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Protesters Drown Out Nazi Richard Spencer (VIDEO)


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Opposing trainees drown out the hate speech of Michael Spencer. Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us what you assume in the remark area listed below. Join TYT:

" The news has actually been pretty dark and also hefty lately, when that happens, individuals look to ridiculous conspiracy theories to lighten the state of mind. Sure enough, on Tuesday, Oct. 17, internet people determined that First Lady Melania Trump makes use of a body double. Twitter, normally, has actually taken this concept and run with it, screaming memes and also ludicrous suggestions right into the maelstrom that surrounds the Trumps.

Everything began with a public appearance made by President Donald as well as ~ apparently ~ Melania Trump on Friday, Oct. 13, according to Newsweek. The president made a look outdoors to discuss Puerto Rico typhoon relief and also the Iran nuclear offer. The MAYBE real Melania stands next to Donald silently. She wears an off-white trench coat and also huge, black sunglasses. Her highlighted hair falls in front of her face, as if she has something to hide! One eagle-eyed Facebook customer going by the name "Andrea Wagner Barton" made a public post on Friday evening asking,

Will the genuine Melania please stand up?
Is it me or during his speech today a decoy "stood in" for Melania ??
The Facebook user likewise points to the fact that the head of state especially really felt the should discuss "my other half Melania, who occurs to be here." VERY SUS, SIS."

Learn more below:

Hosts: Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen

Cast: Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, Amberia Allen


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  1. Posted by Adrian Brown, at Reply

    _”You’re entitled to your views. You’re just not entitled to them being POPULAR”_ – Hasan Piker

    • Posted by Chan Lane, at Reply

      Exactly ! The liberal left has no moral entitlement of their views being more popular then Richard Spencers views ! No objective truth on both sides, so both sides have equal right for free speech without being shut down by non-argumentatively screams.

    • Posted by Delightful Gentleman, at Reply

      doesn’t mean they’re right if they’re popular

    • Posted by Adrian Brown, at Reply

      Delightful Gentleman desegregation was overwhelmingly popular. Guess that wasn’t right?
      The will of the people…should always rule.

    • Posted by Delightful Gentleman, at Reply

      anyway, forcing somebody to live with you, is violence, and the person doesn’t want to live with others, should be left alone, that’s how sane people think
      btw I don’t believe in your claim of popularity, because it’s not even true now, let alone decades or centuries ago, and because white people today pay to move away from blacks and hispanics
      it’s very simple, your group knows that white people are better to live around, so it chooses to live where they live

  2. Posted by Danks Shepherd, at Reply

    half a million in security for hate speech… dont let these toxic people speak if they incite violence not covered in constitution

    • Posted by The Mark of Kain, at Reply

      Danks Shepherd
      If you don’t believe in freedom of speech for those you disagree with the most then you don’t believe in free speech. Hate speech is protected. Inciting violence isn’t.

      They should be financially responsible for the security expenses but their right to speak should not be hindered. Other than the security expenses this worked exactly like it should have. He was allowed to spew his Nazi hate propaganda but was drowned out by others exercising the same first amendment right

  3. Posted by the Mike, at Reply

    the protesters were exercising their freedom of speech and he didn’t like it

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      *Shouting down someone is specifically excluded as being ‘free speech’. That’s a well known exception to the rule.

  4. Posted by Robbie Cousineau, at Reply

    Tell the hostess not to bang her wrist bangle on the desk constantly please

  5. Posted by nantu07, at Reply

    Just send the nazi scum bill for the extra security. I know that’s not how it works, but it’s just… ekhem… *RIGHT* thing to do P;. Hext time he will think twice (if before that he won’t find a rock which he can crawl under and die).

  6. Posted by Kingsta2000, at Reply

    Grand Wizard Trump voters are really to blame, they are the ones who elected this loathsome individual. Who has emboldened the white supremacist. That’s why hate crimes are up 30 percent against minorities, homosexuals since Trump’s candidacy.

  7. Posted by taxiuniversum, at Reply

    Those „free speech“ Nazis ironically would lock up anyone dissenting with them first day they are in office.

  8. Posted by Francisco Velasco, at Reply

    Great it just cost half a million dollars to let a backwards thug spread ignorance in a university

    • Posted by Nicholas Mulieri, at Reply

      It wouldn’t have costed that much if people didn’t go and protest.

    • Posted by Aurora, at Reply

      Nicholas Mulieri, Are you actually excusing this white supremacist and his followers?

  9. Posted by ISP BrotherWolf, at Reply

    Girl in White, just breath, take your time, then you will not be stressed.

  10. Posted by Grayson Kilmer, at Reply


  11. Posted by GEORGIA MAN, at Reply

    He gets to come to the University of Florida and speak about hate and for his security cost us 600,000 thousand dollars to protect him but kolen Kaepernic can’t take a knee

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      GEORGIA MAN kapenick CAN take a knee. What YOU want is for him to take a knee ans have everybody line up to sign him

    • Posted by GEORGIA MAN, at Reply

      trumps still in office losers watch your mouth don’t disrespect no first lady

    • Posted by tek2095, at Reply

      +trumps still in office losers
      Is that what you fantasize about doing to your orange dreamboat?

  12. Posted by BigBeaudeLindeau, at Reply

    “The most important free speech event, perhaps in our lifetime”? Just because he’s one of the most hated speakers doesn’t mean he’s the most important.

  13. Posted by D Mc, at Reply

    My only thing about this is that it makes it seem like Spencer is more important than he is. He really has nothing of value to say but this gives the impression that he’s relevant.

    • Posted by Jeremy Mahr, at Reply

      While it’s true that he has nothing to say, Spencer has tried to position himself as some kind of new player in the far-right game. His whole image is ditching the Klansman look for a “dapper” persona. It really is marketing. Imo, countering that narrative by showing what a loser he is in real life makes TYT’s coverage worthwhile.

    • Posted by dancinkindofguy, at Reply

      D Mc Then you should direct your ire at the Young Turks for presenting this video for MAKING HIM RELEVANT! If he isn’t relevant then NO ONE should be showing up at his engagements to protest him!

  14. Posted by Bankai SSGSS Gear 5 SageMode Pan, at Reply

    Them bottom teeth in that thumbnail are on yikes 😬😷

  15. Posted by ネリス, at Reply

    He did nazi that coming

  16. Posted by NStarks007, at Reply

    this fist is “power to the people” not a “black power fist” you twat

  17. Posted by Devofone, at Reply

    In no way should this be footed by the taxpayer if you don’t have the conviction to go into a public forum and stand by your words and the fallout from them, you can always find a soapbox somewhere.

  18. Posted by Jose Lopez, at Reply

    Spencer, you and scum who thinks like you, burn in hell. Everybody else, have a great day!