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Poll: Why Is Trump Really Bombing Syria?


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Why do you believe the United States struck Syria? Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, and also Alonzo Bodden, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us what you think in the comment area below.

" The poisonous substance utilized in the fatal chemical bomb strike in a rebel-held component of north Syria this week was the outlawed nerve agent sarin, the Turkish Health and wellness Ministry stated in a declaration on Thursday.
The declaration from Turkey, where much of the stricken Syrians were taken after the attack on Tuesday, was one of the most certain concerning the reason.

" According to the outcomes of initial tests," the statement said, "patients were subjected to chemical product (Sarin).".

Western countries have actually implicated the Syrian federal government of President Bashar al-Assad of carrying out the chemical assault on the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib Province, which left ratings dead as well as hundreds upset in one of the worst atrocities thus far in the six-year-old Syria war." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Alonzo Bodden.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Jimmy Dore, Alonzo Bodden.


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  1. Posted by S Cin, at Reply

    Nothing deep. He is trying to distract from the Russian mess he is mired in.

    • Posted by PEEKABOO !!, at Reply

      +Shark Wave
      lol, ‘shady contacts’. It is just a political hit job or filtering process by the Establishment to remove anyone who they do not approve or they think they are not loyal to the Establishment. You are naive if you really think the likes of Mike Pence, Rex Tillerson, H.R. McMaster etc never had any contact with any Russian diplomats. At their level everyone has at some point and the current people surrounding Trump are there because they approve them.

      As per the Russian collusion, the strike was carried out to *take out the facilities* which were supposedly used to carry out your ‘gas attack’. And not for killing people. That’s why both the Russian/Syrian government were warned beforehand to minimize the casualty.

      So you ‘Informed’ citizen, do you know why/who started the Syrian war in the first place?

  2. Posted by Dark Matter, at Reply

    If Trump really cared about Syrian children, then he wouldn’t have attempted to ban their country’s refugees from escaping to the US twice

    • Posted by Jane Dughatir, at Reply

      Dark Matter no. To be frank, refugees have lots of problems. I don’t think America can handle the real psych trauma of that many ppl. It’s a mess.

    • Posted by Carmen T, at Reply

      +ron hillbilly Everybody take care of your own country.

  3. Posted by Jason Decker, at Reply

    Our military industrial complex murdered 500k children in Iraq. Why don’t we deserve to be bombed?

    • Posted by thewanderandhiscomp, at Reply

      Philip Boardman all humans are part of humanity, twit, when oyr country screwed other nations that is ok, but when they threaten us, wipe them out, how stupid are you

    • Posted by Philip Boardman, at Reply

      Kylestyyle987 – It’s about the gas, not the deaths. Way more people have been killed with conventional weapons in Syria.

    • Posted by Philip Boardman, at Reply

      Rick Deckard – And where were all these racist when a black man crushed it in two, back to back, elections? I voted for Obama twice. I was betrayed by the left, and for no other reason then the color of my skin and the shape of my genitals. You want my vote? Treat leftist racism the same why you treat rightwing racism. Moving beyond race is the only way forward. And it’s the left that is pretended that we can’t transcend race. It’s also the left that has transformed feminism into a hate movement.

  4. Posted by Jacob Sigler, at Reply

    Because his democrat son-in-law told him to.

    • Posted by Jacob Sigler, at Reply

      Trump is a global-socialist shithead like Hitlery, Obammy, Bush boy, Billy Bob Clinton and Daddy Bush. He is your prez.

    • Posted by jack bran, at Reply

      “Because his Jewish son-in-law told him to.” There. Fixed it for ya.

  5. Posted by soccerguy325, at Reply

    If he did it to show he was independent of Russia then he certainly did it with Putin’s consent and joint planning.

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      Yes – LOL ~

    • Posted by mick stot, at Reply

      The wee wee tape has been very handy. I wonder what Trump has to do.

  6. Posted by Dogma Jones, at Reply

    Trump shot some rockets into the dirt in order to get his polls back up and to stop investigation about Russia ….I hope people are not dumb enough to fall for it… Alex Jones is even pretending to be mad at trump…….GTFOH

    • Posted by nebraskahusker247, at Reply

      Jack Harter ….Dont fool yourself, those runways can be repaired within a matter of days/weeks

    • Posted by Jack Harter, at Reply


    • Posted by Jack Harter, at Reply

      Are you guessing the runways intact or did they allow you to walk down it to check the concrete Concrete & look 4 craters some of the tomahawk missiles have 7-pound bomblets with enhance steel plates they shatter large sections of concrete it takes a long time to resurface a Runway the concrete is much deeper than a highway it has to be capable of Landing heavy bombers and jet fighters. 50,000 lbs of bombs DIDN’T damage the runways. 

    • Posted by gothmog9407, at Reply

      They have shown pictures of an unaffected runway. It has been reported by multiple news agencies in America. The airport is reportedly open already.

  7. Posted by Progressive that likes to get things done, at Reply

    Hillary Clinton: Don’t talk about protecting Syrian babies and then close US doors to them.
    Once again, she couldn’t be more correct. How can he talk about helping Syrian babies if he tried to ban them from even entering the country for help?

    • Posted by Paul Mannix, at Reply

      Of course you should look after every child in every country you’re dropping bombs on, how very dare you be so pretentious, you’re slaughtering people, get it in you little heads, you’re the problem not the refugee!

    • Posted by sumlatinkid, at Reply


    • Posted by Walker Morgan, at Reply

      sumlatinkid How about option F: giving small minded fools something to type in all caps about on the internet? Whatever you have to say doesn’t warrant all caps.

    • Posted by Carmen T, at Reply

      +t y You know what’s simple. Everybody take care of YOUR OWN COUNTRY. Now that simple.

  8. Posted by Lord Luke Lightbringer, at Reply

    It always seems like we never have enough money to fix our crumbling infrastructure, inadequate educational system, inefficient healthcare system and social welfare programs for the less fortunate among us. But when it comes to bombing brown skin people in other countries, all of the sudden the money magical appears. It makes you wonder, huh.

    • Posted by SilverWing27, at Reply

      Darcy Lee You’re right.

    • Posted by Raging Monk, at Reply

      sumlatinkid there was no option E as you requested but they cover Kushner fairly often.

    • Posted by BloodWolf, at Reply

      Government has Trillions $$$ and spend money dumb wars!

    • Posted by Connected One, at Reply

      GearWorks That is unacceptable. I believe the US Can do this…..they just don’t want to….welfare is part of the set up….

  9. Posted by Y2K, at Reply

    So now the media can’t have real opinions anymore, only TYT. HAHA, you guys are a joke.

    • Posted by Daniel Alexander, at Reply

      They can have all the “real” opinions they want the simple fact that they don’t even entertain other possibility’s is the real joke and honestly it’s a huge disservice to the american people who only watch tv news who then see the corporate medias opinion and have no chance to develop their own. At least on TYT they give us multiple choice

  10. Posted by PKNHET, at Reply

    Why are muslims driving trucks and cars into pedestrians

    • Posted by Jane Dughatir, at Reply

      PKNHET I just noticed how in 2014 there were a bunch of attacks or anti Islamic events in UK. George Galloway was attacked too. The King guy who’s a racist anti Muslim bigot got a slap on the wrist. EDL. Mosque attack. etc. prove that tensions have been rising for a couple years at least. And not much has been done to curb further violence. We’re seeing the so-called ‘blowback’.

    • Posted by Sitting Bull, at Reply

      +PKNHET. To save on bullets.

  11. Posted by Dean Dubois, at Reply

    When you call Russia prior to and warn them of the attack so they and the Syrain military can evacuate, it has to be C.

    • Posted by GearWorks, at Reply

      It’s not like six Syrians were killed. Yup your right they evacuated completely.

    • Posted by Jack Harter, at Reply

      Dean Dubois the runway is what’s important you kill a couple hundred support people you can put more on a plane flying them in have the runaway up and running in a couple hours. You crater the runway and it will be weeks before you can get it in shape to do anything.

    • Posted by Rspsand07, at Reply

      Lol weeks it was up & running the next day

    • Posted by yum yum, at Reply

      Trump notified Turkey, Israel, UK, and a bunch of other leaders prior to the missiles. NOT JUST RUSSIA. A fact conveniently omitted by your news sources giving the appearance of something nefarious.

    • Posted by Enforcer, at Reply

      I love how leftists are now bigger conspiracy theorists than Alex Jones.

  12. Posted by ΜOΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ, at Reply

    Hey Cenk! What about option E: President Trump bombed President Assad’s forces because the pro-Israel Jewish neocons that run the GOP, want Assad overthrown for Israel’s benefit, and they also want war with Russia, which they view as the final obstacle to Zionist domination of this blood soaked earth. You are a shill Cenk. You know these things, but you dare not voice them! How could you possibly not mention AIPAC and the Israel lobby, in your multiple choice list? Trump’s Orthodox Jewish son in law Jared Kushner is overseeing Trump’s “Middle East” policy for goodness sakes! Stop being dishonest, stop misleading your viewers Cenk, you point to everything EXCEPT for the GIANT ZIONIST ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. Shame on you Cenk, shame on you TYT.

    • Posted by TheMaryam1891, at Reply

      ΜOΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Russians in control not exactly in stupid Netanyahu a best interest

    • Posted by Duke Thompson, at Reply

      This comment is to red pill for the TYT viewers. Everything they believe in has been pumped into the political sphere by Soros (who is a Zionist Jew).

  13. Posted by Shark Wave, at Reply

    Warns Russia about the attack, attacks only the planes that are being repaired, none of the functional ones, and barely hits the runaway.

    Trump people: This is proof that he is not colluding with Russia!!!

  14. Posted by jamviator, at Reply

    Russia also has the capability to intercept the tomahawks but chose not to. Could mean that they planned it together. It’s possible.

    • Posted by jamviator, at Reply

      Russia has the most advanced anti-aircraft missiles in the world and they have them on location. They could easily shoot the tomahawks out of the sky.

    • Posted by Enforcer, at Reply

      Conspiracy theories all around.

    • Posted by Larry McCann, at Reply

      once again! .He lies, it’s something he is going to profit from it
      that’s what he cares about

    • Posted by Bill Smith, at Reply

      +jamviator #1. We are not bombing Syria. We struck Syria in a measured response to what they had to accept as their fault. If Syria didn’t drop the chemical gas on those people, then their aircraft bombed a hidden storage of it and they were not suppose to have this storage anyways.
      We left one of the run ways at the air port we struck without damage which tells you that Trump was definitely sending a signal to Putin and Assad, continue to attack ISIS and we have no choice in the world’s eyes when you screw up or hit hidden supplies or drop these weapons on the people deliberately.

  15. Posted by Moshe Atencio Ben EL Shaddia, at Reply

    Trump the Greatest Con Artist of Our Lifetime, is using his 3D’s Deceive, Distract, and Deflect. Putin and Trump couldn’t have planned it any better.

    • Posted by mshara1, at Reply

      Putin is the great con-artist. He is playing cyber-warfare and media disinformation at expert level.

  16. Posted by Tony Stark, at Reply

    Classic meet the new boss~ Dont be naive, it has nothing to do with Trumps ego, Obama tried to do the same thing in 2013 but he got blocked by the congress, they are both puppets to the deep state.

    • Posted by t y, at Reply

      Tony Stark no such thing you returd

  17. Posted by SH4D0WXR33CONt1, at Reply

    Worst move Trump could’ve made. It’s been crazy to see the amount of conservative backlash over this. Go to Alex Jones channel, watch his videos, look in the comments, he’s severely damaged his hardcore fanbase.

    • Posted by FAGGOTWARE STUDIOS, at Reply

      exactly. I can’t believe the Turkbots think he did it for the PR as a countermeasure against the Russia narrative – half of his supporters are non-interventionists and they’re denouncing him

    • Posted by Ayub Khan, at Reply

      He basically did what Hillary wanted to do if she were to become president.