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Prankster Thinks Discrimination Against Muslims Is A Joke…


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A Muslim YouTube star was recently kicked off a plane. Did he have it coming? Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"A YouTube star known for filming elaborate hoaxes was escorted off a Delta flight on Wednesday morning after he claimed that other passengers complained when they heard him speaking in Arabic.

Adam Saleh, a 23-year-old YouTube star from New York, posted multiple videos to Twitter and Periscope on Tuesday, showing himself being escorted from a plane by Delta flight attendants.

Saleh said in the videos that after passengers heard him speaking Arabic, they “felt uncomfortable” and called flight attendants. However, while it is clear that he was removed from the flight at London’s Heathrow airport, the circumstances leading up to the video – retweeted more than 644,000 times – are not known and cannot be verified.

Saleh has created videos in the past that involved staged scenes on airplanes and with actors playing authority figures.

Saleh was on a flight from London to New York with his friend Slim Albaher, another YouTube personality, who was also escorted off the plane.

“They kicked us off the plane because a lady, because a lot of people felt uncomfortable,” Saleh said. “Delta Air Lines just kicked us out for speaking Arabic.””*

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  1. Posted by Tripp, at Reply

    Cenk trying to save face for being an apologist.

    • Posted by LaviArray, at Reply


    • Posted by HucklePeel, at Reply

      Tripp the mental Gymnastics

  2. Posted by Richard Taylor, at Reply

    A lot of people missed their connecting flights, way to go, plus there
    could have been an accident. Narcissistic and selfish.
    Wow it’s Christmas and I agreed with Cenk, merry christams, an easy win for
    Cenk .

    • Posted by stephen mallinson, at Reply

      Richard Taylor
      thankyou your first comment that sees the bigger picture and the danger he
      put people in

  3. Posted by Voice United, at Reply

    It is very sad how some subjects are taken very lightly when in reality
    they are really serious and some peoples actions can really disrupt others
    into taking those seriously. Really disheartening to read about this.

    • Posted by 21st Century Trolls Are Amateurs, at Reply

      Voice United Same.

  4. Posted by estiv, at Reply

    Discrimination against muslims is a minor issue next to driving trucks into

    • Posted by Maximus Trolleus, at Reply

      estiv what about bombing muslims?

  5. Posted by Hillary For Prison, at Reply

    I agree with TYT for once!

    • Posted by Kenji Teh, at Reply

      Hillary For Prison
      yep. me too. hahaha

    • Posted by Panini Chowder, at Reply

      Hillary For Prison Drumpftards are cancer

  6. Posted by Random Viewer, at Reply


  7. Posted by Apollo, at Reply

    Cenk got one right. Wow

  8. Posted by You Know Me Boy, at Reply

    There are many bad Muslims (If they can call themselves that way). The
    Arabs are destroying the image of Islam, unfortunately Muslims are
    portrayed as barbarians.

  9. Posted by JuanTheBone, at Reply

    Ethan is awfully serious in this video

  10. Posted by Greendude33, at Reply

    It’s kind of bigoted of Saleh to assume only Muslims speak Arabic

  11. Posted by Mike99 Mike99, at Reply

    It obviously backfired .. dumbass

  12. Posted by ecdctechmma, at Reply

    most pranks are fake … on youtube

  13. Posted by Purav Patel, at Reply

    I have a feeling this is going to end like the story of the boy who cried

  14. Posted by Cthulhu Christ, at Reply

    SJW’s to the rescue!

  15. Posted by philipp s, at Reply

    “Hate speech”… wow, Cenk. Just go back to your country when you think
    free speech is something bad, oh, yeah, they banned youtube there.

  16. Posted by element4element4, at Reply

    If it is proven that what he did was a hoax, then I hope he will get a 5
    year ban on ALL airlines. He can continue doing this on busses and trains

  17. Posted by Chris Thornycroft, at Reply

    With freedom comes responsibility. George Carlin exercised his freedom of
    speech constantly. Would George have done this? Hell no.

  18. Posted by Will Greigh, at Reply

    I’m liberal, but it seems like a lot of liberals like to make up fake hate
    crimes to make conservatives seem bad, but it comes and bites them in the
    but. :