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Public Pressure Building On Medicare For All


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Your petitions and trademarks are having real results. Cenk Uygur and also John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us exactly what you think in the comment section below.

" With the Republican effort to change the Affordable Treatment Act (ACA) dropping in flames Friday as Americans rallied to protect their right to health care, Democrats are being prompted, both by specialists and also components, to take on the moment and also counter with a plan that will truly give coverage for all.

Uproar over the GOP's American Healthcare Act (AHCA), which was estimated to strip 24 million individuals of their medical care by 2026, motivated a political firestorm as it owned citizens across the country to city center and local legislative workplaces to require that Home Republicans vote against the costs.

After the White House called on Residence Audio speaker Paul Ryan (Wis.) to take out Friday's set up ballot (after a hostile lobby effort for both President Donald Trump as well as Ryan), several are looking to what takes place following.

Though the Republican politician story that Obamacare is "imploding" has actually been shown to be an unfounded talking factor, The Week's Ryan Cooper said Friday that Democrats "should not rest idly by and await Republicans to slowly bleed Obamacare to fatality by various other methods."" *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola.


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  1. Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

    I was chillin’ at the bar. Suddenly a friend walks by….
    < ,︻,>
    my friend said that he likes TYT . There’s only one thing to do…
    <,︻╦╤─ ҉ - - --- /﹋

    • Posted by Spoder Man, at Reply

      Lunatics and criminals will always have guns

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Iraq Nafobe
      Can’t make butter with a toothpick, sunbeam.

    • Posted by Damien Rellik, at Reply

      do you have a descent argument?

    • Posted by Tim Symons, at Reply

      You know what. you’re right. There’s just a hell of a lot more criminals and lunatics in the USA. The laws on guns and gun ownership in modern nations don’t have any bearing on the situation. It is the lack of criminals and lunatics.

  2. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Its common sense . Healthcare should be a human right. Why would people argue against their own life? ( unless they are a trumptard)

    • Posted by Pinnacle Of Fortitude, at Reply

      terriej123 doesn’t mean it’s a human right.

    • Posted by Villain Voice, at Reply

      Source, please.

    • Posted by Alicia Etler, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond Next thing you know, they’ll be arguing that food & water isn’t a human right. Oh, right. They already are. Flint, DAPL, etc.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      +Alicia Etler How exactly is food or water a “right”? I can’t wait to hear this one. 👂

  3. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I’m a med student from Chicago, and i’ll have to say that TYT is just not being honest in this video.

    • Posted by BryceBryceBaby, at Reply

      TYT hasn’t been honest to anything but their agenda in years.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      akamb12, people do not want it because in order to have it our taxes will have to go up by a lot. And that means everyone’s taxes. The fact is the system we have is not terrible, and when you run through the numbers with many statistical regression models you find that single payer is not better at all. It is not worse, it is just not better than what we have. Thus people, who have been living with the system we have had for decades, do not want to change that drastically and we shouldn’t.

      It is no different than people Canada that don’t want to change their system. Canada’s system is not better than what the US has. Their society is used to what they have and it is not terrible.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      SRBproducts, Colorado leans left in a lot of ways and 80% voted against it. Fact is the people do not want it.

    • Posted by Dun Hilda, at Reply

      “TYT is being honest” Yeah need you to expand on that statement, are you talking about this video alone or in General?

  4. Posted by Cameron Roser-Peet, at Reply

    wow im the first real viewer that commented. Why do you guys so quick to hate. there wasn’t even enough time to watch the whole thing. sad!

    • Posted by Art of street work out, at Reply

      Because medicare for all are exist in alternate universe where Sanders win the election

  5. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    medicare for all!

    • Posted by Paul Allen, at Reply

      Medicare is a disaster! Overpriced crappy care!

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      daniel Guzman, has Bernie Sanders ever publicly endorsed Justice Democrats?

    • Posted by Paul Allen, at Reply

      +Sean dennington UK/Canada isn’t America. In America government Healthcare is bare minimum healthcare. It’s nearly impossible to get treatment under medicare without fighting with the agency that pays for your Healthcare needs.

    • Posted by naponroy, at Reply

      No, but he can’t just now with a position in the Democrat mainstream party. He does better being in there than promoting Justice Democrats. It’ll all come to head in the next couple election cycles.

  6. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    And the Republicans healthcare bill prospects just got a little harder! side note: Donald Trump is still Orange!

    • Posted by Sean Ryan, at Reply

      +Alec Smith eh, you’re a lost cause. Put on a dozen or so fentanyl patches and go to sleep.

    • Posted by Alec Smith, at Reply

      ha. Is that what you do when the thought of student loans keeps you up at night? Run to mommy

  7. Posted by eliw 6965, at Reply

    Too bad conservatives don’t want health care until they need it.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Alec Smith: I’m in small business. Premiums were already increasing 15-25% per year for us as well as individuals before Obamacare. The only people who didn’t know this were those who had others paying for their health care.

      FYI – A lot of businesses took advantage of Obamacare as a scapegoat to pass their annual increases/costs on to their employees.

    • Posted by daniel Guzman, at Reply

      Justice Democrats should write an open letter to Cory Booker to get on board with Bernie Sanders’ Bill or feel our wrath. This way we can singled him out, and let the other democrats know that a tsunami is coming their way.

    • Posted by L., at Reply

      Daniel Guzman–Brilliant idea.

  8. Posted by Canadian Trump Supporter, at Reply

    Meh I could roll with universal government run healthcare. Its better than the system we have now with O-care. But what we should be striving for is LESS government in our healthcare and insurance market. The best system would be one where government completely leaves the equation and the free market regulates its own low prices through market competition and the American people would benefit greatly.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Medicare and medicaid is losing money, they admitted to it. SS is losing money as well. That is why Bernie wants to raise taxes so it can remain solvent for longer but for only around 47 years based on his numbers.

    • Posted by Sean Ryan, at Reply

      Canadian Trump Supporter you don’t know a damn thing about healthcare. sit down and let the adults talk, kid. you’re clueless.

  9. Posted by Alex Buisson, at Reply

    Healthcare is a human rights, let’s make sure everyone dosen’t go bankrupt going for care!

    • Posted by Steve Goulding, at Reply

      Not sure what slavery or land ownership has to do with the issue of healthcare today. You asked where it was written by our founding Fathers, and I answered your question. Thanks for applying your best critical thinking skills in a well thought out and reasoned response. Now, please kill your children, kill your parents, and kill yourself. If you don’t have the courage, I would be happy to do it for you. Have a nice day.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      ” actually. In the Preamble. Promote the General Welfare. ”

      It says “promote” general welfare, not guarantee. Promote means to support or actively encourage. But that does not mean they will provide. You have to read the whole thing and not just parts to suit your need.

      “. Providing for the welfare of the general public is a basic goal of government.”

      That is one idea, but that is not listed at all in the Constitution.

      “The preamble to the U.S. Constitution cites promotion of the general welfare ”

      Meaning support or encourage, but not provide.

      “I will assume you have never bothered to read it. ”

      I have a copy of it in my desk at work. I had to take a US Constitution test for one of my jobs. I read it. Plus, it is one thing to read it, another thing to understand it.

  10. Posted by xxtoronto xo, at Reply

    Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world. Not the best but damn we are alot better than the US

    • Posted by Mia Honeyrose, at Reply

      “Then why are so many canadians crossing the us border to get healthcare over here?”

      Because the Canadian government will allow their people to go wherever they like to get medical treatment (including outside the country), and their government will pay the bill via tax money. What? You thought Canadians use our insurance when they cross the border to get medical treatment in the U.S.? lol

    • Posted by Kyle Silva, at Reply

      xxtoronto xo I would love to go to Canada

    • Posted by Sabat Ismail, at Reply

      xxtoronto xo our health care system is the 14th weakest out 15 Commonwealth countries we give ourselves too much of a pat on the back for a subpar system

    • Posted by DininDalael, at Reply

      The system can definitely be improved yes, but at least we don’t have to go bankrupt just so we don’t die.

    • Posted by xxtoronto xo, at Reply

      +DininDalael I agree. Wish we took better care of our native and poor. As a first generation immigrant, I love canada

  11. Posted by juan gomez, at Reply

    That would be communism because helping people is bad.

    • Posted by Woody Grill, at Reply

      It’s called helping people into an early grave.

    • Posted by Andrew Womble, at Reply

      Everybody is hooked on politics these days. I’m not sure that being dead is a worse alternative.

  12. Posted by Diana Fancy, at Reply

    i am in canada we have free healthcare not the best but it works i had cancer and when i need chemo and radiation i didn’t need to lose everything for my care which i have to say was the best care i have ever received so US should think about it.

    • Posted by SoMi, at Reply

      Same, I’m a Canadian tyt viewer. Makes me thankful to be a Canadian. I’d never be able to afford the amount of times I’ve had to visit the hospital in college alone much more my parents affording it 🙄 I have no idea how people live in America and pay for their health care if just seems so foreign and odd. I’m so glad our health care is free, at the same time you can tell doctors are burnt out here. There’s not enough, we need more doctors and nurses.

    • Posted by Jesse Yip, at Reply

      Same, i’m in Australia and we have free healthcare as well. My father-in-law got cancer. He’s retired, me and my partner both work part time and study, his brother just started a new family. No way would we be able to afford to help him. But Medicare (name of the Aussie government universal healthcare, i know,…) footed the bill, he basically only had to pay for heavily subsidised medication. He’s on the road to recovery, and none of us are worse off. We didn’t have to sell houses, go bankrupt, and we can still continue to study and work towards a better life and contribute more to this system in the future. It really works.

    • Posted by DininDalael, at Reply

      +SoMi Plenty of americans don’t go to the doctor because they simply can’t afford it. I once saw an article about a man who accidently cut something like 3 fingers. His insurance would only cover the cost of reattaching one, so he had to choose which of his 3 digits he wanted to keep.

  13. Posted by Edis Aliskovic, at Reply

    healthcare is a human right your sick, there is help 5 minutes away, but you don’t get it because of a plastic insurance card? WTF!!!

  14. Posted by Animelytical, at Reply

    Protecting of the citizens of a country should not be by military means alone.

    • Posted by Dun Hilda, at Reply

      Your right, United Kingdom NHS is what we should look at… oh wait in debt and doctors working 100 hours a week? We best not look at that either… that’s going to be a constitutional issue if we are FORCING people to WORK.

  15. Posted by Ali, at Reply

    America, the only place where people refuse to have a nationalised healthcare service for all, because “Fock You that’s why!!” And the rest of the western world looks on in amazement and bemusement and laughs 😂

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      Spencer, read that book I linked you. They go through a lot,including wait times. Also, why should I wait for 2 months for surgery if I put myself in position in life to have it sooner? If I have to wait for 2 months that is 2 months I am limited physically meaning I can’t work as much nor I can’t do any activities I enjoy.

      ” EVERY COUNTRY in the top 10 highest quality medical systems has single payer.”

      That is not true as again, when you run through the numbers you see that the differences are minute.

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      ” People are dense enough to say the richest country in the world’s history, ”

      Ever thought we are the richest country because we don’t do single payer?

      “Europe is laughing it up, drowning in new students because everyone who’s smart has the OPPORTUNITY to succeed”

      Meanwhile the US is in the top 5 in productivity and is the richest country in the world.

      “Also, the only evidence I’ve seen provided by Mr Pink is a study from a right wing think tank that questions climate change,”

      The vast majority of scientists question causes of climate change and the results. The issues regarding climate change are

      1. How much is man playing a role

      2. Is it even bad?

      But, on that book, it is written by two professors that cite their sources, some of them are peer reviewed, and they give their methods.

  16. Posted by dcaseng, at Reply

    The government will NEVER pass this on their own. WE need to put immense pressure on them to do it.
    If we can’t unite around Healthcare, then we might as well give up and just let Exxon Mobil make all of our decisions.

    • Posted by Alec Smith, at Reply

      or just get a job

    • Posted by cookja01, at Reply

      Alec Smith What happens if there is a recession and the person gets laid off?…, dumbass

    • Posted by Art of street work out, at Reply

      do that in alternate universe where Sanders win the election

    • Posted by The Zero Zero, at Reply

      You know these elections are every 4 years right?

  17. Posted by cjaime5137, at Reply

    If we can spend Billions and Trillions for the military to fight these endless wars, we can certainly use that money to pay for free Health Care for all and Higher Education

    • Posted by Araa G., at Reply

      Wait, so you’re American AND yet you know about (association) football and Real Madrid?!


  18. Posted by jake williams, at Reply

    5 democrats! Bohoooo.. You wont even get enough democrat support let alone any Republican support ROFL. Remember libtards. We have the numbers! And most importantly the presidency. Who can and will veto any bill!

    • Posted by Damien Rellik, at Reply

      jake williams expect his numbers to go down if he vetos Medicare for all especially if he ran on that message, trump ran on Medicare for all i think before the primaries or a little after it started and people voted for him because of that.

    • Posted by Damien Rellik, at Reply

      jake williams let’s be honest, that was Ryan’s Heath care bill

    • Posted by jake williams, at Reply

      A lot of the blame can be put on Paul Ryan for sure. But he is not the only one. Trump is also to blame to. Conservatives have to realise that “Trump” is not exsolved from responsibility from everything since he is the president. He acted to soon. He wanted to push through a bill which was doomed to fail on a issue as complex as healthcare.. What is he thinking he can push through such a bill and get the support in 2 weeks.. For someone who calls himself a great negotiator it looks as though this something that can be put into the books as a catastrophe. Trump was not very instrumental in the process either. Which as the president. He should of been.

  19. Posted by Pinnacle Of Fortitude, at Reply

    The only reason why there is a need for health care, is because the same people supplying it, are the people giving you gmo’s, poisons, you name it to keep their big pharma alive.

    Wake up people… this is way over the top ridiculousness

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      “the industrial influence”

      What? You mean you expect all factories to close, all cars to stop running on exhaust, all power plants to shut down?

    • Posted by Pinnacle Of Fortitude, at Reply

      Michael 마익흘 Aronson yes, they are using methods that have been outdated for almost 70 years, free energy is out now, there is no need for oil and coal.

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      “free energy is out now, there is no need for oil and coal”

      1. We’re not talking about progression of technology. You claimed people who supply health care are responsible for cancers, and the cited industrial influence. The health care industry has nothing to do with power plants.

      2. The fact there is better technology now for power has nothing to do with health care.

    • Posted by Pinnacle Of Fortitude, at Reply

      Michael 마익흘 Aronson the only reason we are still using oil and coal is because of how much money the industry makes, if free energy became mainstream, the oil companies would be out of business, with the car companies and most other industries.

      I don’t mean get rid of all factories, but I mean get rid of the out dated fuel resources, and convert them to 0 point energy.

      Unfortunately there is too much profit in the oil companies, so they will go down with the ship (us) to keep them in business

    • Posted by Michael 마익흘 Aronson, at Reply

      “the only reason we are still using oil and coal”

      I don’t care. We’re talking about health care. Take off your tin foil hat and focus.