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Powerful Story From A Muslim Woman About Her Religion


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At a recent The Young Turks meetup a woman approached Cenk Uygur and told him a powerful story about her religion and her family. Cenk and the panel discuss fan interactions on the post game show. Listen to the entire story here:

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  1. Posted by Ben Hartley (BJHChannel), at Reply

    Islam is the most oppressive and anti-female, false religious system in the
    history of mankind.

    • Posted by Abu Ibraheem Al Amreeki, at Reply

      +Ben Hartley (BJHChannel) Lol. You obviously don’t read history

    • Posted by Abu Ibraheem Al Amreeki, at Reply

      +Ded Pull It is also growing due to conversion. You guys hate to hear it,
      but Western, educated white people are becoming Muslim every day. I am one
      of them.

    • Posted by Ben Hartley (BJHChannel), at Reply

      Abu Ibraheem Al Amreeki Be more specific..

  2. Posted by facefister69, at Reply

    Cenk loves the smell of his own greasy kebab farts

    • Posted by facefister69, at Reply

      +Let’s Talk That’s what your Father said before he watched me fucked your
      Mother :O

    • Posted by facefister69, at Reply

      +Let’s Talk Were you hiding under the bed or something?

    • Posted by Let's Talk, at Reply

      +facefister69 No, because unlike you, I’m actually out getting laid for
      real, and not just in internet comment sections.

    • Posted by facefister69, at Reply

      +Let’s Talk Don’t you dare lie to me, just wait till your father gets home
      hes going to spank your bottom.

  3. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    I don’t think Islam is bad I think theocracy that abuses there power is
    bad. We forget that Islam and Christianity coexisted for a fairly long time
    with Muslims in Europe and Christians in Middle East

    • Posted by Bam Westy, at Reply

      What does your comment have to do with his? Lol

    • Posted by Mikhail Tagallie, at Reply

      thats not triue in respect to the millions who have died to muslims
      executing christians within this century.

    • Posted by Ali Muhammad, at Reply

      +Mikhail Tagallie don’t think you know how much million is

  4. Posted by oldi184, at Reply

    *”Religion is a bullshit story.”*

    -George Carlin

    • Posted by oldi184, at Reply

      Carlin was not an expert on religion so quoting him in relation to
      religious matters is wrong. He was “just” stand up comedian and also a
      “drunkard and drug addict”. So what the F he could knew about holy matters

      For example A Wright brothers. They were just a bicycles makes so what the
      F they could knew about flying and aerodynamics right?


    • Posted by The Reckoning, at Reply

      Was carlin Jewish?

    • Posted by Ghostdini Stark, at Reply

      +oldi184 That’s not true, is a terrible example and completely evades my

    • Posted by oldi184, at Reply

      +The Reckoning

      A catholic.

  5. Posted by Ghostdini Stark, at Reply

    Remember when Jimmy spat in Alex Jones face for disagreeing with you

    • Posted by 1videofiend, at Reply

      Yes but, Alex isn’t a WOMAN…Alex isn’t MUSLIM…so his SJW score is a …
      (“get off the stage, ya fat F*ck!”)…ZERO! 😉

    • Posted by Ghostdini Stark, at Reply

      +SwissBliss So spitting in people’s faces is justified when you’re
      triggered, but not when Muslims are? What is cognitive dissonance, Alex?

    • Posted by Agua414, at Reply

      +Ghostdini Stark aww HOW UNFAIR!!!!

  6. Posted by Crusty Crab, at Reply

    i hate checking these comments about how” well yea but christianity did the
    same things if not worse”, like dude yea but the difference is christianity
    evolved during the reformation and the 20th century, littreally bettering
    itself for the people and the times. islam hasn’t it hasn’t had its
    reformation and it dosent seem like it ever will there a huuuuuge
    difference. yes christianity isn’t as holy as it praises to be but guess
    what neither are most religions if any. i don’t have anything against islam
    but I’m just stating the facts and differences between both of them

    • Posted by The weaver of words, at Reply

      Yeah, bettering itself by ignoring parts of their doctrine on purpose.

    • Posted by Geometry Dash Kenaz, at Reply

      +The weaver of words for some denominations….

    • Posted by big jester, at Reply

      +The weaver of words your right we should just kill all the religious

  7. Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

    Let’s hold our breath for TYT to do a “Powerful story from a Christian
    Woman about her Religion” from the middle east….

    • Posted by Al Mahdi Alaoui, at Reply

      +Whytebio Perhaps mis-titled, sure; but the substance of the video is still

    • Posted by Yasmeen M, at Reply

      Whytebio You know… there are a few videos on here criticising
      Christianity, if not much more. also ho find their reports on white
      Christian men terrorising their own communities, or vicitimizing others.
      those were stories not being reported by regular corporate media. but TYT
      posted it. look it up

    • Posted by Radu Slav, at Reply

      @Whytebio We had plenty of that and more to come…

  8. Posted by alijawad87able, at Reply

    How does the Hadith mistreat women? 1400 years old, yet it allowed women to
    keep their own property, it allowed them to inherit, it prohibited
    marriages without the women’s permission, it liberated them from being
    objectified, not to mention one of the greatest scholars was aisha, a

  9. Posted by Claire, at Reply

    So she’s not Muslim. She’s ex-Muslim. Interesting title… “Powerful story
    from a **Muslim** woman about **her religion**”. Maybe it should have been
    “Powerful story from an ex-Muslim about leaving her religion”.

    • Posted by Claire, at Reply

      I think you should look up the definition of the word “grammar” and learn
      that it doesn’t apply to my comment.

    • Posted by Andalus101, at Reply

      maybe she didn’t completely leave the religion?

    • Posted by Claire, at Reply

      +Andalus101 The way Cenk explained it, it seemed like she did.

    • Posted by Ungoogleable o_O, at Reply

      People who care about precise language, unite! 😀

  10. Posted by BlckCloud73, at Reply

    Why do they call themselves “The Young Turks”? Are they the same people who
    committed the Armenian Genocide a century ago?

    • Posted by Keksi, at Reply

      Young Turks were founded by Freemasons,man who organized Armenian genocide
      was a Freemason.
      TYT is promoting Masonic agenda which is a Satanism in disguise…thats why
      they are attacking religion while they are promoting every sin possible
      from drugs to adultery to homosexuality.

    • Posted by BlckCloud73, at Reply

      +Keksi I don’t know about all that- the first requirement for becoming a
      Mason is that you cannot be an atheist, and a Mason can be blackballed for
      adultery, among other things.

    • Posted by Keksi, at Reply

      Who said anything about being atheist?

    • Posted by Wood Croft, at Reply

      Google “Young Turks dictionary”:
      “A young person eager for radical change to the established order.”

    • Posted by BlckCloud73, at Reply

      +Wood Croft ….who committed genocide against 1.5 million Armenians

  11. Posted by AJ-, at Reply

    Anyone else thinks the far left are trying to turn Islam into the new
    communism? (as in being cool and hip among edgy left-leaning young people)

    • Posted by Jo Bo, at Reply

      AJ- No. The far left is a lot of atheists. They want people to realise how
      all religion viewpoints shouldn’t be considered in government policies

    • Posted by CaptainDave, at Reply

      hmm no…?

  12. Posted by TheMysticCore, at Reply

    I hope this doesn’t end with an honor killing

    • Posted by Buck Rodgers, at Reply

      TheMysticCore lolol haha

    • Posted by Justin M, at Reply

      Well, the woman’s brother sounds like a real piece of work, so I wouldn’t
      be surprised if it did.

    • Posted by Trent Meade, at Reply

      lol but wrong

    • Posted by meeg_2005, at Reply

      I hope this doesn’t end with some nut attacking the studio

  13. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    muslim=terrorist, progressive=muslim terrorist sympathizer

    • Posted by Andy Dominguez, at Reply

      1) Japan deserved to get nuked. We warned them we would and they refused to
      surrender. They were also planning biological warfare on America before we
      bombed them.
      2) Christians started the Crusades because of Muslim invasion.

    • Posted by Dracule Mihawk, at Reply

      +Andy Dominguez You are the ‘special’ type of idiot.
      The war versus Japan was ALREADY won. You had island where Japanese were
      waiting with bamboo swords. The atomic bombs were just to impress Russia,
      but it cost how many lives?
      F*ck you, you bullsh*t delusional American. You make American’s look stupid.

    • Posted by Moonis Mohammad, at Reply

      Andy Dominguez ya like its only what you did in japan you bombed towns and
      when women children flee to parks to protect themselves you told your
      pilots to bomb them too tell me when did japan bomb a US city . you say you
      warned them yes yes we will bomb your city kill the children and innocent
      people we are giving you a warning so later we can say we warned you

    • Posted by Moonis Mohammad, at Reply

      Andy Dominguez and also remember America has the record for highest people
      murdered in a day when it used its atomic bombs

  14. Posted by HappyandAtheist, at Reply

    islam is a a fake religion and real terrorist organization.

    • Posted by Darthmufin, at Reply

      No its a bullshit religion, saying it’s “fake” dosn’t make any sense.

    • Posted by HappyandAtheist, at Reply

      all religion is fake

    • Posted by Darthmufin, at Reply

      religion itself isn’t “fake” if it was fake there wouldn’t be such a thing
      as religion. what you MEAN to say is the belief is based on bullshit.

    • Posted by HappyandAtheist, at Reply

      no religion is fake , every thing about it , every thing it is and every
      thing it say and does is fake. religion is the biggest con of all time.

  15. Posted by gho0st, at Reply

    As a person who has lived in Iraq for pretty much my whole life I’ll say
    with now doubt Islam treats women really badly. Other than north eastern
    Iraq where the Kurds are women are treated like objects. I just get annoyed
    by all those people defending Islam and live in the west. Please if you
    keep defending it then I would love it if you would come here and live for
    as little as a few months and you would see why theres a hatred amongs it.
    Islam is slowly dying here but it is increasing in the west? What is this
    stupidity. Don’t defend Islam it is the worse religion out of all the other
    religions and this comes from a person who used to be a Muslim and lived
    his whole life in iraq. The way it is applied over a country is the worse
    thing possible

    • Posted by Ryu Hayabusa, at Reply

      I can’t believe what I am reading. You must be a troll, please do not
      pretend to speak on behalf of the Muslims, when you damn well know who
      created all that chaos in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Syria and etc.
      It is non other than Uncle Sam and partners in crime for that precious
      Middle Eastern oil.

    • Posted by NoDogmaMama, at Reply

      Ryu Hayabusa so you’re saying there hasn’t been a religious civil war among
      muslims? All muslims love each other, sunni and shiia? Apologetics is not
      doing you any favors.

    • Posted by gho0st, at Reply

      Ryu Hayabusa There’s the same problem again. I’ve said it before and I’ll
      say it again since you seem to ignorant to accept the the fact. I do not
      speak on behalf of Muslims I spoke on behalf of non Muslims here for get
      harassed each and every day. You would be the stupid and ignorant one to
      say that shi3a( Shia in English) and the sunnah (sunni in English) are not
      the reasons for our corrupt and collapsing countries but the Americans and
      western world who do it. Our oil is taken a 3 damn companies which our
      leaders all own most of it and take that curse of an oil and none of us
      even have a working society. Sunni and shia here are fighting everyday. I
      dare you to go to Baghdad and say you’re sunni you won’t come out without
      being stabbed or even alive. You’re just too oblivious of the facts of our
      terrible and corrupt leaders and just follow the propaganda of the anti
      American and anti West ideas that I have been told since I was born by
      people around me but fortunately I had educated parents who taught me well.

  16. Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

    what’s with the downvotes? are people really getting triggered by the
    thought of TYT changing lives for the better?? ROFL

    • Posted by Connor Broadbent, at Reply

      Tychoxi he basically just said that conservatism = racism, which is what
      he, and “liberals” alike have been doing since the start of the election
      cycle, and is the reason they lost.

    • Posted by gerbs96, at Reply

      Connor Broadbent leftists….the word you are looking for is leftists.
      liberals detest the Turks.

    • Posted by gerbs96, at Reply

      Tychoxi the tenets of Islam are the opposite of what progressives claim to
      care about….yet they defend it. its pathetic.

    • Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

      +gerbs96 I don’t understand. Cenk talks about how a Muslim woman felt
      empowered to leave Islam and her abusive family.

    • Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

      +Connor Broadbent No he didn’t. He was talking about being happy TYT has
      been changing lives for the better.

  17. Posted by TheStoneSpiral, at Reply

    I look forward to the day when religion is considered a part of our
    distant, savage past.

    • Posted by elijahtrent21, at Reply

      You be dead by than

    • Posted by TheStoneSpiral, at Reply

      +elijahtrent21 A lot of things will happen long after I’m dead. That
      shouldn’t stop me from encouraging the turn towards a better future I won’t

    • Posted by TheHowitzer9, at Reply

      Will never happen. Same way Art, Politics, Science and Economics will never
      be a thing of the past. It’s something etched into the Human soul.

    • Posted by elijahtrent21, at Reply

      +TheStoneSpiral Of coarse alot things will happen after we all are dead.
      But the death of religion isnt guaranteed a better future

  18. Posted by Maahvulus1, at Reply

    Allow me to explain the dislike bar in this video. Ignorant bigots see the
    title of the video. Their small minds selects “Muslim woman.” They dislike
    the video without considering the content. There you have it.

    With that being said, I feel sorry for the woman that she was born into
    such narrow minded family. This kind of story makes it seem as though all
    Muslim families are this way and that they’re all closed minded when in
    reality this story is unique to this broken family.

    • Posted by Greg Dobson, at Reply

      +Matthew O’Connor They’re certainly morons. It’s a small % who voted Obama
      that also voted Trump. Most Trump supporters are bigoted misogynists who
      always vote the Republitard anyway.

    • Posted by Barry, at Reply

      Matthew O’Connor Those people are not racist. They just don’t care about
      racism and oftentimes deny that it even exists, because it doesn’t exist in
      their lives, which is great, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist

    • Posted by Andrew Shaw, at Reply

      +Greg Dobson Just a heads up, this is exactly the rhetoric that just cost
      hillary the election and remain the eu referendum, regardless of if youre
      right or not, its really bad tactics.

      You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar and to the people you are
      sneering at, trust me when i say they understand their lives better than
      you do and being told why they do what they do by you makes you look
      extremely arrogant and ignorant. Furthermore, it colours their opinion of
      those who are on your side, so you are damaging the your own sides ability
      to win votes.

    • Posted by Greg Dobson, at Reply

      +Andrew Shaw I’m not interested in trying to reach out to morons. If
      they’re stupid enough to vote against their own interests that’s their
      problem. I’m just telling it as it is, which apparently they’re supposed to

    • Posted by Xbckg Djfbc, at Reply

      shitty muzzy apologist spotted

  19. Posted by JosephJamesScott, at Reply

    It’s sad what religion makes people do, it’s like a mental illness, but you
    don’t get that strong of a reaction from someone who believes in their
    religion 100%. If someone told me that the sky was green and the sun was
    purple I wouldn’t spit in their face, I might be genuinely curious as to
    what lead them to these strange conclusions, and if they didn’t have any
    reasonable explanations I wouldn’t get mad at them as their delusions has
    no barring on reality.

    • Posted by Jose Rivera Arambula, at Reply

      Some people just can’t tolerate other beliefs.
      It’s a disgrace that in the 21st centuries people are still killing over
      something you’d expect in medieval times.
      Why can’t everyone just respect eachothers beliefs?

    • Posted by JosephJamesScott, at Reply

      +Jose Rivera Arambula Well, to be fair, not all beliefs are compatible or
      congruent with a fair and equal society. As long as your beliefs don’t harm
      or subvert the freewill of others I’d be fine with that.

    • Posted by Jose Rivera Arambula, at Reply

      +JosephJamesScott I don’t hate any religions just as long as it doesn’t
      hurt others or yourself.