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PREDICTION: Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore Will Probably Win Anyway


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Roy Moore is being charged of molesting a 14-year-old in 1979 as well as it possibly won't harm his election possibilities. John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, and Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us exactly what you think in the remark section below. Sign up with TYT:

" Leigh Corfman says she was 14 years of ages when an older male approached her outside a courtroom in Etowah County, Ala. She was remaining on a wooden bench with her mommy, they both recall, when the man presented himself as Roy Moore.

It was early 1979 and also Moore– currently the Republican nominee in Alabama for an U.S. Us senate seat– was a 32-year-old aide district lawyer. He struck up a conversation, Corfman and her mom state, and supplied to see the woman while her mommy went inside for a child custodianship hearing.

" He claimed, 'Oh, you do not want her to go in there as well as listen to all that. I'll stay out below with her,'" says Corfman's mom, Nancy Wells, 71. "I believed, exactly how good for him to wish to deal with my little woman."

Alone with Corfman, Moore chatted with her as well as requested her contact number, she claims. Days later on, she states, he picked her up around the bend from her house in Gadsden, drove her about 30 minutes to his house in the timbers, informed her just how pretty she was and kissed her. On a 2nd check out, she states, he took off her tee shirt and trousers and eliminated his clothes. He touched her over her bra and also underpants, she says, as well as directed her hand to touch him over his undergarments."

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson

Cast: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson


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  1. Posted by philpott kentucky, at Reply

    He’s in Alabama. Rednecks molesting children is the state sport.

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      Crazy how TYT gives you special treatment.

    • Posted by randomnobody playthrough, at Reply

      Christiany the religion of family values strikes again.

    • Posted by Praxis, at Reply

      Nasal Spray it’s retards like you that tarnish America’s reputation. Your pathetic existence is an excellent argument for keeping abortion legal.

  2. Posted by MaGarthur, at Reply

    Not if we give it our best effort. Come on people. We can win an Alabama Senate seat. Get out there and support Doug Jones.

  3. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Black folks may shoot the h*** out of one another, but you white men sure love little under aged girls and boys! Lol

    • Posted by John Myers, at Reply

      Jamie Cox, what you should be concerned with is that Brad’s wife was fired from cracker barrel a year ago.

    • Posted by Brandon Smith, at Reply

      Rachel Schmied look at the stats logically. Black people commit 51% of violent crime while making up 6% of the population. oh you dont like those facts

    • Posted by Pksoze, at Reply

      No Blacks get arrested for 51% of the crime by the white controlled government. As this Roy Moore crap shows…white people don’t hold their own accountable for crimes.

    • Posted by spooder man the alt reich slayer, at Reply

      a^ facts

  4. Posted by Ken Bob, at Reply

    “He’s gonna win by 10 to 11 points” –Jayar

    I’d say Roy Moore will win by 14. It appears to be a number he frequently hits on.

    • Posted by The Skin Ticket Channel, at Reply

      Ken Bob yo yo live now!!!

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      oh snap

  5. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    Alabama, where men are men and sheep are SCARED!

    • Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

      MAGA = Molesters Are Groping Alabamians

    • Posted by UTubeHobby, at Reply

      They like goats.

    • Posted by Dnt Wry, at Reply


    • Posted by Pksoze, at Reply

      You’re taking shots at another culture when you hillbillies are going to elect a pedophile to the senate.

  6. Posted by Marky, at Reply

    The bubble of stupidity is too thick in Alabama for the majority to think about the future of the state ahead of voting what they think are strong Republicans.

    • Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

      Alabwama Mwan! watch?v=c8hwZ3iNcHc

    • Posted by J.A.M James, at Reply

      Marky the bubble of stupidity, and the feeling of being the moral arbiter in progressive circles, and the DNC is so prevalent they shame instead of debate, while you guys whine, and pander to minorities, we win elections. As a trump supporter I want you to know your wrong.

    • Posted by Marky, at Reply

      J.A.M James I’d love to see real political debate except for the last 9 years the Republicans have done little more than lie and filibuster as they are a shadow of the party they used to be when issued
      Issues actually mattered.

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      Marky: Nothing will come of this because in Alabama a girl of 14 is considered an Old Maid.

  7. Posted by Liberal in Oklahoma, at Reply

    He is a clone of that racist lawn gnome Jeff Sessions.

  8. Posted by Boobalopbop, at Reply

    I was thinking the same thing. Alabama Republicans don’t care about men being pedophiles, as long as their not gay pedophiles, they’re good. This is one of those sister/cousin fucking states.

    • Posted by Alexander Jones, at Reply

      Is there evidence this guy is a pedo?
      I mean you just watched the video right?
      Is there evidence he did this thing?
      Can you show me or are you just stupid?

    • Posted by Boobalopbop, at Reply

      I never said I know for a fact that he did anything. Are you illiterate? Stupid? Or both? My point was it doesn’t matter if he did it or not, in fact, if he molested girls, he might get a bump in the polls among Alabama Republicans.

    • Posted by Billy Poe, at Reply

      publically sworn women coming forward with people corroborating that they were told at the time is the same evidence that Harvey Weinstein faced and he was removed from his own company, kicked out of the academy but hey he’s not a christian bible thumper

  9. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    Don’t worry, GOP! No gun toting, cousin marrying, wife beating, beer chugging, Bible thumping, toothless tattooed redneck from Alabama would ever let a little thing like child molestation charges keep them from voting Republican….

    • Posted by RedroomStudios, at Reply

      awesome comment!

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Republicans have no honor.

  10. Posted by Apathy Man, at Reply

    Hillary was wrong, at least 90% of them are deplorable.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Now I’m not one to normally brag but I was a deplorable before it was ever cool.

  11. Posted by Baron von Quiply, at Reply

    The next Bring Your Daughter To Work Day at the Alabama Senate could turn out to be rather awkward.

  12. Posted by Carol L, at Reply

    King Cheato’s kind of people. Child molesters defending other child molesters.

  13. Posted by The Coffee Nut, at Reply

    Roy must have converted to Islam because screwing kids is what Muhammad did.

    • Posted by Chelsea Jones, at Reply

      The Coffee Nut actually it’s what your catholic priest do

    • Posted by soulful41, at Reply

      Chelsea, and BAM, you nailed it. He without sin cast the first stone. Peace…..

    • Posted by Martin Schmidt, at Reply

      No thousands of catholic priests did. Abusing thousands of children. Be proud of your Christian values. Noone believes your lies. You are defending a child molester. We should Post this on your fb Account. Oh already did. Have much fun. 😀

  14. Posted by RandomU5erName, at Reply

    “molestation and pedophelia is ONLY WRONG when leftists do it!” – The Dotards

  15. Posted by Dr Dermix Girl, at Reply

    Yes…apparently in Alabama, it’s a crime to be a Democrat but perfectly Godly to be a pedophile. 🙄

    • Posted by Anonymous DueToFascists, at Reply

      MAGA “Make Aggravated Groping Acceptable”

      Because Jesus and because Freedumb!!!

  16. Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

    Alabama is officially the paedophile state.

    • Posted by Martin Schmidt, at Reply

      I come from Alabama with a kiddo on my knees… Yeehah. 😀

  17. Posted by Jounas1123, at Reply

    If he wins, at least Alabama will have a senator that represents their values. Anti gay, pro child molestation

    • Posted by Novusod, at Reply

      Pro incest too.

  18. Posted by Red Blaze, at Reply

    To anyone in Alabama: Why would you even consider voting for this Monster?

    • Posted by Amanda Blythe, at Reply

      Red Blaze I’m from Alabama. Unfortunately, all a candidate has to do in Alabama is pander to the Jesus freaks and they will typically get elected. He made this election about abortion, which the Senate has NOTHING to do with Roe V Wade, and the pro-life fetusers will trip over their dumb asses to vote for him. Not to mention he dog whistles to the bigots perfectly, and outright says incredibly racist things. But I have hope for Doug Jones in this election.

    • Posted by Hue Man, at Reply

      Because they are stupid Jesus freak idiots…

    • Posted by Bear Arms, at Reply

      Amanda Blythe, you’re consistently mistyping the word “erected”

    • Posted by Philotical, at Reply

      Amanda, seems you live in a 1st world country – ehhm – I appologize, I ment to say, murrica.
      The land of the fr.. – ahh forget it ffs.
      Let’s just yell “Bengazi” and feel patriotic.

  19. Posted by Guillermo St, at Reply

    He probably thought to himself: ‘Well… if men in biblical times could marry 12 y.o. girls, why can’t I grope them a little?’

    • Posted by Eric Taylor, at Reply

      yeah, i was gonna say that when his gawd introduced mary to the holy ghost money shot, she was probably only around 12 or so, so in his mind, his actions were gawd-like.