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POLL: Should Trump Be Removed From Office?


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Does Trump should have to be gotten rid of from workplace? Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us just what you assume in the comment area listed below.

" Trump does not really rely on organizations or rules. He doesn't like the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act since he believes it's inconvenient not to be able to bribe foreign authorities. He does not see any factor a head of state shouldn't attempt to get the FBI director to stop an examination right into one of his close affiliates. He took the placement that the pledge obligating Republican governmental candidates to support the event's ultimate candidate was binding if he was the candidate and optional if someone else was the nominee.

So why would certainly Trump care about an abstract idea like "the USA should stand up to foreign disturbance in our political elections?"

As opposed to heeding regulations and institutions, Trump follows a straightforward concept of his own: Points that benefit Trump ready, and also things that misbehave for Trump misbehave." *.

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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    The only people that still want him in office are idiots, bigots, and foreign enemy agents.

    • Posted by Sejez, at Reply

      lol, you’re the bigot, idiot

    • Posted by Megan Schmidt, at Reply

      +Alexander Jones According to the Cato institute (a conservative group) Obama deported more people than Bush and any other president. Obama deported 2.5 million people while W deported 2 million. Obama also levied massive fines against companies hiring illegals. He also ramped up border patrol with more bodies. Not everything fox news says is true remember (don’t know where you get your information from, being sarcastic more than anything else). No, I’m not an Obama fan, but some of what you said just wasn’t true. Illegal immigration was also down under Obama. I know fox news would show a video of people coming over the wall, to try and portray it as a ” it’s worse than its ever been” simply isn’t true. Fake news lies.This information is easy to find through a google search.

    • Posted by 雪山, at Reply

      There is legit no evidence he is colluding with Russia, just Alex Jones tier conspiracy

    • Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

      雪山 when Watergate happened it took years for the evidence to come out. the personal investigation against Trump has only happened less than a month ago don’t think just because you and others like you were tired of hearing about it it’s going to go away. and also Trump keeps firing the people in charge of the investigation every few months which is very telling, if he was innocent he never should have fired comey in the first place, let the investigation continued as it is, and if he’s innocent then that will be that. but it’s not going down like that he is constantly obstructing justice and interfering with the investigations by firing people who are in charge of it I am waiting for him to fire Muller

  2. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    TRUMP 2020

    Liberals created an ocean from all their bitching and crying. Pathetic. Truly pathetic.

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      Hugh Janus

      Well, science has proven those who lean to left have, statistically, low IQs and Cenk and his fan base prove our point.

    • Posted by Hugh Janus, at Reply


      A third of them never complete high school, yet, they constantly claim that republican voters are uneducated dolts.

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      Hugh Janus

      Bernie “The Socialist Cuck” Sanders couldn’t even pass a basic economics class, so I’m not surprised. Haha, moron probably can’t even get a GED. Loser.

    • Posted by Lonneye Hicks, at Reply

      Why would you want Trump in 2020. What has he promised or done that you like? Not trying to troll. I’d honestly like to know. Socialist health care is my #1 concern. The US had mediocre health care for a 1 world country and possibly the worst in health care costs. It needs to be cleaned up. Reversing Betsy Devos’s education budgeting is important too. Education is the wrong place to trim the fat. Stricter background checks for guns are important too.

      Immigration reform won’t begin to help the economy, and coal is stupid. Not that I’m overly concerned about that.

  3. Posted by MP USMC SRT, at Reply

    The Trump Russian story has been proven to be a big nothing burger according to Van Jones and CNN senior producers. #fakenews

    • Posted by ACiDiC AnGeL, at Reply

      rouge1ful – Falsehoods. Also CNN admitted their coverage of it is for ratings only and not substantiated. where’s the proof?

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      +rouge1ful Yeah, because US intelligence agencies do not, like, 100%, lie at all.

    • Posted by MP USMC SRT, at Reply

      Shark Wave What an odd and completely presumptuous thing to say and actually beLIEve. Explain exactly in detail what lead you to such assumptions that I’m a “Trump supporter”? I’m a supporter of the President of the United States of America. I’m a supporter and defender of all of “U.S.” TYT is a huge supporter of CNN.

    • Posted by Kosh 963, at Reply

      xD    I like to tell Cenk to stop;  but, it’s too Funny…  He sounds like Rachael Maddow.    Pence is far Worse—  he actually believes in these PoS policies…   Trump just doesn’t know any better…

  4. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    I wonder if Putin got raped.

    • Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

      Alexander Jones   Trump is a clown that struggles to speak and hates to read. A real philistine.

    • Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

      Trump Allfather  Whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night.

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      Fake Pallas.
      You are just going to switch the comment after you have likes.

    • Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

      (((Alexander Jones)))

  5. Posted by The Federalist, at Reply

    This channel is hilarious

    • Posted by Young Turks, at Reply

      President Trump has proposed solar panels on the border wall (which would probably be the biggest producer of green energy on the planet).

    • Posted by Farhan Ihram, at Reply

      Young Turks Can I get the source? because if that’s true then media will talk about it.

    • Posted by Troop Number, at Reply

      Young Turks Progressives hate the solar wall, and they are pissed off about the cease fire negotiated by Trump at the g20. They act like they want war with Russia. What happened to them wanting to go green and make peace ?

    • Posted by Farhan Ihram, at Reply

      I say “Can I get the source?”

    • Posted by The Federalist, at Reply

      Farhan Ihram The media wouldn’t talk about that at all because they don’t talk about anything positive. You can look it up yourself, “trump wants solar panels on border wall”

  6. Posted by Brandon Penwright, at Reply

    reasons to remove Trump from office.
    1. he is corrupt
    2. he is incompetent
    3. he is a hot head with the nuclear codes
    4. he is a racist
    5. not at all professional
    7. he is undermining the people of this country
    8. can’t take the truth
    9. trying to kill million of Americans by stripping them of their health insurance
    11. Can’t hold classified information to himself
    12. he poses more of a threat to the world than to just America
    13. the dirty orange talked about dating his own daughter

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      Citation needed.
      Citation needed.
      Citation needed.
      Citation needed.
      Citation needed.
      Citation needed.
      Citation needed.
      Are you people vampires? Do you automatically explode when you have no healthcare?
      He respects Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin.
      Citation needed.
      Citation needed.

    • Posted by Josh Lee, at Reply

      @The Phantom Thieves of Hearts

      Citation is needed.
      Citation is needed.
      Citation is needed.
      He’s said some pretty racy things in the past, you gotta admit.
      He tweets like every few minutes. Instead of doing his job. You call that professional?
      Citation is needed.
      Citation is needed.
      Citation is needed.
      Me being a Type 1 Diabetic, without healthcare I will die. End of story.
      He respects two of the most dangerous human beings on the planet.
      Citation is needed.
      He literally said it in an interview, theres your damn citation.

    • Posted by Brandon Penwright, at Reply

      EVIDENCE CHECK FOR YOURSELF-number 8 he couldn’t handle the truth about his inauguration crowd size, and constantly calls news against him the fake news.
      number 7 he is constantly lying, that’s how he won the election by making promises he knew he could not keep, and screwing with his hardcore voters by not being able to bring jobs back to america, while his family has other countries making is products.
      number 6 you have to admit things are not as bad as when he first started even though we are starting to be disliked by our allies. And it will only get worse mark my words.
      number 2 look on the news every damn news channel and web page they will tell you all the stupid crap he has done IN HIS PRESIDENCY.
      number 3 you’ve seen him pop off on people on Twitter.
      number 11 he gave classified intel to the Russians about Isis.
      number 1 just wait

    • Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

      This falls under incompetence, but it must be noted that he’s trying to undo everything Obama did because he’s still butthurt over being roasted years ago. He’s not reversing Obama policies for the betterment of the country, he’s doing it out of spite.

    • Posted by 雪山, at Reply

      Brandon Penwright All 13 can be summed up by I don’t like him so he should be removed

  7. Posted by Young Turks, at Reply

    The uninformed opinions of basement-dwelling teenagers and liberals are IRRELEVANT. At the end of the day, American voters care only whether their lives have improved under a given administration. If President Trump continues to create jobs and improve the economy, he will be elected to a second term, period.

    • Posted by Katherine Voegtlin, at Reply

      Mike Williams first of all, it’s not fact. second of all, that’s a fake account that has 33 subscribers.

    • Posted by Mike Williams, at Reply

      Katherine Voegtlin whats not fact? and thanks for the heads up! it made me laugh anyway.

    • Posted by JohnBonoSmith, at Reply

      Michael Robertson yes, cheap immigrant labor. Clearly a new and unique issue facing the late 20th and early 21st centuries. If only we had some kind of data on how much gdp has gone up and where all the money has gone since the 1960s…

    • Posted by Kosh 963, at Reply

      At this point,  I Don’t think Trump will be to convince anyone, in the next Election, that he is Center-Right on any issue or willing to Compromise to any political side other then the Far- far- Right and Corporatists.   Trump has abandoned he’s campaign promises to the Centrists and Anti-(current Corporate backed) establishment Voters…    #ShouldOfBeenBernie

  8. Posted by pipebearbound, at Reply

    Trump should not be removed from office, it is the Young Turks who need to be removed from the internet.

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      “They’re losing thousands of viewers daily.”

      How can you tell? All I see is “3.3M” for the subscriber count.

    • Posted by JRay, at Reply

      Lol 3.3M and barely get 20k views a vid LMAO

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      It was just posted an hour ago, stupid.

  9. Posted by kevin jenkins, at Reply

    How about we let every person in every country vote…. He’s out of there!

    • Posted by George kush, at Reply


  10. Posted by budha.budha T.T Boy, at Reply

    He will never be removed from office. Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

    • Posted by Mikah Mitchell, at Reply

      budha.budha T.T Boy Nah fam.

    • Posted by David Hall, at Reply

      Most unpopular president in US history will be reelectos after colliding with Russians and admitting to obstruction of justice? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Erin boat guy, at Reply

      he will win in a land slide in 2020 and all the dumb media will be so surprised because they keep believing their own lies.

  11. Posted by Omar Coston, at Reply

    You are asking should Trump be removed from office if the Trump campaign colluded with known Russian operatives to influence the election with info gathered from cyber espionage… in other words treason. The answer is anobvious an resounding yes.

    The real question is WILL he be removed and moreover prosecuted and convicted?

    • Posted by BUGZES, at Reply

      that whole administration has to go

  12. Posted by Craig Sips, at Reply

    Why don’t you make the pol ‘should he be removed from office if it can be proved he murdered your granny’
    Because both have equal evidence…. zero.

    • Posted by Craig Sips, at Reply

      Sinairio if you are trying to tie me into a double standard you have the wrong guy. I am leftist by nature, don’t like trump and support sanders. I am calling out my own side for loosing their minds. This is the lefts Benghazi x 10.

    • Posted by Erin boat guy, at Reply

      and if TYT keeps pushing this nothing of a story its gonna destroy them like what CNN did to it’s self….I like most TYT stuff but this is getting sooooo old

    • Posted by Sinairio, at Reply

      i understand what your saying. it is important that we hold tyt responsible when we feel its pointless and a witch hunt. i personally dont think hes getting kicked out but if there is information to be relayed to the public about this for no other reason than to inform the viewer then it is what it is.

  13. Posted by A54321, at Reply

    Haha you guys are adorable. Like little children being mad at daddy. “He’s so unfair and mean!” Hahaha

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      GTAcrackers Treason? At worse it violates campaign laws lol that’s no where near treason

    • Posted by Nicole Hayes, at Reply

      A54321 deemed legal? Then why not disclose the meeting? Months prior to the meeting he was asked if he has ever met with anyone associated with Russia. He replied no. Why has he lied about what the meeting was about? Why did he just hire a lawyer? He went to the meeting hoping he would get dirt on Clinton. A patriot would have notified the FBI. If these meetings with the Russians are “deemed legal”, then why are they lying about them? Jared, Sessions, etc.

    • Posted by A54321, at Reply

      Nicole Hayes Probably because they didn’t know they had to disclose every meeting with every Person they’ve ever met from Russia. Just like Sessions and this pointless Trump investigation that is actually showing massive wrong doing by democrats, you will see this leads to wrong doing by Donald Trump.

    • Posted by GTAcrackers, at Reply

      A54321 He knew damn well he should have disclosed that meeting lmfao don’t make me sick

    • Posted by Nicole Hayes, at Reply

      A54321 didn’t know? It’s a straightforward question. How do you quantify common sense?

  14. Posted by Mai57, at Reply

    I want so badly to say yes… but if Trump is removed from office, that means Pence steps in… We focus on Trump all the time, but let’s not forget who his VP is before we make a decision. I find Trump to be moronic, childish, and super embarrassing… BUT just on his policies and past actions in regard to education and civil rights alone, Pence, to me, is a monster. I can’t say for sure, but I actually think having Pence at the helm might be a lot more terrifying. So… I’m just gonna try to make things work with Trump until 2020…

    • Posted by Mai57, at Reply

      Metafa84 It’s out of concern for my country that I’m choosing to just stick with the “lesser of two evils” Trump will embarrass the crap out of us and set us back a decade or two, while Pence, I feel, being the experienced politician, more able to hide things, more able to manipulate, more able to screw us over, would send us back to the 50’s as far as certain policies are concerned. With Trump we’d be shamed, but with Pence I fear the country is actually more likely to fall apart on some levels.

    • Posted by Mai57, at Reply

      metafa84 Umm.. I’m not entirely sure, but I think William Burns was just being a sarcastic prick in that response… to mock erin boat guy… I think… or rather I hope lol

    • Posted by metafa84, at Reply

      Mai57 It is highly hypocritical no matter how you turn it though to not want to impeach a proven traitor. And you don’t seem to be concerned about international relationships at all, are you?

    • Posted by Mai57, at Reply

      metafa84 believe me. it concerns me that our relationships with other countries are being destroyed, but we can always rebuild those relationships with time and communication. For the moment I’m more worried about our relationship within ourselves as a nation. and once the hard evidence is presented fully there would be no choice but to vote him out obviously. I fear for what happens After though

  15. Posted by staffie luva, at Reply

    No he shouldn’t He’s doing a great job

    • Posted by staffie luva, at Reply

      henryvolt35 trump has never let me down. I admire anyone who sticks up for themselves while copping it left right and centre from the bias fake media.

    • Posted by staffie luva, at Reply

      Orange is the new black and an 8 yr old kid can behave more maturely than you liberal snowflakes. Shame on yous

    • Posted by Erica Berry, at Reply

      henryvolt35 right, they say the same things.

    • Posted by staffie luva, at Reply

      elsa Grace it’s called distraction

  16. Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

    So TYT are for unlawful removal of a democratically elected president? Interesting.

    • Posted by Skyhurricane, at Reply

      Eh, if this were a true democracy we wouldn’t have the Electoral College and he would NOT be president.

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      Trump was Democratically elected per state. USA is not a democracy.

    • Posted by Perfect Darth, at Reply

      Democratically elected leaders can be guilty of corruption, as we’ve seen in countries like Brazil and South Korea. It wouldn’t be unlawful to call for the impeachment of Trump if he is found to be guilty.

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      Trump hasn’t been found guilty of any corruption yet he should be removed from office unlawfully according to libs.

    • Posted by Skyhurricane, at Reply

      It’s not 100% solid evidence yet, but day by day it’s becoming more and more apparent. IF he and his team are corrupted and DID collude with the Russians, then I think even you would agree that he must go.

  17. Posted by Jihad Countermeasures, at Reply

    Poll: Thumbs up if “The Young Turks” should have their You-Tube Channel removed.

    • Posted by Hippie Dachshunds, at Reply

      Jihad Countermeasures Why?

    • Posted by BizarrePower, at Reply

      But what about “muh free speech”?

  18. Posted by Gregor Hast, at Reply

    As an European it is not my business to tell you what you have to do. But we are living here in a free world and everybody should be allowed to say his opinion what I do. For my side – I don’t see a reason to remove Trump from office. Why should he go? Because he wants a better relationship with Russia? It would be better if these two nations could go along together. We all would have a more nice and peaceful world.

    • Posted by Ricky Leger, at Reply

      Gregor Hast why should he be exempt from the law though. What he would’ve done would be highly highly illegal (literally treason). I hate when rich people get away from the law

    • Posted by bongo155, at Reply

      “As an European”? You mean a paid Russia troll?

    • Posted by elsa Grace, at Reply

      Gregor Hast I would say you are Israeli?

  19. Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

    Poll Hillary will win by a landslide- TYT and huffingpaint post

    • Posted by bobby, at Reply


    • Posted by Mitchell Duvall, at Reply

      staffie luva trump did not win by a landslide vote by any means

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      staffie luva Me too. 🙂

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      Mitchell Duvall Perhaps you were to sad to notice. It wasn’t even close.

    • Posted by Mitchell Duvall, at Reply

      havocmaster69 1.3 million more votes for Hillary. if republicans had not gerrymandered this country all to hell we would likely have had her (though you were pretty much getting the same thing policy wise asides from healthcare environment and maybe gun control but she has so much money in her pocket it’s likely nothing substantial would have happened)