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PROOF America Sucks And Norway Rocks


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A new UN record suggests that The U.S.A. sucks as well as Norway rocks. Norway has actually just taken the top place as the happiest nation on the planet. Ana Kasparian as well as Cenk Uygur review on The Young Turks. Tell us what you believe in the remark section listed below.

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" Norway displaced Denmark as the world's happiest nation in a new record launched on Monday that called on nations to develop social count on as well as equal rights to improve the wellness of their citizens.

The Nordic countries are the most content, according to the Globe Happiness Record 2017 produced by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a global effort released by the United Nations in 2012.

Nations in sub-Saharan Africa, together with Syria as well as Yemen, are the least delighted of the 155 nations placed in the 5th annual report launched at the United Nations." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by I, Sheldon Cooper, want 10,000 Subscribers, at Reply

    Why does TYT hate America so much? It is one of the most developed countries in the world, be grateful to live there. I wonder what they’d think of the US if they had grown up in Zimbabwe.

    • Posted by Bernie Sensei, at Reply

      Stop killing and bombing other countries please. I hate ISIS too.

    • Posted by Sarah Bearheart, at Reply

      +1202_ProgramAlarm _’If Hillary was president,, TYT would be saying “America Rocks!”‘_

      Thats funny =D I guess you didnt watch TYT at all during the run up to the election. They _hated_ Hillary with a passion. Some of them voted for her simply because they didnt want a ‘fascist’ (Trump) becoming president, not because they were pro Hillary.

    • Posted by TheAed38, at Reply

      Because they are terrorist sympathizers.

  2. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    Norway has 5 million people and they are almost all white. Dumb comparison

    • Posted by Alex Cuellar, at Reply

      kill yourself scum

    • Posted by stupidkitty84, at Reply

      And your comparison is still dumb. Canada and Australia was just behind Norway in the top 10. What’s your excuse for their happiness? Cause they have a large aboriginal/native population and immigrants *and* a large population in general.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      kitty I already explained that. Most of our immigrants are Chinese and Indian, and they contribute to society more than your illegal Mexicans. Also, Canada and Australia have TINY populations in relation to their land mass. Canada is bigger than the USA but has less people than California alone. Australia has even less than Canada.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      stupidkitty84, the US is basically 50 countries in one. The US is the most diverse country in the world and depending on where you look you get varying results. In Minnesota they have the lowest crime rate in the US, and they are mainly white there. People are content in the midwest but if you were to go to the bay area that is not the case. Heavy traffic, people in their 20s with college degrees living with their parents in San Jose, less personal, etc. As a whole this is a dumb comparison.

      Now you mention Australia and Canada. Canada has basically two places you want to live if you are not French, Toronto and Vancouver. Their population is limited in where to live. Australia is very similar.

    • Posted by Angry White Guy, at Reply

      J Briggs I assume you mean that the comparison is dumb because Norway is rich in natural resources and has a tiny population. If that had anything to do with Norway being richer than other countries, then explain why most countries in african and south american countries are so poor. These countries are located in the most resourceful regions of the world, yet they are not doing so well, are they?

      Countries with a high percentage of the same ethnic group tend to do well. There are many exceptions though.

  3. Posted by A1Cvenom, at Reply

    TYT everyday: “White people are evil oppressive racist scum!”
    TYT today: “The whitest countries on earth are so wonderful and happy, we should follow their lead!”

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      LOCO Fiesta, if he could have provided some sources it would have went better, but he didn’t. But, what made it really bad is when he immediately called me ignorant at the beginning. From there I had to put him in his place.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Hey, I can even admit when I am wrong. On my list it is not the US being number 1, that is in terms of US dollars. When I look at this list

      The US is way down on the list meaning they bring in much less revenue from their oil exports compared to Norway.

      So again, I can admit when I am wrong, but it still proves my point that Norway produces more oil per capita than the US and brings in more revenue per capita than the US.

      Sorry for the mistake. I need to be more careful when dealing with an ignorant person like Don the Con. But there is the correction.

    • Posted by Zahra Q, at Reply

      TYT never say that.

  4. Posted by Gille87, at Reply

    Lol as a Norwegian I can say Americas has always sucked! At least Norway wasn’t founded up on the biggest genocide in world history, slavery and theft as well as racism.

    • Posted by Aurelie Nana, at Reply

      wut? Scandinavian countries were involved in some of the largest slave trades in history. How do you think vikings made money? They raided and enslaved southern Europeans, they esnlaved english, dutch, french and spanish people, and sold them as slaves. The word Thrall comes from the Norwegion word trell, meaning slave.

    • Posted by Dan B, at Reply

      Ryan Russia isn’t invading Norway
      Get ur pathetic propaganda out ur head

    • Posted by babbisp1, at Reply

      +Gille87 You’re a moron. I’m not American, I’m Swedish, but it’s cringy to watch lefty teenage girls (which is usually the case) resort to this simplistic marxist interpretation of history. The Native American genocide was not a genocide. Millions of natives died because of a disease that europeans were unaware they brought in, and natives were already fighting each other way before the europeans came. Secondly, the United States was NOT built on slavery. Slavery drove down mobility and so it was abolished. Also, every group was racist at the time. Whites just happen to have been more powerful. Anyway, you better ensure that your country continues to be “racist”, because “anti-racism” gets you SWEDEN. Sweden is losing its identity, safety, and prosperity because they’re afraid of being called racist. If you replace the Swedes with africans, you dont get Sweden. You get an outpost of Africa.

    • Posted by Michael Glowin, at Reply

      +babbisp1 lmao you are in denial

    • Posted by Michael Glowin, at Reply

      +babbisp1 sounds to me you have hatred for other people and what u need to realize a human is a human get over looks

  5. Posted by RobinWins, at Reply

    I am Norwegian and we all laugh at USA.

    • Posted by Steffen Gustavsen, at Reply

      We even had a ban on 2 religious groups entering Norway until 1956. 11 years after WW2. We also have a ban on electronic cigarettes and a ban on american cigarettes.

    • Posted by TigerMeadows, at Reply

      Finland laughs at USA with Norway! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Posted by LOCO Fiesta, at Reply

      RobinWins Norway is a weak, irrelevant country.

    • Posted by Matthias Bider, at Reply

      +LOCO Fiesta so what I’m not Norwegian but I’d rather be weak and irrelevant, yet rich like Norway than strong and relevant, but poor like China.

  6. Posted by Private Account, at Reply

    Those countries are not all socialist, but they are all further to the left than the United States.

    • Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

      Left leaning countries are more happy? Saw that one coming.

    • Posted by Valin, at Reply

      They are all Social democracies however, Americans tend to get Democratic Socialism and Social Democracy mixed up

    • Posted by Private Account, at Reply

      Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland are not social democracies. They are more liberal from a social issues standpoint, and further to the left, but not social democracies. Switzerland, for instance, has lower tax rates than the US. But the Swiss healthcare system is still more publicly-funded and strictly regulated, like Germany’s.

    • Posted by Valin, at Reply

      While its hard to absolutely brand any country under a specific Ideology, the vast majority of the countries listed do have major political parties that identify as being Social Democrats. The New Zealand Labour Party, or even the New Democrats that you display in your profile picture. The former had lead the government of New Zealand on several occasions, the Latter may not have ever been more than an opposition part but it has had a major influence on Canadian federal and provincial policy.

    • Posted by Private Account, at Reply

      Like I said, although some of these countries would be hard-pressed to call themselves social democracies, they are still more left-wing than the USA.

  7. Posted by Richard The Lionheart, at Reply

    that’s because Norway is over 90% white which is why Norway is better than America

    • Posted by Nick Award, at Reply

      nope, its called having a life.

    • Posted by Gex9z, at Reply

      “Canada is ‘felling’ apart”
      *False.* Canada is in the top ten of many, many rankings of the quality of a nation, and it appears to be on the rise.

      Feel free to keep living in your superiority-complex bubble based on primitive tribalism, but I’d advise you to educate yourself rather than basing everything on your xenophobic feelings.

  8. Posted by Raptor, at Reply

    So the happiest countries are white countries while saddest countries are black countries? What can we learn from this? Hmm…

    • Posted by Raptor, at Reply

      cqtaylor what was inaccurate about my original comment? I’m waiting for you to point out.

    • Posted by MFINN23, at Reply

      +Chris Why? so you can say they dindu nuffin ever? Say one thing that is black people’s fault or you’re being intellectually dishonest. It’s not possible for white people to be at fault for everything and black people to never be at fault for anything.

    • Posted by Chris, at Reply

      MFINN23 Why are you being so paranoid? White people colonized and run Africa, that’s what the post is about right?

    • Posted by MFINN23, at Reply

      +Chris so you can’t do it huh? Think about that. Think about why you can’t name a single thing that black people did wrong.

    • Posted by Chris, at Reply

      MFINN23 I can think of things black people we have done wrong, I just don’t know you’re purpose of asking me this question.

  9. Posted by Mr. Daggers, at Reply

    Funny how western white homogenous countries are always nicer than multicultural hellholes.

    • Posted by Nez, at Reply

      654pedro123 BOOM!

    • Posted by Nez, at Reply

      Anicetus von Obstfelder wonder who told you that lie that they’re white countries….google dot com sweetheart. (;

  10. Posted by Jesse Woolridge, at Reply

    I’m Canadian and I very rarely hear anyone complain about our healthcare. Instead I hear all the people who claim they’d be homeless if they lived in America due to healthcare costs which includes my own family. Americans act like Canadian doctors would make a guy with several gunshot wounds wait a few days before treatment when that is the furthest from the truth. You are only forced to wait if your medical problem isn’t that serious, you can afford to wait without experiencing too much discomfort or pain and the hospital is busy with more serious patients. For example when my brother broke his arm he had to wait about half a day before being seriously treated (he was given pain medication at least) this was only because the hospital was dealing with over half a dozen childbirths and a few very serious injuries at the same time, they were busier then usual. I’d rather wait a few hours with an injury then risk becoming homeless due to insane medical costs.

    • Posted by Jesse Woolridge, at Reply

      I’m not denying the wait times. They do exist but they are far shorter then most Americans assume, at least for emergencies. You might have to wait a few weeks for certain procedures that aren’t urgent but you will never wait long for a procedure you desperately need. Americans act like Canadians are made to wait months for something they need immediately but that is far from the truth.

    • Posted by Catastrophic Broccoli, at Reply

      +Thomas Anderson I didn’t deny wait times. I denied your 8 month wait time. I have never personally experienced, known anyone, or even read about anyone having to wait that long. You’re either not Canadian or you’re purposefully exaggerating to make it seem worse than it is.

  11. Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

    WOW can’t believe TYT is saying America sucks.

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      Michael ๋งˆ์ตํ˜ Aronson Thats actually not a valid comparison. Just a non- sequitur.

    • Posted by acceptjesusorburn, at Reply

      Statimtek Yes but Trump didn’t create those problems and then claim he could fix them.

    • Posted by C.F. Gauss, at Reply

      Why? It does.

    • Posted by Statimtek, at Reply

      Tell me what crisis the left has created and then claimed that they could fix

  12. Posted by Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen, at Reply

    Canada is nowhere near socialism. As far as capitalism can probably take us we’re pretty content, but we could use some genuine workplace democracy, a universal basic income and ownership of companies by a large mass of their employees not specific individuals and a functioning direct democracy like Switzerland. You could have money as a unit of value, but profit must either be directed back to the employees, into a genuinely useful expansion and progress in the company or put into the hands of the people at large at a minimum under market socialism, and you could go as far as abolishing money and use no labour vouchers on the opposite side of the spectrum with non transferable labour vouchers in the middle ground if you want (how that’d be set up is something I don’t know, I don’t use that method).

    • Posted by Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen, at Reply

      Capitalism inherently requires a profit, which is not allowed in true socialism, in large part based on the idea that taking someone’s labour and using it to enrich oneself is inherently theft. You can avoid that by using a tax system that uses corporate and employer profit to be reinvested in society, like a tax to build a public railway line, a maximum income law, like say only having a 10:1 income gap and a living wage, or reinvesting corporate and employer profit into progressing the company like buying new computers for the employees or giving them better health insurance, or directly giving it back to the employees in a higher wage or more benefits.

    • Posted by Bad Hombres, at Reply

      Socialism- _”any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods”_

      By definition the United States is Socialist. Last time I checked the government controls everything, we can’t even own our own homes. The reason the US is failing isn’t because of Capitalism, it is because of Socialism.

    • Posted by Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen, at Reply

      And who controls the government? Rarely do voter initiatives lead to major changes, and electing leaders isn’t effective. Reps don’t make decisions based on what they think their voters would also vote for for the vast majority of the time, it’s what they think will get them elected, IE satisfying the donors that give them the resources to get elected (and you can see the vicious cycle there).

      Also, most of the means of production and who ends up deciding things is done by companies which are rarely collectively owned and rarely workplace democracies, the thing that makes something from a social democracy to socialism in my opinion (along with the redirection of profit into the ways I listed or abolishing a money or economic system capable of generating profit).

    • Posted by Bad Hombres, at Reply

      Hey man, I don’t like government at all and would like to see it abolished but I’m told it is a “necessary evil”. Ok, is it “necessary” for a government to be so large it regulates puddles in my back yard, or my toaster? I thought the guberment’s job was to provide a common currency, provide for a common defense and protect our civil rights, everything else is either the under the jurisdiction of the States or the individual according to Amendment X. The guberment are nothing more than elitist dickheads that steal our wealth to buy ranches in Texas or million dollar vacations to Martha’s Vineyard while regulating literally everything we buy, sell or build.

      Companies in the United States only control themselves in theory, in practice you are subject to the government regulations and taxes. The government gives subsidies to businesses that are friendly to them, this gives the government the power to pick winners and losers which isn’t capitalist at all. How many small businesses didn’t get bailed out and went out of business after ’08? Alot, then the government stole their hard earned property with the barrel of a gun(taxes) gave it to GM, Chrysler, General Electric and various banks ect. because they were “too big to fail”. Basically they gave our money to companies that either A.) Donate to their campaigns, or B.) Will do what the government tells them.

    • Posted by Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen, at Reply

      I was kinda lumping in corporations and companies I guess, if you look at the tax code in detail, you’ll see where the law gives a lot of bailouts, a lot of exemptions, and similar, to the best donors and key supporters, CGPGrey has a video on that.

      The way I believe that the state can be removed either entirely or very nearly so is to use direct democracy. An assembly of people like the Landsgeimede in Glarus, CH (Switzerland), or the ancient Athenian assembly, can replace parliaments and congresses, we can use recall elections for cabinet ministers, pass laws that give the power to regulate important things to better selected groups, like those with pharmacology degrees and in the College of Pharmacists voting on who is elected to regulate drugs (although I’m libertarian, you can use whatever drug you want at 16 when supervised by an adult and 18 independently, I am talking about things like quality of drugs, sourcing regulations, similar) who can easily recall and by voting collectively, override the drug regulation board, and similar boards and commissions for all the things that need to be approved that way. Those who directly report to the cabinet ministers must be approved by the assembly in the way the Senate does for the President’s appointments. Elections could not have money in excess of 15 dollars a person per candidate and to any party (IE you can give a donation of 15$ or less to all of the cabinet ministers and the political party), they cannot spend more than 100 million dollars per campaign total, the campaign lasts 4 weeks, political parties themselves have internal democracy, like using score voting to figure out whom to put forward as their strongest candidate for each ministry, deciding which position to take on the various issues.

      Judges would be no more, replaced by juries comprised of lawyers with 10 yrs experience, a panel replacing a prosecutor, a different panel replacing the jury, and a restorative justice jury with a mental health worker, a social worker, a lawyer and victim representative, who by consensus work on a sentence for those who plea guilty or are found guilty in a trial, and the assembly can order an impeachment and that can get sent off to the court. Employees would be hired by a jury of fellow employees of companies large, small and owned by the people (like Nederlands Spoorwegen) or privately owned like General Motors. Police would be hired too on this principle, and would not be allowed to use any more force than any other civilian would be allowed to use in the same situation, and would have the suggestions from here:,d.amc.

      And companies themselves can also be run by workplace democracy. Each employee gets one vote, and they can buy up to 2.5% of the shares total in the company and no more than 250 thousand shares total, selling the company means that the profit will be dispersed equally to all the employees or go to a charity fund, the employees can vote in and easily recall their president, their treasurer, CFO, CTO, etc, and remaining board members (like 8 new board members each year and who serve 3 year terms so 24 board members just to help decide things total plus the chief officers) whenever they want, they can override that board with an internal petition and referendum or by assembling at advertised times (like once every 2 weeks in a specific conference hall).

  13. Posted by IHEartLReoy, at Reply

    All of those top ten countries would have less money for social programs if the US didn’t provide them with so much military assistance.

    • Posted by Rip Sumrall, at Reply

      Not military aid, it was set up as a counterbalance to the Soviet Union. For OUR benefit. NATO helps the US maintain preeminence on the world stage. NATO countries are supposed to be equal partners (some are not) but the US never cared before because we get what we want, a dominate position.

    • Posted by IHEartLReoy, at Reply

      +Rip Sumrall and when Trump threatened to pull the plug on Nato, did you see how fast the European leaders scrambled to call that crazy? The US already has a dominant position, Nato doesn’t benefit us at all. It amounts to military aid when we end up just having troops stationed in these countries and we give them equipment.

      Disband Nato and let these “bastions of democratic socialism” pay for defense themselves.

    • Posted by Rip Sumrall, at Reply

      Another point, if all NATO members paid the 2% GDP as required by treaty, the US could reduce its military budget by almost 50%.

    • Posted by Rip Sumrall, at Reply

      Already has a dominate position is one thing, maintaining it is another.

      Ah, but disbanding NATO sure would benefit Putin now wouldn’t it? Wonder why trump would want to do that?

      NATO member nations have sent 10’s of thousands of troops, many dead and wounded, at great cost, in support of the US’s aims. They do indeed benefit us.

  14. Posted by Uno G, at Reply

    How can the US be number 14 with the poverty and corruption and gun deaths and 3 million people in jail it should be number 60 or 70.

    • Posted by Michael Williams, at Reply

      The rest of the world sucks more.

      Seriously, go to eastern europe and say the US sucks. We don’t suck, but we are no where near number one either. We are somewhere in the middle. Don’t forget that Africa has tons of tiny little countries. Basically the bottom half of that list is just Africa.

    • Posted by Claystead, at Reply

      Because of money. Those low taxes means that everyone have more money to spend on luxury items and larger homes. The US also lack the crushing social pressure of conformity and group-think which is a real problem in Northern Europe.

    • Posted by LOCO Fiesta, at Reply

      David Kuvelas What part of the United States did you live in? America on average is much better off than Europe, you must have been living in a shithole.

  15. Posted by Napoleon Rapem'Hard, at Reply

    Norway is awesome, you can brutally kill 77 muslim/leftie children and they’ll only give you 20 years in a white collar dorm with a PlayStation lol

    • Posted by Net Hoser, at Reply

      Dude you’re an imbecile, be quiet

    • Posted by Rockyblack smith, at Reply

      +Napoleon Rapem’Hard
      America has lawfully executed innocent people. Norway has not.
      By your logic, America is a “scumbag” that deserves to be executed.

    • Posted by Polaide, at Reply

      It’s an ideological issue that basically boils down to death penalty or not. Norway doesn’t have it. Not all states in the US has it. Also you fail to acknowledge that the guy is locked away under a psychiatric clause indefinitely. He is going to rot in a cell for the rest of his life.

    • Posted by sammni, at Reply

      Napoleon Rapem’Hard Well I agree with you. I think he is getting away to lightly for what he did

    • Posted by Napoleon Rapem'Hard, at Reply

      Not at all, he not even in a cell. It’s literally a cozy dorm room with video games. He getting better treatment than most poor people around the globe.

  16. Posted by Tyke, at Reply

    Those countries are not socialist.

    • Posted by Tyke, at Reply

      Socialism is when the means of production are controlled by the workers

      Meaning that the people who work collectively own their own workplaces, to put it simply. Everyone is their own boss, and everyone gets to vote about how they want to work, when they want to work, and what to produce. In a socialist country there would still be a government.

      In communism this is taken a step further, by removing the government. Everything else is still the same, but eventually after people learn how to coexist like that, the need for a government slowly fades away, and then the government is no more. Everyone gets what they need, because needs are basic human rights, and then everyone gets what they want, if they’re willing to work for it.

      There is no money, there is no government, there is no class.

    • Posted by Louis rodriguez, at Reply

      Tyke they have a mixed economy so in theory yes it’s socialist but that’s not a bad thing. We here in the U.S. Have some social programs but someone is not spending it right or stealing it.

    • Posted by Tyke, at Reply

      Louis rodriguez their workers don’t own the means of production. Those countries are not socialist.

    • Posted by Polaide, at Reply

      Hmm, it’s not quite clear to me what you mean by no government. I realize that part the communist concept is that there is no ‘state’, but there is governing of the production system. Also Marx had an idea that communism is the natural order to which all societies will default. This is clearly not the case, thus in order to establish a communist regime you need a driving force. You need a government saying this is the way we do it.

  17. Posted by floex831, at Reply

    What they’re doing works because they don’t waste their money on weapons, wars, and profits of the corporations.

    • Posted by floex831, at Reply

      Thanks troll you win!

  18. Posted by Rosilind Schroeder, at Reply

    I am Canadian. I love our health care. I do not have to think about caring for my husbands cancer or eating. Yes our taxes are higher but they are worth it to me.

    • Posted by Kyle Pasta, at Reply

      Rosilind Schroeder Canadian taxes will soon be worse than Sweden

    • Posted by Lenard Segnitz, at Reply

      Kyle Pasta Correct. Especially while our government does not prosecute rich tax dodgers. The corrosive effects of wealth inequality are everywhere.

      As a Canadian I shake my head at critics in America who’d like to suggest that Canada has problems. Canadian citizens don’t have to live in fear of getting sick. Gun controls make it so everyone can feel safe without having to be armed to the teeth. We have a regulated banking sector that came out of the 2008 financial crisis far quicker than American counterparts.

      Yes, Canadians pay more in taxes but that is the price for a calmer, saner society.

  19. Posted by Damir Radoncic, at Reply

    I know that this message wont be read by TYT or even commented o but here are my five cents on the issue. As a Swedish citizen, I pay a bit above over 30% income tax, and ontop of that VAT and enormous taxation on gasoline and alcohol – BUT last year I graduated from engineering school (not a single swedish krona in tution fee) and got a job where my first ever real salary is around 4000 USD/month before taxation. After all taxes, fees, food, trips, a lot of afterworks and other recreational activities and substances, I still have about 1500 USD in savings each month. My point is that people saying that taxes are high, is only a way of saying that the percieved return on investment is low with regards to all societal parameters. I mean, I dont rejoyce over newly built bridges or roads in Sweden, I frankly dont care, but as long as the fee of existing in this high standard of living doesnt interfere with my ability to live my life to the fullest and have a decent amount to save each month, I shouldnt event care – it is somebody elses job. By the way, I am writing this from my paid vacation in Thailand – I’ve worked for less than 9 months and still have earned quite a lot in paid leave. In total i get 8 weeks paid leave every year (hurray for socialism!). We nordic countries still rank top on the global innovation index -long paid leave, happiness and innovation is correlated? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Posted by Dan Berg, at Reply

      Damir Radoncic how do I join you?

    • Posted by Smaakjeks K, at Reply

      By the way, enjoy your holiday in Thailand! I was there last December!

    • Posted by Damir Radoncic, at Reply

      Dan Berg Join me how? In Thailand or in the awesomeness that is the social democratic kingdom called Sweden?

    • Posted by Dan Berg, at Reply

      Damir Radoncic join you in Sweden