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Protesters Flood G20 Summit, Clash With Riot Cops


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Europe is sick of austerity. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and also Francesca Fiorentini, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us just what you think in the remark area listed below.

" A day of terrible clashes in between authorities as well as protesters finished on Friday evening with the peculiar spectacle of the heads of the globe's 20 prominent economies listening to Beethoven's Ode to Joy at the top of a shiny high-rise building while authorities utilized water cannon, teargas and rate watercrafts to keep at bay an upset crowd of thousands.

Germany's second-largest city had actually been eager to showcase its just recently opened up Elbphilharmonie concert hall to the rest of the globe, yet it may come to rue its ivory-tower meaning after a week of chaotic scenes on the edges of the meeting hall." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini.


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  1. Posted by DIZZY KNUTSAK, at Reply

    1st DISLIKE WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Posted by xzcczxc, at Reply

      DIZZY KNUTSAK Respect

    • Posted by Dee Whybrow, at Reply


  2. Posted by beastalchemist, at Reply

    Man, people really hate Trump. It’s almost like most of the world hates him.

    • Posted by The African-American Soldier, at Reply

      beastalchemist: This was nothing to do with Trump.

    • Posted by The African-American Soldier, at Reply

      beastalchemist: B.S. We are glad we voted for him and liberals are ashamed for their actions.

    • Posted by The African-American Soldier, at Reply

      Hauke Holst: Not even close… Stop repeating liberal propaganda.

  3. Posted by flyhigher, at Reply

    Suddenly Trumptards love globalism and the G20 lol

    • Posted by John D Gates, at Reply

      That is such as shirty excuse.

    • Posted by Jesse, at Reply

      Suddenly “progressives” love political violence and censorship lol

    • Posted by Bull Moose, at Reply

      flyhigher 100 percent anti communist and 100 percent anti globalist. antifa and global elites are both nefarious but they have alot in common they both want open borders and an end to the nation state. they both despise western civilization and support cultural marxism .

    • Posted by Vee K., at Reply

      Progressives have never loved censorship or violence. Just spewing words at this point. We have always stood for everything for everybody, Liberty, Justice, freedom

  4. Posted by axe863, at Reply

    Firebombers are democratic protestors…… wtf

    • Posted by titus hiller, at Reply

      Because every single protesters is a firebomber right?

    • Posted by Jenny McIntosh, at Reply

      A thousand of them were Black bloc, they are far-Left terrorists.

    • Posted by ThisisKyle, at Reply

      titus hiller Did you see how many there was?

    • Posted by titus hiller, at Reply

      ThisisKyle Only judging by pictures is Bad way of seeing how many people were actualy violent

  5. Posted by Caleb Wise, at Reply

    “Democratic protests.”

    • Posted by philajfran, at Reply

      +Caleb DumbAsFuck Do you not understand that protest is an integral part of any democracy? And does you microscopic mind unable to comprehend that the rioters were a tiny minority of the protesters who were there?

    • Posted by philajfran, at Reply

      +Adam Smith Put down the fentanyl. #OneStepAtATime

    • Posted by Hermes75, at Reply

      +Caleb Wise: No, these are explicitly UNdemocratic protests. These rioters have no political message, they are seeking the thrill of rioting and clashing with the police. They want to spread chaos and destruction.

      There have been man democratic demonstrations and they were absolutely peaceful. The citizens are are disgusted by the violent thugs that have come to the city.

      Please do not try to smear legitimate protests.

    • Posted by parabel, at Reply

      ancoms have no political message aight fam u high ?

    • Posted by yudhi adhyatmiko siswono, at Reply

      Best joke ever.

  6. Posted by Browser unknown, at Reply

    Those protesters are a bunch of progressive losers.

    • Posted by b bb, at Reply

      Liberals sure think it is.

    • Posted by _ Dat_0ne_guy _, at Reply

      you spelt regressive wrong

  7. Posted by Yoosuf el-Sahli, at Reply

    More Western unbelievers that need the lash! Allah is great, peace be upon him!

    • Posted by John D Gates, at Reply

      Yoosuf el-Sahli
      You are pathetic. How long did it take you to do this white boy?

    • Posted by John D Gates, at Reply

      That’s a right wing white guy. Isn’t it obvious enough?

  8. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    If this was in ‘Murica, this would have been a bloodbath.

    • Posted by ThisisKyle, at Reply

      TheUhhoh You know the difference is right-wing extremism is committed by one person or against one person. Left-wing extremism is committed by multiple people during one event

    • Posted by TheUhhoh, at Reply


      Thats actually not the only difference if you read into the statistics. You are generally correct, Right-Wing extremists do tend to target single individuals while the Left targets society at large, but the nature of these crimes also differ.

      For example, liberal terrorism is often conducted against property – both private and public – while its conservative equivalent tends to target individual people, often incurring physical harm and sometimes even death.

      1313 injuries caused by the Right-Wing compared to the 638 by the Left, and 2233 cases of property damage conducted by liberals to the Right’s 1501. This is actually a pretty consistent theme throughout the study and may indicate ideological differences in the mindsets of said offenders.

      If taken at face value – and boldly without consideration to variability – it would be safe to assume that given the data, most protests and riots will be caused by liberals while most shootings and assaults will be caused by conservatives. Of course, variation in the real world – beyond sheets of paper – always does exist.

    • Posted by Adeon55, at Reply

      +TheUhhoh Islamists are included among those “right-wing extremists”.

    • Posted by TheUhhoh, at Reply


      “The statistics show a comparison of the number of politically motivated crimes with a right-wing and left-wing extremist background * in Germany in 2016 according to the nature of the offense. In 2016 there were 1,313 bodily injuries with right-wing extremist motivation and 638 bodily injuries with left-wing extremist motivated background. In the case of offenses with an extremist background, there are indications that they are aimed at removing or disregarding certain constitutional principles, which are characteristic for the democratic freedom of the democratic order.”

      This is the description given for the information i’m using, it makes no mention of Islamic terrorism or even religion, but refers to these offenses as “disregarding constitutional principles” and specifically that they are “politically motivated”.

      I wouldn’t consider Islamic terrorism to be political in nature – its religious – and the fact that no such mention is made here leads me to question your peculiar insight. If you know something about this study that I do not, I ask only that you cite this for clarification.

      Until such is provided however, there is no reason to assume anything but its stated objective.

  9. Posted by Traci M, at Reply

    That’s because Germany learned from its past, respect it and are determined to never repeat it. They don’t hide from the mistakes of their ancestors like other countries tend to do.

    • Posted by Bull Moose, at Reply

      Traci M is that why they are currently commiting national suicide ?

    • Posted by Trevonic, at Reply

      And we still visit the concentration camps and most are respectful remembering what their ancestors did. What do americans do take selfies and giggling around pretending now to care, not saying all but saying from experience of times ive gone back to Germany

    • Posted by Ignacio Hernandez Olivares, at Reply

      *coughs* Turkey *coughs* Armenian genocide *coughs*

  10. Posted by Magic B, at Reply

    Hilarious because White Supremacists here in America can’t blame the Left of BLM or Islam for this. These are born and raised Germans rejecting their bullshit faux White Nationalism hidden behind social issues and immigration. You’re losing White Supremacists. Everyday more and more noose is tightening around your necks

    • Posted by Sans The Skeleton, at Reply

      We’re losing? You realize gen z is the most conservative since ww2. And I can blame leftists because these riot are from antifa and black Bloc leftists.

    • Posted by John Stevens, at Reply

      + I always get a kick out of sins of the ancestors line of bullshit , first off it’s really ancient history I have no idea what ancestors did and did not do? And my home country Poland has been invaded (allegedly) by the nazis, the red army, and the Muslims, do I expect anything from any of these groups for something that happened before I was born no so I always gotta laugh at that whole reparations arguments

    • Posted by Superman Clark Kent, at Reply

      White genocide

  11. Posted by John Scott, at Reply

    More bullshit from TYT. These “protesters” haven been smashing shops, burning cars and attacking journalists and onlookers. They’re nothing more than left-wing thugs.

    • Posted by Ischar Holloway, at Reply

      John Scott child plz

    • Posted by James Ricker, at Reply

      John Scott those are criminals taking advantage of the situation.Just like Trump’s cabinet

  12. Posted by iocus, at Reply

    Will ISIS shoot up TYT HQ already? Their propaganda is getting out of hand.

    • Posted by ThisisKyle, at Reply

      iocus No need for calls of violence

  13. Posted by George Orwell, at Reply

    Black blocks and Antifas are every bit as moronic as their far-right counterparts.

  14. Posted by Wealthy Kek, at Reply

    TYT is the CNN of YouTube

    • Posted by MartyMcFly, at Reply

      TYT is FAKE NEWS

    • Posted by StronkTonk M8, at Reply

      His comment got you angry enough to reply. So, how much more worthless does that make your comment?

    • Posted by wildbattlechicken, at Reply

      Republicans won they have full control of government and they still cry like victims.

  15. Posted by Luke Scott, at Reply


    Translation: Fascists.

    • Posted by Bull Moose, at Reply

      Luke Scott they are hipster terrorists.

    • Posted by music fan3, at Reply

      Antifa are scum.

  16. Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

    Liberals are so pathetic. They’re like blacks who capitalize on police brutally to needlessly riot and loot while pretending it’s for a just cause. Truly shameful.

    • Posted by lets chat, at Reply


      your an idiot…

    • Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

      Great argument. Everything I said about the Left is true, haha butt hurt liberal even knows it hence his pathetic comeback.

    • Posted by Henry aguilar, at Reply

      DefeatGlobalism what’s shameful if you being an idiot:)

  17. Posted by Marty Sheklestein, at Reply

    Antifa is an international terrorist organization. The true face of the “tolerant left”.

    • Posted by John D Gates, at Reply

      Marty Sheklestein
      America is the number one terrorist organization. Antifa hasn’t killed or robbed anyone as far as I know.

  18. Posted by Bull Moose, at Reply

    antifa are terrorists

    • Posted by Saxophonist Sebastian, at Reply

      Bull Moose New Jersey officially registered them as a domestic terrorist organization.

    • Posted by missdiablica666, at Reply

      You’re a moron.

  19. Posted by B4TT3RY, at Reply

    How can anybody watch this and not see this as blatant propaganda?

    • Posted by The Freak of Nature, at Reply

      B4TT3RY They don’t care.

    • Posted by Al Phillips, at Reply

      B4TT3RY TOOL