted by d pro, at Reply

    medical staffs took an oath to help save lives not just physically but mentally

    • Posted by Jim Bob, at Reply

      *Hypocrisic Oath: I pledge to make the most money for my Health care Facility & Fill as many as possible opioid prescriptions. FCUK The People!*

      This what the new doctors pledge for.

    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      Jim Bob Here in the US anyway …

  13. Posted by Thomas Dunson, at Reply

    Cigarettes, anyone? Shall we deny smokers treatment? What about drinkers with liver disease? Someone with skin cancer who never wore sunscreen? Dental care for those who don’t brush well enough? Need I go on with this nonsense?

    • Posted by Melanie Jecker, at Reply

      as someone who has completely lost everything they own in a house fire, i can tell you that not only the fire department, but the cable company and every other company whose equipment may have been in your home when it burned, THEY ALL SEND YOU A BILL! you don’t get free emergency services just because you accidentally burn everything you love to the ground! do you think drug addicts whose only goal in life is to score more drugs are worried about paying back the state for emergency services? get real!

    • Posted by Melanie Jecker, at Reply

      sure, SOME people MIGHT get addicted to drugs they were prescribed, but as someone who grew up in a low class area with most people turning to drugs, i can tell you, these people, for the most part don’t get addicted after they are prescribed these drugs. they buy them on the street to get HIGH. they THEN go to doctors to try to get a prescription for them. they seek the drugs-these aren’t people who “waste” their money going to doctors when they’re actually sick-if they’re going to doctors, you damn well better believe they are getting something for their troubles. I’ve seen people struggle to breathe, needing their PRESCRIBED inhalers, but they won’t spend thei money on that, they go to the doctor that’s prescribing the xanax or the pain pills. every addict isn’t an innocent victim. some, sure, but most are seeking it out…

    • Posted by Kawiboy, at Reply

      Triage is going to be a reality: explicitly planned or implicitly forced is the choice! Ideally, triage needs to be cost+outcome based.
      Unfortunately, triage will be based on ones ability to spend. If you can buy your way, you can hog up the most critical resources and if you can’t afford to spend then even the simplest of treatments will be out of reach.

  14. Posted by Eugene Sidebottom III, at Reply

    Drugs are illegal. Everyone knows this. Why start doing it in the first place?

    • Posted by MrB1923, at Reply

      Do u realise ur a moron?
      Oh who am I kidding. Ur too stupid to realise.

    • Posted by Bob Sagert, at Reply

      Right… Because all laws are justified and make sense.. Lol, idiottttttttt;)

    • Posted by ytYAEeLxmEYb, at Reply

      They had a choice to take those medications. They should have done research.

    • Posted by ISmokeIndica, at Reply

      Nobody in pain is going to be skeptical their doctor is lying to them or misinformed and even if you were skeptical you’d come crawling back to that doctor after a few hours of finding no relief for your chronic pain.

      Imbecilic troll…

  15. Posted by Alex DeLarge, at Reply

    Americans really hate Americans, huh? IS could take a trick from people like this guy.

    • Posted by Richard Head, at Reply

      Alex DeLarge: “Americans really hate Americans, huh? IS could take a trick from people like this guy.”

      You do know that Islamic State already beheads drug users, right? And Americans. And journalists. And children. And their own members. Pretty much anyone who happen to have a pulse, really.

  16. Posted by The Young Turks Critique Channel, at Reply

    Picard is right. The druggies are doing this to themselves. In fact, I’m going to take this a step further. We should have a suicide assistance program to help these losers put themselves out of their misery.

    • Posted by Ralph Bernhard, at Reply

      The Young Turks Critique Channel …first, let’s get rid of the junkies….then…how about the terminally ill? Then, the poor, losers, unemployed, beggars, the homeless….then, let’s “assist” everybody else I don’t like to kill themselves…

    • Posted by Bob Sagert, at Reply

      Show yourself goof, I dare you…

    • Posted by Gilfoyle, at Reply

      What if your mom/dad/sister/brother found themselves addicted? Would you have this same opinion? Of course not, you’re a child and haven’t developed empathy.

  17. Posted by BlacKBastahD, at Reply

    Sorry to say it; but I love this. Fck em, if you’re dumb enough to bang heroin so be it… No rehab either. Let em die or lock em up!!! They did with blacks when the crack epidemic was occurring, no one cried then. A junkie is a junkie no matter his skin color.

    • Posted by YOUniverse1234, at Reply

      BlacKBastahD what’s the matter with you

    • Posted by JanderVK, at Reply

      We need to also remember the people who NEED to take them because of crippling pain due to severe injury and disorders. These people are lifers. They’re going to need to be on pain killers until they die. Lets hope we can start pushing medical marijuana legislation further on a national level for those who can have that as a viable option.

    • Posted by MrB1923, at Reply

      There something wrong with u and the worst thing is ur too fucked up to realise it.

    • Posted by Bob Sagert, at Reply

      Go find then next mass shooting and get shot dead, you’re the reason we call you muriKKKa lol, ratty goof;)

    • Posted by J. Wright, at Reply

      BlacKBastahD Don’t lie, you are happy to say that because you are too ignorant to know what this is about. These are not heroin addicts cranking up as you put it. These are regular people accidentally killing themselves and becoming addicted to pharmacutical opioids that irresponsible American doctors have been pushing like candy for some time now.
      This is a crisis created by doctors and the perscription drug industry. It is not about your classic heroin junky.
      I sincerely hope you have a very painfull accident or disease. Then you will find out what it is about. Then I suppose someone should come and kill you since that is what you think should happen.
      Seriously, pay attention before saying stupid pig headed things.

  18. Posted by Fennec Fox, at Reply

    I am Moana of Motunui and you will board my boat!

    • Posted by Kev95, at Reply

      idk if this is trolling but just out of curiosity, what does it mean? i mean quoting moana seems very random

    • Posted by doreen weix, at Reply


    • Posted by Ethan Davidson, at Reply

      It’s trolling.

  19. Posted by Anders Stöök, at Reply

    Dan Picards life is not worth saving. A cruel bastard.

    • Posted by Richard Head, at Reply

      So’s your mom.

    • Posted by Bob Sagert, at Reply

      Hip and edgy.. Not

  20. Posted by Eazy, at Reply

    The pro life party strikes again.

    • Posted by Félix Bibeau, at Reply

      Eazy 😂😂👌