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Politicians Buck Voters By Delaying Revolutionary Reform


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Maine's legislature is delaying important ballot reforms. John Iadarola and Jennifer Briney, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us exactly what you believe in the comment area below. Join TYT:

" A year ago, Maine voters passed a citizen-initiated mandate to alter the way they elect candidates to state as well as government office. Today, state lawmakers have basically reversed the procedure as well as set the phase for its abolition.

Over the last twenty years, Maine lawmakers or the courts have actually repealed or considerably amended greater than a loads tally steps approved by citizens, consisting of, most lately, those including the base pay and a tax obligation on the wealthy to money education. On Friday, Gov. Paul LePage vetoed a bill to apply the sale of leisure marijuana, which was authorized by voters a year earlier.

And so it is currently with ranked-choice voting, a technique authorized by citizens last November where they would certainly place their options for state as well as government workplaces instead of elect simply one candidate.

Under ranked-choice voting, a prospect needs to win more than HALF of the vote to get elected. Maine is the first state to have actually embraced this technique, though currently it might never ever enter into result.

The Legislature overthrew the measure last month. And on Friday evening, Mr. LePage, a Republican that was twice chosen with much less than 50 percent of the ballot and also who opposed ranked-choice voting, informed Maine Public Radio that he intended to allow the Legislature's will certainly to become legislation without his signature."

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Jennifer Briney

Cast: John Iadarola, Jennifer Briney


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  1. Posted by andre brewer, at Reply

    Conservative is Garbage

    • Posted by Atmost11, at Reply

      Don’t put down garbage, garbage is a useful commodity compared to conservatism

    • Posted by metube, at Reply

      conservative means scared of change .. i.e that time when humans saw fire for the first time and freaked out and hid. The first progressives learned to make the fire and use it. Conservativeism was useful for the cave man hiding in the cave to wait out the ice age.. they are not helping humans at this time in evolution.

  2. Posted by IizUname, at Reply

    Politicians think competition drives the country to greatness unless it means that they have to be held accountable to their constituent.

  3. Posted by ultra左翼, at Reply

    This trend of over-using words like “Cuck” and “Beta” by the Alt-Right is literally the same as when toddlers learn a new word, especially a “bad” word (Such naughty boys! So rebellious!), and saying it over and over again regardless of context or tactfulness (to the point said word loses it’s meaning) because they lack the mental capacity to understand such “complexities” as interpersonal communication.
    Alt-Right guys are just mentally challenged and socially awkward Incels lacking a sound understanding of themselves and their surroundings, unable to grasp their frustration of failing most things, they blame Social-Progress, Women and immigrants for being just the worst things ever. And their only fleeting moments of achievement are when they get an angry reaction for their super edgy and rebellious Twitter comments.

    • Posted by Atmost11, at Reply

      The term “snowflake” had originally been used in self-help, to re-assure people that no matter how unique your difficulty socializing with normal people is, it seems to be a problem unique to oneself, but it isn’t.

    • Posted by metube, at Reply

      its a lot of boys copying and winking at eachother in a sort of homoerotic way.. they are boys desperate for a role model and they LOVE being led. This is also reflected in the kind of music they like and the aesthetics they dig. These show and inability to accept complexity or appreciate nuance, inability to think critically for more than 2 iterations at best and a total lack of self awareness (because they think they are being very shocking when actually they are thinking decades behind anyone who’s actually lived a life away from a computer). and its hilarious when these young men think they are “cool, charming and funny” that quote is directly from Milo whasshisname about himself.. because there are so many people who could psychologically destroy them but can’t be bothered because they are so pathetic and insecure and it would be unkind.

  4. Posted by Ken Belangel, at Reply

    Heck yeah. Ranked choice means we can put Trump in 4th place behind all these independent party candidates and 1 democrat.

  5. Posted by Aurora Jones, at Reply

    Its obvious they dont want us to vote. I mean really behind closed doors they like it the way it is. REVOLT bitches…

  6. Posted by alvatrous, at Reply

    Cmon maine

  7. Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

    The Republicans don’t support what the people want – crooks

    • Posted by Nikola Demitri, at Reply

      Barry Nichols Agreed, but neither do the Dems. Dems may be the lesser of two evils, but their still corrupt to the core. ✌🏼

    • Posted by ShadowDurza, at Reply

      Nikola Demitri Not Democrats, the DNC. Democratism and Republicanism are ideologies and should not recieve blame, blame the people who run the organizations that pretend to represent these ideals but in the end are all about serving the rich man and screwing the common man. Hopefully in the future, after a few more blunders made by self-serving politicians who have no idea how to administrate except by cutting taxes will get the people to open their eyes and end the corruption by getting the money out of politics.

  8. Posted by Randy H, at Reply

    I think this would be cool to test out in the primaries. It doesn’t seem applicable with the dual-party/candidate presidential elections unless we totally reform the electoral process.

  9. Posted by Peter Velzen, at Reply

    All of americ should do this. It is a great idea!

    • Posted by MrB1923, at Reply

      The oligarchy says NO!

  10. Posted by 1moonwitch, at Reply

    Would have been nice is TYT mentioned that it was Jill Stein of the Green Party who kept bringing it up during the primaries…since no one else would talk or it. It was also to help folks understand that with rank choice voting people would no longer need to fear that they needed to vote the ” lesser of two evils”. Which is b.s. pushed by our corrupt 2party system.

    • Posted by slothkingn1, at Reply

      You’re saying a false dichotomy of corporate interests is literally designed not to look out for the little guy? In any country? Why I never 😉

  11. Posted by sdkeller72, at Reply

    Come on Maine’ers, stick it to those assholes with a PEOPLES VETO!!!!

  12. Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

    Republicans hate real democracy because the people are not greedy and corrupt like they are.

  13. Posted by mitchmomlc, at Reply

    go for it Maine. this type of voting should be worldwide. cutting edge Maine, show the rest of the world how to do it. support from Scotland.

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      Most of the world already does it like this.

  14. Posted by Spartan2ar, at Reply

    I’m part of FairVote, and I working on getting this done in Washington State. I really hope this becomes national and we will amend the constitution if we have to. America desperately needs this.

  15. Posted by JJSC, at Reply

    Have it in Australia (called preference voting), can also vote straight ticket if you want, & vote on a Saturday. And a ca. $50 fine if you don’t vote.
    > 98% of people vote, it’s easy, pleasant, can do by mail also if you want.
    Politicians and particularly their parties are still holistically donor-corrupted, but they’re both corroding fast and fading into irrelevant robotic messaging spewing shitheaps.

  16. Posted by Frank Maclow, at Reply

    In France we call this democracy… making a video to explain how it works really show how far the US is from it

    • Posted by robert postman, at Reply

      Frank Maclow this is sad but true. America has never been a democracy. We think we are, but as a matter of fact, we aren’t.

    • Posted by xebek, at Reply

      Democracy is not a monolith. It can exist in a plurality of forms. I agree that the French system is far more equitable, but don’t pretend that the US is necessarily antithetical to, or far removed from, democracy. Your point is necessarily fallacious.

    • Posted by Anonymous2708 __, at Reply

      +Xanax  First, the US is a republic and not a true democracy anyway.  So to say that the US just another form of democracy is demonstrably false.  That said, I am not making excuses for the US government because it is about as close to an oligarchy as you can get without being overt about it. Second, you absolutely ooze pretentiousness.

    • Posted by Amity Bell, at Reply

      remember that time Princeton found the US is an oligarchy? yeah I do

  17. Posted by TheStigma, at Reply

    This is just common sense really – and it removes a little bit of the “political game” from the system where you essentially have to “bet” on candidates based on odds just as much as your preference. Instead the voters have a greater chance of actually getting a representative they can approve of or at least tolerate.

    It also gives lesser known candidates a chance. Currently it’s a chicken and egg situation where it’s all or nothing and you need critical mass to be able to do anything at all (which is near impossible to get without support from the existing power structures most of the time). This is especially a problem in the US with it’s 2 party system. This really ought to be applied to the presidential election too, and do away with primaries entirely. Let people vote their preferences regardless of what side they happen to belong to.

    This “with us or against us” tribalism bullshit is the root of so many of the problems in the US.
    There’s so much talking about “being divided”, but it doesn’t exactly take a genius to understand that this is inevitable when there are literally 2 diametrically opposed sides to choose from. It makes people entrenched, dogmatic and extreme in their positions – and the only way to disagree with your current party is to suddenly flip your entire value system 180 degrees. A functioning democracy NEEDS a much wider and more nuanced range of options.

  18. Posted by chris jones, at Reply

    Wtf ever happened to the reporting on whats going on in north dakota and voters who voted to get money outta politics and the Dakota government declared a state of emergency?!

    • Posted by Aaron Wantuck, at Reply

      Well that is not the only thing going in the world is it?

  19. Posted by OolTube02, at Reply

    You Americans and your stupid first-past-the-post system…! No one would devise a democracy like this if they introduced it in a country today. It’s like driving the Ford Model T of democracies in the age of Priuses.