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PSA: Don’t Forget Marijuana Isn’t Legal Everywhere


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This could be the best mugshot of perpetuity. Remember folks cannabis isn't legal anywhere. Ana Kasparian and also Grace Baldridge, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us exactly what you think in the comment area below.

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" A New Hampshire police division has released a public service statement with a strange mug shot after a man was jailed with cannabis in his car.

In a press release, authorities said: "As a public service news– it is unlawful to have leisure marijuana in New Hampshire, also if you only 'smoke it in Massachusetts.'".

Selket Taylor, 27, was come by Hampstead, New Hampshire police for using his mobile phone while driving. Throughout the web traffic quit, the officer declared to have observed that Taylor had a bag of cannabis in his mug owner.

Taylor was charged with property of a controlled drug, carrying a controlled medication in a car as well as use a digital smart phone (forbidden)." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Grace Baldridge.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Grace Baldridge.


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  1. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    Is there a more patriotic way to celebrate freeing ourselves from the British yolk than by supporting the greatest patriots and heroes of the modern era TYT. Happy 4th! The founders would have loved intellectuals like TYT. Unlike our beloved TV buff president. Proprietor of anti intellectual smut like gambling, reality TV, and pro wrestling.

    • Posted by Shade Bleu, at Reply

      lol heroes

    • Posted by Dan B, at Reply

      Happy Independence Day u rebel scum

  2. Posted by Daark, at Reply

    Technically you can overdose on Cannabis

    • Posted by Daark, at Reply

      ratti80 If we are talking about “Lethal” overdose, that’s a different story.

    • Posted by Emperor Palpatine, at Reply

      Daark People don’t get it. You can overdose on it, but it’s impossible to die from an overdose on Cannabis. Overdoses are usually throwing up(greening out). It would take over 1,500 pounds to die from an overdose which is literally impossible.

    • Posted by Randy Flores, at Reply

      +Daark Eventually your body hits a plateau where it can no longer take the medicinal cannabinoids, meaning you won’t get any more higher. No point of promoting negative propaganda in these times man.

    • Posted by thatguy mike, at Reply

      well the definition of overdose is a lethal or toxic amount. so yeah, when you go anywhere (not just pro weed places) and state something as a fact that isn’t true, then yeah you aren’t gonna get anywhere

  3. Posted by red ryno, at Reply

    if he was African American the cops probably would hAve shot him.

    • Posted by Gus Hersey, at Reply

      red ryno basically 😞😞

    • Posted by Ameri Wryter, at Reply

      red ryno yeah he would have been executed

    • Posted by Plastic Altar, at Reply

      aaand your point?

    • Posted by Tempo Roboson, at Reply

      red ryno Maybe. These cops seem pretty chill.

  4. Posted by tehd3thst4r, at Reply

    As a motorcyclist; I’d trust a driver smoking weed over a driver on their phone.

    • Posted by digitalbath, at Reply


    • Posted by bispybristol, at Reply

      tehd3thst4r I smoke weed daily, don’t drink at all. and I get what your saying totally agree with you , if anything I concentrate a he’ll of a lot more driving then I would without smoking , for me anyway , I don’t have slow reactions either , everyone’s different though .

    • Posted by Niko Bellic, at Reply

      tehd3thst4r Oh, absolutely. Driving while high is so easy….so I hear.

    • Posted by Marijuana Saves Lives, at Reply

      I would trust a driver smoking weed over a driver on any other prescription pain meds.

  5. Posted by Mario Hrernadez, at Reply

    The story will be different if he was black

    • Posted by Ameri Wryter, at Reply

      Mario Hrernadez he would have been executed

  6. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    A third of all damn cops smoke marijuana, but yet it’s our asses that end up in jail for doing exactly what a third of them are already doing!

    • Posted by Muteteli Harvey, at Reply

      Jamie Cox prove that statistic sir

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      Muteteli Harvey even if I did, you wouldn’t believe it so what’s the point?

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Jamie Cox Cops and conservatives = hypocrites!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 Lol, but of course! 😀

  7. Posted by Laurenozzo HT, at Reply

    Lol, people on their phones don’t even see the stop sign. Baked people wait for it to turn green. xD

    • Posted by Gotta Go Fast, at Reply

      True lol

  8. Posted by Scott Hernandez, at Reply

    Funny it is legal to not wear a seat belt in NH if you are over 18. In Massachusetts its legal to talk while driving if you are 18 no texting tho. Im shocked NH hasn’t passed at least a decriminilization for under an ounce. Live free or die is the state slogan after all lol

    • Posted by rdizzy1, at Reply

      NH did just pass a law reducing first offenses for marijuana possession to a lower crime of a low class misdemeanor and/or max fine of 350 bucks. Still ridiculous though. Here in NY, most people just get a small ticket, nothing more.

    • Posted by Scott Hernandez, at Reply

      So why was he arrested because he was from another state? If it is a misdemeanor wouldn’t they just let you go with a ticket?

  9. Posted by Mouro Sow, at Reply

    He’s lucky he’s not black.

    • Posted by LEOMESHI, at Reply

      so if a black cop engages with a black civilian what is going to happen?

    • Posted by Mouro Sow, at Reply

      Plastic Altar Modern science has already proven that Caucasians are less than human. So I’ll let you bask in your own ignorance. Fukkin imbecile 🤣

    • Posted by Mouro Sow, at Reply

      LEOMESHI Possibly the same outcome cause black cops act jus as bad ig not worse than white cops at times. but tge whole justice system has a racial bias againt black ppl.

  10. Posted by Auston Pisani, at Reply

    Gasp you inhale plant residue and feel a bit giddy? Better lock you up and ruin your life. Thank you for protecting and serving asshats

  11. Posted by Ángel Melendez, at Reply

    My State!????
    How adout MY side of the UNITED STATES.

    • Posted by randomguy5990, at Reply

      Lucky bastard

    • Posted by MrUndecidedVoter, at Reply

      Ángel Melendez In NYC it’s illegal. The courts don’t treat it like a big deal, though. As long as you have a clean record they tell you to stay out of trouble for 6 months & it will be dismissed.

  12. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    what is the deal with you liberals? you act like you can’t make it thru even 1 hour without smoking weed

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      I’m amazed you can applaud the Kansas City Shooter, and cheer for the deaths of people of color, and yet still have the nerve to lecture people about their language. Suck a tailpipe.

    • Posted by Brandon Moreland, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger because were watching the same video you Are?

    • Posted by Twiistz, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger What’s with conservatives? They can’t go 1 hour without defending guns rights.

      Maybe it’s because they don’t want the government telling them what to do.

      Just like liberals don’t want the government to control what goes in their body…

      it’s really not that hard to relate to.

    • Posted by Twiistz, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger You don’t have to smoke to defend marijuana rights. You don’t have to be gay to support marriage equality. Not everything is liberals this and conservatives that.

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      Regressives love taking drugs to escape the reality that they hate themselves.

  13. Posted by Wealthy Kek, at Reply

    TYT is the CNN of YouTube

    • Posted by Poketto, at Reply

      Yeah, they make bitches like you uneasy and jealous.

    • Posted by dizzy 9, at Reply

      Wealthy Kek seems that way sometimes, but overall much better.

  14. Posted by Montell Hayes, at Reply

    but… if they legalize marijauna, how are they going to defend the unlawful killing of black citizens? (satire of course)

    • Posted by Ben Grimm, at Reply

      Montell Hayes defend?

    • Posted by Montell Hayes, at Reply

      Ben Grimm or make justification for…

  15. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    liberals expect the government to coddle and take care of them but don’t like being treated like children. make sense? didn’t think so

    • Posted by Bogie, at Reply

      nonsensical? throw in a “literally” and there are more than 2 genders and l’ll buy it.

    • Posted by Joseph Roman, at Reply

      Arie Fraiser
      Tax cuts for the top 5%, and corporate welfare are the biggest coddling.
      Also trumpies excessive vacations paid by tax payers money and deposited into his bank account.
      “So Sad”

    • Posted by Arie Fraiser, at Reply

      Joseph Roman All the government is, in regards to money anyways, is a group of people we elect and entrust in spending and allocating the PEOPLE’S collective money. The nonsense that Chunk was peddling that the government is some abstract being with it’s own money to coddle people is just, that nonsense. Government does not exist without people and their money.

      So the question is how we want to spend and allocate our money. Do we want to spend more on defense or on social programs? Do we want to spend more by returning some of the money back to some of the people? Do we believe our money is better spent on educating out people or building more prisons……the questions are endless and can get extremely complex in a nation of 300+ million people with different needs and ideas……..much more complex than the stupid snark Chunk originally posted.

  16. Posted by abcdefg hijklmnop, at Reply

    it’s the gateway to private prisons…

    • Posted by Idylchatter, at Reply

      abcdefg hijklmnop the gateway to Snoop Dog’s pad