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POLL: Oprah vs Trump Winner Is…


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A poll was carried out to see just how Oprah compares to Trump for head of state. Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, tell you who won. Inform us exactly what you think in the comment area below.

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" We understood it was just a matter of time, yet a main poll has been performed, assessing that would win in a governmental contest, between Oprah Winfrey or Head Of State Donald Trump.

It resembles Oprah is in the lead. Bigly.

Conservative-leaning polling residence Rasmussen talked to most likely voters after the talk show host's game-changing Golden Globes speech. The result? 48 percent of these most likely voters would cast their ballot for Oprah, if the political election were to be held today, while 38 percent would go with the resting head of state. 14 percent, meanwhile, stay uncertain.

Those aren't precisely great numbers for the head of state– particularly considering Oprah seems to be subduing the rumors that she would certainly be competing workplace.

Even conventional author, and also guy of good taste, Matt Drudge is shook!"

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Cast: Cenk Uygur


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  1. Posted by Xero Enigma Ⓥ, at Reply


    • Posted by Brent Showers, at Reply

      Peter House you do realize it’s a non scandal right? They are investigating something that happened two years after his wife left the college she was at which means whatever happened she had no knowledge or no part in. But I’m sure you knew that right? 😂. I know you want bernie out of the way and willing to try anything desperately but it won’t work. Your political witch hunt on the right has been called since 2015. The man heading the fake investigation is a trump supporting right winger

    • Posted by Bobby Dazzler, at Reply

      Bernie doesnt even know what solar system hes living in! Colonel Sanders couldnt run a bath never mind the USA

    • Posted by Peter House, at Reply

      No witch hunt. I couldn’t give 2 fucks about him. He’s a cuck that already failed. Your Russia collusion dementia witch hunt is falling to pieces. Man up and deal with facts you beta cuck

  2. Posted by Oonagh72, at Reply

    Oprah is actually smart, and actually has sense.

    • Posted by AboxoroxRoxursox, at Reply

      Identity politics, stop thinking like that. Identify policy and identify what their ideals are. Oprah is far from progressive.

    • Posted by GWOS, at Reply

      And an actual successful, self made billionaire

    • Posted by CAVEMAN MC BONE BROTH, at Reply

      LMAo how many TYT paid bots are on here?

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      Oprah pushes non-sense spirituality garbage like the Secret.

    • Posted by Airborn Gibbon, at Reply

      That’s why she has been such close friends with Trump for so long! ♥

  3. Posted by Eddy Che, at Reply

    We don’t need another celebrity.

    • Posted by Jim Lynch, at Reply

      +Eddy Che
      Um no, tRump’s no celebrity tRump is a Dung Heap.😕

    • Posted by Tom Donovan, at Reply

      +Jim Lynch …ok but he’s actually a celebrity…so, yeah…

  4. Posted by Kyle Wagoner, at Reply

    Entertaining this idea is so frustrating. It’s like when they started talking about Trump as a serious candidate. There was no turning back.

  5. Posted by DW Beast, at Reply

    Let’s go all the way Morgan Freeman for president.

    • Posted by The Judgemental Cat, at Reply

      YOu know Freeman is a republican right?

    • Posted by Dan Ryan, at Reply

      DW Beast No, Samuel Jackson ” and Trump will know my name is Sam Jackson when I lay my vengeance upon him!”

    • Posted by Richard Henrie, at Reply

      at least he’s had some practice

  6. Posted by The OG Dominic, at Reply

    I think most leftists would vote for oprah over bernie over ignorance, that’s why she shouldn’t run.

    • Posted by Lord Yneh, at Reply

      Do not insult the intelligence of the left. This Oprah float is a joke. I highly doubt anyone is serious. Just a bit of fun in the gloom created by the ignorance of the right-wing.

    • Posted by Anzac-A1, at Reply


    • Posted by The OG Dominic, at Reply

      Far too many Democrats didn’t pay attention to the 2016 primaries and supported Hillary for no reason other than the fact that they thought she had more experience and she was the only face they recognized out of the people running.

    • Posted by The OG Dominic, at Reply

      I’m not a Trump supporter in any way

    • Posted by The OG Dominic, at Reply

      Most TYT viewers have common sense, but a large number of pseudo-liberals would rather vote for a familiar face of whom they think cares about the people without knowing any of her policies or willingness to stand up to the establishment and make true change.

  7. Posted by CarpenterSound, at Reply

    Is this seriously what our country has come to?

    • Posted by Retired Stein Koffman, at Reply

      Idiocracy is a great documentary, you should watch it. It explains everything.

    • Posted by 123gwf, at Reply

      That film presupposes that the human race manages to survive several hundred years from now.  Not likely.

    • Posted by Shriya Sriram, at Reply

      123gwf Fair enough.

    • Posted by Know Thanks, at Reply

      *O-Pruh for prez-uh-dent* (drools and shits pants)

  8. Posted by Jesicca G, at Reply


    • Posted by dubtat, at Reply

      Democrats heard Bernie’s platform and rejected it by 2 million votes. We don’t want a far left radical as our candidate.

    • Posted by Alyssa Anderson, at Reply

      I am a democrat and would rather have someone new like Kamala Harris run.

  9. Posted by The End Begins, at Reply


    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      The End Begins yes

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      He deserves that middle finger.

    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 nobody invited you to come out of your crevasse

  10. Posted by Bruce Leroy, at Reply

    I bet she believes in science and knows not to stare at an eclipse.

    • Posted by Leeloo Minai, at Reply

      I would go even further: she probably even knows that solar eclipse is not a man-made event meant to entertain the president.

    • Posted by Accelerationist, at Reply

      She doesn’t.

    • Posted by Jack Daniel, at Reply

      Not really, she’s into a bunch of woo woo spirituality nonsense.

    • Posted by Bruce Leroy, at Reply

      Jack Daniel well either way, The Rock has my vote anyway just for the debate entertainment since there are no standards anymore.

      Rock: Donald, what is your next plan for healthcare?

      Trump: Well let me tell…..

      Rock: It doesn’t matter what your plan is Jabroni!

  11. Posted by Gavin Erickson, at Reply

    A fake billionaire that’s not qualified vs a real billionaire that’s also not qualified, who will win? Not the people. Oprah was for the Iraq war.

  12. Posted by Paul, at Reply

    Sanders/Winfrey 2020?

    • Posted by TheTruthQuest123, at Reply

      thats so ignorant of you

      the two are polar opposites

      one is a half assed socialist

      the other a very much a capitalist

      what we need is

      Socialist version of ghengis khan and Nero as vp

      you idiot

    • Posted by Stephen Mystery, at Reply

      Sharpe/Dearn 2020

    • Posted by Free Range MooMoo, at Reply

      Stop blowing up Trumpanzees’ split brains.

  13. Posted by Secular Guy, at Reply

    I’d vote for a six week old, rotting sandwich over Donald Trump, so of course I’d also vote for Oprah over Trump. But she’s far from my first pick.
    And if I had to pick any famous black person, specifically? I’d pick Neil deGrasse Tyson for POTUS.

    • Posted by Cd B, at Reply

      Danelly Mani no worries and no need to apologize, I understood your point right away. Cheers.

    • Posted by Secular Guy, at Reply

      Ratt Pack
      I based my reasoning on comments and views I’ve heard her express. Based on that I have formed a basic opinion of her as a person (we all do this).

    • Posted by Secular Guy, at Reply

      cd B I agree. But I said if I *had to* pick a famous black person to be POTUS.

    • Posted by Cd B, at Reply

      Secular Guy to clarify, I was referring to Neil de Grasse as the person only interested in furthering his own image, not Oprah.

    • Posted by toolboy1212p, at Reply

      Seems the commentators must have a hard time interpreting your comment Secular Guy. It made perfect sense to me. The key to his message “IF I HAD TO PICK” meaning only option, was the key part of his statement. I also would choose Neil deGrasse Tyson if i had the pick tho im sure the presidency would not be his forte but he would be perfect in the fight on global warming which is the BIG PICTURE in reality aside from politics.

  14. Posted by Christopher McClendon, at Reply

    The boondocks predicted it first Oprah 2020

    • Posted by zack warrior, at Reply

      Christopher McClendon Dave chapel #2020

  15. Posted by dylan5567, at Reply

    The only choice: Bernie 2020

  16. Posted by Pedro Ordonez, at Reply

    Pedro 2020

  17. Posted by H B, at Reply

    *_A black billionaire or an orange billionaire?_*

    _Who cares?_

    • Posted by ben1spain, at Reply


    • Posted by Trump's Bane, at Reply

      H B

      How can you think that is funny?

    • Posted by HardWorkGetsBuckets, at Reply

      More like a very nice, smart and caring billionaire or the orange guy that claims that we are all winning bigly.

  18. Posted by H B, at Reply

    _Oprah would look sad and talk about human rights, as she’s dropping bombs on poor people in poor countries._
    *_That’s the only difference._*

  19. Posted by H B, at Reply

    *_Machiavelli’s Princess?_*

    _She ran a successful book club, so of course she must be a master of politics and statecraft._

    • Posted by jaycol21, at Reply

      She actually did create a multi-billion dollar media empire from the ground up. No money or help from daddy. She built the whole thing speaking to people. That said, she shouldn’t run. Even still, her socks are more qualified to be president than Trump.

  20. Posted by H B, at Reply

    *_The idiocracy has landed._*