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Project Veritas Scam EXPOSED


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The Washington Post revealed Job Veritas' latest fraud. Cenk Uygur, and John Iadarola the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark area listed below.

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" A lady that wrongly declared to The Washington Message that Roy Moore, the Republican UNITED STATE Us senate candidate in Alabama, fertilized her as a teen appears to collaborate with an organization that utilizes misleading strategies to covertly videotape conversations in an effort to embarrass its targets.
In a series of interviews over 2 weeks, the lady shared a significant story about an alleged sexual partnership with Moore in 1992 that brought about an abortion when she was 15. Throughout the interviews, she consistently pressed Post press reporters to provide their point of views on the impacts that her cases might carry Moore's candidateship if she went public.
The Post did not publish an article based upon her dubious account. When Message reporters confronted her with disparities in her tale as well as an Internet posting that elevated doubts regarding her inspirations, she insisted that she was not working with any kind of company that targets journalists."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola


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  1. Posted by N.H.Alicia, at Reply

    The video has only been up for 9 minutes and the trolls are already here.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Eviscerated Rainbow
      Putin is an authoritarian that crushes free speech, and kills journalists.

    • Posted by Aaron Norell, at Reply

      Expedited Rectum

  2. Posted by jarjon76, at Reply

    Conservatives are liars? No way!

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      It’s all a matter of framing. Veritas’ actions here could just as easily be described as undercover journalism – i.e. a method of journalism where the journalist will typically use a fake cover story in order to infiltrate an organisation that is the focus of their piece. If you agree with the journalist, it’s easy to describe them as people who reveal the dark secrets of those in power, whilst if you disagree with the journalist, it’s equally easy to dismiss them as deceptive and agenda-driven.

      Obviously, it sounds like Veritas’ attempt here on the Washington Post was unsuccessful because – and I’m glad to hear – they are doing their due diligence and fact-checking appropriately. However, I think it would be presumptuous to over-generalise that this is definitely the case of every news story by every mainstream news agency out there. Just as it’s equally insane to think that every news being put out is fake and devoid of any facts or journalistic integrity. It’s going to have to be on a case-by-case basis.

    • Posted by fl00fydragon, at Reply

      conservatism by nature is the ideology of preserving tradition and maintaining things “as they are”

      most traditions are based on false assumptions about reality made by uneducated masses of priitive people

      therefore it’s not a suprise that conservatism has to deny reality in order to survive in the age where it’s easy to discover that theese traditions and beliefs are bullshit

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      jarjon76: I know right! Who’d a thunk!

    • Posted by Toad Jiang, at Reply

      I really love the name “Project Veritas”, so fitting, it’s like a brothel named “House of virgins”.

  3. Posted by 倪传历, at Reply

    A Chinese saying goes like this: Never afraid of a godlike opponent, but do watch out for allies that are stupid as a pig.

    In this case, the clueless alt-right ran into both.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      you are the son of a turtle.

    • Posted by LardGreystoke, at Reply

      So we’ve got a story on Mitch McConnell’s illegitimate offspring?

    • Posted by BadWebDiver, at Reply

      Very wise saying! I like it!

  4. Posted by deharleyva, at Reply

    I hate Right Wingers. Zero integrity.

    • Posted by The Corbynator, at Reply

      deharleyva They will Vote for Child Molester’s! Zero Integrity or Morals!

    • Posted by Eric Ling, at Reply

      They don’t believe in integrity, it sounds like some complicated part of algebra to them, and that came from arabs!

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      I think the Veritas story is about how you frame it – is it a case of undercover journalism or gotcha journalism?

    • Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

      deharleyva they sure are an embarassment to their country, aren’t they?

  5. Posted by aldi404, at Reply

    A right-wing paper would have swallowed it, hook line and sinker

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Eviscerated Rainbow
      Flynn is already bowing before Mueller. It’s over for you, and your lying orange.

    • Posted by Superb Media Content Creator, at Reply

      That was really deep…

  6. Posted by edgeninja, at Reply

    Project Veritas: Just another right-wing FAKE NEWS machine.

  7. Posted by Colin, at Reply

    The alt-right trolls are going to hate this video! They’re sweating right now, as they feverishly press the dislike button.

    • Posted by BadWebDiver, at Reply

      So true!

  8. Posted by Hobbes, at Reply

    I love this because they tried to discredit the allegations, but in doing so they actually ended up making them more credible.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Too bad though that the people who’d need to hear this story won’t hear this story.

  9. Posted by Randy H, at Reply

    The desperation of a failing Republican Party.

    • Posted by BlackSpidy G, at Reply

      Failing republican party! Bleeding voters! Sad!

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      Randy H: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” – Samuel Johnson

  10. Posted by James Amos, at Reply

    This is awesome. They got caught trying to use “fake news”.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      Caught for being Fake Ewes.

  11. Posted by Owen Oulton, at Reply

    ‘Nother “fake news” fail. Sorry, the mainstream media doesn’t WANT your fake news, Project “Veritas”.

  12. Posted by ThreePalmsII, at Reply

    It seems lying and cheating is used by conservatives all the time

    • Posted by hopposai787, at Reply

      and you think democrats are better? we need a new party.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      Yes, democrats are better.

      Being better doesn’t mean they’re ideal or even acceptable, but if all we’re asking is for better or worse, they’re better. Period. No question, the answer is yes, they’re obviously better.

  13. Posted by Teera Xo, at Reply

    Lying about being raped to expose the supposedly “lies and deceit” from liberal media. Hypercritical and disgusting as always from the right.

    • Posted by RedroomStudios, at Reply

      actually no. there has been a crap load from both parties. the one common factor is they are all men! let’s ban all men from government!

      Teera – the word is spelled hypocritical.

    • Posted by Garen Truscott, at Reply

      I think men should be banned from voting. They are too emotional.

    • Posted by liberty2014, at Reply

      Hollywood?  100% have been major democrat donors!

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      “Notice that almost every sex assault, has been by democrats lately?”

      Nope. Can’t notice something that isn’t true.

  14. Posted by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, at Reply

    the real Fake news

  15. Posted by The Diesel, at Reply

    There is no shame anymore.

  16. Posted by Michael Coville, at Reply

    Does it ever occur to conservatives that if they can’t prove liberals are doing anything wrong, and they have to go to the extreme of manufacturing wrong-doing by liberals, that maybe the liberals aren’t the bad guys?

    • Posted by Arturo RoblesGiveit2me, at Reply

      All Repubelicons are corporate whores!

    • Posted by The Movie Dealers, at Reply

      Except liberals aren’t manufacturing wrong-doing by conservatives. Conservatives are guilty of plenty of actual wrong-doing.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      “Does it ever occur to conservatives”

      No. The answer, regardless of whatever may ever follow those words, is a resounding no.

      But of course, if everyone could apply some logic like you did, they’d all reach the same conclusions. Those that can’t are conservative.

    • Posted by TrumpU Gradguate, at Reply

      Michael Thor But you don’t find liberal groups doing things like this. Kind of an important distinction.

    • Posted by Michael Thor, at Reply

      TrumpU Gradguate Yes they do, smear groups throwing propaganda about conservatives groups. Accusing them of every buzz word you can think of when that’s just not the case. NO one is innocent when it comes to this crap.

  17. Posted by Chris Bellen, at Reply

    Okeefe strikes out again.

  18. Posted by s h a d ø w b a n n e d, at Reply

    Trumptards, how does it feel to be on the side defending a pedophile and discrediting actual sexual assault victims?

    Yeah. That’s you. Congratulations.

    • Posted by Zachary Chiupka, at Reply

      Rene Lobo do you want a pedophile to represent you. When people look at our leaders they are getting an understanding of the american people. When we elect sexual predators the rest of the world would think every one they are representing are sexual predators.

    • Posted by Pranay, at Reply

      William Glade doesn’t know what paedophilia is. Yet he clearly supports it. Get a dictionary moron!

    • Posted by TrumpU Gradguate, at Reply

      Aw, look at the cornered trumpists trying to pretend they’re not supporting a child molester. Quite sad and sick, actually.

    • Posted by Mr407Mike, at Reply

      Don’t forget the Nazi’s.

  19. Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

    Project Veritas is moronic fake news for moronic tinfoil hat wearing rightwingers.

    • Posted by swish1onu, at Reply

      Well, MORON, when you have people ON VIDEO, saying the $hit they do, its kind of hard to say its “fake news” …. But being the moron that you are, I’m sure video evidence isn’t sufficient.

    • Posted by Vincent Vega, at Reply

      swish1onu video was fake, spliced. Hence why the inbred conservatives that created the video were arrested and charged

    • Posted by Danica Lee, at Reply

      Did you take off the hat you use to keep Russian satellites from influencing your brain before you trotted out the tinfoil joke?

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      +swish1onu fucking gullible moron — err! ahem! I mean can I entice you to invest in a bridge I have in Brooklyn?

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      +Danica Lee you want to try that again with less babble and more sense?